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The W - Guest Columns - NWA TNA: August 27, 2003
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You almost didn’t get a TNA recap this week! I came home around 8:30 on Wednesday to discover my tape had been spit out of the machine. I have no idea why this happened. I’m assuming my cat was behind it. So nothing was taping.

I gave Rogers a call and explained my predicament. The agent I got was kind enough to immediately cancel the original airing and re-order for me the replay – no extra cost. Thank you Rogers – even though you’re my direct competition! (See, competition IS good!)

Weird thing… I wake up and generally start the TNA recap right away. HOWEVER, not before I brush my teeth. For whatever reason, I feel GROSS trying to sit back and do “serious” recapping if I don’t have fresh breath. Figure THAT out.

It’s an opening package focusing on Erik Watts! He’s trying to tilt the balance of power back to TNA – and Watts is behind this having booked a series of grudge matches. Siaki/Brown, Swinger and Diamond/AMW, Sandman/Abyss, Rhodes/Gilberti, and Raven/Styles – TONIGHT!


Remember when Ron Killings was World Champion and everyone thought he was great? I still have nightmares of that era. Konnan of course has to seek out his dogs, and one of them barks at Shane Douglas. Konnan and Slash start. Tenay tries to get James Mitchell on the third mic – but it won’t open, so we spend the first part of the match with Tenay sounding absolutely lost. Great, the best play-by-play man in the biz is lost, this is gonna be an excellent night. West takes over – and strings together the first full sentence I think I’ve heard him get through since joining TNA. He even manages to do so without saying “WOW” or “GREAT”. Konnan drops Slash with an inverted DDT and forces him to perform fellacio in the corner. No…I’m serious. Killings comes in and hits Slash with an axekick – and BG James levels Douglas who hits the ring. Slash tries to come off the top – but leaps right into the arms of James, who hands part of Slash to Killings, and Konnan dropkicks him. A cover by James gets 2. Slash comes back with a bicycle kick and tags in Sinn. Sinn is dropped onto James by Slash – and Mitchell finally gets on the mic. He notes that Alexis is no longer with them, stating they could have shaved her head but didn’t. The reason they didn’t was to prove a point to Raven – which was that he was too busy licking his wounds to save her, so she figured out what he was all about and now she’s gone. Interesting explanation. Sinn with a headscissors onto James gets 2. Douglas comes in – and Mitchell says that Raven is going to lose his hair, and leaves the booth. Slash drops a knee on James getting 2. Douglas comes in and kicks James in the gut, and slaps on an exciting abdominal stretch. James manages to hiptoss out of it and drops an elbow. Douglas tries cutting off the ring – but James manages a tag to Killings. A rana is hit and it’s followed by a spinning heel kick. Everyone gets involved, and 3 Live Krew cleans house. James Mitchell gets in – but comes face to face with Killings and begs off. THE GATHERING hits the ring to attack the New Church – and it’s a big mess! (7:07) *3/4 What a strange opening match.

Taking the place of Scott Hudson, TERRY TAYLOR gets the honor of holding a microphone. 2:1 says we don’t escape the night without hearing a Red Rooster joke from a “witty” heel. THE SON and TRINITY are the guests of honor. Siaki promises to bury the career of D’Lo Brown tonight – which Taylor finds amusing since the match is now. Siaki sprints away and towards the ring.


Oh dear god – the way “Siaki” is spelled on the back of his tights is IN THE SHAPE OF A BRAHMA BULL. This is getting sad. They meet on the ramp, where D’Lo dropkicks Siaki. Irish whip sends Siaki into the ring. D’Lo stands on the apron and hits a moonsault to the floor. Siaki gets rolled in and the bell officially starts this one. D’Lo with a slingshot senton – cover, and 2. Siaki gets up, charges D’Lo, and gets backdropped to the floor. D’Lo tries a rana from the apron, but gets powerbombed off of it and to the floor – then gets sent headfirst to the steps. Back in, Siaki hits the split legged moonsault for 2. Don West exclaims “WOW!” Siaki goes high again – leaps, but meets a Diamond Cutter in midair from D’Lo Brown! Both men stand and slug like it’s Round 12 of Apollo Creed vs. Rocky Balboa! D’Lo wins the exchange with a clothesline, for which he should be DQed since those are illegal in boxing. Sky High Powerbomb – no referee? Ahhh, Trinity’s on the apron and offering to knit him a scarf for the harsh winter ahead. D’Lo wanders over – jealous, since he wanted a nice muffler of his own. Siaki hits the Siakalypse, 1, 2, kickout from D’Lo! I suppose we’re lacking a run in, so we can’t finish yet. Sudden Impact from D’Lo takes down Siaki – the referee checks on his condition while D’Lo decides to go high, meeting Trinity who spikes him with a tornado DDT. Laaaaaaaame. Siaki Driver, 1, 2, 3. (4:55) * Has Siaki had a SINGLE good match since his TNA debut to justify this stupid push? Even ONE? Against a great worker who may have carried him – I’ll STILL accept that!

Post-match, Siaki beats up D’Lo with a chair and takes him backstage towards the hearse. Leaping from the back of it though, is SUPERMAN! Jarrett’s brought a guitar, which Siaki takes, before being thrown into the back of it. Jarrett lovingly tends to D’Lo. God bless good Samaritan Jeff Jarrett.

Meet the announcers! MIKE TENAY and DON WEST will be calling the action, LIVE from the Asylum. They start to rundown the card for the evening – but when mentioning Jerry Lynn has an X-Division Title shot, THE JACKYL hits the scene. He’s not happy about the fact Lynn’s getting the shot after his actions from last week, and grumbles his way to a video package…

Here’s a recap of the Ultimate X match. If they don’t do it too often – they’ve got a killer gimmick on their hands here. For the 3 of you still crying foul over the falling belt, get over yourselves, the match RULED. If you want to see an example of a match being directly screwed over by the gimmick falling, then go watch Nitro from November 15, 1999 – Pinata On A Pole.

TERRY TAYLOR has MICHAEL SHANE backstage. Shane’s sporting sunglasses – and declares himself “the showstopped…the main event…the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels…’ cousin”. He’s got a message for Jerry Lynn: “I’m gonna dance all over his face.” Russo never learns.

- Michael Shane’s first “X” Title Defense
- NWA awards title shot to Jerry Lynn
- Youth vs. Experience

JERRY LYNN vs. MICHAEL SHANE (for the NWA X title)

Callis has taken a seat officially and becomes our third announcer. Lynn takes down Shane with a headlock and works it mid-ring. Shane escapes and puts on his own – which Lynn quickly gets out of, so Shane takes him down and rides him. This pisses off Lynn – and Lynn stomps a mudhole. Lynn hits a rana, and follows with a couple of hiptosses and puts on an armbar. Shane tries to backdrop Lynn to the floor – but Lynn lands on the apron, so Shane dropkicks him to the floor, and follows with a baseball slide to his back. A “Heartbreak Kid” chant erupts. Shane goes the apron, but Lynn gives the legs a tug and Shane hits the apron chin first. He comes right back with a drop toe hold sending Lynn face first to the steps – and rolls him back in. On the apron, Shane poses, giving Lynn a chance to recover and hits a jawbreaker over the ropes – and knocks him off the apron with a springboard dropkick. Lynn slams Shane face first to the announce table – and Callis looks Lynn dead in the eyes and states “listen you – I’m making notes!!!” Back in, Shane tries to suplex Lynn into the ring – but Lynn lands on his feet, so Shane hotshots him across the top – covers, and gets 2. Shane hammers on Lynn, and pulls him down to the mat hair first. Lynn does the same thing, prompting Callis to announce “pulling the hair is illegal in this match” – and West’s voice gets higher when arguing with Callis. Shane launches Lynn to the floor and drops a double axehandle. Back in, Shane hammers Lynn, but takes a drop toe hold to the turnbuckle. Shane comes back with a flying jalapeno – and slams Lynn. To the top – Shane poses, then gently leaps down, flipping off the crowd. Callis: “He knows what the customer wants!” Shane warms up the band – but it’s blocked by Lynn, and Lynn hits a superkick of his own. Lynn focuses on Callis, so Shane hits him with a lowblow, and rolls him with the small package for 2. Shane tries a piledriver – but winds up backdropped and Lynn hammers away. Callis throws a fit about the punching – and heads to the back in disgust. Lynn hits a spear, and follows with a powerbomb! Thumb to the throat – TKO! Lynn goes for the cradle piledriver – but here comes RED SHIRT SECURITY – whom Lynn focuses on and knocks off the apron. Turning around – Sweet Chin Music from Shane! 1, 2, 3, champ retains! (12:23) ** Good GAWD Jerry Lynn is boring.

EARLIER TODAY: MIKE TENAY had a sitdown with RAVEN. Tenay wants to know how Raven feels about the New Church trying to cut his hair – but Raven changes the subject to becoming champion. 20 years ago, Tommy Rich became the youngest champion in NWA history – but wound up in a feud with Mad Dog Buzz Sawyer, and never made it back to the World Title. His career started strong, and ended up mediocre. In ECW, Raven was ECW champion – but wound up involved in two of the most brutal feuds in history, one with Tommy Dreamer, and one with Sandman. Since that time, he’s been unable to get back to the prize. So he came to NWA, because he knew he could get it back – it’s his destiny. The New Church may be trying to throw off his path, shave him bald, humiliate him, but he’s never lost site of the prize. Quoth the Raven… AJ STYLES and VIC VENOM interrupt this brilliant promo. Styles asks if it’s his birthday with all the candles, and makes fun of the mascara, so Raven decks him. Russo holds him back from allowing the fight to continue.

Here’s a video package for Abyss – your hero and mine! If they don’t overexpose him by having him wrestle too often, he’s going to be huge.


Sandman tries the same trick of spitting in the eyes of Abyss as last week – but Abyss smartly covers his eyes. Sandman DOESN’T spit though – and when Abyss looks, Sandman unleashes the beer. Abyss takes 2 kendo stick shots, before taking Sandman down with a clothesline. Abyss sends Sandman to the floor, and follows him out, where Sandman hits him with an elbow and throws him to the guardrail. Sandman tries a slingshot plancha – but he’s caught and driven to the ringpost. An Irish whip is reversed by Sandman to the guardrail, and Sandman hits a springboard elbow off a chair to Abyss. A table is set up on the outside – and they go back in. Sandman hits a senton bomb from the top – and KID KASH hits the ring. He knocks out the referee and gets in the face of Abyss for last week. Kash kicks him in the nuts, and Abyss no sells. He goes to powerbomb Kash through the table – but Kash hits a rana, sending them both over, and the table DOESN’T BREAK! Sandman rolls Abyss in, 1, 2, Abyss kicks out! Abyss comes right back with the Black Hole, 1, 2, 3!!! (3:43) 3/4*

TERRY TAYLOR gets Kash backstage – and Abyss hits the scene as well. Kash tells Abyss he’ll deal with him later, and bitchslaps Taylor! “Take that caveman!” Taylor: “You son of a bitch…” He tries to get a piece of Kash, but Abyss stands in the way. Taylor tries to get Abyss to stand up for himself, but he’s not budging out of the way.

- Another step in Gilberti’s mission to discredit AMW
- Harris & Storm: 2 month reign as the champs
- Double bullrope win for D&S leads to the title shot

SIMON DIAMOND and JOHNNY SWINGER (without The Manager Of Champions) vs. AMERICA’S MOST WANTED (for the NWA world tag-team titles)

I already assumed LAST week that the titles had changed in the non-title match so I’m already set for the disappointment… Hey, if AMW retains, expect me to cheer like a little girl – but I don’t see it happening. Pier 14a brawl on the floor. Harris uses a chain on Diamond – completely knocking him out. Swinger and Storm start in the ring – but that only lasts seconds before they wind back out on the floor. Swinger drives Storm back first into the ring apron, and rolls him in to Diamond. Sidewalk Slam/Bulldog from the challengers gets 2. Storm winds up on the top rope – leaps, and gets hit with a Northern lights suplex from Diamond, for 2. They double team him illegally in the corner – Harris tries to break it up, but the referee holds him back. Storm tries to fire back – but the double team is too much, taking a cheap shot to the gut. Diamond hits a vertical suplex for 2, and tags Swinger back in. Storm’s superkick is blocked, but his enzuigiri is not! Swinger cuts off the ring, so Storm tries the enzuigiri again. Swinger ducks – Storm misses, but comes around and hits the second one attempted! Harris gets the tag and hits Diamond with a flying clothesline – then nails Swinger with a full nelson slam! Thesz press for Diamond, but Swinger attacks to break it up – and he gets belted as a result. Harris hits a flying crossbody from the top – 1, 2, kickout from Diamond. SPEAR for Swinger! Storm hits a superkick on Diamond! That’s another 2! Storm is whipped to the corner – tries a floatover, but Diamond kicks him square in the nuts. Harris grabs Diamond – but can’t do anything before he also takes a lowblow. Swinger sets Storm up top – but he shoves him off. Diamond goes for a superplex – but Harris stops it, climbs up – Swinger gets underneath the pile…and dear god almighty… Swinger backdrops Harris who backdrops Diamond who gives Storm a brainbuster. Jesus fucking Christ…. The fans chant their approval while all 4 play dead. GLEN GILBERTI, clad in bullropes and a cowboy hat wanders down to ringside. He distracts the referee – allowing Swinger a chance to roll the belt in to Diamond, but Harris kicks it back in his face! The referee can’t count because Gilberti won’t let go, and finally he escapes, 1, 2, Gilberti yanks him out. Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck. Harris tries to choke out Gilberti with the tag-team belt, but he nails Harris with a chair – Problem Solver from the challengers, cover, 1, 2, 3…DEAR GOD NO. We have new NWA World Tag-Team champions and this SUCKS. (call 9:11 – this match was a crime) ***

DUSTY RHODES hits the ring right away – and looks over the carnage. Gilberti celebrates with his boys on the ramp. “This is some unadulterated BULLSHIT. Let me tell ya what’s getting ready to happen to YOU, let me lay out for YOU, let me put it in black and white, Chinese, Japanese, it don’t matter what’s gonna happen to happen you. You bring your big little bitty ass down here right now and I’m gonna kick it! You bring your rope in this ring right now young man, because the horror, the HORROR is about to become realistic for your ass.” The fans start a “na na na na” chant towards Gilberti…and he’s in a world of trouble now.


“DISCO SUCKS!” They lock up – and Dusty grabs the bell. Gilberti begs off, and Dusty rings it in his ear. Hah! Dusty kicks Gilberti in the netherregions, and Gilberti rolls outside. So Dusty pulls the rope and reels him right back into the ring. Gilberti gets choked out from the rope, and rubs the rope across the head of Gilberti who’s squealing in pain. He tries rolling out again and gets yanked back in. Dusty drives the bell into Gilberti’s midsection, and grinds the bell into his head. Gilberti comes back with a boot to the knee – winds up with a flip flop and fly, but Dusty’s waiting to hit him with a bionic elbow! Cowbell right to the head – and Dusty unhooks himself to go get another bullrope. CHRISTOPHER DANIELS hits the ring? Daniels nails Dusty, Gilberti rolls over, 1, 2, 3. (4:11) * Another bullshit finish in a never-ending series of them on this show. Tenay helpfully maps it out, Daniels is anti-tradition, and I should be slapped for missing the obvious reason for attack. CHRIS HARRIS returns to save Dusty from a beatdown and spears everything in sight! SIMON DIAMOND and JOHNNY SWINGER return to the ring to attack, and with the odds against them, the equalizer, the man who turns water into wine, the man who makes blind men see, crippled men walk, and ugly people beautiful – TRIPLE J with guitar in hand is here. He cleans house, and gently cradles Dusty in his tender arms.

EARLIER TODAY: Another in our sitdown interviews – MAD MIKEY speaks to MIKE TENAY. And with the way he’s shaking around, I’d suggest he get some Ritalin. Mikey says he was born and slapped with a wooden paddle, traumatizing him. Not to mention the commercials on TV – Mikey eat this, Mikey do that. He was in counselling his second day on earth. Mikey says he was trained by Mae Young who’d do bronco busters on his face. He’s here to prove himself by putting gold around his waist. He points to his hand… “This may be my girlfriend now, but soon I’ll have gold around me!”

3 LIVE KREW hangs out with TERRY TAYLOR. Taylor: “Are you high?” BG: “Oh, you didn’t know?” Okay, THAT’S funny. JOHNNY SWINGER, SIMON DIAMOND, and GLEN GILBERTI arrive, sporting their belts. Konnan: “Look, it’s the bathhouse honeys, are you guys here to toss our salad or peel our potato?” TRIPLE J interrupts and slaps Gilberti with another guitar. BG: “That was a smash hit!” James is absolutely cracking me up…

Just when you think you know what he’ll do next…
…He shocks the world
Just when you least expect him…
…He shows up
Just when you think you have all the answers…
…He changes the questions
He’s coming…
…and he’s pissed

NEXT WEEK: The United States vs. The World! The Super X Tournament is next week, where we have Juventud Guerrera, Teddy Hart, Johnny Storm, and Nosawa against Frankie Kazarian, Chris Sabin, Jerry Lynn, and Michael Shane. According to readers of Shooting Star Press in the Poll Of The Week – at last glance the projected winner with over 78% of the votes is Kevin Nash.


Mexico - Juventud Guerrara |
Japan - Nosawa | |
------------------------------ |------------------------------
Great Britain - Jonny Storm | | |
------------------------------------------------------------ |
Canada - Teddy Hart | |
------------------------------ |------------------------------
USA - Jerry Lynn | |
------------------------------------------------------------ |
USA - Chris Sabin | | |
------------------------------ |------------------------------
USA - Michael Shane | |
USA - Frankie Kazarian |

Here’s a look at AJ Styles and Raven! Last week – Raven was hung in the opening segment, but managed to find the strength to enter the Gauntlet For The Gold and win. After the show, Raven talked to the camera and stated he’s not going to lose after all that effort.

Raven                Styles
6'1" Height 5'11"
235 Weight 215
15 Years Pro 4

- Raven’s dramatic Gauntlet win makes him number 1 contender
- Vast contrast in “Styles”
- Can Raven fulfill his destiny tonight?

RAVEN vs. THE CHAMP (with Vince Russo) (for the NWA world heavyweight title)

JEREMY BUFFER does the intros. Styles gets in the first shot – a kick to Raven’s leg. He keeps at the kicks, but Raven decks him sending Styles to the corner. Raven hits a shoulderblock for 2. AJ whips Raven to the ropes, tries a dropkick, but Raven hooks the top, and falls right down on Styles getting another 2. Styles gets sent to the floor, Raven follows – and Styles is quickly back in. Evenflow is attempted – but Styles escapes. Raven throws him back to the floor, and again Styles hurries back in. Vertical suplex from Raven gets 2. Styles tries a sunset flip – but Raven picks him right up and sends him out, and follows. Styles is sent face first to the steps. Under the ring – Raven finds a trashcan. He decks Styles – and West figures that’s okay so long as Russo’s allowed to hold the baseball bat on the other side. Raven sends Styles into the guardrail using Russian legsweeps 5 times. Styles is busted open already. Back in, Raven covers, but Russo’s on the apron trading war stories with RUDY CHARLES. Raven knocks him off – turns back to Styles, and takes a lowblow. Styles follows with a Slop Drop for 2. THE GATHERING appear on the ramp, pick up Russo – and cart him off to the back, hopefully ending any chance at interference later on? They get into a slugfest – and Styles wins it with an enzuigiri. Styles covers, 1, 2, Raven kicks out. Vertical suplex connects, and is followed with a kneedrop for 2. Styles claws at Raven’s face – but gives him a chance to get up, and takes a superkick! Styles manages to recover though, goes to the apron, and hits a springboard rana. Styles’ head hits the mat though – and if his neck wasn’t made of rubber, it’d be broken right now. Styles tries a pin, but Raven’s underneath the bottom rope. Styles with a snapmare, and he starts in with the Lo Ki style kicks. Next comes an STF – and Raven’s screaming…but crawling to the ropes slowly. He makes them – and Styles throws a fit! He grabs a chair and heads in. The chair gets wedged between the top and middle rope – tries a whip, it’s reversed by Raven, but Styles stops himself from hitting the chair and superkicks Raven. Styles sets up the chair midring – and hits the drop toe hold on to, does a cocky pin, and gets 2. Raven avoids a second attempt at a drop toe hold, grabs the chair, and whips it at AJ’s face! Here comes a flurry of punches – and clotheslines! Raven hits a running kneelift – and raves him down with a bulldog! 1, 2, kickout by the champ! Raven sets up the chair – tries the drop toe hold – but Styles leaps over the move, tries a Triple Jump Crossbody, but Raven grabs the chair – and throws it into the face of Styles on the way down!!! Cover, 1, 2, NO! Evenflow is blocked again – Styles tries a rana, Raven reverses into a Styles Clash and hits it!!!! 1, 2, SINN hits the ring and pulls the referee out. SHIT! GO THE FUCK AWAY! Styles hits an Evenflow, covers…and gets 2! Sinn gets on the apron – but Styles winds up crashing into him when Raven sidesteps a charge! Raven again gets up the Evenflow – but Styles rushes him back to the corner, nailing the referee in the process. Out of the corner, the Evenflow hits! No referee. SLASH now joins the party – tries to throw powder at Raven – but it’s kicked back in his face! Slash swings windly, and grabs Styles, whom he mistakes for Raven and gives him a whirlee bird! Raven sends Slash out, 1, 2, NO! Everyone in the building thought that was it! Raven sets Styles up top – tries a Super Evenflow, but now SHANE DOUGLAS hits the ring and shoves Raven away. Styles tries for the rana, leaps – and meets a powerbomb from Raven! Cover…and again only 2! Douglas gets in, Sinn distracts the ref, and kicks Raven in the nuts. NO! Styles hits the Styles Clash, 1, 2, 3. BLAH!!!!!!! Every champion in the company is a heel. (15:00) ****

D’LO BROWN arrives far too late, along with CHRIS HARRIS. Harris announces he’s sick of the crap, and refuses to allow it any longer. JAMES MITCHELL looks on from the top of the stage. Harris tells the referee to restart the match or reverse the decision. SIMON DIAMOND and JOHNNY SWINGER run down to chase off Harris – so the neither of the options will happen. CHRISTOPHER DANIELS joins the fun and it’s a big beatdown. A chair wielding saint named TRIPLE J with ERIK WATTS rushes in – and they clear the ring. Watts sets up War Games for next week – calling it Wednesday Bloody Wednesday. Not to mention, it’ll be a Clockwork Orange War Games, come as you are! DUSTY RHODES joins the gang in the ring, while Watts announces he’ll be the special referee. Rhodes says stuff’s gonna be hanging and banging – and calls it Bloody Wednesday Bloody, hah! Ohhh Dusty. He does promise it’ll be the bloodiest Wednesday ever. Russo wants to start the party now – and the faces fight them off as the show goes off the air!

So let’s try to get the match straight… D’Lo Brown, America’s Most Wanted, Jeff Jarrett, and Raven vs. Johnny Swinger, Simon Diamond, Shane Douglas, AJ Styles, and Christopher Daniels I think… They didn’t exactly SAY which of the guys was making the cut but that seems to make the most sense.

If you’re like me – only one question can be on your mind after this one…

Where the heck is Brian Lee?

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Since: 12.10.02
From: Canada

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#2 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.15
Another good review for a another good show.

Brian Lee was there, he's just lost more weight so he's invisible. Seriously, that guy looked like he was having some problems. I read in the Observer that he's been no showing a lot and Sinn moved to Nashville with Tracy Brooks.

I still think Ron Killings is great, just not World Heavyweight Champion great. He's one man in a six man tag, great.

Jeff Jarrett needs to get over himself because he's the least convincing Steve Austin ever.

I like Styles' matches with Low Ki and the X guys but really liked this match with Raven. Raven gave it a good pace and played the crowd perfectly. They were getting great heat and Raven made all of Styles flashy moves mean something.

One final comment, for the first time in years, Simon Diamond is getting more TV time then his girlfriend/fiancee/bed buddy/wife/whatever she is. That's good. I like the team but somebody buy Swinger some tights.


Since: 2.1.02
From: Ottawa, Ontario

Since last post: 277 days
Last activity: 1 day
#3 Posted on | Instant Rating: 7.87
I hadn't heard anything about Lee - so that's a shame. I LIKE Brian Lee (though you can consider me most likely in a minoriy)... Sinn isn't doing anything for me.

Ron Killings was driving me nuts when he was TNA champion last year... I couldn't understand WHAT anyone was seeing in this guy. He was putting on boring matches, and doing the same rap every week on the mic. Not to mention he beat Scott Hall and Curt Hennig in relatively short order which is a one way trip to my doghouse.

I actually don't dislike Jarrett as a worker.... I even had him at #1 on Most Underrated on my RSPW ballot last year. What I do dislike is Jarrett seemingly being booked as though he's the ONLY star in the promotion. A year ago, maybe. These days, they've elevated so many guys to the point he doesn't need to be so heavily protected anymore. Raven, Styles, America's Most Wanted, and others are RIGHT THERE... Nobody needs as much airtime as he's getting - and it's a natural reaction to getting turned off if they're in 19 segments a night. Even one of my favorites, Mick Foley, was walking a thin rope when he was the Commissioner in the last segment before each commercial break.

There's actually only one guy in the promotion I'd suggest giving LOST of airtime to...and that's Don Callis. Put him as the permanant 3rd man in the booth - and whenever he needs to make his announcements, just cut to the booth and give him a live arena mic. From there he can keep a close eye on the action, as well as provide a bit of a shakeup to the solid, but vanilla commentary team. That's just me.

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Brew - thanks for the entertaining recap. It was a while in coming, but worth the wait!
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