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24.4.18 0602
The W - Pro Wrestling - No Way Out 2003
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Might as well get started with this. Hopefully some of this comes to fruition.

WWE Championship Cage Match: Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit
As the name implies, there is no way out. Not sure if this should be escape or pinfall/submission rules, but who cares? The match these two had right before KOTR '01 left me wanting more. Benoit's German off of the top rope, flying headbutt from the top of the cage, Angle's missed moonsault from the top of the cage...amazing stuff. And I want to see it again. With the WWE title on the line. I'm really up for a gimmick match, so I'll take either this or a submission match.

WWE Tag Team Championship: Los Guerreros vs. Team Angle
I know, maybe it's too early to have Haas and Benjamin going after tag gold, but boy howdy would it add some heat. Not that they need it. Plus I just want to see these two teams throw down. On a side note, maybe throw Edge and Rey in the match and make it a 3 way. Heyman loves those.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship: Kidman vs. Tajiri vs. Noble vs. Nunzio
Just because I want to see the title actually defended, and these 4 have been all over the CW scene the past few months.

World Title Match: TripleH vs. Scott Steiner
TripleH needs a convincing win after the "beatdown" he received from Steiner last month.

Edge vs. Rhyno
This is assuming that Rhyno returns to Smackdown and gets added to the Heyman family. Which is about the only logical place he'd go. This match only happens if Edge doesn't team with Rey in the WWE Tag Champ match.

World Tag Team Title Match: Regal/Storm vs. Dudleys
This match seemed innocent enough last month, so let's do it again. Make it a Table Match if you want, as long it's the rules from the 2000 Rumble. But don't give the Dudleys the belts back. Make them wait until WM and then give them their big win.

Taker vs. BigShow
Always a possiblity, but they might save it for WM.

Austin returns
Does he need to? I like the guy as well as anyone else, but the best period in the last 5 years(both creatively and in the ring) was from Jan. 2000 until Sept. 2000, when Austin was gone. I'd like to see that happen again.

And that's about it. I can't think of a thing for Brock to do, unless Edge is in the tag match. Then you could have Brock vs. Rhyno w/Paul of course. Toss on a Jericho vs. Test match maybe. That's all I've got.
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I'd like to see Kurt vs. Benoit, too, but I was thinking maybe an Iron Man Match. Have it end all tied up w/ Kurt locked in the Crossface for like a minute or two before the time runs out. Then, have him tap after the time has been exhausted. Kurt keeps the belt and Benoit looks wicked good in the process.

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Would they keep both main events from RR, though? If they go with HHH/Steiner, I say Austin runs in and beats down HHH.

Smackdown is more complicated. Team Angle vs. Benoit/Edge/Mysterio? How about the stip that if Team Angle loses, Kurt drops the belt?

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I doubt you'll get Benoit/Angle at NWO. More likely the generic 8-10 man pre Mania tag match with Benoit/Edge/Rey/Brock/Taker against Team Angle/Big Slug/Rhyno or Albert.
Los Guerreros should be facing Cena and Co.
Evad Sullivan and Maxx Muscle will probably have the rematch of their glorious RAW World Title match as the main event.

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I don't know if this would make too much sense in the long run, but it seems like a fun idea: have Team Angle win the belts (likely in a screwy fashion) from Los Guerreros. Team Angle has been on TV more lately anyway, so why not? Anyway set up Team Angle vs. Benoit/Rey/Edge with the stip that both the Tag straps and the World Title are on the line. Rey/Edge can pin Shelton/Haas for the tage straps, and any member of the face team can pin Angle for the World Title. I say this only for the possibility that Angle will try and talk Shelton/Haas into taking a pinfall for him.

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I think we'll see Angle/Hogan at No Way Out, and before you lynch me, look at it this way:

Hogan's last big WWE match was against Brock Lesnar, and he damn near retired him. Brock Lesnar is currently the no.1 contender for WrestleMania. Hogan wants to go out on top, and the best way he can see to do that would be to beat the Current Big Thing in the main event at Mania. Sooooooo, he gets Angle in a WWE Title Match at NWO, maybe even with Lesnar in some sort of enforcer role. Angle wins clean, making him tap like a bitch a la KOTR 2002, which leads to Vince hitting the ring and bitching out the Hulkster. he rants and raves about Hogan being washed up, over, finito, unfit to even appear on WWE television any more. Hogan simply lays, defeated, soaking in the loss.

Cue Angle/Brock megabuild-up for Mania, alongside a fired-up Hulk Hogan determined to prove that even though he may not have what it takes to be champ any more, he sure as Hell can kick Vinnie Mac's ass.

It works, I think. You can't have Angle/Benoit II, as Benoit would be forced into a second straight job in order to make Angle look strong for the big dance. Angle/Edge for the WWE Title should be saved for another time and place, and Angle/Taker is PLAYED. It would no doubt lead to internet backlash about Hogan getting yet another title shot, but they'd be looking at it with blinkers on anyway. Great match or no, it'd be pitch-perfect storytelling.

Other NWO Thoughts: Triple H will get the big win over Steiner, setting up an Austin run-in and Austin/Helmsley at Mania...I'd put Edge/Benoit Vs. Team Angle for the no.1 contendership in there, then have T.A win to set up Benoit/Edge Vs. Los Guerreros Vs. Champions Team Angle at Mania...Pull Kidman from the cruiserweight fourway and slot Mysterio in there, with Nunzio winning the strap a coupla weeks before the show. Then we can do Mysterio/Nunzio in March...I'd do Taker/Rhyno, with Show costing Taker the win and leading into a Manai match for 'em...Jericho goes over Test in supremely heelish fashion, perhaps even cracking Stacy with another nasty chairshot. Shawn should NOT appear...Booker and Goldust should figure into the tag team title scene somewhere, possibly going over Storm/Regal so that they can have a face Vs. face title feud.

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I'd really like to see the SmackDown main event be Angle vs Edge vs Benoit vs Rey.

Edge and Benoit could work together before the match, but get into a fight during it, and lead to a face-face feud that would take them through WrestleMania. Losing to Angle, so long as he looks good again, isn't going to kill Rey, and Angle stays strong for WrestleMania.

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#8 Posted on
Not to support the Hogan idea unnecessarily, but I really think Angle needs a win over a real name to soldify himself before 'Mania. Beating Benoit/Edge/Rey or anyone like that won't do it because they're perceived as his equals. Beating Hogan again, for the name only (by pinfall this time, I think) will help. Not doing the submission helps---it makes Hogan look like he was serious about "not letting the fans down" as he said in his speech, gives him some cred---but he still jobs.

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#9 Posted on

    Originally posted by Hogan's My Dad
    Not to support the Hogan idea unnecessarily, but I really think Angle needs a win over a real name to soldify himself before 'Mania. Beating Benoit/Edge/Rey or anyone like that won't do it because they're perceived as his equals. Beating Hogan again, for the name only (by pinfall this time, I think) will help. Not doing the submission helps---it makes Hogan look like he was serious about "not letting the fans down" as he said in his speech, gives him some cred---but he still jobs.

I agree. It's not quite as bad as what we had last year with Chris Jericho (and he DID get big wins over the two biggest names ever), but Angle has been able to use his talent to build up his credibility.

Of course, I still feel that WM's main event should be the opposite, with heel Brock (who's beaten Hogan & Rock) defending against a face Kurt Angle, but whatver. :)

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#10 Posted on
Heres how I see NWO
-Team Angle vs Benoit + either guerreros or Edge/Ray
-If Edge/Ray then Guerreros vs Cena/Tha Dawg
-Steiner vs HHH (Austin run in)
-CW 4way is a good idea
-Jericho vs Test, I see Shawn Michaels as guest referee, another screw job finish w/him in Montreal, I bet Vince is just licking his lips with this one, it also sets up Jericho Micahels for Wrestlemania
-Bookdust vs Dudleys vs Regal/Storm (some stip like hardcore rules or something like that)
-Brock, Hogan, Taker, maybe Show will all be facing someone, I cant imagine they wouldnt have something to do with this PPV

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#11 Posted on
Ok....why not? I'm not gonna do this in my fantasy world or by what I think would make the best matches or feuds, but by what *I* think WWE is going to do. My predicted WWE card for NWO:


HHH vs. BPP in a No DQ match - I immediately said this following their match at RR. This way HHH can't purposely get himself DQ'd to lose the match, and it leaves it open for the 4H to interfere and cost BPP the match. It would also help mask/hide the in ring performance issues with both men as it's a garbage match. Unfortunately, though, I don't see this feud ending at NWO. I see it continuing from there into WrestleMania. Since the 4H interfere and HHH "narrowly escapes" with the victory, that then builds to a cage match, or something along those lines. Classic old school type build up. The champ can't beat the challenger, so he get's DQ'd. In the rematch, his buddies interfere costing the match. So they go to the cage where there's "no escape".

Storm/Regal vs. Dudley Boyz - Sure, make this a table match or something. Maybe even throw in Booker T and Goldust for a three way or 3MW for a 4 corners match. Booker T is floundering in the mid-card now, and needs a reason to get out. They've been having a slow build up to this, so I say have Goldust turn on Booker T leading to their match at WrestleMania. Storm/Regal retain the belts because of Morely, leading to a 6-Man Dudleyz (with Spike) vs. Storm/Regal/Morley at WrestleMania. 3MW can disappear after this match for all I care. They're worthless.

Y2J and Test will obviously have a match with Y2J winning. Moving on.

I also see a little feud possibly developing between RVD and Jeff Hardy. Jeff will apologize for attacking RVD after the match saying he was frustrated, but it won't happen again. They'll tag up in some sort of match or something on a future RAW, and Jeff will lose the match for them. He'll get upset and take out RVD setting up their match at the PPV. Jeff will win by cheating heavily and cement his heel turn.


Los Guerreros vs. Cena/Red Dog for the Tag Titles. B2 will interfere giving Los Guerreros the win. Who cares about B2 and Cena and Red Dog anyway?

UT wants to get his hands on the Big Show. He'll be denied that by Paul Heyman at NWO, but will get his shot at TBS at WM if he can beat Heyman's surprise opponent at NWO. The surprise opponent will be Rhyno who will give UT a good match and UT will hardly get by, making Rhyno look like a credible threat. He'll then go on to WM and continue his streak making it 11-0.

Hopefully since the A-Train experiment failed, we'll start on getting that Edge/Matt Hardy feud with a Matt Hardy/Shannon Moore vs. Edge/Rey Misterio match. The feud will continue between Matt and Edge through WM.

Team Angle vs. Brock Lesnar/Benoit in a 3 on 2 tag match. This keeps Benoit at the top of the card and in his feud with Angle, but still away from the title. I'm not sure where to go with him after this match, though. Put him in another handicap match against Team Angle at WM possibly? I dunno. But this is the match for NWO.

There's my 8 matches for NWO. Not the best card, but that's what I see happening.

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i belive what each brand needs is a midcard belt to bring so creditbility to these o so many mid carders. if there going all the way with brand meaning that it will be around stillt his time next year then id have stephanie bring back the IC belt ( how she would do it it logically with it being unified i dont know, prehaps she could bring the us title then) start a tourny that the finals be at WM, bishoff counters with his own tourny for the (insert belt us or IC) with raw finals at WM. you could have a edge-hardy final and book-rvd final lets say . tourny should help legitamize both belts if they do it right. both brands will have world, midcard and tag belts with ladies belt and cruiserwieght as the two extra.

the only thing i do not like about this would be there be two many title matches at each ppv, but what can ya do.

not that ii expect any of this to actually happen.


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I guess they want to do Test v. Jericho, but since they refuse to abandon the HHH v. BPP crap, i think the only want to save the raw main event for No Way Out is to have BPP and jericho not have a clean finish next monday and have a triple threat match at no way out. You can still have your stone cold run in, but this way the match wont suck as much as the terribleness that was the raw main event at the rumble. I think with jericho in this match it can actually be pretty watchable... plus, they could always blow off jericho v. test on the raw before this PPV, since nobody is dying to see that match anyway.
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