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22.6.18 2130
The W - Football - NFL Playoff Thread
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Time for fun time to begin. Remember, nothing has made sense all season, so why should it start now.

Rd. 1
(5)Colts at (4)Jets: Historically, Jets have been a poor home team. Manning was able to get road wins in Denver and Philly. winner: Colts

(6)Falcons at (3)Packers: Since one Tampa streak has ended, time to remind people of the other. No team that has ever lost to Tampa has ever won the Super Bowl. Night game in January at Lambeau involving a dome team. winner: Packers.

(6)Browns at (3)Steelers: The way Cleveland plays games, I might be tempted to get a piece of the 70-1 Superbowl odds that came out on them. XFL MVP + Cowher in the playoffs=Steelers loss. winner: Browns.

(5)Giants at (4)49ers: 49ers seem to have a peaked a month ago. Giants offense was awful at first meeting, yet still had a chance at the end to win. winner: Giants.

2nd round (all games predicated on 1st round results)

(6)Browns at (1)Raiders: Cardiac Kids of 1980 died against Oakland. Brian Sipe was a better QB than the current QB of the Browns, plus the Browns had homefield that day. Thus: winner: Raiders.

(5)Colts at (2)Titans: Titans have had the Colts number the last few years. However, I think Manning is really flying under the radar right now. winner: Colts.

(3)Packers at (2)Bucs: Assuming Brad Johnson is healthy, I don't see how a Pack team that has struggled so much on the road this year beats a Bucs team that physically dominated them in the last match-up. winner: Bucs.

(5)Giants at (1)Eagles: This is a rivalry that runs in streaks. Giants broke Eagles winning streak, thus that means Giants must develop a winning streak. Winner: Giants.

3rd Round

(5)Colts at (1)Raiders: Two years ago, Raiders had AFC Title game at home, and got whipped. Last year, Raiders had the ball and the lead late against NE, and couldn't get one yard. Manning/Harrison demolish the Raiders secondary. AFC Champs: Colts.

(5)Giants at (2)Bucs: I'm a Giants fan, figure out where I'm going with this one. Close game, Fassel good post-season coach, Gruden poor post-season coach. NFC Champs: Giants.

Super Bowl

(5)Giants vs. (5)Colts: How I want to pick the Giants. Rematch of late season game where Indy was destroyed at home. However, I think this is the year Manning becomes what we expected a year ago. Super Bowl nightmares will be mentioned to Collins all week before game. Super Bowl Champs: Colts.

I want you to know, I agree with everything I've just said.
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Colts/Jets- J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets. I want to thank them for knocking out the Pats, and I will by giving them this game.

Packers/Falcons- Packers. The Jesus push continues, but Atlanta won't beat Favre in Green Bay.

Browns/Steelers- Steelers. My bias showing for Touchdown Tommy and Cowher.

Giants/49ers- Giants. 49ers- Old and busted. Giants- New Hotness (yeah, I don't know how that applies either; I just wanted to use that quote because all the cool kids do).

Second Round:

Jets/Raiders- Raiders. Raiders at home means an early exit for Golden Boy Chad.

Steelers/Titans- Steelers. Titans poor showing in not getting the ball in the endzone vs. Houston doesn't bode well against chugging Steelers offense.

Packers/Bucs- Bucs. Favre will look like the Favre of yesterday vs. Bucs at home.

Eagles/Giants- Eagles. REVENGE!

Third Round:

Steelers/Raiders- Raiders. Da Raiders get Rice into one more Super Bowl.

Eagles/Bucs- Bucs. REVENGE for mid-season win by Eagles puts Gruden in the SB.

Super Bowl:

Raiders/Bucs- Storyline overruns the game. Gruden w/ new hotness vs. the team he left behind. Raiders win in a shootout over Brad Johnson 27-21.

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I think that you're jumping the gun on a few of these. Right now, the Jets are pretty hot, having just come off whipping the Pack (which won't affect them) as well as beating New England (at their place). As much as I love Manning, I can't see the Colts beating a hot Jets team. Not to mention that the Colts have no suitable receiving threat outside of Harrison.
(5)Colts at (4)Jets - Jets.

No qualms with the Pack / Falcons game. Vick will come to play, but it won't be enough.
(6)Falcons at (3)Packers - Packers.

After seeing Maddox pull that job on the Bucs secondary, I have no doubts he can play. This puts him up against an inspired team in the Browns, who can play. However, the Steelers aren't exactly lacking for inspiration, either. If Couch is in, I'd say the Browns win. However, he's not, so they don't.
(6)Browns at (3)Steelers - Steelers.

Giants are also incredibly hot (sense a trend here?). 49ers aren't. Monkey see trend, monkey go with trend.
(5)Giants at (4)49ers - Giants.

Second round:

I don't see the Jets stopping Oakland in Oakland. Unstoppable force meets immovable object - splat.
(4)Jets at (1)Raiders - Raiders.

In all honesty (this especially goes for you Pack fans out there), does anyone see Farve doing anything other than bombing out in Tampa?
(3)Packers at (2)Bucs - Bucs.

To say the Eagles are pissed about their loss to the Giants is probably an understatement. Can't see any way the Giants win in Philly with McNabb back.
(5)Giants at (1)Eagles - Eagles.

Steelers at Titans is an intriguing matchup. All Steve McNair has done over the past 2 months is win football games any way he can. The grit he's shown is virtually unparalleled. It's going to be an unexciting conference final - no Cinderellas anywhere.
(3)Steelers at (2)Titans - Titans.

The Raiders have been great in Oakland. They won't leave the state for the rest of the playoffs. However, the Titans have been surprising me all year long. Risk pick of the week is the Titans scratching and clawing their way to a conference championship.
(2)Titans at (1)Raiders - Titans.

People can speak all they want to about the Bucs getting revenge in Philly for so many years past, but until they stop McNabb in his place, I can't believe it. (Man, it hurts to say that.)
(2)Bucs at (1)Eagles - Eagles.

Super Bowl:
Tough game - these quarterbacks remind me of each other. That being said, I think that the Titans can pull it out - after all, they've been here before (and I'm not going to pick the Eagles after they oust my Bucs, eiher).
Titans at Eagles - Your Super Bowl Champions, the Tennessee Titans.

(Edited because I decided to finish out the picks.)

(edited by TheCow on 30.12.02 1142)

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Colts-Jets: Winner-Jets
Falcons-Packers: Winner-Packers
Browns-Steelers: Winner-Steelers
Giants-49ers: Winner-Giants

Jets-Raiders: Winner-Raiders
Steelers-Titans: Winner-Titans
Bucs-Packers: Winner-Bucs
Eagles-Giants: Winner-Giants

League Championship
Raiders-Titans: Winner-Raiders
Bucs-Giants: Winner-Giants

Super Bowl

Winner- Giants

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Giants/49ers- 49ers
Packers/Falcons: Packers
Browns/Steelers: browns
Colts/Jets: Jets

Bucs/Packers- Bucs
Eagles/49ers- Eagles
Raiders/Browns- Browns in a big upset
Titans/Jets- Titans

Bucs/Eagles- Bucs
Titans/Browns- Titans

Bucs/Titans- Bucs

Like you had to ask.
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Wild Card Round

Indianapolis/N.Y. Jets: Peyton Manning, meet John Abraham. John Abraham, Peyton Manning. I'll let you two get acquainted. PICK: Jets.

Atlanta/Green Bay: Yes, Michael Vick's the greatest thing since sliced bread; but the Packers have NEVER lost a home playoff game. You just don't screw around with streaks like that. PICK: Packers.

Cleveland/Pittsburgh: Cleveland is the greatest possible representative the NFL has of its Bizarro World mentality, but I can't go with them in good faith without Couch under center. PICK: Steelers.

N.Y. Giants/San Francisco: Memo to Steve Mariucci: You picked a real bad time to draw the hottest team in football. Memo to Jeff Garcia: Duck. PICK: Giants.

Divisional Playoffs

N.Y. Jets/Oakland: If the two games in Oakland last year were any indication, this one'll be fun. Probably the toughest game to call. Who gets the grudge match? *flips coin* PICK: Jets.

Green Bay/Tampa Bay: No Driver + Return of the Human Bump Machine + The Pirate Ship = Very Moldy Cheese. P.S. Brett, please don't retire. The league needs you, even if Tampa fans don't. PICK: Bucs.

Pittsburgh/Tennessee: I take that back, THIS will be a fun one. And Steve McNair might actually be able to take a couple of practices! I figure I'll keep the parallelism going. PICK: Titans.

N.Y. Giants/Philadelphia: Grudge match of the highest order. Will McNabb's return help the Eagles or throw 'em out of sync? Considering the Giants' streak, me bet on latter. PICK: Giants.

Conference Championships

N.Y. Jets/Tennessee: Hey I picked it last year, why not second in a row? The Scrappy Young Quarterback Syndrome manifests itself. We have ourselves a supremo upset. PICK: Jets.

N.Y. Giants/Tampa Bay: Oh, I'm sick of explaining myself already. PICK: Bucs.

Super Bowl

N.Y. Jets/Tampa Bay: Seriously, who WOULDN'T want to watch this one???

Tampa Bay 27, N.Y. Jets 24

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Jets are on fire and at home. Manning will throw some picks. Pick: Jets

This game could be really good. The in-season turn around of William Green has been incredible. This game will come down to the last minute. Pick: Browns

Green Bay has to lose a playoff home game sometime. The loss to the Jets was an awful way to go into the playoffs. Pick: Falcons

The Giants on fire but on the road. Pick: 49ers

2nd Round
I think the Raiders are ready to be upset. The AFC has been wild all year anyway. Pick: Browns, in some miracle fashion.

The Titans defense is playing awesome. The d-line, with Kearse back, is unholy. Low scoring game here, McNair wins it late, because that is what he does. Pick: Titans

McNabb may be back, but he also may be rusty. Eagles are going in with a tough loss. Another upset. Pick: Falcons

No matter how bad the Bucs offense looked recently, or how healthy Brad Johnson is, the D should get them through this one easy. Pick: Bucs

3rd Round
The AFC Championship features 0 Pro Bowlers. Browns lose this one late, to break their miserable fans hearts yet again. Pick: Titans

Vick plays better than the two other times, but not good enough to beat Tampa. Pick: Bucs

Super Bowl
Should be boring for fans outside of Nashville and Tampa. I'll pick the Titans because I am a fan and they won the last two times these teams met. Pick: Titans

I hope Ohio State beats Miami.
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Browns over Steelers
Jets over Colts

Raiders over Browns
Titans over Jets

Titans over Raiders


Packers over Falcons
Niners over Giants

Bucs over Packers
Eagles over Niners

Eagles over Bucs

Super Bowl

Eagles over Titans

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Browns over Steelers (gotta have one upset in the AFC)
Jets over Colts (Jets have the momentum)

Giants over Niners (see above comments re: Jets/Colts)
Packers over Falcons (Vick's run ends here)


Raiders over Browns (Browns don't have offense to keep up)
Titans over Jets (Titans are on a mission)

Eagles over Giants (Revenge of the highest order)
Bucs over Packers (Don't see Farve's luck in Tampa changing anytime soon; this is contingent on Brad Johnson playing in this game)


Raiders over Titans (Titans are on a mission, but this is probably the Raiders' -- as currently constructed -- last shot at the ring, and they'll play like it)

Eagles over Bucs (Both quality teams. Both have bad memories of going down to the Rams in the NFC Championship game. The Eagles memories are fresher, and they're at home)


Eagles over Raiders (This is for you, Jaws, Wilbur, and the rest -- I'd include you too, Vermiel, but you got your ring. Raiders will rack up the yardage, but won't necessarily pile up the points. Close, but Eagles pull it out, 24-17)

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I'll be making my picks using quotes from everyone else, if they've picked the same. Picks are bolded.

Wild card:

Stillers/Browns: redsoxnation: "The way Cleveland plays games, I might be tempted to get a piece of the 70-1 Superbowl odds that came out on them."
J-E-T-S jetsjetsjets/Colts: mskj: "Jets are on fire and at home. Manning will throw some picks."

Jints/Niners: Torchslasher: "49ers- Old and busted. Giants- New Hotness." (Okay, I just wanted to use that quote. That'd explain the whole recycling-quotes thing.)
Packers/Falcons: Texas Kelly: "...the Packers have NEVER lost a home playoff game. You just don't screw around with streaks like that."


Browns/Raiders: mskj: " some miracle fashion."
Titans/Jets: shockdown: "Titans are on a mission."

Jints/Eagles: redsoxnation: "Giants broke Eagles winning streak, thus that means Giants must develop a winning streak."
Bucs/Packers: Torchslasher: "Favre will look like the Favre of yesterday vs. Bucs at home."


Browns/Titans: mskj: "The AFC Championship features 0 Pro Bowlers."
Bucs/Jints: Torchslasher: "REVENGE for mid-season win by Eagles puts Gruden in the SB."

SUPA Bowl:
Titans/Bucs: drjayphd: "This time, they'll get that yard."

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Colts/Jets- Jets
Pack/Falcons- Pacl
Browns/Steelers- Steelers
Giants/Niners- Giants

Raiders/Jets- Raiders
Steelers/Titans- Titans
Pack/Bucs- Bucs
Eagles/Giants- Eagles

Raiders/Titans- Raiders
Eagles/Bucs- Eagles

Raiders/Eagle- Raiders. It's been a long wait.

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Colts/Jets - Jets
Packers/Falcons - Falcons
Browns/Steelers - Browns
Giants/Niners - Niners

Raiders/Jets - Raiders
Titans/Browns - Titans
Eagles/Falcons - Eagles
Niners/Bucs - Bucs

Raiders/Titans - Raiders
Bucs/Eagles - Eagles

Raiders/Eagles - Eagles

Ok, so i didn't got out on a huge limb and picked both #1 seeds but I picked these two teams at the beginning of the season so i'm sticking to it.

Edit: Had to change second round because i had wrong matchups, I thought the winner of the Falcons/Packers played the Bucs and winner of Niners/Giants played Eagles.

(edited by Quezzy on 4.1.03 2217)

(edited by Quezzy on 4.1.03 2311)

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Here's what I hope to see happen...

Giants/Niners -- Niners
Pack/Falcons -- Pack
Browns/Steelers -- Steelers
Jets/Colts -- Colts

Raiders/Colts -- Colts
Steelers/Titans -- Titans
TB/GB -- Bucs
Eagles/Niners -- Niners

Colts/Titans -- Titans
Bucs/Niners -- Bucs

Titans/Bucs -- either will make me happy. Titans, I guess.

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Wild Card

Colts/Jets - COLTS - I see the Jets over confident and losing to the Colts

Falcons/Packers - PACKERS - Packers at home

Browns/Steelers - STEELERS - XFL QB proving the XFL wasn't so bad

Giants/ 49ers - 49ERS - Toughest game to choose but just going with homefield


Colts/Raiders - RAIDERS - Shootout Raiders winning late

Packers/ Bucs- PACKERS - Bucs choke! war in wienerville, Mike Sherman tells Sapp to "Suck It" during post match handshakes

Steelers/ Titans- TITIANS - XF-naaaa Titans win.

49ers/ Eagles - 49ERS- McNabb rust


Titians/ Raiders- RAIDERS - Raiders too much fire power

49ers/ Packers - PACKERS - Look Packers home again, which equals a win.


Raiders/Packers-SuperBowl Champions the GREEN BAY PACKERS- Raider kicker Janikowski gets arrested the night before the superbowl leaving the Raiders kickerless. The Pack hit their kicks the Raiders don't

(edited by Net Hack Slasher on 1.1.03 2222)

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#15 Posted on
Colts/Jets- Jets
Pack/Falcons- Pack
Browns/Steelers- Steelers
Giants/Niners- Giants

Raiders/Jets- Raiders
Steelers/Titans- Steelers
Pack/Bucs- Pack
Eagles/Giants- Eagles

Raiders/Steelers- Steelers
Eagles/Pack- Eagles

Steelers/Eagles - Eagles

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Colts/Jets - Jets
Packers/Falcons - Packers
Browns/Steelers - Steelers
Giants/Niners - Giants

Raiders/Jets - Raiders
Titans/Steelers - Titans
Bucs/Packers - Bucs
Eagles/Giants - Giants

Raiders/Titans - Raiders
Bucs/Giants - Bucs

Raiders/Bucs - Raiders

I would love to pick Giants/Jets, but in our office pool, the winner gets a sandwich, so I gotta pick the Raiders.

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#17 Posted on
Im not going to bore anyone with game by game breakdowns, Im picking the same as I did in the preseason.
Raiders vs. Philly with the Raiders winning.
But I would really like to see Raiders vs. Bucs just for the story lines,despite the fact this would stick the raiders with the final two picks in the first round. The bucs already screwed up by making the playoffs so they might as well go all the way. Besides watching Middleton and Robbins manhandle Sapp would be worth the price of admission.

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#18 Posted on
Giants/49ers- Giants. This one is going to be ugly I think, and Tiki Barber is going to have a BIG day.

Packers/Falcons: Packers. I so am tempted to pick the Falcons here, esp. with Driver injured. But just like in WWE, you have to pay some dues unless you're name is Tom Brady. Next year Mr. Vick.

Browns/Steelers: Browns. William Green is a man who runs the ball very well, and he has been getting better by the week. In Scrub War '03 I'm picking Holdcombe over Maddox.

Colts/Jets: Jets. I hate the Colts, and they cannot ride Manning/Harrison forever. The Colts need Edge to step up and he will not do so.

Bucs/Packers- Packers. Brett Favre vs. Brad Johnson. This is a matchup I will bet happily in the playoffs.

Eagles/Giants- Eagles. This is just an awful game to try and guess the winner of, and I think the winner of this one is going to the Super Bowl in the NFC.

Raiders/Browns- I am officially tired of the entire AFC. A whole conference of Bipolar teams who need their meds. Since the whole year in the AFC has failed to make any logical sense, I'm saying the Browns.

Titans/Jets- Titans. McNair has been on a roll, and I don't idly bet against the team on a roll. Plus the Jets are the Jets.

Packers/Eagles- Eagles. Favre can only do so much. Green has not looked good yet since injury. Who knows about Driver's health. I'm taking the team with the big D.

Titans/Browns- Titans. And all good runs must end. This is the ultimate in games where if the spread is more than 3, I'd say bet on the dog, they're gonna cover.

Eagles/Titans-Eagles. I just don't think the AFC has what it takes to stop the big NFC team this year. McNair will get beaten soundly by the Eagles defense, and McNabb or Feeley or Detmer or Jaworski will do enough to win for them.

Like you had to ask.

May all of you have a Happy Kwanzaa.

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#19 Posted on
Without explanation (for the most part):

Steelers over Browns
Packers over Falcons (duh)
Jets over Colts
Giants over Niners (hot team syndrome)

Titans over Steelers
Packers over Buccaneers (rose colored glasses, anyone?)
Raiders over Jets
Eagles over Giants

Titans over Raiders (#1 seed hasn't advanced often from AFC lately)
Eagles over Packers (dammit)

Titans over Eagles (don't know why)

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Doncha think the LEAST he could've done was to come to camp in shape last year? And playing on "a team that was never going anwhere last year" is no excuse to just mail it in.
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