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21.4.18 0458
The W - Pro Wrestling - Not another one (Ms. Elizabeth) (Page 3)
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Polska kielbasa

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    Originally posted by rv581
    There are only two real solutions:

    A) McMahon realizes that the correlation between professional wrestling and premature death is too high and voluntarily institutes programs that test & prohibit drug use, as well as sets up a mentoring program that helps ex-wrestlers become acclamated to life beyond the ring. Included must be a retirement fund, so 40-something wrestlers aren't 'roiding up, trying to land indy gigs. In fact, you could make receiving retirement funds conditional on being drug-free.

    B) The state governments vote to disallow the WWE from performing in their jurisdiction without drug tests, thus forcing wrestlers to stay drug free.

    While this isn't a 100% panacia, it's better than the current non-system.

The drug testing policy really needs to be there. Its obvious not only from the deaths, but just from looking at some of the wrestlers today.

As for a retirement fund, I doubt that Vince would be willing to spend the extra money. Especially with the slump in wrestling right now, it is highly doubtful Vince would spend any money on something not giving him a return.
Mild Mannered Madman

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    Originally posted by rv581

    Chris Von Erich

Chris's death wasn't related to drugs. Any other Von Erich name would do, though.

Art Barr, too.

A lot of us are talking about Elizabeth as if she was the character she portrayed. Just remember, anybody who'd remain married to Randy Savage for a decade has to be at least a little bit wonky.

As the days go by, we face the increasing inevitability that we are alone in a godless, uninhabited, hostile and meaningless universe. Still, you've got to laugh, haven't you?


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Your Official Sunday, April 13, 2003 Randomly Selected Wiener Of The Day Champion says....

Damn, this sucks. And I was just thinking she and Luger should come to TNA. Damn. I admit I had a crush on her. The really bad part about this, besides her death and Luger's arrest, is that all the pro wrestling haters like Mushinck (sp?) are going to get all over this. I feel teriible about this.

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HarleM HeAt
Pickled pork

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as fuzzy bastard said the first crush i ever have was ms elizabeth. i remeember being estatic if she was on the cover of wwf maGazine lookin all fine. also when she took her bottem of her dress off at summerslam 88 to distract the mega-bucks, being 9 i thoiught this was the best thing EVER...

reminicing about those things makes me sadder to hear this death. like an aqatince dieng or somethin


Lap cheong

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When I first saw the title of the thread, I assumed it was going to be about WWE signing another blast from the past to go along with Piper. I was ready to talk about how they better have a decent angle for this, because for the life of me I can't think of a reason to sign her.

Now I wished that it was some crappy angle and that she was coming to WWE. The others (deaths), didn't really suprise me that much. This one, shocking.

But MMM is right, I knew the character and that she seemed to have her act together on stage. I don't know the person; maybe if I really knew her, I wouldn't be shocked.


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Punk Rock Girly Girl and Angelic Sexpot
Thirty Millionth Hit

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    Originally posted by OlFuzzyBastard
    Miss Elizabeth was my first childhood crush. When I was seven years old, I'd have said she was the most beautiful woman in the world at the drop of a hat. I'm pretty much in shock right now.

    I'm probably jumping to conclusions, but I'd bet this story hasn't hit bottom yet.

sounds like my story. she was managing the Macho man/king and i started watching with Wrestlemania 3 that my friends parents ordered....

fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck is all my mind can come up with...damn shame...

R.I.P Ms. Elizabeth...

edit: and what's really sad is the only time i've been catching wwe tv is for the video tributes for the recently deceased....i haven't watched a show since's been boring me latly....sigh....

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The Elizabeth/Randy Savage breakout in the WWF was light years ahead of its time. Up until then, women valets (never "managers") were basically either pretty window dressing for the faces, or slutty troublemakers for the heels, really doing nothing much for the popularity of the wrestler they were associated with.

But then Randy Savage, evil, conceited, arrogant Randy Savage, brought in as his manager a classy young woman named Elizabeth as his manager. While he was the epitome of heeldom, she was a face, quietly supporting her man, never doing anything illegal unless harshly forced into something by the Macho Man.

This unusual paring brought about a symbiotic relation the shot up the popularity of both. Savage, a guy who needed no help getting people to hate him, got "boiling over the top heat" for the way he treated his manager, while the martyr Elizabeth, way too pretty for most of us to consider dating yet nice enough that we could believe we'd have a shot at talking to her anyway, got even more sympathy as a martyr who stood by her man regardless of the consequences. He was the hottest heel in the company, she was the hottest face, both wrapped up in the SAME package! (no Lex Luger pun intended)

As the months went by, Randy Savage amazed the fans with his then revolutionary style, moving quick as a cat, jumping from the top rope TO THE FLOOR onto someone on a regular basis, and finishing it off with the mighty Flying Elbow Off The Top Rope. He was an asshole, he was mistreating the girl we all wanted, but he was also the most talented wrestler in the WWF, and gained one hell of a cult fandom dispite his heel heat.

Over ten years before Austin/Hart Wrestlemania XIII, Savage was having amazing house show matches with Hulk Hogan that almost threatened to turn them both. Hogan beat Savage to a bloody pulp, to the point where he was wearing the famed "crimson mask", and took him to the outside to spear Savage into the post...until Elizabeth stopped him. Standing in front of the post, with actual tears in her eyes, she pleaded with Hogan to show mercy. And when he let him go to try to get her out of the way, Savage rammed Hogan from behind into the path of Elizabeth (showing no concern for her safety), who just barely scrambled away as Hogan was squashed into the post, allowing Savage to get back in the ring and earn a countout win. This little bit by Elizabeth pushed Savage to legendary status, and if they had transferred the big belt to him and started a chase for Hogan to regain his title and perhaps try to "save" Elizabeth, the WWF might have done even bigger business than during the height of Hogan's popularity.

Unfortunately, they cooled off Savage's push soon after, forcing him into a lot of meaningless I-C title matches, and even though he'd go on to have a hot build up to a great Wrestlemania III match with Ricky Steamboat despite Hogan's attempts to bury him, they turned Savage face soon after. From there on, Savage/Elizabeth became just another face couple, and the aura of Macho Madness would never be the same again.

Nevertheless, the Randy Savage circa 1985-1987 was simply awesome, but much more awesome than it ever could have been on its own thanks to the grace and beauty of one Elizabeth Hulette. It's just a shame that her talent couldn't lead her to some more sanity and happiness in her life.
Chico Santana
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I'm in the group of you who had a huge CRUSH on Ms. Elizabeth. I remember the heelish Macho Man pull her in front of him when a face was chasing him outside the ring and thinking any man that would hit her should be killed on the spot. The promo that they had at WM3 is one of my all time favs.

I feel like I have been hit by a car.


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Good article from the Slam! Wrestling, including comments from Angelo Poffo and Kamala (Kamala?) on Elizabeth:

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Two things...

1) Miss Elizabeth (in my mind anyways) will go down as the greatest Diva of all time, even if her heyday was over well before the term "diva" became popular. Elizabeth didn't have to come out in see through clothes or give everyone a panty shot when she got into the ring to incite a crowd reaction for her. Elizabeth didn't have to resort to that, she as just that good.

She never overshadowed the man she was with either, she was always the perfect compliment and made him stronger. Can the same be said about Stacey/Test, Trish/Whoever or Torrie/Whoever?

The WWF and WWE messed up a lot of stuffed and tarnished a lot of legends -- but they one thing they could never ever even scratch was the Macho Man/Elizabeth legacy. Everything they did was golden and not even the WWF could mess that up.

2) If this is drug related I don't see how anyone could blame this on the sport of wrestling. She didn't take bumps, she didn't need to roid up. And can wrestling really be blamed for who she chooses to shack up with?

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Has anyone noticed that, as of Friday morning, hasn't acknowledged her passing? I mean, I know they normally wait until its confirmed and what have you, but it has been reported in the mainstream media (read: not newz sites) for half a day now. I'm frankly a little surprised by that....

"Vince, as a member of the immediate family....I know you can only have one question on you mind, Dad. And that is...not DID we, but HOW MANY TIMES did we consumate the marriage?"- HHH, 1999

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Man, I saw another thread on this yesterday but blew it off cuz I thought she was married to a lawyer or something. Then I heard it on the radio this morning. I love Vince McMahon to death, but something has got to be done about this. I don't know why she would be on steroids or GHB or whatever. Why are these people dying so young?

I've always casually watched wrestling ever since I could remember. Macho Man/Elizabeth is the most memorable relationship in wrestling (IMO). She intrigued me because she seemed so out of place. She wasn't like Baby Doll or Precious and Randy was...well a Macho Man. The type of class she showed was too real to be fake. Referencing a post I did before, you could tell that the T.V personality she showed was just "in her".

The way Macho Man used to treat her would give him instant heat and she still stuck by him because he was her man. As I got older I understood that better. All the shit he used to get into and she would just run into the middle of it with no regard for herself. I can't help but wonder how many times she did that in real life.

The Honky Tonk Man with the guitar, Jake the Snake's wedding present. The Mega powers angle. Her big return when she threw Sensational Sherri out of the ring. The way she answered Macho's proposal. Man, just too many to list right now. And this was just the early WWF.

I think the NWO crap was a way to cheapen her, but I don't think it worked. She was still the first REAL lady of wrestling to me. I think her heel turn was a shock but fruit-less. Just wasn't her. One reason I was hoping for Luger's return was for a possible chance to see them work together again (isn't that right Liz?)

And in closing, I know that he probably won't get this but, if Randy Savage is any kind of "Man" he will give Elizabeth a proper tribute, because he would have never reached the level that he did w/o her. And that's a f%ckin fact.

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Your Official Sunday, April 13, 2003 Randomly Selected Wiener Of The Day Champion says....

I checked to see in this thread if this had been reported or not, but I didn't see it, forgive me if I'm wrong.

Yahoo! has now posted an article up that she died but the last words stood out to me...

"Last month, police responded to a domestic violence call at (Luger)Pfohl's house and arrested him. Pfohl was accused of punching (Miss Liz)Hulette in the face and was charged with battery."

^Thats pisses me off even more, since I was already sad that she died and now I read that.

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That picture of Luger last night was scary.

Here's a comment from Randy Savage's website:

"I am deeply saddened by this news, and our thoughts and prayers are with Elizabeth's family"

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Boudin rouge

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The local news in Lexington, KY (where she was from) is saying a "source" in the Cobb County sheriff's department says the death will likely be ruled a suicide.

Damn, just damn.

WIENER OF THE DAY! July 6, 2002!

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Gosh this is a shock, a true shock. You just can never get used to something like this, but man. When you think about it, Miss Elizabeth gone before Tammy Sytch? Hmm, don't really know what to think.
My condolesences.

fear hamburglar...

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    Originally posted by CANADIAN BULLDOG
    Has anyone noticed that, as of Friday morning, hasn't acknowledged her passing? I mean, I know they normally wait until its confirmed and what have you, but it has been reported in the mainstream media (read: not newz sites) for half a day now. I'm frankly a little surprised by that....

They have something up now:


WWE saddened by Miss Elizabeth's death

We are saddened to hear of the death of Elizabeth Hulette. Miss Hulette played the very popular character of Miss Elizabeth in WWE from 1985 to 1992. She finished her career at WCW, from Jan. 1996 through Jan. 1999. We at WWE send our sincere condolences to Miss Hulette's family.

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they say jan 99 but i belive her wcw tnure ended at about may or june 2000, like it matters


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There is not a whole lot I can add to these wonderful tributes. Some of my favorite moments were the few times George 'The Animal' Steele was wrestling Macho Man on I think Saturday Night Main event, and how he loved Elizabeth. Classic moments. George was kind of like the rest of us, how could you not love her. RIP, and God Bless.
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