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25.6.18 0901
The W - Pro Wrestling - Must wee weekend of wrestling (not WMXX)
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Revolution Pro's One Step Beyond

Marck 6th 2004 2:00P.M.

Frank and Sons Collectible Show
19649 E. San Jose Ave.
City of Industry, CA

Anyone within driving distance seriously owes it to themselves to get to this show. The address is right there, so no excuses. You can go to Yahoo and get driving directions from your house right to the show. And those who aren't should definitely pick up the tape when it becomes available at This is looking to be Rev Pro's biggest show ever, and that's saying quite a bit.

Rev Pro Heavyweight Title Match
Babi Slymm © vs. Super Dragon

Those who were at "The Next Step" got a small taste of what this match is going to be like. I went into the show not expecting anything from a Babi Slymm & Kenny King vs. Super Dragon & Phoenix Star match, but I was pleasantly surprised when I realized how wrong I was. Watching Slymm take all of Dragon's signature dickishness and throw it right back at him was great. For the first time, Super Dragon was the underdog in a match, actually being pretty much dominated by Slymm the entire time. Slymm's been picking up alot of momentum since then, including a strong title defense against Joey Ryan, and this is the match where he's going to truly break out.

Rev Pro Junior Heavyweight Title Match
Rising Son © vs. Scorpio Sky

If there's any feud that's been built up better then Slymm/Dragon, it's Son/Sky. This feud has been steadilly building up since Rising Son left the company in early 2003, after being Humiliated by Scorpio Sky. Since coming back, it's been his mission to take back the success that Scorp "stole" from him. In their first match, Scorpio Sky knocked Rising Son out after a very heated brawl. Their second match with a ladder match in Rev X, where Son pulled off Sky's mask. Sky dropped off the ladder and covered up his face to protect his identity, giving Son the opportunity to grab the title. This is the rubber match that will most likely be the blowoff. These two really seem to click in the ring, and are able to portray an actual hatred for each other, which really brings heat to their encounters. Now, with Rising Son in the newly formed Agressive Thrill Attraction, there's so many places this thing could go.

Rev Pro Tag Team Title Match
La Familia de Tijuana vs. Tigers Mask & Black Tigers

Who wouldn't want to see this? Seriously, you've got Damien666 and Halloween, one of the most overrated tag teams in the indies, taking on Tiger's Mask and Black Tigers. I can safely assume this is the only time you are ever going to see this match up.

Mixed Rev Pro/Osaka Pro Match
Topgun Talwar/Kuishinbo Kamen vs. The Human Tornado/Ebessan

I'm really glad Rev Pro decided to throw Topgun and Tornado into the mix here. Yes, Ebessan and Kamen's singles matches have always been great, but with TNA and PWG having singles matches between the two in this same three day period, it would have been a little excessive. Throw two funny motherfuckers like Topgun Talwar and The Human Tornado in there, and it becomes a memorable match.

Tag Team Grudge Match
Chris Bosh/Disco Machine vs. Quick Silver/Phoenix Star

Bosh has seriously become one of my favorite guys to watch since turning heel. He knows what to do to piss people off and just make people not like him in general. This should be a great match, because all these guys know each other really well. Especially Bosh and Quicksilver who got into the business together, and Disco's one of the guys who trained them.

Loser Leaves Rev Pro Match
El Mongol vs. Extreme Loco

These two went absolutely fucking nuts at "The Next Step" including tables and some brutal chair shots, something you don't normally see from a Revolution Pro show (unlike Rev X). I think it's safe to assume this is going to be more of that viciousness, which is going to round out the card nicely. You know you've done something right, when the Loser Leaves Town match is the least looked forward to match on the card.

Zokre vs. Ronin

I'm expecting this one to be the sleeper match of the night. Zokre is one of the best wrestlers that absolutely no one talks about. Ronin has impressed the hell out of me with all of his stuff recently, especially the Fight for the Revolution Finals with Johnny Paradise. His style is very mat based, mixed with a heavy influence from Super Dragon (which makes sense considering he's Super Dragon's favorite wrestler). He should be a great base for Zokre's amazing high flying lucha, and I think the contrast in styles is really going to work in their favor.

American Wild Child/Angel vs. Charles Mercury/R2K

This should be a fun, comedy inspired match up. AWC and Angel work well as a tag team, and Mercury is one of the best Rudos Dojo workers around. I've only seen one match with R2K, and his work reminded me of AWC's so he should fit into this match nicely. It's also refreshing to see the owner of a company booking himself in the opener, and not being World Champion of their promotion for once. You're also seriously not going to find a cooler guy in the business then AWC.

Overall, there's no reason anyone in the SoCal area would miss such a packed show. This card has pretty much everything you could ask for in a show. This is a perfect time to come out and support indy wrestling, and have alot of fun watching some unbelievable wrestling in the process. I can gauruntee you if you let this show slip you by, you're going to look back and regret it.

And if that wasn't enough, later that night in Hollywood New Japan's Inoki Dojo Presents Toukon 2.

IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Title Match
HEAT (C) vs. American Dragon

Exhibition Match
Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Ken Shamrock

Gurentai (NOSAWA & Masada) vs. Bobby Quance & Aaron Aguilera (Hardkore Kidd)

Havana Pitbulls vs. Tommy (Billy Kim) & X

Jose (Moreno) vs. Iceman

Cyrus vs. Brad Bradley

Cobra 2 vs. Chad (Wicks)

C'mon. You've got HEAT vs. American Dragon for the IWGP Jr. Title, that's reason enough to fly in for. Then you've got Nakamura and Shamrock in what will most likely be a worked shoot used to put Nakamura over, which could be fun. Both tag matches have the potential to be really fucking good, and the other three matches all have potential. Jose and Chad looked good from what I've seen (check for a look), and I'm a big fan of Bradley. Plus, you're going to witness the debut of Cobra 2, which is at the least, a novelty in itself.

And finally, the next day PWG is holding their huge March 7th show at the Santa Ana Elk's Lodge.

By Silverback, PWG Staff Writer

Citrus Heights, California - With tensions running high after "Taste The Radness," Pro Wrestling Guerrilla ( decided to lighten the mood by bringing in two of the most light hearted wrestlers on earth; American Dragon and Brad Bradley! But to off set the easy going nature of that match, PWG also decided to book two of the most intense rivals wrestling has ever seen, two men whose hatred burns with the heat of ten thousand suns; Ebessan and Kuishinbo Kamen! On March 7 at the Santa Ana Elks Lodge, wrestlers will collide, matches will take place, battles will be won, and limbs will be lost!

• "Black Tigers" Jeremy Lopez vs. Puma - Recently returning from safari in Japan where he hunted the elusive Tigers Mask, Jeremy Lopez has come back to the United States in order to capture the majestic Puma! Lopez has spent months tracking his quarry, and finally has tracked Puma to the Los Angeles area, and like any great hunter, has even predicted where the mighty beast will be! Fans in the first three rows, consider yourselves forewarned! Not only will you be in the proximity of phenomenal professional wrestling, but you will also be near Jeremy Lopez and a loaded elephant rifle, trying to shoot down Puma, one of the fastest men in the sport today! Please bring adequate protection, such as a kevlar vest or a thick sweater.

• Bobby Quance vs. Tigers Mask - When one of the most promising up and comers in professional wrestling comes to PWG and demands a match with another young wrestler from a completely different side of the world, Comissioner Paul T tells them to go fly a kite. However, Bobby Quance and Tigers Mask are both really nice young men, and would never make such a demand of PWG or Comissioner Paul T. Therefore, to instill a bit of a mean streak in one, or possibly both men, Paul T made this match with one stipulation: the loser must walk home! While Los Angeles resident Quance isn't too worried about this, Tigers Mask definetely feels like he has something to prove, and will be giving it all at "88 Miles Per Hour!"

• Gurentai (MASADA & NOSAWA) vs. Havana Pitbulls (Ricky Reyes & Rocky Romero) - In the Democratic People's Republic of Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, all international competitors are required to register with all 6 bodies of the government, from the Department of State (Joey Ryan) to the Department of Agriculture (Scott Lost). With that said, it is no surprise that upon registration for "88 Miles Per Hour," the Havana Pitbulls found that they will not receive a title shot, but will face off in a DPRPWG/United Nations sanctioned match again Gurentai, the team of Japan's MASADA and Mexico's NOSAWA. Will the winners of this match receive a title shot down the line, or will evil Ministers of State and Agriculture plot and scheme their way out of another title defense?

• American Dragon vs. Brad Bradley - Imagine this scene: A man riding in a limousine decides that he wants a better view of the city, so he opens the sunroof, sticks his head out, and takes in the sights and sounds of Los Angeles at 35 miles per hour. At that very moment, a clown on stilts is crossing the street, on his way to the circus, or possibly a festival, or perhaps even a street fair. Closing in on the clown, the limo driver depresses the brake pedal, only to find that he is unable to stop! The driver lays on the horn, and the clown, startled by the sudden noise, stops dead in his tracks, bends over and looks backward between his legs at the incoming threat. The limo passes under the clown's body, the car goes between the stilted legs, but the head of the clown and the head of the limo passenger collide, instantly decapitating both men! As crazy as that sounds, the match between American Dragon and the Midwest's own Brad Bradley will be even crazier!

• Frankie Kazarian & Babi Slymm vs. "Scrap Iron" Adam Pearce & Hardkore Kidd - Much like the proposed merger between Comcast & Disney, Frankie Kazarian and Babi Slymm decided to come together in the face of increased market pressure, the increased market pressure in this case being Hardkore Kidd and PWG Champion Adam Pearce! With the belt in his hands, and the new partnership with Hardkore Kidd, Adam Pearce is doing all he can to insure that his title reign will more successful than Frankie Kazarian's! Without a rematch clause in his contract, Frankie is forced to work his way back into title contention, but because Slymm was the last to be eliminated in the 4-way match for the title in January, Frankie is not instantly named number one contender. Also attributed to the convoluted nature of the PWG title picture is the position of the moon, Commissioner Paul T's mood, especially on days where he is forced to go on missions with the other Surf Ninjas, and the rulings of the Santa Ana Elks. Therefore, challenges were made, a tag match was signed, and gauntlets were thrown!

• Ebessan vs. Kuishinbo Kamen - In every super heroic relationship, there is a leader and a sidekick. From Batman & Robin to Superman & Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen, that's just how it is. However, when it came time for Japanese crime fighters Kuishinbo Kamen and Ebessan to make a decision about the nature of their relationship, the men failed to reach acceptable terms, and their days as partners was over. For many years now, their battle has raged all over the great continent of Japan, from the icy wastes in the far, far north, to the arid, 10,000 square mile desert in the south, seemingly no place in Japan was safe from the destruction brought by these powerful forces! Now, not even the peaceful island nation of America can avoid the rampage! Entire cities have been leveled, fields left fallow and radioactive, water left polluted and undrinkable, all in the name of figuring out who is the Green Hornet, and who is Kato? Who is Super Dave Osborne, and who is Fuji?! Find out on March 7th!

Guerrilla Games Elimination Match
• Super Dragon, Disco Machine, Excalibur, Joey Ryan, & Scott Lost vs. Topgun Talwar, Scorpio Sky, Quicksilver, Chris Bosh, & Charles Mercury - The paint that is hatred which was sprayed and speckled all over the canvas that is PWG has barely had time to dry when another bucket of hateful paint will be thrown carelessly in the direction of the PWG canvas. No, fans, this is not a bit by painter/auteur Andy Warhol, this is, in fact, the biggest rivalry PWG has ever seen! Much like a great painting, there are many subtle elements to this Guerrilla Games Elimination Match, so subtle that only the trained eye can see them. To some, this may appear to be simply a fight between Ye Olde Timers and the youngsters, the vets against the rookies, painted easily with broad strokes. To others, the individual feuds and agendas make up the finer details, the finer details of the biggest metaphorical painting that fans have metaphorically seen! Whatever the case may be, this match will end with one team, and one team only as the clear winner, with the canvas painted in the loser's blood! (See, that's tricky, because I could mean the canvas of the ring, or the canvas of the painting I referred to earlier, there's only one way to find out what I really meant!)

"88 Miles Per Hour" takes place Sunday, March 7, 2004 at the Santa Ana Elks Lodge, at 5:00PM. The Santa Ana Elks Lodge is located at 212 S. Elk Lane, Santa Ana, CA 92701. Tickets are $18 each, and will be available at the door. Tickets will be available online at, or by mail (PWG Tickets, PO Box 1527, Temple City, CA 91780. Certified checks or money orders only, please.) For more information, please visit or email

The press release alone warrants any and all available wrestling fans to do everything in their power to get to the show. But when you add in the actual wrestling that's going to be on the card? C'mon, it's not even a question.

This is the type of weekend people all over should be flying in to witness, seriously. The chance to see guys like HEAT, Ebessan, and Kuishinbo Kamen won't come around again, and if it does, it'll be a long time before it does. All three shows have matches that people will be talking about for a long, long time. So do yourself a favor, and cancel any plans you have for this weekend, and come down and witness three wrestling shows you'll never forget.

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(edited by CRZ on 2.3.04 1244)
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Dave Gagnon

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(deleted by CRZ on 2.3.04 1243)

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Well all the events are the weekend BEFORE WMXX

as a SoCal indy fan, I guess i'm happy to see the word being spread around by two of the top local indies (seeing that they deserve just as much exposure as places like ROH on the East Coast). Especially PWG and Paul T bringing in the Osaka Pro guys. As kickass as the PWG press releases are though, spam is still spam though and chances are likely this'll be moved/deleted.

There probably are better ways than just typical spamming. A couple times before people have had some other Indy show related threads that turned into actual discussions. Afterall, this is a discussion board. You might've been better off trying an approach like that. I know many folks here follow the indy scene and all.

But i'll shut up now.

(I still wish PWG didn't move their shows to Santa Ana. too damn far for me.)


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Yes, because we all know that it doesn't matter unless it's the WWE right? American Dragon? HEAT? Bobby Quance and the Havana Pitbulls? Super Dragon? Ebessan, Kuishinbo Kamen, Tigers Mask, Black Tigers? These guys must be awful, if they haven't been signed by Vince, right? I mean, what's the IWGP Jr. Title anyways?

Listen, I wasn't trying to knock WMXX, or even compare these shows to it. It's shaping up to be one of the beest WWE shows in a long time. All I was trying to do was spread the word, and get some discussion going about what's looking to be the best weekend of indy wrestling in a long, long time.

This isn't a spam, I'm not some representative for any of the promotions involved. Just a fan looking to spread the word on some great wrestling, in the hopes of exposing some wrestling fans to an alternative.
The Thrill

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Dear God. They put their strap on Scrap Iron?

One of the biggest dicks in all of indy wrestling. Used to be a big babyface with us, turned heel, became an ass backstage, flunked outta the WCW Power Plant, and left for Cali. We brought him back once in 2001, and he jumped the rail going after some fan.

I'll applaud any efforts to promote good indy pro wrestling...but Pearce is a schmuck.

Star wipe, and...we're out.
Thrillin' ain't easy.

ACW-NWA Wisconsin
Home Video Technical Director...&
A2NWO 4 Life!
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I was once WOTD, and nobody bothered to tell me?

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The lesson, as always...clowns are scary.

"America’s top dog is a big, slobbering, barking dog named Josh" [AP]

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Is this a must wee weekend because every match has "bathroom break" written all over it? :rimshot:

What are you, some sort of critic?

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    Originally posted by The Thrill
    Dear God. They put their strap on Scrap Iron?

    One of the biggest dicks in all of indy wrestling. Used to be a big babyface with us, turned heel, became an ass backstage, flunked outta the WCW Power Plant, and left for Cali. We brought him back once in 2001, and he jumped the rail going after some fan.

    I'll applaud any efforts to promote good indy pro wrestling...but Pearce is a schmuck.

Points taken and well understood, Thrill. And I remember you mentioning this in a previous thread. (With all do respect, of course) Since coming to Socal, Pearce hasn't caused quite the same commotion. I could probably say there are guys worse than him in SoCal, behavio- wise than when he was in ACW. I'm not sure if this was pre-UPW or not. But he's been alot less...err...physical, I guess you could say.

Compared to guys like Super Dragon who get in fans' faces (after being provoked of course. these fans have usually been asses too) and pours drinks on them (although Super Dragon is revered as an indy God of sorts 'round these parts). I won't go into this more since I don't know ALL the details. But this was discussed over at the SoCal Uncensored forums in a debate over "cheap heat".

So basically, I guess I don't disagree at all with you calling Pearce a schmuck for what he did in your promotion. Just wanted to say he's played nice in far.

If ever you're interested, he posts on the SoCal boards under "Old School Memphis"

p.s. Support Indy Wrestling! Since hey, they're not all schmucks.

(edited by GrubbyLongJohns on 2.3.04 1117)


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    Originally posted by StaggerLee
    Whats a CHOMPION?

Is it like a Chimpokomon?

You are Rob Van Dam
You are Rob Vam Dam

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