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22.5.18 0329
The W - Pro Wrestling - NWA-TNA
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Since: 12.1.02
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Was there a show tonight, and was it any good?

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Since: 1.3.02
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#2 Posted on
There was. And the "X Title" series tonight was said to be entertaining. Prolly worth a tape.

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I'm refraining from commenting until I can watch the whole show.

I only saw the initial Scott Hall / JJ match and the final match of the X title bit. I have the rest on tape which I will watch later.

This week looked much better than last week for the parts that I saw.

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Since: 9.2.02
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I didn't see tonight's show , but they are taping next Wed. night right here in my backyard in NashVILE at the Municipal Auditorium ( I think it's about a 10,000 to 12,000 seat venue ).
I'm definitely planning on going , especially since ALL tickets are only 10 bucks a piece . Hell , that's as cheap as it is to see the local indy shows here .

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#5 Posted on
Boy the lack of posts doesn't look good for the second week buy rate.


Since: 12.2.02
From: houston , TX

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The main event was awesome.Hell, it was so good good that my brother tuned in half way to the main event.. The tourney on last nights show was better than anything wwe has put out in quite some time.


Since: 22.3.02

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The inability to preview is really going to hurt them, I'm beginning to suspect. Based on last week's reports, I had no desire to watch this week's show. Based on this week's report, I have no desire to watch the tag match and would only consider buying if I knew exactly who else was performing and had some real sense of their ringwork beyond other people's opinions.

I don't really understand what Debaser said but I agree with him.

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Since: 8.6.02
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I was proven wrong in my suspicions of Jerry Lynn taking the X Title. He can't seem to win anything ever except for that short WWF Light Heavyweight title run last year. Would've been nice if ECW let RVD and Lynn hotshot the TV title back and forth instead of doing like 5 matches between the two with no real conclusion. That was back in '99.

Quote of the week!

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Since: 4.1.02
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#9 Posted on
Wasn't Lynn the ECW champion for about a month? I seem to recall that he beat Justin Credible, and then jobbed it to Corino.

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Since: 7.4.02
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Some random thoughts about NWA-TNA's show number two (or perhaps I should say 1A, since it was taped right after last week's live broadcast):

Hey, why did Vince McMahon say Scott Hall was on the unemployment line on last Monday's RAW? Look, Scott Hall's working...OK, he's not working hard, but he's working! I noticed Hall had his KLIQ trunks on, but he also had "Lone Wolf" on his vest. Isn't that contradictory?...The battle royale earlier in the evening must have taken a lot out of these guys because, to quote CRZ, "Man, this is slow motion in real time"....Gee, I know the refs in pro wrestling are supposed to be blind, but how could the referee not see Toby Keith standing right there in the middle of the ring? Anyway, since Keith is so over as a face I think NWA-TNA should book a Jeff Jarrett - Toby Keith "El-Kabong" match sometime soon.

Cheex is having a match against Frank Parker, a non-descript wrestler who's already in the ring and has no into music...wait, does this mean? No, it can't be...OH MY GOD THEY'RE PUTTING A JOBBER-SQUASH ON A PAY-PER-VIEW!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M PAYING TEN FUCKING DOLLARS AND I'M GETTING A JOBBER SQUASH MATCH!!!...OK, I'm calm now. Incidentally, TomK in his NWA-TNA Workrate report calls Frank Parker "one of the better wrestlers on the NWA-TNA roster"....perhaps he is, but right now he's in as a pure jobber and I'M PAYING TEN FUCKING DOLLARS TO WATCH A JOBBER SQUASH MATCH!...BTW, TomK's report is well worth checking out for his comments on southern-style wrestling (the link is on slash's main page)....Getting back to Frank Parker, did anyone else notice that the first pure jobber we see on NWA-TNA has a shaved head, sports a goatee and wears a black vest to the ring? Maybe I'm just seeing things that aren't really there; maybe I'm just pissed because I'M PAYING TEN FUCKING DOLLARS AND I'M GETTING A JOBBER SQUASH MATCH!

You know, I never did come up with a reasonable excuse as to why referee Mark Johnson gave that wad of cash to Alicia. However, when Jeremy Borash does the same this week it's obvious to me why he's doing it: IT'S BECAUSE ALICIA IS SO FUCKING ANNOYING THAT HE'S PAYING HER TO GO AWAY! Fortunately it works.

During the previous match Mike Tenay announced that a match has just been signed for next week: Brian Christopher & Scott Hall will team up to take on K Krush & Jeff Jarrett in a tag match...just my opinion, of course, but I think it would have been better if the announcement had been made after the Brian Christoper vs. K Krush match. Knowing that these two men are going to meet again next week as part of a tag match takes a lot of the heat away from their match tonight, IMHO. Of course, the point could be made that taking heat away from a "Your Kind vs. My Kind" match isn't necessarily a bad thing....Is it just me, or does it look like Christopher's kicks are hitting K Krush a lot lower than his "mid-section"?...And so Christopher becomes the second face to win tonight courtesy of celebrity interference; not a good trend, IMHO....Hey, the guy with video tape machine finally showed up!

Since I've never worked a day in my life as either a cameraman or a director of a television program, it's probably not my place to give advice, but here goes: THE PERSON SHOWN ON THE SCREEN SHOULD MATCH THE PERSON BEING INTRODUCED! Gee, is it really that difficult a task? I mean, this is two weeks in a row they've screwed that up, and while it might be forgivable on a live show, what possible excuse could there be for a taped one? Or is the NWA-TNA of the opinion that nobody gives a shit what these women's names are, in which case why didn't they just hire nine unknown models?...I noticed several of the ladies already have their pajama tops unbuttoned as they make their way to the ring. Isn't that a really bad strategy if you're trying to win this match?...Watching Francine, on her knees, removing Ed Ferrara's belt, reminded me of her old ECW gimmick of "head cheerleader"....Watching Francine, in her lingerie, whipping Ed Ferrara with said belt, reminded me of something I really don't want to talk about in public.

Irony of the night: While putting over the upcoming Apolo vs. David Young match, Mike Tenay says, "The success of this organization hinges on the stars of the future." So naturally during the match most of the screen time is taken up not by the wrestlers but by David Young's valet Bobcat. Hey, maybe Bobcat is the "star of the future" Tenay was talking about....Perhaps Bobcat caught Alicia's act earlier in the evening and is now hoping Borash will give her a wad of cash to go away. I begin to wonder if I can somehow pass a wad of cash through my television screen to make her go away...better yet, maybe I can pass a wad of cash to the director to get him to SHOW THE FUCKING MATCH!

Is it just my imagination, or does Joel Gertner look a lot thinner than he did in ECW? I guess not working will have an effect on your food budget....Just my opinion, of course, but Allan Funk does a great job with the Bruce character. I also think Allan did a great job with "The Funkster" character, but I pray to God that I never see him doing a combination of those two characters on my TV screen.

As I mentioned in my notes on last week's show, I'm a huge mark for cruiserweight wrestling. I like the NWA-TNA concept of an X-Division, since it makes sense to me to define the division by style of wrestling rather than by weight limit (after all, if we go by just weight, aren't Chris Jericho and Eddie Guerrero border-line cruiserweights?). Also, I like knowing that the cruiseweights will wrestler as cruiserweights, and not as small heavyweights (are you listening WWE? Do you care, WWE?)....Watching A J Styles and Jerry Lynn trade rollup two-count kickouts reminded me of Randy Savage and Ricky Steamboat going at it in WrestleMania III, one of my all-time favorite matches. Well, move over, Savage - Steamboat, because now you've got company...yes, it's just my opinion, but the Styles - Lynn match was THAT good, and makes its way onto my own personal list of best matches of all time.

Sign of the night: "Hey Yo I'm Drunk" (oldschoolhero's former signature line). Second place: "nWa".

Next week will be the Tag-Team Tournament, so for everyone mourning the death of tag team action in WWE, next week's live show is for you.

As to my opinion of the show as a whole, if you take away the main event I'm calling my cable company and demanding my money back. If you think RAW and/or Smackdown are awful, just watch the first half of this show and see for yourself just how bad a wrestling program can be (and then factor in that this was a pay-per-view). However, the main event IMHO was quite simply professional wrestling at its best. Does it balance out the show? Maybe. Does it make me want to buy again next week? I'll have to get back to you on that.

Oh, and one final thought: Yes, CRZ, I love your recaps of these shows and I promise to send you an email saying just that.

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#11 Posted on
I know somebody has to say it. But when Lenny put Chris Harris in the Walls of Jericho...

Tenay: He calls that the TigerTamer.

Somewhere, I think a smark's head just exploded.

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#12 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.10

    Originally posted by Debaser
    The inability to preview is really going to hurt them, I'm beginning to suspect. Based on last week's reports, I had no desire to watch this week's show. Based on this week's report, I have no desire to watch the tag match and would only consider buying if I knew exactly who else was performing and had some real sense of their ringwork beyond other people's opinions.

So you won't watch it because of bad reports. Also you won't watch because you don't trust other people's opinions. HUH? Why don't you just try something wild and crazy and make your OWN opinion?

Anyway, the show wasn't that good until the X title main event but a full half-hour of kick ass wrestling is still light years ahead of the WWE at this point.

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Since: 12.2.02
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#13 Posted on
My words exactly Jackson.

As i saw that AWESOME match near its end, i noted that the NWA couldn't have picked a better time than now to attempt to do what they are trying to pull of. People can bitch all they want abouta squash being a part of a ppv event, but they made up for it with that round robin tourney.
At least you didnt pay 35$ or whatever the hell WWE charged to watch undertaker and Cripple H lull everyone to sleep with there classic


Since: 29.1.02

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#14 Posted on
what kind of bum calls their cable company and demands 10 dollars? god help us all the day you feel ripped off by a WWE ppv.

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Downloadable at What Worked I have been talking about how great the handicap match between Preston Quinn/Damien Wayne and Scotty Blaze was for weeks.
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