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The W - Football - No more Summerall/Madden? (Page 2)
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flaming mo

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#21 Posted on
Yes, I understand that, but he has so many duties with college basKetball, I don't believe he would have time to cover the NBA, too.

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From: st louis

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i dont think i could take vitale on college and pro basketball...

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Summerall wasn't a BAD tennis commentator, but that was SOOOOO many years ago I don't think I'd want to hear how he'd do it today. (I never watched the golf so I can't comment on that.)

Call me CRAZY but I'm hoping that the ESPNRadio throwback team of Musberger and Ramsay gets to step up to calling some games.

Also, I hope Ahmad Rashad keeps doing "Inside Stuff" - I mean, what's the point sticking around to do the Olympics? Jump off the sinking NBC ship, baby!

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From: Whitby, Ontario, Canada

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#24 Posted on
The question about favorite announce team was asked...

I may get flamed totally for this, but...

If you took the comedian away from the Monday night crew, Al Michaels and Dan Fouts are pretty good, especially Fouts.
Eric Dickerson is also a very, very good sideline reporter.

I will say this, it seemed at times like Miller actually had some grasp of football and was really trying, but others where he just seemed, well, out there.

I also like the ESPN crew of Patrick, McGuire and Theismann, although McGuire tries to be like Miller too much.

For colour, I think Craig James is good, too.

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Boudin rouge

Since: 15.1.02
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The best crew for Monday Nights would have to be Chris Berman and Tom Jackson. Chemistry is everything and those two have it. If you have played the horrendous ESPN NFL Primetime for PS@ you know what I mean. The announcing is incredible- its just a shame the gameplay sucks. Alas, they are relagated to studio work. If they had to have third man I would throw in Sterling Sharpe for his strange suits. Put Steve Young on the Sidelines.

Random Thought: I just hope to God Tony Siragusa isn't on ANY of my Steeler games next year.

I wouldn't mind seeing the Fox guys Brown/Long/Bradshaw in the broadcasting booth either. Collinsworth could do sideline reporting- which would be a hoot since he has dissed 75% of all players in the NFL. Could you imagine Randy Moss putting out his blunt on Collinsworth's forehead? COMEDY! "I give interviews when I want to give them Chris."

As for guys actually commentating now....I'll go with ESPN's Sunday Night guys. I hate hate hate Joe Theismann though. Its all about Joe. Joe is the greatest QB to ever live! If you don't believe me just ask HIM.

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I doubt you'll be seeing Joe Buck doing much of the NFL this year. He stopped doing the NFL on Fox when the network won the baseball contract, since double-duty in September and October would be quite taxing.

Factor in his committment with KMOX-AM/Cardinals Radio Network and his father's pending (hopefully...FINALLY) retirement, the fact that the Cardinals are hard-pressed for announcers and that he'd end up on the road with the Redbirds February through Sep/Oct, then with Fox for baseball in October and football Nov-Jan...well, he'd never be home.

He might do some lesser games if they need it, but it's in his best interest to take his winters off. It's not like the boy needs the money.
The Masked Hungarian
Pickled pork

Since: 23.1.02
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I can't believe no one has mentioned Phil Simms has one of the best commentators in football. He says his opinion BEFORE the play, will criticize when needed but doesn't go on and on and will admit when he got a play wrong. Plus he'll shit on Gumbel when needed. I'm not a big fan of Gumbel but Simms makes the team work. Being a long time Giants fan doesn't hurt either!

There is just way too much Summerall/Madden bashing going on here. Can you name me any other announcing duo in SPORTS better than these two during their prime? Nothing says big game like hearing Pat's voice doing the video intro before the game. When people get old, mistakes happen granted. But just like we give a little slack to the retiring superstar athlete, the same respect should be given to Pat Summerall.

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I agree with what Dan Patrick said on his ESPN Radio show, after next year put Kornheiser in the booth of MNF. He has that personality that you either love him or hate him, so he could fill a "Cosellesqe" role that has been missing from the show. Then I would take Kornheiser's choice in John Riggins as a replacement for Fouts, because after listing to him on the radio he as more charisma than that bore Fouts.

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#29 Posted on
I agree that Kornheiser would be a good addition to the MNF booth. I really like Dennis Miller in his HBO show, not for football.

I actually think the best football broadcasting team out there is the MNF radio guys, Howard David and Boomer Esiason. Boomer was the fall guy for post-Gifford bad ratings, which is unfortunate, but he and David match up very well. But I think Howard David also does the Jets games, and he used to do Boston Celtics basketball, so I don't know how interested he would be in network TV...

And I have to agree with everyone else...Joe Buck is currently the best baseball annoucer out there.

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The Big Kat

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#30 Posted on
Kornheiser is a pretty funny guy. I love the show PTI. Him and Michael Wilbon crack me up. It would be pretty cool if he were in the MNF booth. By the way, the funniest comment I heard about the Madden-Summerall break-up is right here:

One shocker this week: The announcement that Pat Summerall and John Madden were splitting up. Kind of like hearing your parents are getting divorced. To be honest, I thought they were using computer animation and the voice recognition technology from "Madden 2002" to handle play-by-play...

PAT: Warner ... to Bruce ... touchdown!

JOHN: The Rams are putting this game away.

Donovan McNabb is playing as well as anyone right now.
PAT: 35-10, St. Louis.

(Shot of Bruce and Warner hugging)

JOHN: This is what it's all about.

... but apparently they were still doing the live broadcasts for Fox. I've stopped trying to figure it out.

This is from Bill Simmons on's Page 2. Here's the link. The guy is a great writer.

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I agree on Kornheiser, man he would be awesome in the MNF booth, not like I watch it though. My Bengals (stop laughing) are never on and I'm watching Raw anyway. I hate Steve Tasker, but thats probably because he did a lot of Bengals games this year and every call that went against the Bengals was right, every one that was for them...wrong. I'm not exaggerating either, my dad hates the Bengals and even he would point that out. It's the old players hate the Bengals bias, which is officialy dated. They're spending more money than 60% of the league this year, enough of that rant.

Simms is excellent, his call of the Steelers-Pats was great, I love when they go to the replay and he's in the booth, keeps that 2 minute wait entertaining.

As for a partner for Madden...JR, of course. Can you imagine that? I would only like it because I'd get JR calls on Madden 2003.

And as for Simmons being an awesome writer, damn right. In fact, check this out, this is from his December 18th column, previewing the playoffs, and talking about his predicted Steelers-Pats AFC Championship:

"Of course, there's one wrinkle that might throw everything out of synch, and you know it's coming into play at some point. Yup ... it's the inevitable "Brady gets injured, meaning that Bledsoe has to save the day" scenario! Has to happen, right? I mean, it has to happen. Right?

It could/should happen at any point during the next six weeks, but Pittsburgh seems like an ideal opponent; the Steelers have haunted Bledsoe over the years (even harkening back to his rookie season, when he fumbled against them on the goal line, costing the Pats a "W"). When you think about it, Bledsoe's career in New England can't just end after this season, not with him relegated to headphone duty, not without one last chapter. That's just not the way these things work."

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Evil Buddha
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#32 Posted on
It's funny, because, Summerall and Madden were so good for so long... they will rightly be remembered as the best. But their time has clearly come and gone, and I'm glad Fox recognized this, although truth be told, I hope Madden goes away after next season. They have been in decline since they moved to Fox, and that drop has accelerated the past 2 seasons.
It seems there is a lack of quality young play by play guys in football right now. I LOVE Joe Buck's exemplary work on baseball, but can he really leave the Cardinals/Fox Baseball work behind? I know Jack Buck did MNF on the radio for years, but Sunday games in October will be another matter... it's hard to be the crown prince. Outside of that, who's good. Michaels has a gift, but his own ego got him into the crappy booth situation that MNF is currently burdened with. Who else is out there? Harlan is pretty good, and working with Craig James rather than Bill Maas helped him by keeping him from getting too "up." Mike Patrick is alright, but the booth chemistry definitely helps. Enberg is just hanging on, he's maybe a season from being unlistenable. I think if you could get Sean McDonough away from college, you could have a good man right there. Stockton doesn't add anything on his own, but to his credit, he has taken the job of breaking in the "new guy" color men and getting them used to live broadcasting... I don't think it's a coincidence that he was Dierdorf's first partner and is now teamed with Johnston/Aikman. But with a veteran partner, I've always found him just slightly better than average. I always believed Gumbel was better as a baseball guy. Regardless, if Joe Buck does get the Fox football job, he'll be burdened with Madden. Hopefully, just a season until they groom his replacement.
On the flip side, I think there are a lot of good, young, gifted color men... I think Tasker will really improve with more experience, I'm a HUGE fan of Moose Johnston's work(he's underrated, mostly because most of the attention in that booth focuses on Aikman, who's got potential, if he works at it and if he gives up the ghost about playing again), Craig James is developing quite nicely away from the studio, and if you get Randy Cross away from that putrid studio show, he can be the solid color guy he was becoming before going into studio hell. As for the vets, Dierdorf is solid for the #2 telecast, and if Millen doesn't succeed in Detroit, I'm sure the networks will welcome him back with open arms. Simms will keep improving.And I agree, Kornheiser would be a major improvement to the MNF booth, but again, I don't think Michaels necessarily wants the "creative tension."
I do have to agree with squiz that the best "team" working right now is Howard David and Boomer. They have legit chemistry, they can be very funny and they don't skimp on the insight. They've also had a revolving 3rd person gimmick in the booth this season, and adapting to that variable has helped make the work between the 2 of them very smooth. It would be a shame to move that to a tv booth, because they help you "see" the game the way a good radio broadcast should. When I do skip RAW for a Monday night game, I mute the TV and listen to the radio feed; they're that good.
Wow, I can't believe I wrote this much...

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