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23.5.18 1359
The W - Guest Columns - NWA TNA Final Resolution
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The opening video package is perhaps the best one TNA’s put together to date, highlighting the importance of the 3 championship matches, as well as profiling each guy in each match. Whomever is behind the production these days has their stuff together.

We are LIVE from Orlando, Florida! Light the pyro, because TNA is back on pay-per-view, and the fans are fired up from the Impact Zone! Our hosts, as always, are MIKE TENAY and DON WEST.

SHANE DOUGLAS gets in a word with TRIPLE J. Douglas says the “whole world” is waiting to find out what he’ll do if he faces our hero, Kevin Nash. Jarrett smartly blows him off, and cuts a promo on all three guys. Jarrett guarantees he’ll remain champion, and history gives us no reason to doubt that.


Konnan is apparently back, and immediately seeks out the dogs in the building. BG James quickly takes over and goes through his DX spiel, while playing in his 6-sided sandbox. Good lord. Meanwhile, the most popular player on the team says nothing. Daniels and Konnan start, to a “FALLEN ANGEL” chant. That’s not good for Chris Daniels haters...such as myself. They trade mat wrestling stuff, and Konnan hits a shoulderblock. Rolling thunder clothesline connects, and in comes Shane. Killings hits him with a legdrop off the top straight to the groin! Killings does a dancy punch, and hits a flying crossbody. Shane comes back with a jawbreaker and tags in Kazarian. Frankie runs straight into a drop toe hold, and is then hit with a double team clothesline from Killings and James. They stomp on Kazarian, and Konnan adds a few shots as well. Frankie tries to tag out, but James holds him back. Shane makes a couple illegal tags out, but the ref won’t allow them. He does finally tag out after some chicanery, and Daniels clips James from behind. BG takes a dropkick, and in comes Kazarian. He nails an avalanche, and follows with a slingshot dropkick. Michael Shane is back in, and he keeps James in the heel corner for some triple team attacks. Daniels in, and hit with a sitdown powerbomb! Killings gets in off the tag, and takes out all 3 on the other side. Shane takes an axekick for 2 before Daniels saves. Kazarian hits Killings with a big boot, and Daniels takes out James with a running enzuigiri. That leaves Konnan, but one carpetmuncher for Daniels is all he needs. He and Shane hit eachother with clotheslines, and they’re both out. Everyone pairs off and trades punches with someone else. Killings sends Kazarian to the floor, and James dumps Daniels. Konnan nails Shane with a Slop Drop for 2. Killings is hauled out by Kazarian, and Daniels sneaks in to hit James with a Flatliner. Daniels goes to the apron, and hits a split legged moonsault onto Killings and Kazarian in error! That leaves it 2-on-1 in the ring, and Killings re-enters to hit Shane with a spinning heel kick off the shoulders of James and Konnan for the 3 at 8:21. **

To the back, where TRACI BROOKS, TRINITY, and JOHNNY FAIRPLAY have found DUSTY RHODES sitting in a pickup truck. This is certainly a tad surreal. Dusty offers up some clue for...some reason I guess, and says it’s as clear as the hat on your head. This clue is apparently supposed to give them immunity from something, and then there’s talk of alliances, and ... NONE OF THIS MAKES SENSE!


With Dutt on the way to Japan here, I don’t think there’s any doubt which way this is going. Skipper shoves Dutt to his ass while the fans go through dueling chants of “LET’S GO PRIMETIME” vs. “LET’S GO SONJAY”. Dutt comes back with a continual series of revolutions around the body of Elix before hitting a rana, getting a LOUD pop! Skipper heads to the floor, and Sonjay follows with a baseball slide dropkick! Skipper tosses Dutt into the crowd, but Sonjay immediately comes springing back in over the guardrail, hitting a senton splash!!!! Skipper is rolled in for 2. They do an armbar for a couple seconds, but Elix makes the ropes. Dutt goes back to what he does best, by springboarding over the top and hitting a dropkick for 2. He sees weakness in Skipper’s arm, and jerks it around, before hitting an arm Stunner!!! Sonjay calls for the Hindu press, but Skipper recovers - springs off the ropes, and hits a dropkick sending Dutt to the floor! Primetime is right on his heels, and drops Sonjay balls first to the guardrail. A spin kick sends Dutt crashing back off, and Skipper rolls him in for 2. Skipper tries a slam, but his arm hurts - and he can’t do it properly. Instead, he uses his strong kicks, and goes to finish with the Play Of The Day. However, Dutt slips away, goes for a Lionsault...but Skipper puts up his knees to block! Skipper goes to the doctor bomb, and follows with a slingshot clothesline. They fight up to the top, where Skipper tries to put Dutt away - only Sonjay is quick, throws himself forward, and hits a sunset flip off the top! Dutt goes on a clothesline spree, hits a backdrop suplex...but only gets 2! Next, he tries a tilt-a-whirl DDT, but that’s another 2! He decides to go for the Hindu press, but Primetime slides away, Brings Down The House, and scores the pin at 10:13! ***1/4 We’ll miss you Sonjay!

Quick “HE’S COMING” promo for Trytan.

KEVIN NASH and DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE have a heart to heart! Nash figures at this point in his career, he’d rather do as little work as possible than actually wrestle, as opposed to all those years when .... Anyway, Nash suggests that they take out Brown immediately, take a 2 or 3 minute break, then have a match like a pair of gentlemen. Page: “You expect me to trust you?” When it comes to being lazy???? Of course! Page refuses to trust in Nash though.


Dustin, with the size advantage, kills Kash with a clothesline immediately, and dumps him outside. Back in, Dustin catapults Kash, and when he falls back on the momentum, Dustin’s got his knees up to deliver a backbreaker. Nice combo! Rhodes goes up, but seeing as how he can’t DO anything off the top, he gets crotched. Kash bounces back in, but holds his knee like he’s blown it out. The referee tells Rhodes to back the hell off. They call for medical attention...but Kash is of course faking it, and attacks Dustin. Kash dropkicks the knees, and starts to work them over. He works a spinning toe hold to jerk at the leg, but Dustin fights away. A backslide from Rhodes gets 2. Back up, Kash kicks out the knee, and Rhodes goes back down. Dustin gets a small package for 2 before getting clipped again. Kash drops a knee on knee, delivers a splash off the top rope onto the knee, and puts on a figure four! Dustin has a bitch of a time escaping, but finally does - only to get caught in a sleeper! Rhodes refuses to go down, fights, and escapes. A series of clotheslines turn Kash inside out. Kash takes an atomic drop, but Rhodes buckles on the move, and collapses in pain from the attacks on the leg. Kash sees his opportunity, goes off the top with a crossbody, but Dustin rolls through for 2! He goes for a Curtain Call, but Kash lands on his feet, and dropkicks Rhodes! Dustin then hits the bulldog for the win at 10:51! **1/2 Much better than it had any right to be...

JOHNNY FAIRPLAY has found his way into an office, and is reading “How To Outwit Women” by Martha Stewart. He sees a 10 gallon cowboy hat, puts it on, spying the clue inside. “Fairplay’s staying in TNA!”


This whole Watts/DDP/Raven feud was one of the most ill conceived ideas during their little hot stretch a few months back. The basic idea was to blur the lines with some work/shoot thing - involving Watts sleeping around with Kimberly, only they never actually SPOKE of this on TV and left the fans to try to guess. Considering that insider references aren’t going to go over with most of the crowd, the fans were mostly left confused. Raven stomps on Watts to start, and dumps him outside. Raven delivers a side Russian legsweep into the guardrail, prompting a “ONE MORE TIME!” chant. So he does it again! Back in, Raven hits a running knee, and pounds away. They go back outside, but nothing happens - so they head back in. Somehow, Watts actually hits a missile mule kick, shocking the hell out of anyone who’s watched Erik’s career! And they brawl up the ramp. Nothing happens up there, so they come back to ringside, and Watts gives Raven a Russian legsweep to the guardrail and crotches him over it. Back in, Watts hits the chokeslam and grabs a chair. The referee immediately takes it away, and Raven uses the distraction to lowblow Watts. Raven goes and gets the chair, wedging it between the turnbuckles, and runs Watts face first into it! Of COURSE the referee, who was so adamant a minute ago that the chair NOT be used, does not call for a DQ here. Raven goes for the drop toe hold to the chair - but Watts blocks, and hits a bulldog sending Raven face first into it! As Raven stands, Watts quickly springboards off the chair with a clothesline, follows with a big boot, and hammers away. Raven comes back with a snake eyes for 2. Watts recovers, and hits the powerbomb to the turnbuckle for 2! Watts goes for the chokeslam, but Raven whips out an anklelock? The hell??? Watts escapes, but walks into a superkick for 2! Raven hits a clothesline, with Watts doing a Rikishi style bump off it, but immediately comes back with a drop toe hold into an STF! That was his finish in WCW, but this isn’t WCW. Raven goes for another anklelock, but Watts blocks, chokeslams Raven, and gets the win at 10:20. *1/4 Raven grabs a microphone, and apologizes for everything he’s done to Watts. Watts feels a little sorry for Raven, turns...and Raven whips a garbage can at Watts, knocking him off the ramp and sending him crashing down about 6 feet. Awesome.


RODDY PIPER joins us as the special referee for this one, for god knows what reason. Scott Hall is still dressed like Elvis, apparently having not changed clothes in months. Piper frisks down Scott Hall, and finds an international object in his boot. More searching reveals a fork up his arm. A 3 foot chain resides down his back. Once that’s done, Hall wants to frisk Piper...and comes up with handcuffs? Good lord. Hardy takes down Hall, and rides him like a surfboard. Hall stands, and takes a dropkick. Jeff hits a springboard corkscrew, goes for the Side Effect, but Hall pounds him down. A fallaway slam gets a slow 2 from Piper. Hardy rolls up Hall for a much faster 2. A small package from Hardy gets 2. Hall rolls outside, and is hit with a baseball slide! A slingshot plancha takes down Hall, and Hardy whips him into the ring steps. Back in, Jeff hits a double leg drop, but Hall fires back. Scott hits a pair of corner clotheslines, and paintbrushes the back of Jeff’s head. Into the Indian deathlock, Hall also pulls on Hardy’s dreads. Hah. A chokeslam gets a really slow 2. Hall has enough and whips Hardy into Piper, and finds a pair of brass knucks underneath the turnbuckle. Piper stops the attack with a poke to the eyes, Jeff hits a Twist Of Fate that Hall has NO idea how to sell, and a swanton bomb finishes at 5:50. 1/2* Total trainwreck. Hardy grabs the mic, and screams that he’s going to be coming after Jarrett. Piper tells him he’s probably got a shot at the title coming, and pimps him as the next world champion. Only, MANKIND is suddenly in the ring!!!! Abyss nails Hardy with a Torture Rack Bomb - ending his leave of absence at about 2 weeks. A Black Hole Slam kills Jeff dead.

TRACI BROOKS rubs AN OLD MAN backstage. She wants help in finding the clues. When he can’t help, she takes off, following TRINITY who says Dusty needs them.

MONTY BROWN vs. KEVIN NASH vs. DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE (in a #1 contenders match)

Oddly enough, Monty Brown gets the loudest chants from the crowd here. Page goes for a quick Diamond Cutter on Brown, but he’s shoved off. Page works a headlock, but he’s shoved off through the middle rope to the floor. Brown powers Nash back to the corner, and when it’s broken, Nash starts walking around like a gorilla to mock Brown. Brown pounds on Nash, but big Kev throws Brown to the buckle. A side slam gets 2. Brown comes back with a backdrop suplex on Nash, and he rolls to the floor. Page clotheslines Brown, and follows with a spinning lariat. Elbowdrop gets 2. Brown snaps off a DDT for 2 before Nash saves. Page chokes out Brown with his boot, and the Insiders double team him. Nash charges Page out of nowhere, but DDP is ready, and backdrops Nash to the floor and he’s eliminated at 5:52. That was maybe the laziest exit in this type of match EVER. And that’s why we love Kev! DDP hits the Diamond Cutter, but Nash pulls Page outside and throws him face first to the ringpost. Brown gets a small package for 2. Brown goes for a Pounce, but Page sidesteps, and gets a rollup for 2! Brown pounds at DDP’s back, and hits a corner clothesline. A fallaway slam sends Page flying, and a powerslam gets 2! Page hits a back elbow to shrug Brown off, and calls for the Diamond Cutter. He goes for it...but he’s shoved of, and Brown follows through the momentum with a Pounce for the pin at 9:41! *1/2 Brown offers the hand of friendship after the match, and Page takes it.

BOBBY ROODE and ERIC YOUNG (with Scott D’Amore) vs. AMERICA’S MOST WANTED (for the NWA world tag-team titles)


- Can AMW maintain intensity?
- Canadian gold rush
- From 6 sides of steel to 6 tag title reigns?

D’Amore throws up the Canadian flag, and holds a top secret meeting before the match - so AMW crashes the party and beats them on the ramp. D’Amore wants a piece with his hockey stick, but the referee holds him back. Storm gives Young a rana on the ramp! Meanwhile, Harris hangs Roode out to dry over the guardrail. Storm whips Young into the guardrail, and Harris whips Roode to the steps! Finally, in the ring, Harris and Young square off. Harris immediately dumps him right back outside with a hiptoss! Young slides back in, and is hit with a shoulderblock that dumps him back out. A closeup of Young’s head reveals a MASSIVE goose egg! You can’t fake THAT! Young tries to head up the ramp, but Harris clotheslines him from behind and drags him back to the ring! Storm tags in, and when Roode attacks, AMW just use him as a battering ram and run him into Young! Roode rolls out, and AMW is more than happy to throw Young over the top on to him!!!! Storm and Roode wind up back in the ring together, and Storm throws him around before hitting a rana for 2! Young kicks Storm in the back, allowing Roode a chance to nail a swinging neckbreaker. Young chokes him out in the ropes, and D’Amore gets in a cheap shot! Roode gives Storm a vertical suplex for 2. To the chinlock. It’s released, and Roode runs a knee into Storm’s midsection. Young heads in, tries a backbreaker, and gets 2. A boot to the throat chokes out Storm, and here comes Roode again. He works over Storm, but the Cowboy hits a big boot, and gives both Team Canada guys an enzuigiri! Storm goes for the tag, but Roode knocks Harris off the apron! Young hits a top rope elbow for 2! Young works a headlock, but Storm escapes and hits a sunset flip for 2! Roode comes in and quickly drops a knee on Storm to stop the momentum, and gets 2. Storm tries to get up again, but Roode knocks him back down. Storm hits a back kick, dodges a charge from Roode, and tags in Harris! He pounds Young, and hits him with a bulldog! He goes for a full nelson, but Roode breaks it up, so instead Roode eats the full nelson slam! Harris drills Young with a clothesline, and hits the High Vertical for 2! Storm comes back in, and powerslams Roode for 2! They call for the Death Sentence, but Young breaks it up. AMW winds up throwing both Team Canada guys all over the ring in some crazy ass superplex/electric chair thing, and Storm gets 2! Storm superkicks Roode, but D’Amore yanks out the referee to prevent a count. AMW have enough, and grab D’Amore, handcuffing him to the ring post!!!! D’Amore tries to bite through the cuffs! Back in, a double team clothesline on Young gets 2! JOHNNY DEVINE runs down, and grabs a hockey stick! He cracks Storm over the back, and puts Young on top ... but Storm kicks out at 2! Young starts freaking out. Devine grabs what’s left of the stick, swings at Harris, but misses and is hit with a spinebuster! A double team powerbomb gets 2 on Roode!!!! Nobody in attendance can believe it, and the fans chant “BULLSHIT!” Harris hits a Catatonic on Young. Devine goes to slip a chair to Roode, but Harris grabs it. Roode clotheslines Harris from behind, knocking him face first into the chair. Young covers, but Harris drapes his foot on the ropes at 2! Young tries to alert Devine, who’s not paying attention, but Johnny winds up cracking him in the face instead, and Harris gets the pin and the titles at 19:12! ****1/4 The match was going SO well until Devine got involved.

JOHNNY FAIRPLAY skips around backstage with the clue on his head, but makes the mistake of calling TRINITY and TRACI BROOKS bimbos. They beat the shit out of him, accidentally rip the clue in half, and run over to give it to DUSTY RHODES. Dusty agrees they can both stay - and asks them to find the best tag-team not currently wrestling in TNA. The girl who finds the best team becomes his personal secretary. The girls bounce away.

CHRIS SABIN vs. PETEY WILLIAMS (with Scott D’Amore) vs. AJ STYLES (in an Ultimate X match for the NWA X division title)


- Sabin’s ultimate success
- AJ’s ultimate goal
- Williams’ ultimate reign

This is only my second experience with Ultimate X, having been still watching the pay-per-views during the original, which I rated at ****1/4. That show itself was a great one, during a great run of shows they held in the summer of 2003. We’ll see if they can do it again. Styles attacks both guys to start, running over Williams with a clothesline. Sabin does the same to AJ, but gets his eyes raked. Williams slides out to the floor, and Sabin chases him around. Williams winds up between Sabin and Styles, and gets beaten. Styles hits a jumping clothesline, and helps Sabin elevate into a HUGE dropkick that sends Williams to the floor! Sabin thinks about climbing, but Styles pulls him back into the ring. Styles leaps at the cable, but misses and falls hard on his ankles. It’s moves like that that killed Sid. Sabin and Williams brawl on the floor - and heeeeeere comes AJ, tope con hilo and all!!!!! Fans: “THAT WAS AWESOME!” Styles heads back in, and towards the cable - but Sabin catches him. They fight on the ropes, and Sabin dropkicks AJ back first into the ring post! Styles crashes, and Sabin gets onto the cable. Scott D’Amore gets in the ring, and pulls him down. Williams re-enters the ring, and gives Sabin a SUPER atomic drop off the cable! The referee has enough, and tosses Scott D’Amore out of the building, prompting a loud “NA NA NA NA” chant on his way out. Petey realizes he’s on his own, and is quite fired up. He hits a vertical suplex on Sabin, followed by a backdrop suplex in one fluid motion. Those ROH fans who call Williams a one move wonder can kiss my ass. Williams locks Sabin in the nicest Sharpshooter I’ve seen in years - but completely misses the fact that Styles has started crawling across the cable. Williams notices in time, cuts him off, and hits a HUGE release German suplex! He goes for the pin, but of course there’s no pins here. He gets a “MORON” chant. Gold. Williams ties Styles up in a tree of woe, stands on his crotch, and sings the Canadian national anthem. AND THE FANS SING ALONG! I love this! Williams knocks Sabin back down to the floor, but Styles gets a small boost with a spinning heel kick! Sabin and Styles both want to climb, but they keep knocking each other off the buckle. Sabin finds himself on Styles’ shoulders, and Williams starts to crawl across the ropes. Seeing them in the way, he opts for a super rana onto Sabin off Styles’ shoulders!!!!!!! Williams then follows with a Russian legsweep on Styles. This is insane! Williams and Styles each climb up a turnbuckle on opposite sides, and they head for the belt. Williams locks himself in a commando crawl position, and Styles can’t knock him down! Sabin pulls Styles off, leaving Williams alone - but Styles is thinking quickly, by springboarding as FAR as he possibly can, whacking Williams with a closed fist...and Williams falls!!!!! Whew! Sabin heads up, hand over hand, but Styles gets in his way, so Sabin turns and hits a rana with Styles standing on the top rope!!! Fans: “THIS IS AWESOME!!!!” Williams sees a chance for the Canadian Destroyer on Sabin, but Sabin counters for the Cradle Shock... However, Williams, slides off the shoulders, goes for a Scorpion Deathdrop, only here comes Styles flipping in with a moonsault, following through with a Deathdrop on Williams who hits Sabin at the same time!!!! Styles goes for the belt, but Sabin flies in with a dropkick that turns Styles inside out somersault style off the cable and back first to the mat!!!!!!! Williams hits Sabin with a Cactus clothesline, and both guys are down! AJ can’t stand, leaving Williams alone to get back up to the cable. The fans will Styles back to life though - and the two fight on the ring post. Williams pulls on Styles’ hand, catching him in the ring post, and when he lets go Styles just dangles arm in the post! OUCH! He eventually falls. Williams gets in, but Sabin’s waiting, and just flattens him with the Cradle Shock!!!!!! Sabin goes for the belt, but AJ’s alive! He goes for the Styles Clash, but Sabin hooks the arm in a triangle choke!!!!!! Styles uses all his strength to powerbomb Sabin in order to remove the hold, and then hits the Clash!!!! All alone, he goes for the belt! However, his arm is too fucked up from the posting earlier, and he falls before getting the belt...and is PLANTED with the Canadian Destroyed by a recovered Williams!!!!!!! That is the best he’s ever hit it! Just to make sure everyone’s down, Sabin is hit with a jumping DDT! Williams heads up, but Sabin refuses to die, and crotches Williams! From there, RUNNING OUTSIDER’S EDGE sending Williams HEAD FIRST into the opposite buckle!!!! Tabernac! Sabin goes for the belt on one side, and a groggy Williams on the other. Sabin’s there, but Williams rushes over. Both guys lock themselves in Commando Crawl position, and remove the belt from the hook. Tug of war...only Styles has recovered, and in a final burst of energy he dives, and grabs the belt from their hands to win the match and title at 19:55! ****3/4

Backstage, TRIPLE J bumps into KEVIN NASH - and mocks him for sucking. Nash: “I’m coming after that belt!”

MONTY BROWN vs. TRIPLE J (for the NWA world heavyweight title)


Brown                Jarrett
6'2" Height 6'1"
267 Weight 238
5 Years Pro 18

Jarrett tries to attack Brown during the ring intros, which is not particularly bright. JEREMY BORASH does his poor Michael Buffer impression. Jarrett armdrags Brown, and does his stupid outdated Fargo strut. Jarrett fires off a dropkick, and struts around some more. Cockiness takes over though, because Jarrett seems to think he can shoulderblock Monty, which fails miserably and he’s press slammed. A huge hiptoss sends Jarrett across the ring. Monty goes for the fallaway slam, but Jarrett goes low. So Brown staggers for a second, sucks it up, and powerslams Jarrett! A headbutt to the groin gets 2. Brown heads outside, and Jarrett surprises with an attempt at a tope - but Brown catches him, and gives him a backbreaker! Jarrett shoves Brown off into the crowd, and it’s time for a garbage brawl! Jarrett waffles Brown over the back with a chair, and dumps him back onto the ramp. The chair is jabbed into Brown’s chest, and they fight over to the announce table. Brown is thrown on Mike Tenay’s lap - and Jarrett slams Don West’s chair over Monty’s back! Jarrett grabs his belt, lines up Brown, but the referee steals the title and reminds him he can’t use it. Jeff goes to the sleeper instead. West lets us know the chair he sits on is about 25 pounds. Brown escapes the sleeper, goes for one of his own, but he can’t wrap it on fully before Jarrett gives him a single leg atomic drop! Jarrett calls for the figure four, but Brown packages him for 2! Bossman straddle misses, and Jarrett crotches himself! Brown goes for the Pounce - but Jeff sidesteps, and Monty hit the buckle. They both attack now - and knock heads in the middle of the ring. Both stand, and it’s a slugfest, won by Brown! A powerbomb gets 2! Brown hits the Circle Of Life, but it’s another 2. Jarrett recovers and goes for the Stroke. Brown shoves Jeff off, sending him into the referee for our Main Event Ref Bump. Jarrett of course gets the guitar, does the usual damage...and Brown is out. Jarrett wakes up the ref, but only gets 2! Jeff grabs a chair, but winds up in an electric chair position. So he cracks Brown in the face anyway, but Brown winds up falling back on Jarrett!!! Jeff recovers first, covers, but it’s only 2! Jarrett’s getting desperate, and grabs the world title belt. He knocks Brown out with it - but Brown POWERS out at 2! Jarrett isn’t sure what the hell to think now. He attacks Monty, but off the ropes Brown goes for the POOOOUNCE...but hits the referee!!!! Jarrett grabs another guitar, and I groan. He swings...but Brown blocks with a chokeslam! He cracks Jarrett with the guitar - and down he goes! No ref. A second ref slides in, but it’s too late, and Jarrett kicks out at 2! Fans: “BULLSHIT!” Jarrett grabs what’s left of the guitar he was just hit with, and drives it into Brown’s midsection. With Brown staggering, Jarrett hits THREE Strokes, and gets the pin at 16:18. *** What the hell is it going to take to get the belt off this guy? The show immediately goes off the air while Jarrett celebrates.

Four matches hit the ***+ mark, with one of them dangerously approaching the magical 5. The hot run of NWA TNA continues...

I’ll be weighing in with my Against All Odds recap in the near future I imagine (when I get around to it) - but for now, all attention should be on Wrestlemania. With the ovation Hogan got last night at the awards ceremony, everyone should be VERY afraid of what may follow... Let’s hope for the best, and I’ll see ya Tuesday!

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