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The W - Pro Wrestling - NWA 1/21/04
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Karlos the Jackal
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Man, I hate Juggalos.

Yeah, they were loud and everything, but the only things they added to the show were "ICP" chants and "Juggalo" chants and the occasional "you suck dick" chants. Every now and then they seemed like they were kinda half paying attention to a match, so that was a nice change when it occurred.

Other than that? Matches were fair-too-pretty good, although El Leon sucked more than I was hoping. (Observer says he's Apolo, in which case I saw him when he was in TNA for the first month or two; great look, not much else, I thought then.)

Crazy Bump of the night was Skipper, with Traci on his back, going face-first from the turnbuckle into four steel chairs on the floor. Ouch.

OMG THE NATURALS~! I've been WAITING for -- wait, actually, I forgot all about them. Huh.

Fairplay amused me; we'll see how long before he wears out his welcome.


EDIT: I see this at 411:

Jerry Lynn's TNA Future Not Looking Bright

"Jerry Lynn has been told by TNA officials that they likely won't be booking him anymore. Dutch Mantel has made it known in the creative meetings that he doesn't have a role for Lynn. Credit: Pro-Wrestling Torch Newsletter"

AHHH, that must be why they brought him in tonight and named him captain of the NWA team in the America's X Cup. Pfff.

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It's False

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I know FLEA's echoed this sentiment many times. What the hell does Jerry Lynn do to keep finding himself out of work? No role for him? TNA could have easily played him off as a "bitter old man in a world of young whippersnappers" type of heel and had him feud (and put over) some of the X Division's best faces. THERE'S a good feud for Chris Sabin and it could easily be a learning experience for him while keeping Lynn fresh at the same time. No role for him! Balderdash!

You really SHOULD think about going back to your old Yankees cap, yo!
Karlos the Jackal
Lap cheong

Since: 2.1.02
From: The City of Subdued Excitement

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    Originally posted by It's False
    I know FLEA's echoed this sentiment many times. What the hell does Jerry Lynn do to keep finding himself out of work? No role for him? TNA could have easily played him off as a "bitter old man in a world of young whippersnappers" type of heel and had him feud (and put over) some of the X Division's best faces. THERE'S a good feud for Chris Sabin and it could easily be a learning experience for him while keeping Lynn fresh at the same time. No role for him! Balderdash!

Yeah, but I was saying that the PWT story was horseshit (or at least out of date) because obviously they DO have current plans for Lynn. Your idea would work for me, too, though.

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Yeah I read the results then read that story about Jerry Lynn not being needed. Just goes to show that there's alot of bullshit out there.

So Brian Urlacher of the Chicago Bears is going to be there next week?

Here are the results for those that wanna check out what happened on the card last night:

NWA: Total Nonstop Action for January 21st opened with a recap of the recent events involving Erik Watts and Don Callis. They showed a clip from the locker room from last week after the show went off the air, where Don West told Mike Tenay that he was out of line for getting involved in their issue. Tenay said that if Watts was taken out of power, they would all lose their jobs, so he could not sit back and watch it.
Interview clips were shown of Watts (saying AJ Styles would get his title shot) and of Jeff Jarrett with his crew, confident in their future.

An "open letter" from TNA was read, and scrolled across the screen. The letter announced that Erik Watts and Don Callis would face off in a Falls Count Anywhere match next week, with the loser being forced to give up their job in NWA:TNA. Wrestlers would be allowed at ringside, but would be handcuffed together in pairs to keep them from interfering.

A new TNA opening aired. Interesting to note that Jeff Jarrett hitting Hulk Hogan with a guitar, Sting and Lex Luger were all included in the opening video.

They went live to Erik Watts and Goldylocks in the ring, with the fans chanting "ICP". Erik Watts promised to destroy Don Callis next week. Watts started to talk about the America's X Cup, set for February 11th, and announced that he was bringing back Jerry Lynn to TNA for the tournament. Jerry Lynn came out to the ring, getting a "Jerry" chant from the fans. Lynn said it had been five months that he was watching TV on Wednesday nights, and now he was back. Lynn said that all his issues with the "office" were now a thing of the past. Kid Kash came out, interrupting Lynn's promo. Kash told Lynn that Watts could have gotten him back earlier, but he was just thinking of himself all the time. Kash played up to Lynn (mentioning that Lynn made the X-Division and AJ Styles in TNA) and asked him to sign the petition that signified that he was aligned with Jeff Jarrett. Kash and Lynn talked about how Lynn got Kash his tryout with TNA a year and a half ago. Lynn told Kash to hand up the clipboard, but Lynn instead broke it over Kash's head. Lynn and Kash started brawling on the floor, with Kash tossing Lynn into the ringsteps. They fought back into the ring, and Lynn hit a lariat. Lynn tossed Kash over the top rope to the floor, as referees calmed down the situation.

They showed a private jet from earlier today, saying Jonny Fairplay arrived in it.

Jeff Jarrett, Don Callis and Scott Hudson were in the back, on a conference call with Jarrett's lawyer. The lawyer confirmed that the stipulation for Callis-Watts was in place. Callis didn't want to wrestle, but Jarrett said he had a plan. Kid Kash came in, and Jarrett told him he wanted Sonny Siaki's signature tonight.

A video package on the Father James Mitchell-Raven feud was shown, which resulted in Raven not appearing last week, leaving Sandman alone against CM Punk & Julio Dinero. Sandman announced after that match that he would be bringing in Balls Mahoney for this week's show.

CM Punk & Julio Dinero, with Father James Mitchell, vs. The Sandman & Balls Mahoney. This was a Texas Tornado tag match. Sandman made his usual beer drinking entrance through the crowd, then brought out Mahoney, who had a steel chair and a back of thumbtacks with him. Punk & Dinero attacked Sandman as Balls was coming to the ring, but Balls came out and punched down Punk & Dinero, with the fans yelling "Balls" with each punch. An "ECW" chant broke out as Balls & Sandman had a beer. Punk & Dinero ran in and hit a pair of enzugiris to take over. Balls gave Dinero a spinebuster. Sandman gave Punk a rana off the top, and Balls followed with a frogsplash, but Dinero kicked both opponents down. Balls clotheslined Punk, while Dinero hit Sandman with a baseball slide. Balls used a spinkick to send Punk to the floor. Balls and Punk then brawled on the floor. Sandman hit a legdrop with a chair on Dinero as he was stretched over the top rope. Punk came in, hitting a springboard dropkick on Sandman. Dinero hit Sandman with a chairshot, and Punk used a Shining Wizard to send the chair into Balls. Punk then dropkicked Sandman in the corner. Punk and Dinero hit a sideslam/ top rope legdrop combo on Balls to get the pin at the 3:40 mark. Winners: CM Punk & Julio Dinero. Punk & Dinero were about to use Balls' bag of thumbtacks, but the lights went out, and a message from Raven started to be played, but the audio cut in and out. Sandman used the distraction to run off Punk & Dinero with his Singapore Cane.

It was announced during this match that Jerry Lynn, Elix Skipper, Chris Sabin & Sonjay Dutt would be the TNA representatives in the America's X Cup tournament on February 11th. The AAA representatives will be Juventud Guerrera, Abismo Negro, Hector Garza & Mr. Aguila (formerly Esse Rios).

A video package on the break up of Glenn Gilberti & David Young and Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger was shown. Gilberti & Young were interviewed by Scott Hudson, with Gilberti taking the credit for all of Diamond & Swinger's success. Gilberti claimed one of them signed with Jeff Jarrett, and one didn't, proving they were not a unit.

David Young & Glen Gilberti vs. Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger. Diamond & Swinger rushed the ring to start the match, hitting a double backdrop on Young and working him over with punches. After working over Young, Diamond dragged him to Gilberti, trying to get him to tag in, but Gilberti refused. Diamond hit the Simon Series on Young, then chased after Gilberti, which allowed Young to hit Diamond with a spinebuster. Gilberti then willingly tagged in, and hit Diamond with a neckbreaker. Young and Gilberti worked over Diamond, with Young hitting a moonsault for two. Gilberti hit a side neckbreaker, but missed a kneedrop. Diamond made the tag to Swinger, as Gilberti did the same to Young. Swinger went to work on Young, hitting a backdrop, and Gilberti ran in, resulting in him getting hit with a double faceplant. All four men were in the ring, and Gilberti accidentally clotheslined Young. Diamond superkicked Gilberti, and Swinger & Diamond hit the Problem Solver on Young for the pin at 4:40. Winners: Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger.

Kid Kash dragged Sarah the ticket taker to the ring, and choked her down. Kash demanded she sign with Jeff Jarrett, and she did. Tiny the Timekeeper ran in and attacked Kash. Gilberti and Young went after Sarah, as Kash hit Tiny with his clipboard. Chris Vaughn ran in to save Sarah, but Kash hit him with the clipboard as well. Young gave Vaughn a spinebuster, and Don Harris ran in for the save. Kash took off, while Harris pounded Young and Gilberti. Gilberti ran off next, and Harris gave Young a side slam.

A limo was shown, with several bikini-clad women getting out, then one getting dragged back in. It was said that Jonny Fairplay was in the limo.

We saw footage from last week in the back, after the show was over. Sonny Siaki was sitting on a toilet, and Trinity was outside the stall and the two were arguing over who was responsible for Trinity winning the Babe of the Year award. Siaki then asked if he could "take a doo-doo" in private. Kid Kash came in, and slid the Jeff Jarrett loyalty oath under the stall so Siaki could sign it. Trinity said he should sign it, Siaki slid it back out. Siaki came out of the stall, and said he was "advised" not to sign it, but wouldn't say by who. Siaki walked off, and Trinity did sign the loyalty oath.

Back live, Siaki took Trinity to task for signing the oath. Trinity said Siaki should have signed it. Siaki told Trinity to stay out of his match.

D'Lo Brown vs. Sonny Siaki. Brown was back after another tour with All Japan Pro Wrestling. Siaki attacked Brown from behind, but Brown hit a flying forearm and backdrop. Brown slugged Siaki, but Siaki came back with a neckbreaker. Siaki hit a back elbow and pounded him on the mat, then applied a reverse chinlock. Brown came back with some right hands, but Siaki floored him with a superkick. Siaki hit some shoulderblocks in the corner, but Brown came back with a one handed spinebuster. Brown hit some chops in the corner, then a forearm in the corner, followed by a top rope clothesline. Brown hit a lariat on Siaki as he sat on the mat for a two count. Brown hit a swinging side slam for another two. Trinity came out to ringside. Siaki tripped Brown into the ropes, then went outside to argue with Trinity. Siaki brought a chair into the ring, but Brown kicked it back into his face. Brown went to hit him with the chair, but the referee took it away. Trinity hit Brown with a tornado DDT as the ref tossed the chair out. Siaki covered Brown for a two count. Siaki went for a suplex, but Brown reversed into a Sky High spinebuster for the pin at the 5:26 mark. Winner: D'Lo Brown.

Brown left the ring, and as Trinity and Siaki were in the ring, Kid Kash came out. Kash demanded Siaki sign with Jarrett, but Siaki refused. Siaki acted like he was going to finally sign, then tossed it away. Kash slapped Siaki, so Siaki started pounding him. Trinity kicked Siaki in the head, allowing Kash to give him a fisherman's style neckbreaker. Trinity then gave Siaki a moonsault. Kash and Trinity kicked the downed Siaki. Kash wanted to hug Trinity, but Trinity (perhaps remembering that Kash beat her up not that long ago), walked off.

Jeff Jarrett was in the back, telling the Red Shirt Security to take out AMW tonight. Trinity came in, and told Jarrett that she was loyal to him, but wanted nothing to do with Kid Kash. Don Callis said he was going to go get the "guest of the evening".

The recent events involving the former members to XXX (Chris Daniels, Elix Skipper & Low Ki) were shown. Low Ki and Daniels are both with Skipper, but Low Ki doesn't want to have anything to do with Daniels.

Shane Douglas, with Michael Shane & Traci, talked about how they were going to "Franchise" the asses of Skipper and Daniels.

Elix Skipper was shown talking to Christopher Daniels, saying he would get Low Ki back on their side, and they would be XXX again.

Shane Douglas & Michael Shane, with Traci, vs. Elix Skipper & Christopher Daniels. All four men started brawling at the bell, with Daniels & Skipper clearing the ring. Skipper and Daniels gave Douglas a double hiptoss. Daniels hit a lariat in the corner and worked over Douglas as Skipper and Daniels made quick tags while working him over in the corner. Douglas poked Skipper in the eyes to tag out to Michael. Skipper and Daniels got the advantage right back, continuing to work as a team. Skipper matrixed out of a cross bodyblock by Michael and hit a spin kick. Daniels slammed Michael and hit a springboard moonsault for a two count. Daniels and Skipper hit the Rockerplex on Michael, and Skipper got a two count. Skipper hit a gourdbuster on Michael, but Douglas ran in and hit a rolling reverse neck snap. Michael went to work on Skipper's neck with elbows, then hit a neckbreaker for two. Douglas tagged in and applied a full nelson-style camel clutch, then Michael came back win to apply a reverse chinlock. Michael hit a released belly to belly on Skipper for two, then choke him with his boot. Douglas set up several chairs together at ringside. Skipper tried to fight back, but was elbowed down to the mat. Douglas tossed Skipper to the floor, and Michael went to back suplex Skipper into the chairs, but Skipper fought out of it and whipped Michael to the mat. Skipper got back in the ring and gave Douglas a spinkick. Skipper finally made the tag to Daniels, who cleaned house on Douglas & Michael. Daniels hit a powerbomb on Michael for a two count, but Douglas hit him with a full nelson faceplant. Skipper hit Douglas with a baseball slide kick and then hit a corkscrew pescado. Skipper knocked Douglas onto the chairs that were set up earlier, then went to the ropes. Traci stopped Skipper on the ropes, and the two jockeyed for position. Michael Shane shoved them off the ropes, and Traci & Skipper fell off and into the set up chairs. It appeared Traci's arm got caught between the chairs and Skipper's body. In the ring, Michael Shane tried to punch Christopher Daniels with a chain, but Daniels dodged it and hit the Last Rites. The referee was outside checking out the damage. Shane Douglas hit Daniels with the chain, and rolled Michael Shane on top of him. Douglas then got the referee back into the ring to count the pin at the 10:03 mark. Winners: Shane Douglas & Michael Shane. After the match, Douglas was helping Traci to the back, who was still holding her arm.

A video package of 3 Live Kru watching footage of tag teams in TNA and making fun of them was shown. Lots of crude sex jokes by Konnan, BG James & Ron Killings.

Red Shirt Security (Kevin Northcutt & Legend) vs. America's Most Wanted (Chris Harris & James Storm) to determine the number one contenders to the NWA World Tag Team Championship. All four men started brawling on the floor before the bell. After a minute and a half of brawling on the floor, it settled into a tag match. Legend and Storm slugged it out in the ring, with Storm hitting a lariat to end the exchange. Harris tagged in and hit a Thesz press, but Legend poked him in the eyes and tagged Northcutt. Harris gave him a bulldog for two. Harris elevated Northcutt for Storm to hit a top rope dropkick, but Storm landed poorly and clutched his shoulder. Legend went to work on the shoulder, and Northcutt came in to hit a cross armbreaker. Legend wrenched his arm, and Northcutt suplexed Storm into the turnbuckles. The Red Shirts continued to work over Storm's shoulder, in and out of the ring. Storm finally powerbombed Legend out of a corner, but Northcutt ran in to break it up, only to be backdropped out of the ring. Storm hit Legend with an enzugiri, but Harris was pulled off the apron by Northcutt to keep him from tagging. Legend hit Storm with a superplex, but only got a two count. Storm hit Northcutt with a superkick and went for a tag again, finally making it. Harris cleaned house, hitting clotheslines and sending Legend from the ring. Harris hit Northcutt with a sunset flip, but Storm had tagged himself in. Storm gave Northcutt a rana for two. All four men were in the ring, and Legend and Storm ended up fighting on the floor, while Harris gave Legend a spear. Harris hit the Catatonic on Legend, but Chase Stevens & Andy Douglas, The Naturals (with a new look), ran in and tossed powder in Harris' face, then hit him with a chairshot. The referee was on the floor for all this, watching Legend and Storm. Northcutt covered Harris, and the referee came in to count the pin at 12:06. Winners: Red Shirt Security.

Scott Hudson interviewed Father James Mitchell, Julio Dinero & CM Punk. Mitchell talked about how Raven abandoned Sandman, and that Balls Mahoney wasn't able to help Sandman tonight. Mitchell dared Raven to return and to team with Sandman. Punk said he knew all of Raven's tricks, and also dared Sandman to bring Raven as his next partner. Punk mocked Raven to end the interview.

Don Callis was in the ring, and cut a promo on Erik Watts, saying great matches were won with intelligence, and that Watts wouldn't be able to match up. Callis talked about how he had the World Champion in his corner, while Watts had a "five dollar piece of trash" in his. Callis then brought out Jonny Fairplay. Fairplay came out in a suit and tie, with the bikini clad women from earlier holding torches along the aisle. Fairplay and Callis hugged, and Fairplay started to rip on the audience and Nashville. Some fans were chanting "Who are you?" and Fairplay said "Ask my Grandma". Fairplay talked about how he was a "mega-superstar" and said the fans were poor. Fairplay said he was bigger than Johnny Cash and Dale Earnhardt. The fans chanted "ICP" and Fairplay said he was bigger than them too. Fairplay kept working the word "survive" into his promo. AJ Styles interrupted, coming to the ring with a chair. Styles asked Fairplay "Who are you?" and said he didn't know why he was there, and that he didn't care. Styles said Fairplay looked like "Carrot Top's eveil twin", leading to a "Carrot Top" chant. Styles wondered why Fairplay was in "his ring" talking to "his people". Styles started to call out Jeff Jarrett, while Fairplay got in his face. Styles spit at Fairplay. Fairplay said he didn't know who Styles was. Fairplay said that Styles didn't have a "TV in his trailer". Fairplay again started to talk about what a big star he is, and shoved Styles. Styles advanced, but Callis asked Styles to leave the ring. Styles grabbed Callis, and Fairplay went picked up a chair and hit Styles with it. Callis then held Styles for another Fairplay chairshot, but Styles broke free, shoved Callis away, and powerbombed Fairplay to the mat. Styles walked off, with Fairplay laid out on the mat.

The Insane Clown Posse arrived in the crowd, and got a big chant from their fans (who were chanting for them all night). Mike Tenay said they were "invited guests" for tonight's show.

Backstage, Erik Watts gave El Leon a peptalk. Watts then told Goldylocks he would dedicate his win next week to her, and asked her to stay in the back next week. Goldylocks said she understood. Watts said that Brian Urlacher of the Chicago Bears would be in his corner for next week's match. Callis entered, and said they could get it on right now, but security broke it up.

A video package on how the masked El Leon has been attacking Jeff Jarrett in recent weeks was shown.

Jeff Jarrett vs. El Leon, Streetfight. The NWA World Title was not on the line. Jarrett came out in jeans and a T-Shirt, carrying a guitar, which he left at ringside. Leon ran to the ring and the match began. There were weapons already in the ring, and Leon hit Jarrett with a trash can and clotheslined him to the floor. They brawled near Mike Tenay, and Tenay shoved Jarrett into the guardrail. Tenay said that was a "preemptive strike", since Jarrett has choked him several times recently. Leon hit Jarrett with a chairshot in the ring, and booted him to the floor. Jarrett hit Leon with a trash can lid and a cookie sheet. They brawled into the crowd, and Jarrett hit Leon with chairshots. Jarrett took a leather strap and whipped Leon several times. Jarrett hit Leon in the head with a chairshot, then shoved Mike Tenay. Leon hit Jarrett with a trashcan lid, then took Jarrett into the crowd. Leon hit a chairshot, and Jarrett returned fire with chairshots of his own. The chairshot exchange continued in the crowd, then Jarrett kicked Leon low. Jarrett argued with ICP, then went back to hitting Leon with chairshots. Jarrett went back to argue with ICP, who squirted Jarrett with soda in the face, getting a huge pop from the crowd. Leon and Jarrett made it back to the ring, and Leon hit a clothesline for two, then hit a fireman's carry into a stunner for two. Jarrett dodged a charge, and Leon speared the referee into a chair that had been wedged between the ropes. Jarrett went for his guitar, but Mike Tenay took it away. Leon hit a spinebuster powerbomb for a two count, after Tenay had revived the referee. Jarrett went after Tenay, and Leon hit a superkick for two. Leon ran into a Jarrett elbow, and Jarrett hit Leon with the guitar. Tenay had returned to commentary. Jarrett went for the mask, shoving the referee down. AJ Styles ran in and hit Jarrett with a top rope clothesline. The bell rang at 7:50. Winner: No contest.

Styles continued to work on Jarrett, but Abyss ran in and hit a drop down torture rack on Styles. Abyss set up a table on the floor. Abyss press slammed Styles from the ring through the table on the floor. Jarrett and Abyss stood triumphant, with Styles down on the floor, and Leon was down in the ring. Jarrett went to ringside and said that Tenay would be out of a job soon. Don Harris was there to keep Jarrett from attacking Tenay. Tenay and Jarrett argued to end the show, with Tenay saying it would be a "cold day in hell" before he would lose his job.

Next Week:
- X Division Champion Chris Sabin vs. Michael Shane.
- NWA World Tag Team Champions 3 Live Kru vs. Redshirt Security.
- Erik Watts vs. Don Callis, Falls Count Anywhere, the loser steps down from their position in NWA:TNA.

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What can I say, the show was rather boring, with the only highlights being the Xers and Jim Mitchell's Gathering. Outside of those, I got nothin' nice to say, so I'll wrap up by saying that Jim Mitchell never sucks.

Oh, and I know I'm uncool, but I'm SO glad I didn't know who the hell Jonny Fairplay was, for me and Survivor don't mix.

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    Originally posted by Karlos the Jackal
    Yeah, but I was saying that the PWT story was horseshit (or at least out of date) because obviously they DO have current plans for Lynn. Your idea would work for me, too, though.

And indeed, it looks like Lynn's staying. 1Bob 1Joey reports that TNA has signed Jerry Lynn to a long-term deal. Looks like I owe you a Coke.

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Besides having been incredibly over in both WCW and WWF, and bringing in tons of mainstream fans for NWA, does anybody know why ICP are there?

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It may have been crap, but man it's great to have Edge back. To get him and Jericho in the span of two days is the best thing to happen to WWE in a long time. Did Melina get trashed backstage before the show or something?
- It's False, Survivor Series (2007)
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