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The W - Pro Wrestling - Michaels and HHH
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Polska kielbasa

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Why does it seem like the only people we are suppose to care about are HHH and Michaels in the elimination chamber? Am I missing the subtle build up of other people in the match? The only person who seems to be doing anything to scare or "chase" HHH is Michaels the other people are just in matches with HHH to set up the Michaels attack. I know Shawn is limited in the ring but this just doesn't seem like the righ way to highlight this match. I know in my head that Michaels can't or shouldn't win the title but the way WWE is pushing him... I just don't know.
I think that part of me is frustrated because I don't want HHH to have the title anymore (because I hate that freak'n knee fetish he has and his interviews) and I don't want it on Shawn because I'm worried for his health and I question the quality of the matches he can have. They don't see to be making me care about anybody else though!

I'd like it to stay on HHH right now becuase I don't think anybody else is strong enough to carry it well. ie I don't want Booker T blamed for sucky RAWs when it was past booking that caused it.
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Simple, because HBK is the one who taught HHH every trick on how to get power in a company. Put them both together, and naturally the focus will be on them. Add on top of that Vince's Montreal Fetish, and then throw in Clique members in a cage in MSG, and you have the world revolving around those two.

I want you to know, I agree with everything I've just said.

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The other guys HAVE gotten some build up. It's just really under the surface stuff. Booker and Kane both hold victories (thanks to Michaels, of course) over HHH in the past three weeks, and both have had mic time (especially Booker) to rail on HHH's chances of winning the Elimination Chamber.

Jericho has had a little sidebar angle with Christian about the Chamber for the past few weeks as well, as well as one with Booker and Hunter last week.

The only one walking into the match with NO build whatsoever is Van Dam.

Last night's hard sell really did well to build it up too. The "Anybody but YOU" attitude by the other five guys in the match against Hunter, the big brawl (with Jericho of all people coming out on top), the little skits and matches that led to the brawl. All very well done, all very convincing jobs of building up everybody for the match (except really HHH, who only really got over on Booker, but other than that, he came out of RAW looking like he was going to be the first one eliminated).

The reason that Hunter and Shawn are the "focal point" is because, discounting Katie Vick (and I'm sure you will) they're the only one with a solid angle behind them going into the match, and they're the ones that are drawing the most heat right now. And rightfully so, HHH being the top heel on the show, and Shawn being a "Special Attraction" wrestler now who has alot of legit history with the fans, company and Hunter. Plus, Hunter is the champ, and the championship is the focus of the match.

As it stands, from the outside looking in (with a mark's perspective), the only people who have NO chance of winning this match are: HHH (because everybody is coming into the match ready to kick his ass) and RVD (because he hasn't shown a real intrest in the match or the title).

Kane can win because he's a big guy with a mean streak who is alway lurking right around the title. Jericho can win because he's sneaky and could probably pull out an upset like he did the last time he held the title. Booker can win because he's on a bit of a roll of late, and he is probably the best pound for pound athlete in the match. HBK could (and for the mark should) win because it would make for a great story with his comeback, fighting off injuries to win the title one last time.

So yeah, there's been some fair build for the other guys, but honestly, I think the focus is right where it should be.

Since everyone else is doing it (ok, not EVERYONE, but...)

Vikings (2-7) - I don't know. I didn't see it. Just saw that we lost.
Badgers (6-5) - Slipping into mediocrity six weeks in a row.
Buffy 7.Uhh Whatever this last one was earns a 7.00000314159 because the begining was terrible, but the meat of the episode was hillarious. But filler. Just like most of Season One...Is this some kind of whacky time warp?

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Here's my predictions, in order of who I think could win:

1. Triple H
2. Booker T
3. Chris Jericho
4. Kane
5. Rob Van Dam
6. Shawn Michaels

Why is Michaels at #6? Because even WITH the power HHH wields, it would be downright stupid to give your top belt to a guy who cannot work a regular schedule for house shows or even Raw matches or EVEN monthly PPV events. If he CAN work and has been lying the entire time about his back situation, then I could see him getting the belt, but it would be completely stupid for him to have that strap and not be able to defend it but once every three months.

HHH will go over in this one so that he can point back and say "yes, but look at all the people who one-upped me leading to the match" when really it's just been him and Shawn doing the physical stuff and everyone else playing minor characters.

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Why does everyone assume that if Shawn wins teh belt, he'll keep it any longer than a week. Remember, he still holds the title forfeit record. And he did mention that he didn't care who had the honor of HAVING the belt, just that he thought he'd be walking out with it.

My speculative scenario here:Shawn wins the belt, gives it up the next night on Raw and a tournament is held, or the other guys have a 5 way or whatever. Shawn wins the belt to get a big pop from the crowd for obvious storyline reasons, doesn't have to job, HHH loses the title without elevating anyone, and it ends up on someone or other that everybody's been clamoring for. Perfect WWE logic.
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#6 Posted on

    Originally posted by JohnHayduke
    Why does it seem like the only people we are suppose to care about are HHH and Michaels in the elimination chamber? Am I missing the subtle build up of other people in the match? The only person who seems to be doing anything to scare or "chase" HHH is Michaels the other people are just in matches with HHH to set up the Michaels attack.
I think in the original plan we were supposed to care very much about Kane vs HHH. The Katie Vick angle was supposed to get us very interested, probably with a psycho-vindictive Kane really wanting to get revenge on HHH. However, since they bailed on that angle, we lost a whole pile of motivation coming into the match.

We already had Shawn positioned as wanting revenge on HHH in a big way, so that was all set.

I'm thinking there may have been some other stuff planned for Booker (& maybe even Y2J), that hung off that psycho-revenge theme, but which got flushed along with the Katie Vick plotline. I really think the main theme of this match was supposed to be "Everybody Hates HHH". And that just didn't come off because of the premature bailout. Unfortunate, but that's the tradeoff.

Since: 11.9.02
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A lot of people have been talking about how the EC match will end with HHH or Michaels winning the belt. I've been thinking (or maybe just dreaming) that this kind of match is a good way to get the belt off HHH without the horrible indignity of him laying down 1 on 1 for it. The HHH-Michaels feud can continue without the belt and would probably be the better for it. With the talk of Steiner being at Survivor Series, I wouldn't be surprised if he might figure into it somehow.

Or, I could be wrong and HHH will dispose of everyone cleanly and continue his reign of darkness. Evil will prevail over the land, and little children will cry every night. It's getting to the point where I don't care what happens.

[most of the above is sarcastic and should not be taken entirely seriously]

Since: 1.2.02
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Regardless WHO wins, I'm anticipating the next night's RAW, when the Heavyweight Champ (again, whoever that is) opens the show in the ring, cutting a promo ....

.... and Scott Steiner walks out and says, "Hey pal, you're wearin' my belt!"


Since: 2.1.02
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I'm with ya, shea, I'm with ya. Cross your fingers and PRAY it's Booker. Continuity RULES!

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#10 Posted on

    Originally posted by shea
    Regardless WHO wins, I'm anticipating the next night's RAW, when the Heavyweight Champ (again, whoever that is) opens the show in the ring, cutting a promo ....

    .... and Scott Steiner walks out and says, "Hey pal, you're wearin' my belt!"

That just brought a smile to my face. Steiner is debuting Monday. I think that's a done deal. I also see he is supposed to be at Summer Slam. Perhaps a run-in?

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First of all HHH vs. HBK is main focal point because HHH and HBK are THE wrestlers in it. Let's face it, you might love Booker T. You might love Kane. You Might love RVD, and you might, like me, love Jericho. But HHH and HBK still draw more than any of them.

RVD does have a buildup sort of. He did feud with Triple H before they decided to make him feud with Flair instead.

Actually the last 3 people he's feuded with were Booker T the last couple of weeks, Kane a couple weeks before that, and RVD before that. Then HBK already has the past with Triple H and so does Jericho. So I think there is plenty of buildup from all participants. It's not like Triple H can wrestle each one of them every night. And even if he did do we want him to wrestle four times in one night?

As for buildup as far as the other wrestlers facing each other? Well we had Jericho vs. Booker T until he moved on to Triple H. Other than that, the rest are faces so they didn't want to pit them against each other. Which was probably a mistake. They probably should've had something happen between Kane and RVD or something.

Even though I like Jericho the most out of these guys, I think it might've been better to leave him out and put in Bubba. Out of Kane, Booker, Bubba, and RVD's short fueds I think Bubba got the point that everyone was aiming for Triple H over the best and putting him in the match would've added to it. And it would also be 5 faces against 1 heel. It would also free up Jericho for a tag team title match.

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