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23.6.18 2050
The W - Pro Wrestling - Not another one (Ms. Elizabeth) (Page 2)
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Scott Summets

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#21 Posted on
Meltzer says it's an overdose.

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As everyone else has said, this sucks. Could we somehow go over 3 months between the deaths of stars from the late 80's/early 90's? The way things have been going lately, an old World Class vibe is starting to develop.
And, at least I know now what will be the focus of the Muschnick column in the Post on Sunday.

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(Sorry about the deleted post...I didn't quite have my thoughts together.)

Miss Elizabeth was one of the most beloved figures in the history of the sport. Examples:

Summerslam 89 (The first PPV I ever ordered): The reaction she recieved from the Meadowlands crowd when Hogan and Beefcake brought her out was UNREAL.

Wrestlemania 6: Pretty much the same deal as above, just multiply it by 5.

Wrestlemania 7: I don't know a single fan from that era that wasn't at least a little choked up when she reunited with Randy.

Wrestlemania 8: Her slapping Flair got just as big a pop as anything any of the men did that night.

When you think about it, she didn't DO much, but it didn't matter. Fans CARED about her because of who she was. There will never be another Miss Elizabeth.

This is a really sad day.
My condolences to all who knew her and to all who called themselves her fans.

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Lap cheong

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The saddest part of all is that I'm becoming numb to this. It seems that every month I get online, and Meltzer is reporting another 80's wrestling star's death. It's horrible, tragic, and sad. Yet, I'm not even suprised anymore.

A few months ago, when Curt Hennig died, I wrote that you could go through the card of WrestleMania V, and within a year or so, one of those people would be dead. Well, she wasn't a wrestler, but was certainly a focal point of the show. So, unfortunatley, it looks like I was right.

We will miss you Miss Elizabeth. You will always be known as The First Lady of Professional Wrestling.


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    Originally posted by dwaters
    Nowadays Torrie Wilson wears more daring outfits on a regular basis and three Superstars have since appeared in Playboy, but I guess Elizabeth paved the way....

I think what was so cool about Elizabeth is that she could be sexy, but she never came off like a tramp. She didn't have to. She had charisma that wasn't in words.

I liked her because when non-wrestling fans watched her, they'd invariably say something like, "Wow, she's really pretty." And you could almost hear their bubble being burst a little bit. My unspoken retort was always, "See, here's someone who doesn't need to show off her body. She's someone who you'd have no problem taking home to your parents."

Maybe she just made me feel a little better about being a wrestling fan. But in my mind, she was an ambassador for the sport and a damn good one.

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Damn, Damn, Damn...Another one of my childhood memories...gone! Elizabeth was one of the few women that actually enhanced the character she was with. Macho wouldn't have been the star he is now, if it weren't for Liz. She never was a good talker, but the chemistry she had with Macho in the early days of Savage's run, and again during the Flair/Savage picture feud was great. She didn't need to shake her ass, or bounce her tits for a pop. God, this really sucks!

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#27 Posted on
A woman of true class. She was the epitome of what the true valet should be. I can't even put it in words. I can only hope it's not true.

Suddenly I have no interest to read any posts on wresting. This hits me as hard as when the wrestling world lost Owen Hart. Truly sad day.

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*is listening to track 5 of disc 1 of WWE Anthology*

As an old 80s WWF fan, I'm so saddened by this. My favourite memories of Elizabeth were WrestleMania VII, being caught between both Hogan and Savage, and almost all of her old days managing heel Savage. I'm in absolute total shock over this.

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I was actually a huge fan of her Nitro work, between the flair angle where they were spending Savage's money to the NWO stuff where she was forced against her will by Hogan to serve as a valet to the nWo all the way to the page/savage feud...

all good stuff.

And add me to the list of men who had a crush on her back in the day.

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Uh oh.

From 411:
WAGA Fox 5 reports that former WWF and WCW star Lex Luger has been arrested in connection to the death of Miss Elizabeth.

Drugs were found in Luger's home this morning when police arrived, responding to a call Luger placed after concern for Miss Elizabeth (his girlfriend) who had become sick.

Luger has been arrested on drug related charges.

Some sources believe that Miss Elizabeth's death was caused by drug overdose, but her cause of death has not been confirmed yet.

To recap, Miss Elizabeth became ill this morning while staying at Lex Luger's house. Luger called the police who took Elizabeth to the hospital where she later died.

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Man, this is just out of nowhere. Elizabeth is one of the first faces I remember from watching wrestling as a kid. Needless to say, I too am very saddened by this news.

I'm not really sure what else there is to say.

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That... that really sucks, you know. I'd met her a few different times here actually and the last was for a Nitro they did here at the Florida State Fair Grounds and she even REMEMBERED me from before which ruled! I had her sign my old Macho King shirt and she freaked that someone would still have one and in such perfect shape.

This does really suck if it is infact her...

EDIT: Aww fuck! It really is her.. SHIT!!!

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#33 Posted on
man, wrestling is so sad nowadays.
wherever you turn there is such tragedy.
really sad about Elizabeth.
really sad for luger too.
these were people that i watched for 15-16 years of my life.
what a tragedy.
It's False

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I'm honestly not surprised a dipshit like Lex Luger was on drugs, but ELIZABETH???

I'm in shock for so many reasons, among them being that Liz was even on drugs in the first place. I never would have expected such a revelation, assuming it is true that she died of a drug overdose.

And I echo the sentiments of the rest of the board that Elizabeth was the epitome of class in professional wrestling. There will never be another like her, especially living in the era of the WWE Diva. May she rest in peace and my condolences go out to Randy Savage and Lex Luger.

EDIT: Out of respect for all parties involved, I am currently searching for a new sig.

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You know it won't be long now. May God help us all!

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#35 Posted on
It's getting to the point where the drug-related problems in wrestling are a serious, serious problem.

Curt Henning
Rick Rude
Louie Spiccolli
Davey Boy Smith
Bobby Duncum Jr
Brian Pillman
Eddie Gilbert
Kerry Von Erich
Buzz Sawyer
Chris Von Erich

And before too long, Jake Roberts will probably find himself on this list. He's on borrowed time.

I don't know what duty or obligation McMahon has to clean up this mess, especially since most of the deaths didn't happen under his watch. But some sort of program that helps the wrestlers conform to life beyond the WWE might be a good idea, like they have in the NFL, NBA, and MLB.

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It's False

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#36 Posted on

    Originally posted by rv581
    And before too long, Jake Roberts will probably find himself on this list. He's on borrowed time.

It's honestly a fucking miracle that Jake's even alive!

And you're absolutely right. Something needs to be done, but with Vince McMahon pushing for 'roid freaks like Triple H and Scott Steiner, it ain't gonna happen. And with professional wrestling, period, the pressure always seems to be on to put on more muscle mass. It's a sad trend that isn't about to change.

Ok, so maybe all the other guys haven't worked, but will THIS be the man to save WWE???

Um...probably not.

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#37 Posted on
There's always going to be some sort of drug problem in wrestling. The years of steroid abuse enlarge and deteroriate organs and joints causing guys to break down faster and take more drugs to get out there. They also create psychological problems (Bigorexia for any body builders).

But even if you removed the steroids, the smaller guys have to work a much harder and faster style and they break down faster because of it so many of them turn to pain pills, alcohol, cocaine, and just about anything else they can get their hands on.

Some of the drug use (alcohol, cocaine, meth, etc) is stupidity and ignorance on the part of the individual but the steroids and pain pill problems can be linked directly to Vince McMahon and even the fans. I don't think it's a problem that can be solved but it certainly can be better discouraged and lessened.

But if Elizabeth did in fact overdose on drugs, it can't be grouped into the same category as the wrestlers, IMO.

And Jake Roberts died years ago, just nobody bothered to tell him.

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#38 Posted on
There are only two real solutions:

A) McMahon realizes that the correlation between professional wrestling and premature death is too high and voluntarily institutes programs that test & prohibit drug use, as well as sets up a mentoring program that helps ex-wrestlers become acclamated to life beyond the ring. Included must be a retirement fund, so 40-something wrestlers aren't 'roiding up, trying to land indy gigs. In fact, you could make receiving retirement funds conditional on being drug-free.

B) The state governments vote to disallow the WWE from performing in their jurisdiction without drug tests, thus forcing wrestlers to stay drug free.

While this isn't a 100% panacia, it's better than the current non-system.

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Boudin blanc
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It sounds like Luger got a lot of problems, and a whole lot of explaining.

A Sad day indeed.

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#40 Posted on
I also met Elizabeth and got an autograph a few years back. She was actually very un-celebrity, which surprised me...she was signing with Jericho, who was instead of leaving everyone just standing around outside in the cold wondering when Jericho would show up, she actually came outside and talked to the fans.

This was unexpected as hell. If Luger did it (and I have no idea if he did), they should stick him in a f'ing torture rack. Poetic justice.

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They should of done the longer version with the little boy talking over it from Starcade. I hope that version is in the game if they have his match vs Hogan in it.
- texasranger9, 07.14.14 (2014)
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