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25.3.19 1941
The W - Guest Columns - NWA TNA: October 29, 2003
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It looks like we MAY have discovered the missing November Nitro tape that was to delay those recaps. More when my friend drops it off…

Straight to the show!

JIMMY HART is backstage, beside a limo with SCOTT HUDSON. He invites the driver SAMMY to come out, and asks if we should reveal the person inside? Sammy: “Whatever you want Mr. Hart.” Jimmy admits he LOVES being called Mr. Hart, and decides he’s going to show off the person. They open the door – but Jimmy closes it again before we can get a look at him, stating he’d rather give it to Jeff Jarrett as a Christmas present, where you have to wait to get your surprise. He then laughs like a maniac as we cue…

The opening credits!

MIKE TENAY welcomes us to the Asylum. Dancing girls are all about, as is DON WEST.


The fans waste no time in letting us know that Disco sucks. Storm and Young start. Storm hits a shoulderblock to take Young down, and kicks him in the midsection. Young comes back with a hiptoss, but Storm hits his own and hits a dropkick. Storm hits a drop toe hold and tags in Harris. Atomic drop from Harris, Russian legsweep from Storm, and Harris gets 2. Harris with a standing vertical suplex, let’s count the seconds… Good lord, Harris holds him up for 17 seconds before dropping him! Yow! Storm with a back elbow, Harris with a bulldog – and Gilberti’s seen enough, dragging Young out to the floor to chew him out. He sends Young back in, but one of the AMW guys (the camera didn’t show) knocks Young back off, sending him jaw first to the apron – and Storm hits a plancha onto the both of them. Harris follows with a plancha of his own, and rolls Young in for 2. Gilberti smacks Harris with a tennis racket, and NOW he’s willing to tag in. Gilberti hits a hiptoss and swinging neckbreaker for 2. Young comes back in with a snapmare and rear chinlock – using two thirds of Dave Taylor’s complete arsenal in that quick set. If he hits a European uppercut, the spirit lives on! Young slams Harris with a hairpull to the mat and tags in Gilberti. Gilberti drives his shoulder into the midsection of Harris and hits a corner clothesline. Harris comes back with a boot to the face – but telegraphs a backdrop and gets spiked with a DDT. Gilberti cuts off the ring while Young comes in. Snap suplex gets 2. Young with a shoulderblock – and then knocks Storm off the apron before going back to Gilberti. With Storm distracting the ref, Gilberti chokes Harris in the ropes and tugs at his hair. Young slams Harris, goes up – and misses a top rope splash! Harris tries a Catatonic, but it fails and Young hits the spinebuster!!! Gilberti won’t allow him to get the win however, insisting he tag out. With the distraction, Storm is able to sneak in a single leg dropkick on Young, and heads back to the apron for a tag! Storm hits a rana on Young and hits the buzzsaw for 2 before Gilberti saves! Storm hits a couple of forearms on Gilberti. Gilberti sidesteps a third, and sends Storm over the top – but Storm skins the cat and hits a powerslam on the Gifted One! The ref won’t count however, because Young is the legal man. Harris gets in and hits a double clothesline! Harris and Storm head to the floor to right, leaving the two legal men. Young misses a dropkick, and Storm slaps on a Sharpshooter! Gilberti slides a chair in, right in front of the ref – so the ref does the logical thing and throws it back out, but in the interim Gilberti slips in and smacks Storm with the tennis racket. Young turns him over, 1, 2, kickout by Storm!!! Gilberti throws the tennis racket into Young – but Young gets PLANTED with a spear from Harris! Gilberti gets in and hits the Last Dance on Harris, followed by a Russian legsweep on Storm. Gilberti sets a People’s Elbow on Storm – but Storm stands and superkicks him, sending Gilberti to the floor! AMW sets up Young and hits the Hart Attack, followed by the Death Sentence for 3! (11:29) *** America’s Most Wanted continue to be the best thing going in tag-team wrestling today. Post match, Harris wants the microphone. Harris promises to knock down every team that gets sent their way, but the fact remains that Swinger and Diamond have been running around with their tag-team titles long enough. They want their rematch, and they want it next week.

To the back we go! SUPER MICHAEL SHANE and SCOTT HUDSON are chatting about the difference a low carb diet can make – when the camera breaks it up, and we have us an interview. Tonight, Shane faces Sonjay Dutt – but it’s non-title. The reason? Shane has been advised (hmmm…by Douglas perhaps?) to face anyone for the belt who will not aid in elevating his future – and as Dutt is a nobody, no title shot for him. What he IS going to do however is start a Triple Chance tournament next week, and the winner will get a shot at the belt. We don’t actually learn exactly what this Triple Chance thing is, but certainly details will be forthcoming, neh?

SONJAY DUTT vs. SUPER MICHAEL SHANE (in a non-title match)

For those of you keeping track at home, since the odds are unlikely Shane will lose the belt tonight (aside from any last minute Wrestlemania IX flashbacks, which isn’t out of the question with Jimmy Hart around) – Michael Shane will become at the very least tied as the second longest reigning X Division Champion with Kid Kash. From there – the only name left is Chris Sabin. Dutt rolls Shane up twice in the opening seconds for 2 counts before Shane fires back with a high knee. They trade punches in the corner before Shane tries a backdrop which fails, and Dutt comes back with a spinning heel kick. A rana leads to Shane begging off – but Dutt’s there to mount him in the corner, and try the 10-punch count-a-long, but he gets shoved down and elbowed. Dutt comes back with a dropkick that sends Shane to the floor – and he follows with a slingshot plancha! Dutt claps his hands and yells “COME ON!” before hitting a springboard clothesline in the ring. Heh – this guy Dutt reminds me so much of Sting when he was younger. Not in terms of size or style, but character. He’s just having FUN doing his job, plain and simple. Shane rolls out – and Dutt dropkicks him baseball slide style. He tries something off the apron, Shane stops him and goes for a powerbomb, but Dutt drops down instead legdropping him headfirst on the apron. Yowch! Shane comes back by tossing Dutt face first into the steps and rolls him in. He doesn’t cover, rather choosing to pound the crap out of Dutt’s head, then rubs him into the mat. Dutt fights back, avoids a German suplex – gets hiptossed over the top but somehow hangs on, goes to skin the cat, but Shane is there to spear him in midmove sending him crashing to the floor! Now, despite everything I said earlier, I find it hard to believe Dutt’s having fun after taking THAT bump. Shane grabs Dutt, rolls him in, and gets 2. Dutt manages to avoid a DDT, turning it into a swinging neckbreaker! That’s followed by a Shining Wizard and Calcutta Cutter for 2! Dutt with a blind charge – misses, but manages to follow with a dropkick that sends Shane outside. Dutt charges – and we have us a LOOK MA NO HANDS TOPE CON HILO! Wow! Too bad it barely grazed Shane. Back in, Dutt hits a Northern Lights suplex, and a springboard elbowdrop ACROSS THE RING for 2!!! He’s not done however, as we’ve got us a Hindu press….which MISSES, and Shane rolls him up, 1, 2, 3!!!! (7:04) **1/2 Can we please stop hearing people complaining about Michael Shane now? PLEASE?

DUSTY RHODES is here to speculate as to who exactly is in Jimmy Hart’s limo. Dusty’s inclined to believe that there’s nobody in the world that Hart can’t get his hands on. Would that make the person in the limo would be the hardest to get, thus making that person Vince McMahon? He also promises to protect Jeff Jarrett at all costs, calling himself the shelter. However, he would like to know what took place at Bash At The Beach 2000…and only 1 man knows exactly what that was.

RED SHIRT SECURITY (with The Jackyl) vs. ERIK WATTS and JACOB BLU (with Chris Vaughn)

I wonder if Don Harris ever managed to get Shark Boy’s mask. Watts and Northcutt waste no time in going nose to nose. Watts hits a boot to the midsection, followed by a hiptoss and dropkick! Man, who would have ever imagined ERIK FREAKIN’ WATTS getting over with the fickle TNA audience – but here it is! I may very well be forced to vote for him under Best Gimmick for the simple fact this Director Of Authority stuff WORKED! Harris comes in and boots Northcutt in the midsection. Northcutt tries to fight back but gets backdropped. Harris turns his attention to Wilson long enough to knock him off the apron, turns around, and gets booted by Northcutt. Harris comes back with corner to corner clotheslines and tags back Watts. They hit duelling elbows, and Watts scoop slams Northcutt. Wilson trips him up on the apron, and Northcutt drops a leg on Watts. Northcutt somehow manages a pumphandle backdrop to get himself a 2 count! Northcutt drapes Watts over the top rope – giving Callis a chance to get in some shots! GOLDILOCKS saunters down and slaps Callis when he attempts to make nice. Watts meanwhile hits a double clothesline. Harris comes in and they hit a double backdrop on Northcutt, and a double clothesline on Wilson to the floor. Wilson yanks Watts out in the melee while Northcutt grabs the handcuffs to level Don Harris! Harris manages to duck the shot though, and rolls Northcutt up for 3. (4:56) 1/4* The Red Shirts continue the attack after the bell, and flapjack Heavy D right on his head!!! GREATEST SPOT EVER! Begone Harris Brothers! Watts then cleans house on Red Shirt Security by himself, goes to throttle Callis – but Red Shirt recovers and attack with the handcuffs. They get in some shorts and Northcutt hits a stuff piledriver on Watts!!!! Harris gets in to chase the crew away, and they bail before he do anything to them.

Let Us Take A Special Look At Jeff Jarrett. In the past few weeks, he’s flown to Japan to attack Hulk Hogan out of the blue, taken Vince Russo out (and Russo hasn’t been seen since), and won the NWA World Heavyweight Title. If that wasn’t enough, he pissed off Roddy Piper, Dusty Rhodes, and beat the crap out of Jimmy Hart. And that brings us to tonight, where Jimmy Hart has promised an unnamed assailant would gain a measure of revenge.

MIKE TENAY stands in the centre of the ring – inviting TRIPLE J to join him. Jarrett says that in October, baseball has the World Series, and the MVP is sometimes referred to as Mr. October. However, that’s got to change – because as of 2003, Jeff Jarrett is clearly Mr. October. Since his win, he’s been the talk of the media world. He has an e-mail with him from a TNA fan who thanks him for winning back the belt that was rightfully his. Fans: “WE WANT HOGAN!” Jeff: “Yeah, I want him to, hang on… If you people could hold on for just one second…” The same e-mail thanks him for getting rid of Vince Russo, because Russo’s a cancer to the business who would have killed TNA. And thanks is given for taking out Hulk Hogan, because it made the fan sick thinking about it. The fan hopes Jimmy Hart keeps sticking his nose in his business, so Jarrett can beat him over and over. Signed, Joey from New Jersey. Tenay cracks me up. Grabbing the copy for Jarrett: “Joey from New Jersey…is that legitimate???” “Tenay, you’re pushing your luck with me pal.” Jarrett says he’s not going to wait until the end of the night for the mystery opponent and wants Hart NOW. But he doesn’t get Hart, rather AJ STYLES makes an appearance – and the fans couldn’t be happier! Styles tells Jeff to get his mind off of Hart, because he should be concerned about AJ Styles, and he wants the same thing Jarrett wanted for 4 months…a rematch for the belt. Jeff says that just like him when he lost the belt, Styles has now fallen to the bottom of the rankings and a rematch is not in his future. “So why don’t you enter the X Division Triple Chance tournament where you belong…boy.” Styles says it was the same X Division that put TNA on the map…and the same X Division that Styles made popular. Styles says to hell with that, Jarrett’s in his ring, with his title. BLACK SHIRT SECURITY rushes down to hold him back, and RED SHIRT SECURITY isn’t far behind. THE JACKYL reminds Styles that he wasn’t booked tonight, and he sure as hell doesn’t have a ticket – so he can say goodnight. Red Shirt hauls him out of the building. Jarrett turns his attention back to Jimmy Hart, and wants the surprise, so out walks DUSTY RHODES. Crash TV makes my head hurt. Rhodes says Jarrett continually amazes him. He SWEARS he just heard Jarrett put up a title shot to anyone in the back. “Dusty…maybe you misunderstood me. Mike, maybe you misunderstood me. All these people misunderstood me. What I meant to say is I’m challenging anybody in the back who’s a worthy opponent. Tenay, get Dusty out of my damn ring.” In the meantime Jarrett’s knocked Dusty’s hat off his head, and walks to the back.

Return to the back, where THE MIDNIGHT COWBOY stands with DIAMOND and SWINGER as well as THE REAL DAVID YOUNG. THE SON happens by and Gilberti wants to know if they should grant AMW a tag-team title shot next week. Siaki blows him off because he has a match.

THE SON and EKMO (with Trinity) vs. DANNY DORING and ROADKILL

Hey, how about that! I thought for sure they were a 2-week deal only. Siaki and Doring start. Doring hits a rana, Japanese armdrag, and a dropkick for 2. In the corner, Doring chops away, tries another rana but gets side slammed. Roadkill comes in and hits a powerslam and elbowdrop from the middle turnbuckle! Tenay notes that Roddy Piper is still calling the TNA offices looking for work. For some reason that makes Piper sound even MORE pathetic, whether or not it’s an angle. Running powerslam from Roadkill hits, and Doring follows with a guillotine off the top, so Siaki rolls out. The world seems to come to a crawl, as the next sequence is done in slow motion. Doring with a back kick standing on the apron tries a rana, but gets caught and swung towards the ringsteps. I say towards because I’m sceptical he even hit them, and if he did, moving at speeds of approximately a crawl, I doubt it hurt. That was REALLY bizarre. Back in, Ekmo drops a knee on the chest of Doring and follows with a big boot for 2. THE MIDNIGHT COWBOY has wandered down to discuss things with Siaki – but he’s not interested. Siaki and Ekmo hit a double team uranage for 2. Doring comes back with a kick – but is quickly planted into the turnbuckle via a vertical suplex. Ekmo misses a blind charge, and in comes Roadkill. He delivers 3 clotheslines to Siaki, a backdrop, and a side slam all before Ekmo even gets up. Ekmo again misses a blind charge, hitting the turnbuckle, and Roadkill follows up with a charge of his own, but doesn’t miss his shot! Avalanche! They try a second one, and Ekmo clotheslines the hell out of Roadkill. Doring hits Mass Destruction on Siaki, before being planted by Ekmo’s press slam. Roadkill comes off the top with a clothesline on Ekmo, 1, 2, Ekmo kicks out! Roadkill goes up a second time – but gets shoved off, at which point Ekmo fucks up a kip up (which is understandable, but why did he TRY it? I realize he’s done it before, but please, it’s standing up for god sakes…) before hitting a superkick. This match is bordering on negative stars. Top rope splash from Ekmo hits Roadkill, and it mercifully ends. (6:00) DUD Absolutely terrible effort from EVERYONE, as it moved slow, the moves were blown left and right, and the stuff with Gilberti made no SENSE. Siaki gets the stick after the match – and tells Gilberti not to worry about AMW, because next week AMW has a match with Ekmo and Siaki.

SCOTT HUDSON *must* know who JIMMY HART has in the limo. Hart says Jarrett’s got ANOTHER surprise now. Not only do we need to answer “who’s in the limo?” but we also get “who’s in the HUMMER?” Well, it could have been a white hummer. “Jimmy Hart doesn’t get mad…he just gets even.”

KID KASH vs. MANKIND (in a chair on a pole / first blood match)

Come on TNA, I can handle it…feed me some squash! Kash wants a handshake, so Abyss complies and squeezes the hand. Kash gets away from that by kicking Abyss, and goes for the chair – but Abyss pulls him right back in and chops away. Kash comes back with an eyepoke but gets elevated and slammed. Abyss heads up and kicks Kash who’s charging him. A big splash from the middle rope misses, and Kash hits a springboard somersault legdrop from one side of the ring to the other!!! Kash shinnies up the poll, grabs the chair, and goes to attack. Abyss has other ideas and punches the chair right back at Kash over and over. Abyss sets up the sitdown backbreaker – but it’s escaped, so he goes for a powerbomb which is turned into a sunset flip. Abyss sidesteps and catapults Kash into the chair. Abyss grabs the chair and drops it on Kash’s chest – before going for the Earthquake!!! That’s blocked by Kash picking up the chair, and using it as a prop to stop Abyss’ testicles. Kash throws the chair HARD at the face of Abyss, who rolls out to the floor. Kash sets up the chair, and uses it as a springboard to get a double jump plancha on Abyss! They head back in, and Kash makes the high flying hand motion. He tries a big splash, and it’s blocked via the chair to the face on the way down! Abyss wedges the chair into the corner and throws Kash back first into it. A spear misses – and Abyss goes RIGHT THROUGH the chair! Kash tries to follow up, but gets caught in midair by the Black Hole!!! A camera shot shows that Abyss was busted open by the spear to the chair, but the referee has failed to notice the cut. Abyss lays Kash out with a chair to the face. Abyss hides his face and goes to whack Kash again, but the referee pulls it away, and upon looking up sees the blood. That’s it! (6:38) **1/4 Hmmm, that tasted more like rutabaga than squash, but I’ll survive. Abyss comes off looking like a beast, and Kash escapes with a victory. Abyss sees his blood and loses his mind! He throws the chair at Kash and drops the referee in his sitdown backbreaker!!!!! BLACK SHIRT SECURITY goes to save the day, and wind up taking a series of Black Holes and chokeslams! Abyss then turns his attention to the announce table – and a camera shows Tenay and West leaned back about as FAR back in the chair as possible, looking scared shitless. West: “They don’t pay me enough to deal with that!”


Douglas is talking to his big breasted beauties again. He quickly turns to the cameraman and tells the cameraman he pays his bills – so he best focus on Douglas and nothing else. He turns his attention over to an unseen person, and tells him that if he continues to impress – he’ll be taking him under his wing.

THE LOUNGE SINGER and VAMPIRO sulk. SCOTT HUDSON suggests that the stench of fear is throughout the New Church. Mitchell says he hasn’t slept in 3 days – because his phone is ringing off the hook. And every time he picks up, it’s Raven telling him to dream blood. He’s not a wrestler, and if Raven ever did get his hands on him, he’d hurt him – but it’s never going to happen. Mitchell holds the key to Raven’s soul, and Vampiro will never let him down.

VAMPIRO (with The Lounge Singer) vs. RAVEN (in a dream gallows of retribution match)

The Dead Pool goes nose to nose, and Vampiro is thrown off by the Raven chants. Raven clotheslines Vampiro. Vamp gets up, and they lock up. Vampiro delivers a chop and whips Raven across the ring. Vampiro goes for an avalanche – but Raven gets the boots up, and follows by trying to choke out Vampiro with one of the chains. Vampiro manages to escape and roll outside. Raven heads out while Vampiro heads in – so Raven tosses in some chairs for added fun! Back in, Raven hits a sitdown powerbomb and tries to put on the dog collar around Vampiro’s neck. Vamp escapes again – but winds up taking a drop toe hold into a chair shortly thereafter. Outside, Raven puts a dog collar around the neck of Vampiro for good this time – and we see that Vampiro’s already busted open, as is the norm in Raven’s matches. Raven slugs away, trying to get Vamp into a place where he can hang him, and NEARLY gets it before Mitchell hits the ring and lowblows Raven! Vampiro removes the dog collar. Raven tries to hit Vampiro with a chair, but Vamp comes back with a spinkick to the chair in Raven’s face. Vampiro goes up and hits a jumping leg lariat off the top, sending Raven outside. Vampiro follows and throws him into the steps, followed by the guardrail, which draws blood from Raven. Vamp wraps his forehead with a chain and headbutts Raven! Yeah, that’d hurt just a little… Vampiro slugs away at Raven who’s losing blood fast. He sets up a chair midring and starts slamming Raven over and over into a chair – and when Raven starts to fire back, Vampiro DDTs him right on the chair. Vampiro ties the dog collar over Raven’s head, and tosses him over the top, hanging him. Raven manages to get up on the apron – but is shoved back off. Raven’s arm drops twice, but shows us he’s alive on the third try, and gets back on the apron! Raven hits a neckbreaker over the top rope, choking Vampiro and clotheslines him, allowing him time to get the dog collar off. Raven hits a clothesline, tries a running bulldog, but is shoved off, but Raven manages to hit a mule kick before anything comes of it! Raven re-ties the dog collar around the neck of Vampiro – and then grabs the dog collar on the OTHER side of the ring, tying IT on as well. He heads out to get a garbage can and starts slamming Vampiro in the head, who can’t protect himself since he’s tied right in the middle of the ring. The blood starts POURING from Vampiro’s face while Raven gets a table! Vampiro gets a dog collar off, but can’t get the second one before Raven’s back in. Vamp hits the great equalizer – lowblowing Raven, and getting the collar off, and licks his own blood! Raven is placed on the table, and up goes Vampiro. Raven cuts him off before anything can come of it and hits the Evenflow THROUGH THE TABLE! Raven puts the collar back, tosses Vampiro over the top rope, and hangs away!!! Vampiro starts turning PURPLE on camera, which is really eerie… The blood SQUIRTS from his head – and the referee has seen enough, as have I. (12:47) ***1/4 That was a NASTY brawl that was only held back from some slowness in the middle. Mitchell gets in the ring to throw a fireball at Raven, but misses – which sets Raven off in a chase! The only thing that stops him is CM PUNK, who tries holding him back. Raven FLIPS and asks what the hell he was doing? Punk apologizes, but Raven tells him to get out. Raven grabs the mic and tells Mitchell there’s only one left – and that’s him. Next week, Raven vs. Mitchell, Last Man Standing.

NEXT WEEK: X Division Invitational “Triple Chance” – over the top invitational battle royal to determine top 5 seeds.

NOVEMBER 12: 2 qualifying matches, Seed 2 vs. Seed 5, and Seed 3 vs. Seed 4.

NOVEMBER 19: 3 way match determines #1 contender, Seed 1 vs. winner of 2 and 5 vs. winner of 3 and 4. Bring back Da Juicy One!

If you want to find out the members, go to – and they’ll let us know who’s going to get involved. And while you’re there, DON WEST shills. Get a D’Lo Brown bobblehead, t-shirts, the first 3 DVDs by TNA (mine are on the way), NWA TNA: The Music Vol. 2, and MORE!

TRIPLE J heads down to the ring, because it’s main event time – and he wants to know just WHO this mystery man, or mystery men are. “Jimmy Hart, I’m not gonna tell you again, I’ve waited all night, so come on out and let me see your big surprise.” American Made fires up – and out steps JIMMY HART. Hart says the first man to pick up the phone last week was a good friend of Hulk Hogan’s, and dear god, Stars And Stripes Forever plays and the fans IMMEDIATELY turn on this booing him out of the building. “HOOOOOOOOO! Jarrett, someone needs to give you an education tough guy. There’s a word you don’t understand, and that’s loyalty. I’m loyal to my country, I’m loyal to my family, and by god I’m loyal to my friends. HOOOOOOOOO! You know, Hulk Hogan, he can take care of himself, he can fight his own battles, but what kind of man would take a belt and whip Jimmy Hart until he bleeds? Understand this, there’s a new feeling in this country, we stand together, we stand loyal, so when Jimmy Hart says Hacksaw, will you stand up, you’d better believe Hacksaw will stand up, so Jarrett, it’s time to go to school tough guy. HOOOOOOOOOOO!” The fans have changed their tune about, siding with Duggan now. We’ll see how long that lasts.

TRIPLE J vs. JIM DUGGAN (in a title? non-title? who cares, Duggan ain’t winning)

Tenay wastes no time in reminding us that Duggan won the US Title from Steve Austin oh so many years ago in WCW. Jarrett blindsides Duggan, and chokes him in the ropes. “Tenay, how do you like him now?” “What’s he hollering at me for?” Ten-punch count-a-long in the corner, but Santa Claus fires back with some clotheslines. Duggan slams Jarrett into the broadcast table on the outside and smacks Jarrett with a Halloween pumpkin. “GET OUT OF MY WAY, HOOOO!” Hacksaw slams Jarrett into the table, and hits him with a chair. Tenay sells this like this is Jim Duggan in his prime. A great camera shot shows off stretch marks across the sides of Duggan. “This is a side we haven’t seen in YEARS! I’m talking back to his MIDSOUTH days!” Christ almighty Mike, you used to be cool. Jarrett hits a double axehandle off the top from every corner, but gets caught from doing it too many times and chokeslams Jarrett. Duggan now with a ten-punch count-a-long, and does so unscathed. Jarrett pokes him in the eyes, but Duggan comes back with a clothesline. “Almost a career rebirth from Duggan!” Blood just squirted out from my EARS. Duggan sets up the 3 point stance and hits a clothesline. Duggan goes to his 2-by-4, but THE JACKYL is there to save Jarrett’s day, grabbing it away. Jarrett winds up the guitar, and we have us a KEBONG for the 3. (3:40) -*

Jarrett wants more – and calls out Hogan’s bald head. JIMMY HART reappears and tells Jarrett this is the beginning of the end. Hart wants us to meet the person in the hummer – and the fans start barking. Dear god, no… RICK STEINER hits the ring. Jarrett turns and Steiner hits a clothesline followed by some barking. They fight into the crowd, where Steiner lays in some chair shots and pounds away at the back. Steiner chokes Jarrett out with cables, but Jarrett comes back with chairshots of his own. Steiner manages to block the chair, and steal it away allowing for more forearms. Jarrett simply grabs another one, and slams it, wrapping it around his head. Back to ringside, Jarrett slams the pumpkin over Steiner again – but Steiner comes back with a…some sort of fucked up slam. Steiner hits some clotheslines and t-bones Jarrett! Up top he goes for the Neckbreaking Bulldog – but Jarrett shoves the ref over to play Marcus Bagwell to Rick Steiner’s Rick Steiner, and Steiner crashes down on him instead. Jarrett grabs another guitar, and KEBONG! Someone ring the bell a million times because NOBODY wants to see this match. “Is that the best you can do? That’s two down. I don’t care how many it is to go, come on Jimmy.” Jarrett lies down on the mat, begging Jimmy to take him on. Jimmy says that it’s been signed, sealed, and will be delivered next week… Jeff Jarrett vs. Sting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What an up and down this show was.

That’s all. Night night.

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