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18.3.18 1441
The W - Pro Wrestling - No Way Out Odds game
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Super Shane Spear

Since: 2.1.02
From: Sector 7 Slums

Since last post: 2833 days
Last activity: 2833 days
#1 Posted on
Same as Royal Rumble. You have $1000 and must spend it all.

WWF Championship
Steve Austin 1:1
Chris Jericho 2:1
Jericho kicks out of stunner 3:1
Austin kicks out of (Lionsault/Breakdown) 1:1
nWo interference 1:1
Pinfall 1:1
Submission 5:1
DQ/Countout 7:1
Storm or Christian interference 10:1
Hogan wins championship before PPV ends 75:1

#1 contenders match (Angle/HHH)
Triple H 1:1
Kurt Angle 3:1
HHH kicks out of Angle Slam 1:1
Angle kicks out of Pedigree 5:1
Angle's moonsault hits 8:1
nWo interference 1:1
Steph joins nWo 2:1
Triple H joins nWo 4:1
Angle joins nWo 7:1
Pinfall 1:1
Submission 3:1
DQ/Countout 4:1

Rock v Undertaker
Undertaker 1:1
Rock 2:1
Rock enters with a neck brace on 3:1
Undertaker hits a successful Tombstone 3:1
Rock hits a successful People's Elbow on Taker 4:1
nWo interference 2:1
Undertaker joins nWo 2:1
Rock joins nWo 7:1
Rock hits People's Elbow on anybody but Taker 3:1
Pinfall 1:2
Submission 5:1
DQ/Countout 3:1

Tag Team Championship
Tazz/Spike 1:1
Booker/Test 2:1
Tazz d. Booker 1:1
Booker d. Spike 2:1
Test d. Spike 2:1
Tazz d Test 3:1
Booker d. Tazz 4:1
Test d. Tazz 4:1
Spike d Test 7:1
Spike d. Booker 9:1
Pinfall 1:1
Submission 2:1
Tag Team Turmoil winners interfere 6:1
nWo interference 7:1

Icee championship (It's Cold)
Edge 1:1
Regal 2:1
Regal kicks out of Edge-cution 4:1
Either kick out of Brass knuckles shot 2:1
First person to get Brass knuckles loses 1:1
Regal has a spare pair of knuckles in his tights 2:1
Regal has another new theme 8:1
Pinfall 1:1
Submission 5:1
DQ/Countout 8:1
nWo interference 15:1

Goldust v Rob Van Dam
Goldust 1:1
Rob Van Dam 3:1
RVD interrupts Goldust's movie entrance 2:1
Goldust hits new curtain call (neckbreaker) 1:1
Goldust hits OLD curtain call 8:1
Goldust lands Shattered Dreams 3:1
...and Wins right after 7:1
Goldust kicks out of the Five-Star 8:1
Pinfall 1:1
Submission 15:1
DQ/Countout 3:1
nWo Interference 20:1
Chucky and Billy celebrate at any point with Goldust 25:1

Tag Team Turmoil
Chucky and Billy 1:1
Dudley Boyz 2:1
Hardy Boyz 3:1
Lance Storm & Christian 6:1
APA 8:1
Scotty 2 Hotty & Albert 15:1
nWo interference 3:1
Outsiders wrestle 5:1

Rest of PPV
Mr. Perfect appears 3:1
...and Wrestles 5:1

Maven appears 1:1
...and Wrestles 3:1
...and loses the Hardcore championship 5:1
...after being attacked in the back 10:1

Godfather plugs his Escort Service 3:1
...and wrestles 7:1

Tajiri remembers he has the crusierweight belt 2:1
...and defends it! 4:1

X-Pac returns 3:1
...and joins the nWo 5:1

Chris Benoit returns 20:1

"The End is Here" is the PPV opening 1:1
Any other opening 2:1

All right...make your picks.

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Summer sausage

Since: 10.1.02
From: Tennessee

Since last post: 2210 days
Last activity: 1969 days
#2 Posted on
$500 on Jericho.

$250 on nWo interference in that match.

$250 on Undertaker hitting Tombstone.

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Texas Kelly
Lap cheong

Since: 3.1.02

Since last post: 166 days
Last activity: 42 days
#3 Posted on
$255 on Jericho.
$155 on nWo interference in the WWF title match.
$105 on Tazz pinning Test in the tag title match.
$80 on Angle hitting his moonsault.
$80 on Undertaker hitting a successful Tombstone.
$80 on Regal having a backup set of knucks.
$80 on Goldust hitting Shattered Dreams.
$55 on Jericho kicking out of the Stunner.
$55 on Rock entering his match with a neckbrace.
$55 on nWo interference in Tag Team Turmoil.

"Oh - oh! Well well well well! It's twenty-four hours after the Royal Rumble and GUESS who is still the Undisputed Champion of the World - ME! Yeah, and I tried to warn all of you - I tried to tell you I was not a joke. I tried to tell you to take me seriously, but what did you do, huh? What did you do? On Sunday, you invited all your little friends over to watch the Royal Rumble, you called up Frank and said, 'hey Frank, you wanna come watch the Rock kick Chris Jericho's ass?' And Frank said, Frank said 'oh sure, I wanna see the Rock win the Undisputed Championship and go all the way to WrestleMania.' I mean, it's a foregone conclusion, right? The Rock is gonna win! The Rock is gonna win! The Rock is going to win, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU believed in your hearts that the Rock was going to win but GUESS WHAT HAPPENED. The Rock - The Rock - The Rock...LOST. CHRIS JERICHO - WON. And even if you don't like it, you have to appreciate and acknowledge all that I've accomplished, because everything that I've done is far too gigantic to be ignored!"
Boudin blanc

Since: 6.1.02
From: Brooklyn, NY

Since last post: 1 day
Last activity: 16 hours
#4 Posted on
Well, there isn't the obvious longshot bet like last time. But there area couple of odds that I think are a little long. So...

$1000 on Angle's Moonsault hitting at 8:1

The other one is Spike pinning Booker at 9:1. I won't bet on it because there's less than a 8:1 chance of that happening (the ending doesn't have to be a pinfall) even if everything is equal. But if I had to bet on that one match, it would be $1000 on that.


EDIT: You know, come to think of it Christian and/or Lance Storm interfering at 10:1 might be the money bet.
BUT, I made my decision and I'll stick with it.

(edited by MoeGates on 15.2.02 2141)
Farooq is the man so hit your knees and start praying!

Since: 19.1.02

Since last post: 4590 days
Last activity: 4183 days
#5 Posted on
$500 on Storm and/or Christian's interference in the Jericho/Austin match at 10:1.

$500 on Angle hitting his moonsault at 8:1.

This one's a bit more risky than the Rumble. Just about all of the safe calls are at 1:1 or 2:1.
A Fan

Since: 3.1.02

Since last post: 4799 days
Last activity: 4799 days
#6 Posted on
Betting it all on the Jericho win. As Roger Kipling said, "Let it Ride." I don't know what Kipling said exactly, but thats the jest of what I got when Grampa Simpson said during an episode.

A Fan- The Simpson, the last bastion of culture.

Since: 25.1.02
From: Kirksville, MO

Since last post: 2682 days
Last activity: 2667 days
#7 Posted on
$50 - Jericho kicks out of the Stunner
$75 - Christian/Storm interference
$50 - Angle hits the moonsault
$25 - HHH joins the nWo (hedging my bets a bit)
$75 - Rock hits People's Elbow on anyone but Taker (I'm betting on him fighting off Hogan before the rest of the squad shows up)
$75 - Undertaker joins the nWo
$50 - Regal has another new theme
$50 - Golddust hits OLD curtain call
$100 - Outsiders wrestle
$50 - Mr. Perfect Appears.. and wrestles. (Here's to being optimistic!)
$400 - Hogan wins the belt before the night is through. (Not that I like the idea.. I like the odds you see.. BIIIIIG MONEY!)

Since: 9.2.02

Since last post: 685 days
Last activity: 493 days
#8 Posted on
$200 - we hear the immortal words, "Let me tell you something, bruddah" (Hulk)

$200 - fans are treated to an in-ring poll, which ostensibly results in "one more for the good guys"

$300 - Stephanie M's boobs bounce, and there are no lyrics on the bottom of the screen to follow along with

$150 - Horace, Stevie Ray, and Virgil are for whatever reason NOT in the newly-reformed NWO

$50 - We have to hear a 40+ year old man bellow the word "HIZZOUSE"

$100 - There is an NWO segment which TOTALLY does not include references to the tossing of salad, nor the peeling of potatoes

I think, therefore, I think I am. At least I think.

Since: 2.1.02
From: Wilmington, NC

Since last post: 4820 days
Last activity: 4421 days
#9 Posted on
$750 on Regal having another pair of brass knux
$250 on Austin kicking out of either the Breakdown or the Lionsault


Since: 21.1.02
From: Lousyana

Since last post: 5850 days
Last activity: 5743 days
#10 Posted on
$500 on Jericho retaining.
$100 on Angle hitting the moonsault.
$100 on Regal having spare knuckles.
$200 on Regal winning
and... $100 on Maven losing the Hardcore title after being attacked in the back, just for the dark horse.

No matter how bad things may get, just imagine what would happen if Vince Russo was booking again, and you will feel better.

Since: 5.1.02
From: Dover, NH

Since last post: 1117 days
Last activity: 177 days
#11 Posted on
Let's go with:

$200 - Regal has a spare pair of knuckles in his tights
$400 - Goldust lands Shattered Dreams
$400 - X-Pac returns

No far out bets, but after last month landing the easy 10:1, I guess I can play it safe.

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Made everything from toy guns that spark to flesh-colored Christs that glow in the dark
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That not much is really sacred."
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Guru Zim
SQL Dejection

Since: 9.12.01
From: Bay City, OR

Since last post: 4 days
Last activity: 4 days
#12 Posted on
$1000 on DQ/ Countout for WWF Title.

Since: 2.1.02

Since last post: 2 days
Last activity: 15 hours
#13 Posted on
Wow, I think some of those should have longer odds...

I'm going $1000 with Regal having a new theme at 8:1, or at least a tweaked theme.

(edited by BigDaddyLoco on 16.2.02 0311)
Big Brother

Since: 9.12.01
From: ミネアポリス

Since last post: 1 day
Last activity: 1 day
#14 Posted on
Okay, $1000 on Storm or Christian interference. That should win.

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Medium Sexy

Since: 11.1.02
From: Silicon Valley, CA

Since last post: 5834 days
Last activity: 5736 days
#15 Posted on
$500 on Storm/Christian interference
$500 on new Regal theme

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J.T. Dutch
Pickled pork

Since: 3.1.02
From: SoCal 4 Life

Since last post: 3914 days
Last activity: 285 days
#16 Posted on

Let's see here ...

$100 -- Storm & Christian interference, at 10 to 1.
$100 -- Undertaker hits a successful tombstone, at 3 to 1.
$100 -- Rock lands the People's Elbow on 'Taker, at 4 to 1.
$100 -- Undertaker joins the NWO, at 2 to 1.
$100 -- T & T over Spike & Tazz, at 2 to 1.
$100 -- Booker T gets the pin over Tazz, at 4 to 1.
$100 -- Rob Van Dam over Goldie, at 3 to 1.
$100 -- Van Dam interrupts Goldie's entrance, at 2 to 1.
$100 -- Goldie lands the Shattered Dreams, at 3 to 1.
$99.95 -- Mr. Perfect appears, at 3 to 1.
$.05 -- Godfather plugs the escort service, at 3 to 1.

"WHAT? You were gonna say somethin'. WHAT?" "WHAT? Son of a what?" "WHAT? It smells like crap out here! You're fulla what? He's fulla what? WHAT? WHAT? WHAT? WHAT? You're a jackass!"

Austin is the KING.

J.T. Dutch

Since: 31.1.02

Since last post: 5787 days
Last activity: 5412 days
#17 Posted on
$400 - My five Star Special (HA HA!) RVD over Golddust
$200 - Hardys win the Tag Team Turmoil
$100 - Spike pins Test
$100 - NWO Interference in Rock/UT
$100 - DQ/Countount Austin/Jericho
$100 - Austin Kickout(Lionsault/Breakdown)
Polska kielbasa

Since: 2.1.02

Since last post: 5865 days
Last activity: 5860 days
#18 Posted on
I'll put $500 on Hogan winning the title by the end of the night. At 75-1, why not...Vince certainly has shown that he's willing to do ANYTHING to make us quit watching.

$200 on Spike d Booker

$100 on nWo interference in the IC Championship

$100 on Chris Benoit Returns just because that would NOT be a bad thing

$100 on Angle's Moonsaut Hits

Since: 22.1.02

Since last post: 5702 days
Last activity: 5702 days
#19 Posted on
$600 on Jericho beating Austin.
$400 on Angle beating HHH.

"I'm not on some big ego rush. I'm not after the bright lights and the little women."--Stan Hansen.

Since: 2.1.02
From: Ottawa, Ontario

Since last post: 181 days
Last activity: 1 day
#20 Posted on | Instant Rating: 7.87
Mr. Perfect appears 3:1

I think he's supposed to be in WWF New York. I'll take $500 on that!

Angle kicks out of Pedigree 5:1

I'll put my other $500 on that.

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PREFACE: All of this is from the perspective that Austin is "holding out." I certainly don't know if that is true or not. But if he is... Is Austin under contract or is he not?
- Triple Preperation H, Austin no-showing (2002)
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