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21.1.19 2012
The W - Pro Wrestling - No Mercy Prediction Thread
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Net Hack Slasher

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#1 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.01
*WWE Title Match
-Layfield(c) vs Undertaker
PICK: UNDERTAKER -- I think Taker going to take this. There's a bit of a pattern of re-matches the challenger winning the championship(ie JBL_

*U.S. Title Match
-Booker(c) vs. Cena
PICK: JOHN CENA -- Toss up, I have a lot of heels winning No Mercy undercard. But I'm iffy here because Taker win will put everyone happy no matter how many heel heavy wins. But I'll go with Cena but it's just a guess.

*WWE Tag Team Titles Match
-Suzuki/Dupree(C) vs. Mysterio/RVD
PICK: KENZO SUZUKI & RENE DUPREE -- At least the champs are kind of a tag team connection, well I said "Kind of"

*WWE Cruiserweight Title Match
-Spike(c) vs. Nunzio
PICK: SPIKE DUDLEY -- The set up was so lazy just to make a match. Spike wins, most don't even know Nunzio is babyface.

-Big Show vs. Angle
PICK: KURT ANGLE -- I know it's tough to go against the returning Big Show win and all signs do direct for a Big Show win. But a gut feeling says Kurt win. Either by Eddie interference DQ or backfires on Big Show.

-Eddie vs. Reigns
PICK: LUTHER REIGNS -- You know what, Another one that I'm not sure about. They are pushing Luther very strong lately, I've been hearing a fair share of Eddie backstage problems. Do not be surprised that they give Luther the win. I'm so on the fence. But I can see Kurt and Eddie cheating eachother match. Kurt's work, Eddie doesn't

-London vs. Kidman
PICK: PAUL LONDON -- I think Kidman knocks out London with the shooting star press and starts screaming. "See you made me do this!". The ref stall for time as Kidman yells at the fans. London rolls him up for a quick win. Kidman goes crazy after.

*7 matches announced, not bad for The E. They might add Dawn/Jackie but that's just a guess. Surprised no Dudleyz on the PPV... One good thing I'll say about this PPV is that I personally don't know who's going to win in the majority of matches, and unlike most of the time which I just don't care for either. This time it's more of "I can see a case for either guy to win". Every match except the tag titles I can think of reasons for either man to win.

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The Vile1
Lap cheong

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#2 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.29
It seems the abysmal performance of Bradshaw and The Undertaker for the title at Summerslam was not proof enough that neither man should be main eventing. Guess they have to do it on Sunday. The Undertaker is literally on cruise control nowadays and not putting anything into it, since he seems to be fed up with his lame dead man gimmick. JBL, while I admit some of his newer personality is kind of funny, he's still not a worthy wrestler/main eventer.

The best of 5 series for the US title was drawn out way too long, and again Cena nor Booker are not good enough to have that kind of series like when Benoit and Booker T did the best of 7 in 1998. There was nothing classic about this feud, and I honestly don't care who wins.

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#3 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.65
    Originally posted by Net Hack Slasher
    *U.S. Title Match
    -Booker(c) vs. Cena
    PICK: JOHN CENA -- Toss up, I have a lot of heels winning No Mercy undercard. But I'm iffy here because Taker win will put everyone happy no matter how many heel heavy wins. But I'll go with Cena but it's just a guess.

This is the only match, besides the main event, that I feel certain about, and it's definitely Booker who is going to pick up the win. The reason? Cena's already filming this 'Marine' project and will be doing so for another month.

I'd love to see Nunzio win, but that probably won't happen.
Dr. Ed Powers
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Since: 1.10.04
From: Los Angeles

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#4 Posted on | Instant Rating: 0.00
My prediction is...

Big Show is going to be bald. And his hair will never grow back due to his trying to throw off viewers that his hair line is receding. I might start a thread on bald wrestlers.
Big Brother

Since: 9.12.01
From: ミネアポリス

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#5 Posted on | Instant Rating: 9.07
    Originally posted by Dr. Ed Powers
    My prediction is...

    Big Show is going to be bald. And his hair will never grow back due to his trying to throw off viewers that his hair line is receding. I might start a thread on bald wrestlers.
Oh please don't.


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#6 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.73
Ok, here goes...

Undertaker over JBL
Bald Show over Kurt Angle
Booker T over John Cena
Eddie Guerrero over Luther Reigns
Kenzo Suzuki/Rene Dupree over RVD/Rey Mysterio
Billy Kidman over Paul London
Spike Dudley over Nunzio

Sunday Night Heat match: Shannon Moore over Scotty 2 Hotty

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#7 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.92
JBL over Taker
Angle over Show
Booker over Cena
Luther over Eddie
RVD and Rey over Kenzo and Dupree
London over Kidman
Spike over Nunzio
Bob C

Since: 5.9.04
From: Downtown

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#8 Posted on
JBL over Taker (with the help of HEIDENREICH)
Show over Angle
Booker over Cena
Eddie over Luther
Kenzo and Dupree over Mysterio and RVD
London over Kidman
Spike over Nunzio

Tiens mon copain!
Lap cheong

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#9 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.22
JBL v. Undertaker
--- I seriously doubt they'll give the belt to 'Taker. Besides, I think the reason the 'Last Ride' match rules were created was so Undertaker could lose to JBL without jobbing to him. And if they wanted 'Taker to win the title, he should be pinning him, not putting him in a car.

Big Show v. Kurt Angle
WINNER: Big Show
--- Torn on this one. Big Show SHOULD go over. But, I also see politics rearing it's ugly head. I'll go with my heart over my head, though.

Booker T v. John Cena
WINNER: Booker T
--- Cena's filming a movie and will be out of WWE for a little while. It'd make no sense for him to get the title here.

Eddie Guerrero v. Luther Reigns
WINNER: Eddie Guerrero
--- Another match I'm torn on. Luther should go over since he's getting the big push. However, Eddie really needs a big win to prevent people from seeing him as a midcarder again. I'll flip a coin and go with Eddie.

Kenzo Suzuki & Rene Dupree v. Rey Mysterio & Rob Van Dam
WINNERS: Suzuki & Dupree
--- Dupree & Suzuki JUST got the titles, so they aren't losing them yet. Besides, RVD should be doing more important things (not that he will after this match, but he should be).

Paul London v. Billy Kidman
WINNER: Billy Kidman
--- The feud seems to just be getting off the ground. Of course, it also involves two cruiserweights, so WWE might be wrapping it up quickly so we can get more air-time for Jon Heidencreikey. Again, I'll go with my heart over my head.

Spike Dudley v. Nunzio
WINNER: Spike Dudley
--- Dudley retains because... Well, why the hell wouldn't he?

I'm also guessing they'll add the Dudleyz v. Rico & Charlie Haas at the last minute. I'll go with the Dudleyz because... why not?

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#10 Posted on | Instant Rating: 1.16
JBL over Taker in a Last Ride Match for the WWE Title - Taker dominates, but soon Orlando Jordan, Heidenreich, Paul Heyman, Gangrel, and Viscera come out to help JBL. After all, we've seen this scenario in many casket matches (similar premise) such as RR 94 and RR 98. Way to go Taker.

Booker pins Cena with his feet on the ropes to retain teh US Title in match 5 of a best fo 5 series. After all, Cena is filming a movie and Booker has won EVERY SINGLE title defense this way. Oh, that dastardly heel.

Spike p Nunzio to retain the Cruiserweight Title. Probably a good match. No one seems to care about Nunzio so Spike wins, maybe with help.

Suzuki/Dupree d RVD/Rey to retain teh WWE Tag Titles. Lot of heels winning. No clue why the foreignors win, but they do.

London p Kidman. Match of the night. Hopefully, they reconcile and go after teh tag straps. OR they can jsut push London to beat Spike for the Title. Either way.

Big Show p Kurt Angle - Big Show probably needs to win his return match to stay a viable top face.

Eddy p Luther - Probably a pretty good match. Luther could win this thing, but again, they need guys that can challenge JBL for the Title right now, and Eddy and Show are in line as top faces. Perhaps, if Luther loses, then Angle wins or vice-versa.

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#11 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.74
Spike v.s Nunzio: I'll go Spike here- though I wouldn't mind Nunzio winning.

London v.s Kidman: London wins by performing the SST on Kidman.

Kenzo & Rene v.s RVD & Misterio: Kenzo and Rene, not that I'm particularly HAPPY about them as Tag champs.

Eddy v.s Luther: Eddy already jobbed on Smackdown, and I really can't imagine him doing it again to Luther. Eddy wins.

Booker v.s Cena: Booker wins here, Cena makes his movie. It's win-win!

Big Show v.s Angle: Angle wins somehow, making Show angrier and setting up a bigger match down the line.

JBL v.s 'Taker: Gotta be JBL, unless Vince is feeling nostalgic.

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#12 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.27
Hosted by Michael Cole & Tazz

Last Ride Match for WWE Championship:
The Undertaker [305, Death Valley; challenger] vs. John B. Layfield [287, New York City; champion (w/Orlando Jordan, Viscera & Gangrel?)]
PICK: Undertaker after fighting off all four guys. He's THAT good, right?

Grudge Match:
The Big Show [500, Tampa, FL] vs. Kurt Angle [235, Pittsburgh, PA (with Mark Jindrak & Luther Reigns)]
PICK: Hmm... Keep Angle strong or build up the Show? If Taker wins, I say Angle does, too. We need a big Survivor Series main event on the Smackdown side, I guess. Angle takes this with help of Jindrak & Reigns, who all get taken out afterwards.

Grudge Match:
Luther Reigns [295, Phoenix, AZ (with Mark Jindrak?] vs. Eddie Guerrero [229, El Paso, TX]
PICK: Eddie.

Match 5 of 5 for WWE United States Championship:
John Cena [248, West Newberry, MA, challenger] vs. Booker T [256, Houston, TX; champion]
PICK: Cena. Booker's gotten a bunch of wins via cheatery, so odds are Cena will learn from that and counter cheating with his own cheating for the win. Sure, he's filming a movie...but he only needs to defend the title once every 30 days, so he'll do just that.

Good Friends, Better Enemies:
Billy Kidman [215, Allentown, PA] vs. Paul London [195, Hartford, CT]
PICK: Kidman, just to extend the angle to a Survivor Series rematch (or a multi-Cruiser 8-man).

WWE Tag Team Championship:
Rob Van Dam & Rey Mysterio [405 combined; challengers] vs. The Evil Foreigners (Rene Dupree & Kenzo Suzuki) [505 combined; champions (with Hiroko)]
PICK: Evil Foreigners.

Six-Person Tag Team Match:
The Dudley Boyz [545 combined; New York City] and Dawn Marie vs. Rico & Charlie Haas [467 combined] and Miss Jackie
PICK: Uh...let's say Rico/Haas/Jackie and hope against hope that this match wasn't added just to have Heidenreich run out and squash them.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship:
Nunzio [201, Brooklyn, NY; challenger] vs. Spike Dudley [150, New York City; champion]
PICK: Spike Dudley. They'll take the title off him in a big angle, not a throwaway PPV match.

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Texas Kelly
Lap cheong

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#13 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.27
You can probably guess from the title of this paragraph alone what my feelings are on Bradshaw's entire push, and what I feel the outcome of the match should be. Yes, Undertaker is a worthless sack of shit at this point when it comes to drawing in the main event, but let me spell it out for you just so it's clear: I will be jumping for joy once Undertaker kills the jellyfish dead and ends this pathetic excuse for a WWE title reign and a main event push. In short: Bradshaw, fuck you, and your return to Velocity (or, preferably, the unemployment line) couldn't have come any sooner.

OK, now that I've got that rant out of my system, I think I can move on rationally...

Of course, we know how this one is ending since Cena's off to Australia to get the WWE's latest new media venture going. But even if he wasn't going, it would still be essential for him to do the job here. There would be absolutely no value in straddling Cena with the U.S. title again, since he's clearly above it in the eyes of Joe Fan. Also, IMHO, Booker has absolutely no value to the company at this point without the belt. What does he do? It's long past time to get Cena into the main event and start building to what SHOULD be the Wrestlemania main event: Kurt Angle v. John Cena.
WINNER: Booker T.

This is the definition of "put these guys out there to give them a payoff and see what sticks". The only reason these guys are here right now is because of the backlog at the U.S. title level right now, and ending this little fracas now by giving RVD & Rey-Rey the belts would only throw Kenzo & Rene back into the abyss of meaninglessness, especially since we know for a fact that Booker's keeping the belt. If I have to guess, I'd say that Carlito Cool's first feud is probably going to be Rey-Rey, and RVD is probably headed for another go-round with Booker where he'll hopefully end up on the losing end (since I think Booker should keep that belt for a good long time). The fact I'm talking more about the U.S. title in a match setup for the tag titles speaks a lot.
WINNERS: Kenzo Suzuki & Renee Dupree.

I pick this match with the utmost confidence in the world. Luther wins. This is the kind of job that Chris Jericho got by doing for months and Eddie is over enough at this point that it won't hurt his heat. I can't see Eddie getting back anywhere near the belt because of his recent emotional problems, but what I do see in the future is Eddie getting his jobs from the Nazi back, much too late. (But hey, it'll keep him hot, because as much as I hate the Nazi, his push has worked to some degree. Just not with me.)
WINNER: Luther Reigns.

You know the law: "Thou shalt not job in thine PPV return match." It was the law for Angle v. Guerrero at Summerslam, and I don't see any exception here. You don't need to worry about Angle losing heat as well, since he's headed for the Undertaker next after this. As for Big Show, once Eddie puts Luther over big, a feud between the two of them is a good way to keep Show occupied and can serve as a barometer for how far Luther has come along.
WINNER: The Big Show.

The way they're "pushing" Kidman is absolutely downright embarrassing right now, and if he does a completely clean job here, not only will it blow off the feud, but it'll make Kidman even more worthless that he already is. I'm tempted to pick London to completely balance out the heel v. face ratio, but I think it's vitally important for Kidman to get the win here (even if he has to cheat to do it) in order to salvage his persona. They can always do a Cruiserweight Survivor Rules match at Survivor Series and have London get the big win there.
WINNER: Billy Kidman.

No buildup + no storyline = No title change + I don't give a shit. Spike deserves better than this.
WINNER: Spike Dudley.

Three reasons to give this one to the faces: 1) No storyline for the heels to get over on; 2) This marks Rico's return to PPV, and the rule applies to him too; 3) Too many heels are going over on this show already.
WINNERS: Rico, Charlie Haas & Miss Jackie.

(edited by Texas Kelly on 3.10.04 1030)

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#14 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.22
Just so everyone knows, they added another match to No Mercy on Velocity tonight. That match is Dudley Boyz & Dawn Marie v. Rico, Charlie Haas, & Miss Jackie. Don't know why they had to include the women, but whatever. As long as they stand on the apron and limit their in-ring to ONE short cat-fight, I'm fine with it.

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Shem the Penman

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#15 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.96
I'd rather see Haas and Rico getting the tag title shot, but maybe at Survivor Series. Anyway:

JBL/Taker: I hate to do it, but I'm going with Taker. I can see reasons and possibilities for both of them to win... but when in doubt, pick the guy the booking committee is blowing harder. Besides, if he wins maybe we can get Taker/Angle -- I think Angle's pretty much the only main event heel who Taker hasn't trashed yet.

Booker/Cena: If it wasn't for the movie, I'd have picked Cena to win here, simply because Cena is insanely over and the WWE doesn't really seem all that interested in pushing Booker. But I guess Booker will get to keep the belt, at least for another month.

Suzuki 'n' Dupree/Rob 'n' Rey: I'm really finding it hard to care either way. Suzuki and Dupree, I suppose; if nothing else, I hate when champions job their titles in their first PPV defense.

Guerrero/Reigns: Reigns needs the win. Eddie doesn't. Reigns.

Show/Angle: Same reasoning as above. Show.

London/Kidman: The buildup for this has been the very definition of perfunctory. Kidman looks like a wuss, London gets built up by getting pinned by Booker T twice. Yeah. Hopefully they'll at least get enough time to break out some cool stuff and win over the crowd, although I'm suspecting it'll be another Eddie/Chavo from the Royal Rumble -- half of what could have been a good match. I'm gonna say London wins because he's a (relatively) new face.

Spike/Nunzio: Spike.

Dudz 'n' Dawn Marie/Rico, Charlie, 'n' Jackie: I'll go with Team RCJ because they're the ones who actually have an angle at this point.

(edited by Shem the Penman on 3.10.04 0926)

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Since: 20.4.04

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#16 Posted on
The ministry gangs up on UNDERTAKER and throws him into the back of the hearse.Then on Smackdown they celebrate
in the ring and the lights go out and fog fills the ring etc.
Same as when Kane buried TAKER alive.


by cheating.

Another member of Angle's stable is revealed who costs EDDIE the match.

BIG SHOW gets a beat down after the match from Angle's stable.


The Dudleys try to interfere but the FYI makes sure that that doesn't happen.

Dawn Marie and Charlie Haas end up in the ring with each other and Dawn Marie flirts with him. Charlie appears to enjoy it which upsets Miss Jackie.And we have to put up with another messed up relationship angle.

Or everything goes nicely and we end up with another marriage on Smackdown which is interrupted by Dawn Marie
who claims that she is having an affair with Charlie Haas.

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#17 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.75
Spike over Nunzio
Rico/Haas/Jackie over Dudleyz/Dawn
London over Kidman
Kenzo/WANG (I mean, did you SEE it tonight on Velocity...eek) over RVD/Mysterio
Big Show over Angle
Booker T over John "Mean Marine" Cena
Eddie over Reigns
JBL over Undertaker (after Mideon-ference)

In Memorium:
"If you ever take a trip down to Cobb County, Ga..."

Always one of my favorite theme songs.
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#18 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.50
Undertaker beats JBL in the Last Ride match to win the WWE Championship... going against my gut here, but it looks like they're setting it up to where there will be no one to help Bradshaw in the match, and unless there's some interference (I would say Heidenreich leading to an Undertaker win, but I doubt they'll pull the trigger on that yet), I'm presuming that Taker finally beats JBL and gets the title again.

Angle beats Big Show... tough spot here, as I think they'll have an Angle-Taker feud shortly after this, but this is Show's high profile singles match back. I think that Big Show will be busy dealing with the likes of Jindrak and Reigns after this, so I'll go with Angle here.

Eddie beats Luther... out of all of the hosses that WWE has, Reigns is one of the best, and I think he's worth the investment they're putting in him. But Eddie has been on a massive losing streak to Angle and JBL, so he needs a win to get back on track.

Booker T beats Cena to retain the title, just for the sole fact that Cena is leaving to film his movie. I wonder if they'll shoot an injury angle, or if he'll just leave by himself. I have a feeling that he'll start to doubt himself, and that'll leave to his extended leave of absence, leading up to his reinvigorated return whenever he's done filming. I wouldn't be surprised if they put him in the main event picture after that.

Kenzo and Rene over RVD and Mysterio. I'd think that they're going to give the foreign guys a program with Rico and Haas soon, and while RVD and Mysterio are both over and have teamed together in the past, I don't think that they would hotshot the belts here. Of course, they're hotshotted the tag belts for the past several months, so what do I know.

Spike beats Nunzio to retain the title, I'll go with the consensus here that there hasn't been enough buildup for a title change, plus nobody gives a damn about Nunzio, which is a shame.

Rico, Haas, and Jackie over the Dudleyz and Dawn Marie... more than two tag teams on one PPV? What, are they trying to have a tag division now? We've seen Rico/Haas/Dudleyz before, so I think the face team will prevail and get revenge on the Dudleyz winning the belts from them a while back.

Kidman over London... pretty weak buildup to this match, but at least they're trying something here. Having Kidman lose here would completely neuter him, and although the E doesn't exactly have a shining track record with pushing cruisers, I'd think that they'd have Billy go over here, probably with some chicanery.

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#19 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.36
Well, tonight, I was planning on catching the show, but the desire to reconcile with my girlfriend (and saving not only an eight month relationship AND a ten year friendship) overrides my desires to see No Mercy.

here's my thoughts:

JBL over Taker
Show over Kurt Angle
Cena over Booker T
Reigns over Eddie
Kenzo Suzuki/Rene Dupree over RVD/Rey Mysterio
Billy Kidman & Paul London - double DQ or Countout
Spike Dudley over Nunzio

and before Sunday night heat: Stevie and Sarah reconcile.

I hope.

EDIT: A Side note: Sarah didn't show. At least I had my laptop with me, so I could play some Red Alert 2 and beat some Allied ass :-)

(edited by SOK on 3.10.04 2123)

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