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The W - Pro Wrestling - NWA-TNA Results 12/17
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Sounds like there were a couple of good matches, but nothing super spectacular ...


NWA: Total Nonstop Action for December 17th opened with clips of recent matches and angles. They then went to the babyface locker room, where Erik Watts was giving the faces a pep talk. Watts revealed that Sting would not be getting an NWA World Title shot, since Jeff Jarrett pointed out that he was allowed 30 days between title defenses, and the NWA board agreed with him. Sting would get a match with Jarrett tonight, but not for the title. Watts revealed that Raven would get a title shot on January 7th if his team won the cage match tonight. AJ Styles and D'Lo Brown were not happy with this, since they were in a "Holiday Wishlist" match that stated they could demand a title shot if either of them scored the pinfall. Goldylocks then got involved, wondering why Erik Watts couldn't make Jarrett-Sting a title shot and overrule the NWA board, since he "runs the company". America's Most Wanted pledged their allegiance to Watts, and said they didn't care about titles.

Mike Tenay ran down the matches for tonight, and TNA had new graphics showing the participants in each match.

Jeff Jarrett and Don Callis came to the ring. Jarrett pointed out that he is not defending the title, just like he said he wouldn't. Jarrett said that Erik Watts doesn't have long to last in the NWA. Erik Watts and Goldylocks came out on the stage. Watts called Jarrett "Triple J", and had the crowd call him "jackass". Watts and Jarrett had a very disjointed promo exchange, with Watts telling Jarrett that he would be defending the title on January 7th. Jarrett said Watts needs to stop lying to everyone about his stroke in the NWA, saying the NWA board doesn't like Watts, and that Goldylocks was a "Gold Digger". Jarrett said he was going to go in the back and relax before his match. Watts told Jarrett his match was right now.

NWA World Champion Jeff Jarrett vs. Sting (non-title). Jarrett stalled on the floor early. Sting chased Jarrett through the crowd, stopping to spend time with the fans in the bleachers. They started brawling in the crowd, with Sting hitting Jarrett with a trash can and punching him across the building. Jarrett came back with a chair shot and tossed Sting into a wall. They went up into the balcony and slugged it out. Sting dropped Jarrett throat first across a railing, and tossed him into a wall. They went back down to the floor, and fought on the stage. Jarrett went for a suplex, but Sting reversed it. They went back down the ramp, and Sting tossed Jarrett into the guardrail and the announce table. Sting hit Jarrett across the back with a chair, and after six minutes, they finally made it into the ring. Sting got hit low while going for a leapfrog, and Jarrett rammed Sting into the turnbuckles. Sting ducked a clothesline, and the two collided head-to-head. Jarrett fell down, then Sting fell down, headfirst, into Jarrett's groin. Both men got to their feet, and Sting hit a series of punches and a bulldog. Sting hit a Stinger Splash and applied the Scorpion Deathlock. Red Shirt Security ran in, but America's Most Wanted came in to fight them off. With Sting distracted, Kid Kash came in from the crowd and gave Jarrett a guitar. Before Jarrett could use it, AJ Styles showed up, grabbed the guitar away from Jarrett, and yanked him throat first across the top rope. Sting then hit Jarrett with the Scorpion Death Drop for the pin at the eight minute mark. Winner: Sting.

Post-match, Jarrett was screaming and complaining to referees, security and anyone else that Styles had interfered and cost him the match. Jarrett and Mike Tenay ended up in a shoving match, with Tenay yelling at Jarrett that his own planned interference had backfired on him. Don Callis finally calmed Jarrett by reminding him that he was still the champion.

Scott Hudson interviewed CM Punk, Julio Dinero & Raven. CM Punk said the Gathering was united, and that Raven would get "everything he deserves". Raven talked about the darkness in his soul, and promised to bring fury, rage and chaos to the steel cage match tonight. Raven promised to win the cage match, and to fulfill his destiny by winning the World Title from Jeff Jarrett on January 7th.

The events leading to Christopher Daniels vs. Chris Sabin were shown, including graphic shots of the cut Daniels suffered while wrestling Michael Shane last week. A Daniels interview was shown, where he promised to win the X-Division Title, and also promised to be a part of "Ultimate X II" when it happens.

Christopher Daniels vs. Chris Sabin. Daniels had a bandage on his head as a result of his cut from last week. They locked up, and they traded armwringers and headlocks, with Daniels trash talking Sabin after knocking him down with a shoulderblock, but Sabin came back with a armdrag. Daniels landed on his feet on a monkey flip, but Sabin hit another armdrag. Daniels rammed Sabin into the turnbuckles and worked him over with punches. Sabin leapfrogged Daniels, armdragged him, and hit a springboard dropkick that sent Daniels to the floor. Sabin then hit a springboard bodypress to the floor, sending Daniels down on the ramp. Back in the ring, Sabin hit some forearms, but Daniels hit a backbreaker, then tossed Sabin to the floor. Daniels drove Sabin into the ring apron, then tossed him back into the ring. Daniels was favoring the side of his head, where he suffered the cut. Sabin hit some elbows to the head, but Daniels came back by booting a charging Sabin, then shoulderblocking Sabin in the back. Daniels applied an over the knee backbreaker with one arm crossfaced and the other in a hammerlock. Daniels then hit a powerbomb for a two count. Daniels slammed Sabin, then went to the top, but Sabin met him there and hit a belly to belly superplex. Sabin hit some chops, and after sliding beneath Daniels legs, hit a spinning chop. Sabin hit a suplex for a two count. Daniels came back with a uranage, then hit the double springboard moonsault for a two count. Daniels went for the Angel's Wings, but Sabin reversed, leading to a series of pinfall reversals. Sabin flipped out of a powerbomb and hit an enzugiri. Sabin tripped Daniels and was setting up for a springboard, but Elix Skipper ran down and tripped Sabin. Daniels then hit Sabin with the Angel's Wings in seven minutes. Winner: Christopher Daniels.

Post match, Skipper stood on the ramp and gave Daniels the old Triple X symbol. Daniels smiled back at Skipper.

Backstage, Jeff Jarrett was complaining about everything to the heels. Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger were there, and Jarrett asked why they weren't at his meeting last week. Diamond & Swinger told Jarrett not to worry, they would make sure that AJ Styles & D'Lo Brown didn't win the "Holiday Wishlist" match tonight.

The events leading to America's Most Wanted vs. Glen Gilberti & David Young were shown.

America's Most Wanted (Chris Harris & James Storm) vs. Glen Gilberti & David Young - Nashville Streetfight. They started brawling immediately, with Harris and Young on the floor and Gilberti and Storm in the ring. Young tossed Harris into the rails and joined the fight in the ring. Gilberti & Young kept Harris on the floor, and Gilberti tossed Storm into a garbage can that was wedged between the ropes. Harris hit Gilberti with a flying bodypress, but Young gave him a spinebuster. Gilberti was whipped into the trash can by Harris, and Storm dropkicked another can into Young. AMW hit Gilberti and Young with trash can shots. Harris and Storm pulled out a ladder, and Young tried to baseball slide it into AMW, but they lifted the ladder so he would slide under it, then hit Young with it. Storm catapulted Young into the ladder. Harris rammed Gilberti into the guardrail and fought him into the crowd. Harris hit Gilberti with a chair. Storm used a chair to hit the ladder into the groin of Young in the ring. The brawl continued in the crowd, with Storm and Young going into the seats as well. They made it back to the ring, and Young gave Storm a drop toe hold into the ladder. Gilberti hit Harris low and rammed him into the steps. Young put Storm on the ladder, which was resting on the middle rope, and gave him a Lionsault. Outside the ring, Harris went to powerbomb Gilberti through a table, but Young stopped it and tossed Harris back into the ring. Harris came back with a double clothesline on Gilberti and Young. Harris went for a spear, but Gilberti moved and Harris speared the ladder, which Gilberti and Young then hit him with for a two count. Storm mounted a comeback on the floor, clotheslining Gilberti and powerslamming Young. Young was put on a table, with Harris holding him down. Storm went to the top rope, but Gilberti stopped him from jumping. Harris came in and speared Gilberti into the ladder. Storm went back to the top and put Young through the table with a top rope somersault senton. Storm then pinned Young on the floor to win the match at the ten minute mark. Winners: America's Most Wanted.

Post match, the Red Shirt Security (Kevin Northcutt & Legend) ran in and handcuffed Harris to the ropes. They were going to hit him with a chair, but Storm stopped them. Jeff Jarrett ran in and stopped Storm's momentum. Harris was cuffed and helpless, while the Red Shirts gave Storm a spike piledriver on a chair. Jarrett then broke a guitar over Harris' head.

Scott Hudson interviewed AJ Styles & D'Lo Brown. They are in a "Holiday Wishlist" match, in which the winner of the fall gets to have whatever match they want on a future show. Brown & Styles talked about their mutual respect, and essentially agreed that whoever won the match would go on to win the World Title, then would give the other a title match.

Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger vs. AJ Styles & D'Lo Brown - Holiday Wishlist match. Styles and Diamond started out, with the two trading holds until Styles took over with a legsweep and armdrag. Diamond shoulderblocked Styles in the corner, and hit a monkeyflip. Styles hit his off the mat rana, then another armdrag. Diamond kneed out of an armbar, but Styles grabbed a headlock, only to be shoved into the Swinger corner. Swinger tagged in, but Styles got a roll up for two and tagged in Brown. Brown hit a shoulderblock and a hiptoss, then armdragged Swinger several times. Brown hit a clothesline in the corner, and went for a leapfrog, but Swinger kicked Brown low. Diamond tagged back in and hit a back elbow for two. Swinger tagged back in, as Brown was being worked over in the heel corner. Brown got a blind tag to Styles, who came in and dropkicked both opponents. Diamond & Swinger fell to the floor. Brown teased a dive, but Swinger and Diamond moved, and Styles instead came over the ropes with a reverse bodypress onto both of them. Back in the ring, Styles hit Diamond with a dropkick for two. Styles hit a headscissors and a slam, then dropped a knee for a two count. Styles slammed Simon and tagged in Brown. Brown dropped Styles onto Diamond while hitting a legdrop at the same time for two. Styles tagged back in but was tripped by Swinger. Diamond hit Styles with a gutbuster and kicked him back to the floor, where Swinger whipped Styles into the guardrail. Swinger tossed Styles back in, and Diamond and Swinger started working Styles over in the corner. Styles punched his way out, but Swinger tripped him with a drop toe hold and tagged in Diamond. Styles dropkicked his Diamond's leg out, and hit a buzzsaw kick. Styles made the hot tag to Brown as Swinger tagged in at the same time. Brown hit a flying lariat and a leg lariat, then backdropped Swinger. Brown slammed Swinger and hit a legdrop, but Diamond broke up the cover. Styles tossed Diamond in the corner. Diamond superkicked Styles as Swinger bulldogged Brown on an attempted Sky High. Brown and Styles came back with stereo slams. Brown went to the top rope, as Styles went for a springboard. Brown hit a frog splash on Swinger, but Styles switched directions on a springboard towards Jeff Jarrett, who was coming down. However, Styles came up real short on the dive and hit the apron in an ugly way. Jarrett picked up Styles and tossed him over the rails. In the ring, Diamond broke up Brown's cover on Swinger, and the duo hit a Problem Solver on Brown and got the pin at the eleven minute mark. Winners: Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger. Post match, it was announced that Diamond & Swinger's "wish" was to get a NWA World Tag Team Title match with 3 Live Kru.

Scott Hudson interviewed Low Ki, who said that Christopher Daniels had only bought Michael Shane one week of extra time. Low Ki told Shane all he could do was "be ready" when Elix Skipper interrupted. Skipper told Ki that Triple X needed to reform. Low Ki said Christopher Daniels could not be trusted, and that Triple X was dead. Skipper grabbed Low Ki's arm and told him that you can pick your friends, but you can't pick your family, and that they were family. Low Ki shrugged Skipper off and walked away.

X-Division Champion Michael Shane, with Traci, vs. Low Ki. The two went nose to nose at the bell, and Shane hit a series of punches, but Low Ki responded with chops. Shane raked Low Ki's eyes against the top rope and hit a series of jabs. Shane tossed Low Ki through the ropes, but Low Ki hit a 619 kick to Shane's gut. Low Ki hit a powerdrive elbow for a two count. Shane poked Ki in the eyes, but Low Ki came back with a chop and a series of kicks to the legs. Low Ki hit two kicks to the chest, and Shane rolled to the floor to regroup. Low Ki hit a fake out kick, then delivered a baseball slide. Low Ki tossed Shane back into the ring and hit some chops and forearms. Shane reversed a whip, but Low Ki put Shane in the Hanging Dragon, only to have Traci pull Low Ki's leg to break the hold. Shane poked Low Ki in the eye, and knocked Low Ki off the apron into the guardrail. Shane tossed Low Ki into the rails again, then into the ring. Shane covered Low Ki for a two count. Shane hit some punches, but Ki responded with chops. Low Ki grabbed a crucifix for two, but Shane came right back with a clothesline for two. Shane put Low Ki in a chinlock, and drove his knee into Low Ki's back. Low Ki fought out of it, but was tripped by Traci, allowing Shane to kick Low Ki to the floor. Shane slammed Low Ki in the ring and hit an elbow drop for a two count. Shane hit some punches, then applied a surfboard variation. Shane hit a knee to the gut and a series of chops. Shane started shoving Low Ki in the head and trash talking him. Low Ki responded with a series of chops, and a flying forearm. Low Ki kicked Shane to the mat, but Shane raked his eyes again. Low Ki ducked a clothesline and hit a springboard kick off the middle rope for a two count. Low Ki kicked Shane in the chest, then hit a sunset flip for two. Ki went for a suplex, but Shane floated over and Shane hit a fireman's carry into a facebuster on the knee. Shane kicked Low Ki, then went to the top rope, and hit an elbowdrop for two. Low Ki and Michael Shane traded punches, then Shane missed an enzugiri and Low Ki hit a German suplex with a bridge for a two count. Ki went for the Dragon Clutch, with Shane trying everything to fight it off, finally shoving Low Ki into the corner. Low Ki hit a back kick and went for a Phoenix splash, but Shane got his knees up and turned it into a small package for the pin at the eleven minute mark. Winner: Michael Shane.

Post match, Low Ki kicked Shane down, and went for a Ki Krusher on Traci, but Shane stopped him from doing so. Traci fell to the mat, and clutched her knee. Ki kicked Shane down, but Shane Douglas ran in and laid out Low Ki. Shane Douglas got on the mic and talked about this being the "new era" of the Franchise. Elix Skipper came in and stood over Low Ki. Skipper then hit Douglas with a forearm. Douglas went to clothesline Skipper, but Skipper matrixed under it and sent Douglas from the ring. Chris Sabin came in, and tossed Skipper from the ring, but Skipper went over the top and landed on Shane Douglas. Christopher Daniels came in and attacked Sabin. Low Ki then kicked Daniels. Skipper and Shane Douglas fought in the crowd, Daniels and Low Ki fought in the ring, and Michael Shane and Chris Sabin started fighting with each other. Security broke it apart, and Erik Watts came in. Watts announced that "Ultimate X II" would see Michael Shane, Christopher Daniels, Low Ki and Chris Sabin involved, and would take place on January 7th.

Scott Hudson interviewed 3 Live Kru. Hudson talked in that bizarre language that BG James, Ron Killings and Konnan often use. 3 Live Kru said they will debut a new single on January 7th, and wished everyone a happy holiday.

A video on the TNA Babe Calendar was shown.

Mike Tenay & Don West ran down the upcoming shows, and dedicated tonight's broadcast to the troops overseas.

Scott Hudson interviewed Don Callis, Abyss, Kevin Northcutt & Legend. Jeff Jarrett interrupted, saying Erik Watts was getting too close to having "too much" power, and psyched the group up for the cage match.

The events leading to the steel cage match were shown.

Raven, CM Punk & Julio Dinero vs. Abyss, Kevin Northcutt & Legend - Steel Cage match, if Raven's team wins, Raven gets an NWA World Title match on January 7th. If they lose, Raven never gets a title shot. Abyss and the Red Shirts brought a table into the cage as they came out. The Gathering came out with an assortment of weapons. All six men immediately started brawling. Abyss and the Red Shirts went on the offense first, tossing Raven into the cage and hitting the Gathering with weapons. Abyss repeatedly hit Dinero with a trash can lid. Raven and Julio Dinero were busted open inside of a minute. Punk lasted until the second minute of the match before he was bleeding as well. Legend rubbed a bloody Raven's face against the cage. Northcutt did the same to Dinero. Abyss choked Punk with a chain. Raven fought back using cookie sheets to hit Legend, but Legend hit him with a low blow. Northcutt blasted Dinero with a trash can lid. Legend put Punk over his shoulder and rammed him headfirst into the cage. Raven and the Gathering made a simultaneous comeback, hitting clotheslines, whipping all their opponents together, then hitting them all with superkicks. The Gathering then hit a triple superkick on Abyss, who didn't go down from just one. The Gathering now took over, using the weapons on Legend, Northcutt & Abyss. Northcutt was busted open. Abyss kicked Raven down, and the Red Shirts mounted a comeback. Legend gave Punk a facebuster into a cookie sheet. Northcutt gave Dinero a German suplex. Abyss gave Punk a drop-down torture rack. Northcutt powerbombed Dinero, ramming him into the cage first. Two tables were set up in the ring, stacked on top of each other. Dinero was placed on top of the two tables, as Legend climbed to the top of the cage. Punk went after Legend, and slammed him down form the top of the cage. Raven pulled Dinero off the tables. Kid Kash and Glen Gilberti ran out to interfere, but Erik Watts and Don Harris ran out to stop them, brawling into the crowd. Jeff Jarrett tossed handcuffs into the cage. AJ Styles came out and brawled with Jarrett up the ramp, as Sting brawled with Jarrett back down the ramp. In the cage, Punk came off the top of the cage, putting Abyss through the two tables. Styles and Sting were taking turns splashing Jarrett against the outside of the cage, then dragged him to the back. Raven and the Gathering got the handcuffs that Jarrett tossed in and used them against the Red Shirts, cuffing them to the ropes. They left Abyss alone against three men. Abyss still managed to hit the Black Hole Slam on Raven and toss Punk and Dinero into the cage. Raven hit Abyss with a chair shot. The Gathering gave Conchairtos to the Red Shirt Security. Raven picked up Abyss for a DDT, but Punk and Dinero turned on Raven and gave him a Conchairto. Abyss got the pin on Raven at the thirteen minute mark. Winners: Abyss, Kevin Northcutt & Legend.

Post match, CM Punk & Julio Dinero stood over Raven and did his crucifix pose to end the show.

Programming notes for TNA:
- December 24th will be the "Best Of The X Division 2003"
- December 31st will be the "2003 Year In Review"
They return live on January 7th with:
- Ultimate X II: Michael Shane vs. Chris Sabin vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Low Ki for the X Division Title.
- A new single from 3 Live Kru.

"Yeah cake rocks the body that rocks the party." - Christian
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Saying that battle royal was a bunch of no names is a horrible insult to Vern Den Herder, Manny Fernandez, Bob Heinz, Bill Stanfill, Doug Swift, Nick Buoniconti, Mike Kolen, Tim Foley, Curtis Johnson, Jake Scott and Dick Anderson. Seriously.
- CEOIII, SmackDown #652 2-17-12 (2012)
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