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The W - Pro Wrestling - Most brutal chairshots in WWF history
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Super Shane Spear

Since: 2.1.02
From: Sector 7 Slums

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#1 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.08
After seeing Jeff lay into Taker last night, I got to thinking about some of the best-looking (can't really say how they felt) chairshots ever conducted. I was hoping to get some of yours as well.

My favorite of all-time is when after Rocky interrupted Ken Shamrock's gauntlet of The Nation. Kenny pointed to his face, asking Rock to nail him, so he did. It was, in my mind, the best chairshot of all time, almost sickening enough to turn away.

Speaking of the Rock, there's always Royal Rumble '99. But no ONE chairshot really stood out in my mind. It was really the face that he laid into Mick about ten or eleven times.

Honorable Mention: Royal Rumble '01 when Taker SLAMMED Maven with that chair. Just sick.

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Since: 28.1.02
From: Louisville, KY

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#2 Posted on
I seem to remember Tank Abbott taking one (from Funk??) that darn near destroyed the chair. It looked incredibly wicked.

It MIGHT have been the other way around, now that I think of it, Abbott on Funk. Nasty. That one last night was pretty wicked though

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Since: 22.6.02
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#3 Posted on
I don't know why I remember this one, but when Rick Rude came back and joined DX, he nailed Mankind with a sick chair shot

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Evil Antler God
Potato korv

Since: 10.1.02

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#4 Posted on
one DID stand out in my mind at the Rumble, the first one that dropped Foley after he got cuffed......that was sickening, Rock blasted the living hell out of him

honorable mention to Dusty Rhodes and the Breakaway Chair of Doom to Meng's head.....even if it wasn't technically in the WWF

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Parts Unknown
Lap cheong

Since: 2.1.02
From: Darkenwood

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#5 Posted on
Earlier this year when Matt Hardy wrapped a chair around Lesnar's head. That was punishment, folks.

I also liked the time Hogan hit Earthquake in the back with a chair and left monstrous welts on him.

When Christian turned and hit Edge out of nowhere was great, too.

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Since: 17.1.02
From: New F'n Jersey

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#6 Posted on
I'll go with the Austin and Foley moment where both had chairs, but Austin absolutely NAILED Foley's chair back into his face (this was during the "Corporate Dude Love" phase around April/May 1998).

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Since: 18.6.02

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#7 Posted on
About 5 years ago, when HBK was feuding with Taker, just before the formation of D-X. I believe it was HBK & HHH vs. Taker & Mankind on Raw. Anyway, HBK smashed Taker over the head with a chair, and then Taker did the sit-up, but HBK whacked him again. I don't remember if Taker bladed, or if it was hardway, but regardless, those were 2 brutal chair shots. If HBK would've hit him any harder, Taker would've been wearing the chair around his neck.

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Since: 22.1.02
From: Texas

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#8 Posted on
During the Edge/Christian ladder match, Edge gave Christian a one-man concerto atop the ladder for the finisher. I don't remember the impact, but Christian sold it like he was dead. Excellent work.

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The Great Thomas

Since: 17.6.02
From: Miami, Florida

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#9 Posted on
The First Blood Match: Kane/Taker Vs. Rikishi/Haku. It was the second time I saw a steel chair getting bent by Meng's head.

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Texas Kelly
Lap cheong

Since: 3.1.02

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#10 Posted on
Sickest ever: Rock's chairshots to Mankind after he got handcuffed; the I Quit match at Royal Rumble 1999. Closest I've ever come to throwing up while watching wrestling, and it only solidified my mark hatred (and smark love) for Rock even further, which is what it was supposed to do.

The chairshot heard 'round the world: Worchester, last Raw of 1998, by Steve Austin to Rock, allowing Mankind to win the WWF title for the first time and triggering probably the most emotional (not greatest necessarily, but most emotional) markout moment in the history of wrestling.

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Since: 2.1.02
From: Victoria, BC, Canada

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#11 Posted on
One of the hardest chair shots I've ever seen is The British Bulldog on Mankind during the Hart Foundation V.S. Mankind / Steve Austin feud on an episode of Raw.

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Since: 25.6.02

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#12 Posted on
Personally, the Rock/Shamrock one is an everlasting favorite, but another that really stands out for me is the exchange between Cactus and HHH at Rumble 2000, where Hunter hit Foley with the chair so hard, the damn thing broke.

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Since: 2.1.02
From: Madison, WI

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#13 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.22

    Originally posted by Evil Antler God
    one DID stand out in my mind at the Rumble, the first one that dropped Foley after he got cuffed......that was sickening, Rock blasted the living hell out of him.

I'll second that - Foley took some stiff shots later in that match as well. Watch "Beyond The Mat" and look at the *huge* gash in Foley's scalp after that match - and that was with Foley wearing the leather headgear, too.


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Pegasus Kid

Since: 2.7.02

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#14 Posted on
    honorable mention to Dusty Rhodes and the Breakaway Chair of Doom to Meng's head.

Hmm? You know for some reason I keep thinking it was Sting that hit Meng with that chair. I recall Flair bringing in Meng as a bodyguard and Sting smashed a wooden chair over Meng's head. Maybe on a Clash?

Anyway; my vote for best chair shot goes to Austin nailing Billy Gunn in the midst of his run in on the Mankind vs Rock WWF Title match from the last RAW of 1998.

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Justin Baisden

Since: 10.4.02
From: New York City, NY

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#15 Posted on
I've always thought Bradshaw gave out the most vicious chairshots. The most memorable was his destruction of the Mean Street Posse. I remember him unloading on both Rodney and Pete Gas while Farooq was tied up with Joey Abs.

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Tribal Prophet

Since: 9.1.02
From: Winnipeg, MB, Canada

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#16 Posted on
I can't remember if it was Mideon or Viscera, but Mick Foley took a helluva shot from one of them on a RAW show. It was a baseball-type swing and not a normal overhead one that just had no give to it. (It's in his book, the part where Monica Seles was supposed to be there watching, but left early).

After writing that and thinking for a bit, my pick would have to be the first one Foley took from the Rock too. With his hands cuffed, there was no way to block it. Foley took that one like a punk backyard wrestler who thinks he's gonna make it one day.

Tribal Prophet

Since: 8.6.02
From: Canada

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#17 Posted on
Mine ladies and germs would have to be these two. One, Hell in the Cell, the very first one. The whole well-booked match goes on as planned, and gets to the point where nature takes its course and Shawn starts to get the hell beat out of him. He falls through the table, then is eventually chokeslammed off the top rope, then as he stumbles to his feet, Taker takes the blue chair and WAFFLES him with it. It didn't make a loud noise, but it had more bass (base) than any chairshot I've ever seen.

And Hogan/Andre in their tourney match at WM 4. Hogan gets this chair from Andre, and Andre throws it at Hogan's head from point blank...And it dings off Hulk's skull. Not a smack, a high pitched clang off the man's head, like a big metal stirring spoon against the cement. Godawful.

Dammit, Hulk gave it his all in those days.

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#18 Posted on

    I can't remember if it was Mideon or Viscera, but Mick Foley took a helluva shot from one of them on a RAW show. It was a baseball-type swing and not a normal overhead one that just had no give to it. (It's in his book, the part where Monica Seles was supposed to be there watching, but left early).

It was Mideon and it WAS a vicious right to the side of the face.

Kane's taken a few that have had me wondering if he's going to ever get up.


Since: 2.1.02
From: MD, USA

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#19 Posted on | Instant Rating: 8.18

I still burn with disgust when thinking about the Rumble match between Mick and Rock.

I remember writing a savage column condeming the Rock for violating the trust between wrestlers, which also included him throwing blindly the steel steps out of the ring onto Mick, who was on the floor.

Boy, did I get hate mail on that one, especially when I compared Rock to Akira Maeda.

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Scott Summets

Since: 27.6.02

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#20 Posted on
I was at the Rumble this year, and when Taker plastered Maven with that Chairshot, it sounded like a gunshot over the whole arena. Also, Maven didn't lift his hands, he took it head on and it was a huge shot. It was so sick to see live (and cool at the same time).

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