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24.6.18 1940
The W - Pro Wrestling - Mania XX Prediction Thread (Heat 3.7 spoiler included, and a potential 3/11 SD as well) (Page 3)
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HBK vs HHH vs Benoit- If it goes on last Benoit for sure just so we can get that happy scene like Shawn Micheals from Wrestlemania 12.

Angle vs Eddie- Eddie wins but this feud becomes the next Brock vs Angle meaning they'll be feuding the whole year.

Cena vs Show- Cena better win. Has Show ever won a match at Wrestlemania?

Taker vs Kane- I actually had a weird dream last night and Undertaker came back as the biker, but hopefully that was wrong and the Deadman comes out and whoops all kinds of ass.

Lesnar vs Goldberg- Austin will pin both men. Or Brock will win cleanly with the SSP, and Vince will laugh for fooling the IWC.

Rock and Sock vs Evolution- Rock & Sock win this round, but there will be a Foley/Orton match which Orton will win down the road.

Christian vs Jericho- Depends on who Trish sides with, seeing how they really have nothing else for these three to do, why not turn Trish on Jericho. That way Jericho and Christian can keep fighting and Victoria has a fresh heel to fight off.

Booker/RVD vs The Dudley's vs La Restance vs Jindrack/Cade- I'll say Jindrack/Cade to soldifiy them as Raw's next great tag-team.
WGTT vs APA vs The Basham's vs To Cool 2K4- WGTT win cleanly and go on to have an exciting feud with the APA.

cruiserweight Open- Chavo retain's after some cheating by Chavo Sr., him and Rey continue to feud

Molly vs Victoria- I'd say Molly with maybe a heel turn from Stevie, just to get some more sympathy heat on Victoria.

Torrie/Sable over Jackie/Stacy- Three will show boobs. ONe will show legs. O they will run around the ring in skimpy underwear and I'll go to the bathroom.

Is That all the matches? Funny they don't throw on some battle royal or something where they can throw everybody else on the card, maybe another emunity challenge or something?

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Think about this - if I had told you back in, say, 2000, that at Wrestlemania XX, four of the five guys in World title matches would be Kurt Angle, Eddy Guerrero, Chris Benoit and a healthy Shawn Michaels, would you have believed me? And, if you did, would you have believed me when I said that most people on the Internet were still complaining?


The Big Show (c) VS John Cena
Let's start off slow, with the only really obvious pick all night.
FUZZY SEZ: John Cena wins the match and the title. Finally.

Chavo Guerrero Jr. (c) VS Rey Mysterio Jr. VS Tajiri VS Ultimo Dragon VS Jamie Noble VS Nunzio VS Akio VS Funaki VS Shannon Moore VS Billy Kidman
That's probably it. I could see them deciding to add Hurricane Helms and Matt Hardy from RAW to mix, getting them onto the card and throwing two more over workers into the bout, but they wouldn't really change the results anyway. Can't have a RAW wrestler winning the Cruiserweight title, can we?
FUZZY SEZ: Chavo just won this - I don't see him losing it just yet. I see him "Honky Tonking" the match - dropping out of sight fairly early on, letting Rey Mysterio (probably) "win" the match, and then pulling off a cheap win during his celebration.

Rikishi and Scotty II Hotty (c) VS The Basham Brothers VS The World's Greatest Tag Team VS The A.P.A.
Are these matches under elimination rules or the usual "first fall wins" deal? Usually, I hope for the former, but I wouldn't mind getting these matches over with as soon as possible.
FUZZY SEZ: There's a part of me that still thinks that both brands' tag matches will be turned into some huge Tag Team Turmoil at the show. It just strikes me as odd that they have two identical matches, each of which has a few teams that are not over in the slightest - The Bashams, La Resistance, Cade and Jindrak, etc. - who would be quite useful for "cannon fodder" in a match of that sort. Oh well, either way, I see a victory for The World's Greatest Tag Team.


Eddy Guerrero (c~!) VS Kurt Angle
I still can't get over Eddy-freakin'-Guerrero as the WWE champ. Seriously, how cool is that? This match, however, will likely be the low point of the card, with two dull, plodding wrestlers - neither of whom are over in the slightest - stinking up the place, hopefully not for very long.
FUZZY SEZ: It's a toss-up, but I'm giving it to Eddy, if for no other reason than his being a face at Wrestlemania. (And a sneaking suspicion that this match is going on last - being a match for the "real" WWE title, after all.)


Victoria (c) VS Molly Holly
On the upside, it's awesome to see Molly get the Wrestlemania title shot.
FUZZY SEZ: They wouldn't even have that stipulation if it wasn't going to happen. Victoria wins, Molly loses her hair, still somehow looks hot.

Booker T and Harvey Dee (c) VS The Dudley Boyz VS La Resistance VS Garrison Cade and Mark Jindrak
See above for my more "off the wall" prediction involving this match.
FUZZY SEZ: If it goes on as planned, Cade and Jindrak have been on a truly bizarre winning streak this year (I'm talking 9-0-0, or something extremely close to that), albeit mostly on Heat, and I'm sure that's leading here.

Chris Jericho VS Christian
I don't care how much of a girl it makes me - I'm all about these romance angles. The only problem is, the WWE loves to fuck them up around this point, and I worry we're about to see the same thing happen again.
FUZZY SEZ: I want to see Jericho win, and kiss Trish and the two of them finally winding up together. (Hopefully leading to a big goofy marriage angle towards the end of the year - I love those, too.) That said, I fully expect Trish to turn heel and cause Christian to win this one.

The Rock N Sock Connection VS Randy Orton, Batista and Ric Flair
Rock-y! Rock-y~! Rock-y!
FUZZY SEZ: Foley! Foley! Foley! Regardless of which team has the full time wrestlers, it would be insane to put Evolution over here. Rock N Sock win - Flair, with the least to lose, probably takes the fall.


HHH (c) VS Chris Benoit VS Shawn Michaels
The biggest toss-up of the night, at least before Brock Lesnar made his match infinitely more interesting.

You've got to look at this one in terms of the big picture. First of all, I'm seeing Eddy Guerrero retaining the WWE title later in the card. A face win there could allow HHH to hold onto the title here without sending the fans home pissed. However, that would mean that at Wrestlemania XX, with two World titles on the line, "where it all begins again", there was no new champion - the biggest title change was John Cena finally toppling the Big Show. And I just don't see that happening. So, it's not HHH.

So, you've got to look at the upside of the challengers. Next month, Backlash is in Edmonton, Chris Benoit's hometown. He's certainly main eventing next month, and the logical match would be a rematch with HHH. And, since we've already established that HHH isn't winning, that would require the World title to win up around Chris Benoit's waist at the end of the night.

Or does it?

Shawn Michaels has been acting more and more heel-like in recent weeks. He's still enough of a face to pop the crowd by winning the title, and he can turn heel afterwords, leading up to a "barn-burner" between himself and Benoit at Backlash - where a Benoit win might mean even more than here. So Michaels wins.

Or does he?

Can't say for sure, because there's another x-factor involved. The far-from-confirmed-but-more-likely-than-ever appearance of Bret Hart. And when you've got a Canadian trained in the Dungeon competing against two Clique members, including the hated Shawn Michaels, I can't see a better time to show up...
FUZZY SEZ: The Hitman does indeed show up, Shawn Michaels taps to a Chris Benoit sharpshooter, Michaels and Benoit feud, Hunter makes a movie.


Stacy Keibler and Jackie Gayda VS Torrie Wilson and Her Mom
Oh, quit yer belly-achin'. It'll be short, it'll work the crowd into a frenzy, and it'll have four half-naked chicks, three of which are quite an appealing proposition.
FUZZY SEZ: Do I need to pick a winner? Is that really the point. Torrie and Sable are the defector faces and the actual Playboy models, so I assume they'll get the win. And then undress anyway. God bless America.

The Undertaker VS Kane
You know, as sick as I got of The Undertaker during his Limp Biz kit loving biker days, when the lights go out, the smoke machine starts up and that purple spotlight shines down on 'Taker and Paul-fucking-Bearer, I'm gonna mark out like I was eleven and this was the first time I saw the gimmick.
FUZZY SEZ: It's Wrestlemania. It's Undertaker, and he's resurrecting his dead man gimmick. You figure it out.

(Incidental, I think if we're getting another Pete Rose moment, and it sure stands to reason we are, I'd love to see Pete, who's not entirely up on the latest comings and goings of the WWE, confide his plan to destroy Kane to some weird-looking bald guy backstage...)

Goldberg VS Brock Lesnar (Guest referee: "Stone Cold" Steve Austin)
Barring any sort of work, you've got two guys, in a high-profile Wrestlemania match, who are done with the company Monday morning. That throws a considerable wrench into the prediction process, doesn't it?
FUZZY SEZ: There is still the chance that the whole thing's a work. Why? Because the WWE gets off on making the Internet look stupid, that's why. Assuming it's not, I can see Austin destroying both men - but if we do wind up with an actual winner, at the end of the day, the reasoning's the same. Brock is homegrown. Goldberg is the WCW posterboy. Lesnar still got this one.

EDIT: Completely forgot about Jericho and Christian. Not a great sign.

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#43 Posted on
Long Time Lurker, First Time (well second really) Poster.

my predictions:
Cruiserweight Open for the Crusierweight Title: Probably Chavo Guerrero Retaining, but Rey Mysterio nearly winning, Rey vs Chavo has been a good feud.
Women Title Match: Victoria (c) vs Molly (Title vs Hair): Probably Victoria, she just won the belt recently, and they wouldn't make it a gimmick match without seriously considering it.
World Tag Team Championship Match: Booker T, RVD (c) vs. La
Resistance vs. Dudleyz vs. Cade and Jindrak
Booker T and RVD probably.
WWE Tag Team Championship Match: Rikishi, Scotty2Hotty (c) vs. APA vs. Bashams vs. TWGTT
TWGTT probably.
Sable and Torrie Wilson vs. Jackie and Stacy Kiebler
Hilarity ensues. Jackie will probably pull a Janet Jackson. I hope Jazz or Molly comes out and beats the crap out of everybody, that'd be great.
Chris Jericho vs. Christian
I'm thinking Christian, to prolong the feud.
Kane vs Undertaker
Undertaker SMASH!
The Rock and Mick Foley vs. Evolution (Randy Orton, Batista, and Ric Flair) -- 2 on 3 Handicap Match
Rock and Mick Foley, Evolution has been getting the best out of them for a while. Could go either way, the next PPV is Raw's so perhaps they will prolong the feud.
Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar (special guest Referee: Stone Cold Steve Austin)
Vince will probably make WWEs monster go over WCWs monster. Brock.
US Title: Big Show (c) vs. John Cena
Cena, Cena should have gotten the belt during the Christmas in Iraq show.
WWE Title: Eddie Guerrero (c) vs. Kurt Angle
Eddie, but hopefully this will be a prolonged feud, just like Brock/Angle last year; Should be a show-stealer.
World Heavyweight Title: HHH (c) vs. HBK Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Benoit -- Triple Threat
I'm hoping Benoit will win (It shouldve just been Benoit vs HHH to begin with) but Im afraid HHH will win again, because.. he always wins, unfortunately. There will be a riot after WMXX if that happens, which should be great in and of itself. HHH over Benoit and HBK, to continue the feud. (HHH winning by pinning HBK or something, to hopefully end that eternal feud)
(Odd, the motto is "Where it All Begins Again!" and all of my predictions seem to just prolong most of the feuds)

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Is the wrestling folder going to be closed during the show like it is during Raw?

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Gambling, in the context of baseball, is a capital offense and Rose has richly earned-- hell, he agreed to-- his death sentence. Let him hang.

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    Originally posted by Whitebacon
    Is the wrestling folder going to be closed during the show like it is during Raw?
Depends if I get around to it or not...


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***RAW Brand:***

World Heavyweight Championship;
HHH pins Benoit cause some how HBK messes it up which leads to Benoit vs HBK at Backlash

World Tag Team Chapionship;
Mark Jindrak/Garrison Cade win the tiles has WWE trys to push "new stars"

World Women's Championship:
Hair vs Title Match;
Molly Holly wins her title back

Evolution beats Rock N' Sock Connecion

Christian beats Chris Jericho with Trish going heel

***SMACKDOWN Brand:***

WWE Championship;
Kurt Angle wins title thanks to the Worlds Greaest Tag Team aka WGTT

WWE United States Championship;
John Cena wins the title

WWE Cruiserweight Championship:
Open Challenge Match;
Chavo Guerrero keeps hs title

WWE Tag Team Championship:
WGTT wins titles and soon rejoins Angle as Team Angle

***RAW Brand vs Smackdown Brand:***

Playboy Evening Gown Match:
Stacy Kiebler/Miss Jackie win

Goldberg vs Brock Lesner
w/Special Referee "Stone Cold" Steve Austin:
Either a no contest or Goldberg wins but both get stunned

Kane vs The Undertaker:
Taker wins

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I myself would love a DVD of SNME, and would buy it in an instant. I have an old hour long tape called the Best of SNME, although it features great matches like Hogan & Tugboat vs. Rhythm & Blues.
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