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22.6.18 0617
The W - Pro Wrestling - More random tape-watching - August 95 WWF stuff
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Ten Millionth Hit

Since: 19.3.02
From: Ontario, Canada

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#1 Posted on
Time to dig into the tape archive and see what I
can find. We're off to August of 1995, and a
whole bunch of stuff from RAW, Challenge &

1. From Superstars, it's Hakushi vs. The Portugese
Man O' War, Aldo Montoya. The best thing about having
Vince McMahon as an on-screen character is not
having to listen to him announce. Montoya is, of
course, Justin Credible, with a yellow jockstrap on
his face and equally goofy padding that he wears to the
ring. It's strange to see knife-edge chops being
delivered without WOOOOs from the audience. Montoya
does a nice headscissor to send Hak to the floor,
and follows up with a pescado. For some reason at
this point, the announcers go silent. Montoya is
controlling most of the match, and I forgot that
he actually had some nice moves at this point. His
Northern Lights Suplex is perfect. The top-rope
moonsault wasn't though, missing and looking like
a fish out of water in the process. Falcon arrow into
the top-rope headbutt for 3 from there. Hakushi
sure had a great entrance/theme combo though. He'd turn
face about a month or so later, with Barry Horowitz trying
to Americanize him.

2. Still on Superstars, it's veteran Brickhouse
Brown, sadly reduced to job duty against Hunter Hearst
Helmsley. HHH's only heat at this point is a gold
clap or three from the crowd. A hiptoss is blocked,
andd Brown is quickly Pedigreed.

3. Barry Didinsky hawks WWF Mad Caps. POGs to
the rest of you. I spy a Mantaur one. Remember
Mantaur? He's back! In POG form.

4. One of my favourite angles of all-time is up
next. The continuation of the Horowitz Wins angle
with Skip. This time, Skip bets Barry wouldn't
last 10 minutes with him. Hence this match with
the 10 minute stepulation. Barry was always one
of the more vanilla wrestlers, never having
anything flashy, but always being competent at the
basics and counters. An abdominal stretch into a
roll-up is the example in this. Also it's nice
to see Sunny back before she got any sort of push
as a diva before the WWF had divas. Around
the 5-minute mark, Skip enters into asshole mode,
slapping Barry around. Barry gets in a few minor
shots (elbows, forearms) until Skip misses a
corner charge. After a few European uppercuts,
Barry misses a charge himself. They then trade
a bunch of two counts approaching the two
minute mark. As we approach the minute mark, Barry
gets slammed, and the top rope splash misses.
A whole buncha two counts traded by both men after
that, but no 3 counts as time expires. So, Barry wins.

5. Jean-Pierre Lafitte squashes Jerry Faith. Some
nice stuff from Pierre here, as he debuts the move
when he has the jobber on his shoulders, then
does a forward roll. Fit Finlay also did one in every match. Le Cannonball to end an enjoyable squash.

6. An Isaac Yankem segment sees Isaac & Lawler
in the office, being briefly turned to skeleton
form as they give a patient X-rays. I prefered
Dr. Wagnerstein myself.

7. Squashers: The Blu Twins (w/ Uncle Zebekiah).
Squashees: Tim McNeany & Paul Vandale. Highlight
is Barry Didinisky selling a WWF backpack,
complete with a cassette of WWF theme music, a
WWF magazine and, I swear I am not making this
up, a Big Daddy Cooler. Only $29.95. for everything.

8. Kama beats up Burt Centeno, then destroys a Creature
of the Night at ringside. The CotN was rumoured to be
Shane McMahon, and the resemblance is is amazing, but
a search of old RSPW postings showed the creature was,
in fact, Doug Basham.

9. Whoa! The first Goldust promo. All goldface at
this point, except for black lips. I'm amazed this
first appearance didn't send Dusty off into the land
of quadruple bypass.

10. Oh joy. Let's relive one of Vince's worst ideas ever. King Mabel. Bam Bam Bigelow is the opposition. Since it's Mabel that's maineventing Summerslam, the result is a given. It's the standard "knock the big man down" stuff to start. Cripes, Mabel can't even run from corner to corner without being winded. Bigelow walks into a sidewalk slam, and then Mabel takes over, as the match grinds to a glorified halt. Mabel misses an avalanche, and Bigelow heads up to the top, where he is tripped up by Mo shaking the ropes. Belly-to-belly and the King wins.

11. More BTWF stuff, as the Smoking Gunns squash
Brian Walsh who is tagged with some guy wuth a haircut
that looks more like the top of a mushroom named
Jeff Hardy. Normal black tights for Jeff, who
makes the Gunns look like a million bucks with
his selling.

12. Oh crud. It's Doink. Then the opponents theme music
starts. "Lives are gonna be in Waylon Mercy's hands. You
know what I mean?" WOO FUCKING HOO! Random piano music
follows the words. The subtle on/off psycho was an incredible concept, and would have been mega-over in 1997/98. He's already to starting to get over at this point, but sadly, his knees gave out, and he was jobbed to Savio at IYH 3, then vanished. The sleeper is highlighted by a LOUD chant of "Kill the Clown", and a mega-face pop for the end of it. Waylon was being pushed as a heel at this point. There were, maybe a couple of non-gag in-ring appearances for Doink after this, as Vince McMahon did what the fans chanted. One of the most memorable crowd moments in
RAW history. Best thing on the tape so far.

13. Another Smoking Gunns squash. A fat guy with
Engine on his tights and a skinny guy with Caboose
on his are the squashees. When Bart has the least
impressive mullet in a match, you're in for interesting
viewing. When Engine can't take a hip toss, you
just hope it'll be over quick. Caboose is in for about
10 seconds before getting sidewinded. E

14. Another Waylon Mercy match. He had "tatooes"
reading Redemption and Torment on his one arm.
Waylon DDTs Tony Roy on the floor, claiming "he
slipped". Mercy by countout, all while claiming
that "He's sorry. He slipped. I'm an innocent man". As
he walks to the back, he thanks the fans for coming out
to see him wrestle. All of Mercy's stuff, even in
squashes, was incredible, moreso for character than
wrestling, obviously.

15. Jeff Hardy's back to get squashed again, this time
wearing some hideous pink, black and yellow tights. Hunter
Hearst Helmsley is more over here than last time,
but this was taking place during a live RAW, where the
crowds would pop for everything.

16. Todd Pettengil with your Summerslam '95 card.

17. Jerry Lawler vs. Shawn Michaels. HBK is mega-over at this point, as IC champion. Can he carry Lawler to a good match? Well, the King is about a second behind when he gets tripped up by HBK, so this doesn't look good. There's way too much cheap heat stalling from Lawler. It gets Heat from the crowd, but it's boring as sin on TV. Michaels slips out of a piledriver on the way down, which has to render him as some sort of minor Memphis diety. Well, if Lawler won't do much, you can at least rely on '95 HBK for a good bump or 3. Most notable here was him doing the Flair-esque upside dowb to turnbuckle run, then collapsing to the floor. Sid's at ringside now, BTW. Lawler barely seems to be trying, and his missed top-rope splash was among the worst I've seen anywhere. Cue HBK comeback, and the Sweet Chin Music. Lawler falls from the ring, and Sid runs in for a DQ. Because Lawler needs to keep his heat.

18. 1-2-3 Kid makes short work of the Brooklyn Brawler. Leg lariat into a roll-up for 3.

19. Oh boy. Undertaker vs. Tatanka. I've been good about watching these matches without hitting the fast forward button. Please, allow me this one.

20. BTWF part 3 on this tape. Scott Taylor is neither Too Hot or 2 Hotty at this point, but he can do the job to Jean-Pierre Lafitte. The Faith squash was much better.

21. There's a small bit of a lucha match here. All I can make out is the rudo tandem. Mascara Ano 2000. Fishman. Killer. As far as bad trios go, that would be one that is nightmare-inducing.

22. Brian Walsh against Sid. Walsh sells every blow from Sid like a bullet, jumping 4-5 feet in the air to take the chokeslam. That's the end of this tape.

23. Rad Radford headbangs his way to the ring, but he's against Bret Hart, so the result is given. They start the feud between Bret & Lafitte, after Jean-Pierre steals Bret's jacket. Rad's only real offense is a WHATTADEVASTATINGMOVE, or a spinebuster to people not named Vince McMahon. Hey! Bret does a Thesz Press into a flurry of punches. That's not a Bret move that I recalled, at least after someone made it famous. 4 of the five moves of doom, and then it's sharpshooter time.

24. BTWF Part 4. Jason Ahrndt went onto continual jobbing with the Mean Street Posse, but his partner is Matt Hardy, who had a little more fame, strangely enough with HV written on his tights. Their opponents, the Blu Twins, sell nothing from either man, and win with a Hart Attack-style clothesline, pinning Matt.

25. Nick Barbarry is going to be squashed by someone, but the tape ends before we find out who.

Next time, some Nitros from 1996.

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The Psycho Pirate

Since: 31.3.02
From: Earth-Three

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#2 Posted on

On a tangential note, I was zipping through old x-files tapes and I found an episode of RAW from 2000.

What was on it?

The Radicals turning on Jack and the great ten-man match. The only real negative (well, other than it was Too Cool and Rikishi, but they were good in the match) was the commentary by the still-small-chested Steffo.

You're all so WONDERFUL. Why did they ever have to remove you from the continuity? You'd have made for MARVELOUS stories. You WILL make marvelous stories. And the FIRST story of the new world will be a story of REVENGE! -- The Psycho Pirate, Animal Man 23, May 1990.

Since: 3.1.02
From: toronto, ontario, canada

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#3 Posted on
hell yea, digging through old tapes rules. i have a bunch of singular matches from raw between late 96 and mid 97, including a killer tag match between kama and tatanka vs savio vega and bob holly (i'm not kidding, the match RULED, and featured bob's top-rope crossbody turned into a spectacularily fucked up powerslam by kama).

i also have the ringmaster's debut, being interviewed on the brother love show. PLUS, i have the first televised match after he changed his name to "stone cold" steve austin. he fought savio vega to a double count-out. i also found the RAW BOWL~! from 96 between owen/yoko vs razor/savio vs smoking gunns vs sid/1-2-3 kid... AND, one of the only (maybe THE only) times that bret hart fought rocky maivia, the blue chipper! bret lost by disqualification. but, the piece de resistance: shawn michaels vs leif cassidy from a march 96 raw (the week before the iron-man match, i think). the match SMOKED... it was an awesome tv match for the time, running about 14 or 15 minutes + a commercial break.

all in all... going through old tapes is awesome because you never know when you could find a killer tv match that you've all but forgotten about.

Lap cheong

Since: 15.1.02
From: Philly

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#4 Posted on
I can definitely agree with you guys. I was looking for a movie I taped a couple of years ago, and I was looking in this unlabeled tape, and at the end, surprisingly, I have that whole ten man with Rikishi and the Radicals and HHH and X-Pac and Foley in its entirety. Everything else beforehand was taped over by somebody. Man, I had to go to work that night so I had to program my VCR to tape that... If you guys have that whole RAW from 2/7/00, and can help me out, I'll appreciate that...


Heel HHH rules!
Big Brother

Since: 9.12.01
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#5 Posted on
I've got it *somewhere*, but Lord knows WHERE. It's probably right next to the Edmonton SmackDown! I keep promising to copy for James Kalyn. What I need is another debilitating illness/DSL line service cut off so I can go back to sitting in bed labeling tapes for two or three days....

Visit [slash] wrestling
The Psycho Pirate

Since: 31.3.02
From: Earth-Three

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#6 Posted on

    Originally posted by CRZ
    I've got it *somewhere*, but Lord knows WHERE. It's probably right next to the Edmonton SmackDown! I keep promising to copy for James Kalyn. What I need is another debilitating illness/DSL line service cut off so I can go back to sitting in bed labeling tapes for two or three days....

But then you'll have another couple hundred posts wondering where you are and/or what happened to you.

You're all so WONDERFUL. Why did they ever have to remove you from the continuity? You'd have made for MARVELOUS stories. You WILL make marvelous stories. And the FIRST story of the new world will be a story of REVENGE! -- The Psycho Pirate, Animal Man 23, May 1990.

Since: 17.3.02
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#7 Posted on
re: 'What I need is another debilitating illness..."

Hey, the last time, the site you were writing for went IMMEDIATELY into the toilet! Although it's harder to see how your own board could be affected the same way, let's not tempt fate, Chris!

I did not take the sacred oath of office to preside over the decline and fall of the United States of America. --Gerald Ford
Thirty Millionth Hit

Since: 2.1.02
From: The Silver Spring in the Land of Mary.

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#8 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.05
i'm just glad wienerville wasn't around when he was plagued with his dsl being down, what, a month or 3?

but, we still have guru...

i do have that raw from 2/7/00 and i could make a copy if i find it [most tapes are unlabeled do to my lazyness and after moving 5 times in 6 years, they are in a box in any of 3 houses where my items are scattered across the state of maryland]

I have 99% of them going back to the raw after hhh lost the euro to d'lo...i wish i had that one still, because the look on his face was PRICELESS.

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"Just get out of the chopper."
"Get out of the chopper!"
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#9 Posted on
Due to my laziness, i recently was without cable for about five months and started to go through old unmarked wrestling tapes. These are tapes that i record wrestling on and usually record over continuosly unless there is something i want to keep on them. Most of the very special events (Foley's first title victory, Y2J debut, ECW joins WCW in Invasion) i mark and keep. These others just hang around, so in the course of five months, i watched them. This is what i came up with.

Taker vs. Isaac Yankem from 96
Ringmaster vs. Matt Hardy from 96 ( I think the same show)
HBK vs. HHH from 96
Diesel finding himself in the casket...also from 96
The formation of Pipers Family
A Beaver Cleavage segment
The DX mocking of the Nation
Rocky wins his first IC title from HHH as a face!! (97)
The debut of Dude Love
The debut of Mankind the night after WM XII
Christian's first match
Kane destroying the Hardyz after Badd Blood 97
Goldust pre-Marlena
The nWo induction of Konnan
The match where Page dressed like La Parka to beat Savage
Tag Team Royal Rumble
Taker/Austin v. Mankind/Kane - Hell in a Cell

That was just some highlighted stuff that i had. It's amazing what you can find on old unmarked tapes!
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Looks like the legacy of fat Samoans will live on long after Rikishi. In fact, we could be seeing a STABLE of them in about 20 years! May God have mercy on us all!
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