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#41 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.43
I also pulled the trigger on the Network at the last minute (early in the pre-show). Took me about 15 minutes to register and get the order in. Everything was smooth.

Probably should give a hat-tip for the Tag Match, making it elimination rules let both teams get in their spots. And they got the double pop for the Uso win, and Cesaro swinging Swagger. Zeb has work to do.

Ran into a problem when I found out that there was a "watch from the beginning" option, and so I didn't rush dinner. The feature didn't work for me. We join our Bryan/HHH match in progress at about 40 minutes past the hour.

(No complaint here, I was very late getting to the party.. and the operator at the help number was nice, patient, and not all that condescending to a wrestling fan, heh. I was trying to explain a "Johnny Ace" false fall while trying to emphasize that I wanted to fix the problem before I found out who won the opening match.)

Oh yes, while the operator was nice, the phone tree to get to her was brutal, even if I wasn't in a hurry.

Finally worked through the first level suggested fixes and she transferred me to an actual tech. "There is currently a 40 minute wait". I hung up when Bryan won, and will go back in the morning to catch the first hour.

Shield match was a nice palate cleanser. (I think it was during this match) My highlight was when it broke down, and someone started tearing the cover off the Spanish Announce Table, Ricardo Rodriguez can be seen stooging out the FRENCH Announce Table.. that was funny.

The ARMBaR was a better than the disaster I was predicting, if not something that is going to replace the Undertaker match in must-see WrestleMania TV. Nice that they got the angle right for Cesaro picking up The Giant, I definitely saw Hogan/Andre for that second.

On the Krazy Kofi Spot? I'm not sure, but I think I'm even more impressed how he saved that botch.

Nice work with Bray, but LOL - Cena wins! (I'll reserve the right to up-rate this match if it somehow leads to Cena actually making the turn. Been told the "give in to the evil" story with this guy too many times.

We saw the pictures a few months ago, so while the Streak breaker was a shock, I was legit worried that Brock would hurt him. As said upthread, I'm more interested in hearing the 'dirt' on how this match/result came together. Told a decent story, in retrospect.

I guess we can retcon it as stunned silence, but Taker really had to work hard to get what I thought was a pretty lukewarm response on his long walk to the back. Undertaker not raising his hand just before he steps back to Gorilla is like missing the "James Bond will return in..." message at the end of the movie.

Diva madness was a needed break, and doesn't the champion always overcome the impossible odds? Nice to see Layla's back, if that wasn't a cameo.

Gotta say, HHH went all out on showing ass for this show. Bryan did a great job, and they had me going with the 'Bryan hits finisher, Orton/Batista throws Bryan out of the ring to cover Batista/Orton' false finishes. I'll forgive Bryan for not selling the shoulder while YES-ing with both belts at the end. Nice moment for the family, although I hope his daughter doesn't get traumatized like Mick Foley's kid after that chairshot fest vs. The Rock.

Well. They pulled me in after all. The Network seems worth it, though I'll mostly just be using it for the PPVs.


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    Originally posted by ekedolphin
    Nice touch at the end of the Undertaker match: After the pinfall, Lesnar's music didn't play. Not for about a full minute. Long enough for everyone to go, "HOLY SHIT!" It was as if even Kevin Dunn was stunned by the result.

It cannot be overstated how important this element was to the win. You hit the nail right on the head.

Undertaker appears to be done for good. I was stunned as most people were. There appeared to be at least a few people in the crowd who were in tears. Alvarez reported people left the building in outrage. The streak was the last thing in wrestling people still believed in. Seeing real emotion in the fans in the age of ironic/sarcastic douchebaggery was a moment I'll never forget. This was powerful. It just was.

And who, other than Daniel Bryan, could have gotten the fans back after that? I miss Punk on my TV but sorry, not even him. There is no bigger vote of confidence WWE could have demonstrated than to essentially put Daniel Bryan in a position to save the show. And he did. Triple H was also absolutely fantastic in the earlier match. I'm a big advocate of the school of thought that HHH is overrated, but that was a straight up wrestling match without his usual shortcuts and he was in there with the best modern worker in the business. He totally delivered. Kudos to him.

Ceasro is poised for superstardom and Bray is the new Jake Roberts. The future is sound.

Quiet, Or Papa Spank!
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We said this after TLC one, about the dawn of a new era. There was a photo posted with Rhodes, Kofi, Bourne, Ryder, Beth, Punk, and Bryan. That era never really took off.

This....this might be it. This might be the closure of one era and the beginning of a new one.

- New Age Outlaws + Kane destroyed, with the NAO being singularly demolished.

- Cesaro tossing out the Big Show. And you better believe his push is only just starting.

- The Streak being broken.

- Triple H losing clean. And better yet; taken out with the SLEDGEHAMMER.

It was Bryan closed the door. And despite all of the complaints over the was to Bryan Danielson that Triple H did "the right thing". He busted his ass on Thursday to make Bryan look good. And tonight, all of the stops. All of them. We're talking about a RELEASE TIGER SUPLEX. Talking receiving release German Suplexes. We're talking Stephanie taking a dive bump.

Unlike the Triple H/Undertaker match billed as such, tonight feels like the end of an era.

"You can't put a price on integrity"

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#44 Posted on | Instant Rating: 7.94
The more I read how other people's streams worked on PS3, the more it's apparent that it was my internet that went out at the end of Brock/Taker. That sucks, but having the picture cut out, then learn from Twitter that the Streak was over was cool in its own right.

I am so looking forward to a WWE dominated by Bryan, Cesaro, and the Shield.

Everything is awesome.

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#45 Posted on | Instant Rating: 8.38
    Originally posted by Hogan's My Dad
      Originally posted by ekedolphin
      Nice touch at the end of the Undertaker match: After the pinfall, Lesnar's music didn't play. Not for about a full minute. Long enough for everyone to go, "HOLY SHIT!" It was as if even Kevin Dunn was stunned by the result.

    It cannot be overstated how important this element was to the win. You hit the nail right on the head.

    Undertaker appears to be done for good. I was stunned as most people were. There appeared to be at least a few people in the crowd who were in tears. Alvarez reported people left the building in outrage. The streak was the last thing in wrestling people still believed in. Seeing real emotion in the fans in the age of ironic/sarcastic douchebaggery was a moment I'll never forget. This was powerful. It just was.

This ^^^

The sense of loss I felt as soon as that "21-1" graphic appeared on-screen was ridiculous. For the entire group of us watching the show The Streak was the last thing remaining that tied this crazy fake sport back to our childhoods. Everyone else has either died, retired or left, but as long as The Undertaker was still around and The Streak was still alive it was as if part of our childhood was still alive too. The reactions caught on camera after the match are the most genuine displays of emotion I've ever seen in a wrestling crowd. Just complete and utter disbelief and sadness, which is exactly how everyone reacted in the room where we were.

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#46 Posted on | Instant Rating: 8.19
OK my day of Wrestling Mania. I'm originally from New Orleans and now live upriver in Baton Rouge. Knowing the lay of the land probably helped me out a bit.

Axxess - A bit disappointing, it was combination trade show of WWE partners and autographs. I had no interest in autographs, so I spent 90% of the time at the NXT ring. I was in their Hall of Fame area when Mean Gene and Renee Young walked in to do some tapings... Renee looks much better in person than on TV. At NXT, one match I watched I had Norman Smiley observing 3 feet from me. And Aaron Rose had his original music back. Ascension won over some friends that hadn't seen them before. NXT ran more than an entire house show due to the 6 hour access session today.


Superdome - People will be complaining about the concourse. It was build to NFL requirements and not designed for 10,000 on the football field. So it was clogged up until midway through the opening promo. We were in the permanent seats off the floor, just below the concourse. During the 4 way tag team match, there were chants of "Let us through" "Move your asses" etc. from up there.

Preshow 4 way - A few friends labeled this match of the night. El Torito did Los Matadores no favors with his Hall of Fame shenanigans. I had to rank the 4 teams in positive reaction, it would be Rybaxel, Matadores, Usos, Real Americans. I was hoping the Real Americans would win, but a loss appears to have given them much more. Cesaro has adopted "We, the people" as his own.

Opening Interview - Silverdome? Hulk Hogan is now a heel in New Orleans. Otherwise, awesomeness. A friend that doesn't watch wrestling was working as an event vendor and commented on how cool it was to see Hogan, Austin and Rock in the ring together.

HHH vs. Bryan - Rolling Germans? Crossfaces? Release Tiger suplexes? Did I even see a cross face chicken wing? Where has this HHH been for the last decade? Match of the night easily.

Shield vs. Kane/New Age Outlaws - Rushed entries, rushed match (but that may have been due to injury). Take it as a blessing if accidental, 3 young guys looked completely strong.

Andre Memorial Battle Royal - We saw Tim White protecting the trophy through Axxess today. This was a complete mess, we weren't able to tell much of what was going on until the end. Not sure that anyone saw Del Rio knocking out Ziggler using his kick. Cesaro's slam was amazing. He is made. Time for him to take the IC strap from Big E at a minimum.

Cena vs. Wyatt - Awesome entry for Bray. But before that, the video promo. I had a major issue with this match. I still don't get why it was happening. John was protecting his legacy from Bray, but what was Bray doing to it? The build just wasn't there, and it reflected in the crowd reactions during this match. Its a big fall from main event with The Rock to really an after thought match.

Brock vs. Undertaker - Brock got his classic jump up pyro back! Another great Taker entry. Then the match. Slow, plodding, everyone was just waiting for the throat slash and Tombstone. and then...

Even the referee tried to wave it off, it seemed in the arena he was trying to call it a 2 count for a second. To the live eye, it seemed completely unexpected except by for the 2 guys in the ring. The combination of long time fans upset with the Streak ending and "smart" fans pissed at it going to Brock may not have been just the reaction they wanted.

People started pouring up from the floor at this point and the upper decks started to empty. We were on the aisle down to one of the back corners of the floor. Many of these people did not return.

Divas Invitational - And Carlito thought the Colons got stuck with some crap duty. Forgettable to the live eye except for the Bellas Lucha spot on the entire roster. Maybe something came across on TV, like the battle royal, too many bodies to focus on in the ring.

WM 1 Memorial segment - I had seen Orndorff at Axxess and didn't realize who he was until we checked the schedule. This was a fun segment, complete with Pat Patterson in ref gear. Finally lightened the mood after the end of the Streak.

Orton vs. Batista vs. Bryan - Great match, they got me with the stretcher spot. They decided to make Bryan tonight and did it. This felt like an attitude era match but with the longer match length. Very long celebration for Bryan even after the live stream went off.

Overall show - We didn't realize it until we were waiting on traffic to clear... NO CELEBRITIES. Just the few bands playing intros and Mr. T. Maybe they showed some on camera that we didn't see on the monitors in the Superdome, but no hokey backstage segments with Muppets, Pee Wee Herman, Bob Barker, etc. I'm not complaining. This night really was WrestleMania, not SportsEntertainmentMania.

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#47 Posted on | Instant Rating: 1.51
    Originally posted by JayJayDean
      Originally posted by lotjx
      Network feed was pretty bad.

    Did you pirate the feed or something? Other than a glitch here or there it was great on my PS3.

360, which seems to be a recurring theme. If you hadn't noticed it. The amount of hate I have seen from people about the Streak ending even from non-wrestling fans is stunning.

Now reviewing Shield, Arrow and something called Winter Soldier.

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#48 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.80
"There is no way Mania doesn't end with Bryan standing in the middle of the ring with two titles after this."


The best Wrestlemania I've seen in years. Everyone worked their asses off and the future looks like it's going in all kinds of unpredictable directions.

So now that Brock has beaten the Streak does that mean that a new one starts with Lesnar?

Who can beat the Shield now that they have literally beaten every team past and present?

Will Stephanie continue to wear tiny shorts?

The best thing about the Bryan finally becoming undisputed champion was in the process of getting here from Summerslam he had The Wyatts, Shield, Triple H, Kane, Steph, Orton, Bootista, all thrown in his face. He conquered them all HIMSELF.

Cena didn't help him against HHH, or Orton. Punk didn't help him against the Wyatts. They made him look strong the right way. It was a strong and very emotional story where many of us myself included had no real idea where it was going.

What was it Jake the Snake said during his HOF speech
"Wrestlers can fuck with your head"?

Congrats on how they handled this angle so beautifully. Pro Wrestling is modern day Shakespeare.

I can't wait for RAW tonight.

Also watched the PPV on my PS3, stream hiccuped and froze my system when I tried to watch it live but I think it was because I was watching the beginning of the WM stream after the PPV ended. I restarted and watched the archive of WMXXX and it worked perfectly.

The Network has been more than worth the money for that alone.

I believe in The Shield....
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#49 Posted on | Instant Rating: 9.09
    Originally posted by Horsemen4ever
    We didn't realize it until we were waiting on traffic to clear... NO CELEBRITIES. Just the few bands playing intros and Mr. T.
They also didn't do "America the Beautiful" (again?) and they didn't ever give us a gaudy inflated attendance figure. On the other had, we DID get to see Dangerous Danny Davis in the annual Ron Simmons Memorial vignette.


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#50 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.83
I haven't had a total shock reaction like that over an event since the David Tyree helmet catch. It was well played with the 21-1 graphic and total silence left me just staring thinking something is going to get reversed only knowing it won't.. I'm thinking this match will look better on a second viewing now that we know the story that it is telling.

This is the year Taker should have used the old man Johnny Cash song as his theme.

Still should have showed some replays.

Jim Ross would have called the shit out of this match and final moments.

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#51 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.17
Whoever is in charge creatively of Bray Wyatt is masterful. The character has become incredibly special and is growing in a beautifully organic way. If it's Windham Rotunda himself, he's got a long future in this business. At 26, he's achieving an understanding of the character and a level of psychology that most veterans would kill for and hasn't been seen since Jake. Amazing stuff.

This show exemplified the cleaning up of the old guard and starting fresh. Bryan twice, Shield, Cesaro, and the Taker loss all had more meaning than a simple "this is what's happening" result. If this is the vision that HHH has for the future, I think we're in for a treat. The young talent is remarkable and the product will only get better the more that these guys mix it up. Clearly one star was made last night, but there are about 5 other guys who are ready to make that jump too. I'm eager to see how it plays out. Great job.

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#52 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.53
Had to stay away from the internet almost all day to stay spoiler-free (WM was on a Monday morning in Japan).

Glad Cesaro won the battle royal. Ziggler got to be in the final five. Del Rio got to look strong - I think he eliminated the most guys.

The guy in the front row saying "WTF!" after UT lost was great.

Your HoFer reactions when Daniel Bryan was on the announcers table after he won: Race and Bruno didn't stand up. Dusty clapped then just stood there with his arms folded. Bret Hart was taking a photo with his smart phone.

Whoever held up that Jag Thindh sign should be punched in the head.

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#53 Posted on | Instant Rating: 7.02
My wife and I watch the major PPVs at our local Fox & Hound, and this thread pretty much confirms what we were saying - the Network took a major bite out of the audience watching it there. Even for the Rumble 2 months ago, it was way more packed there than it was last night.

I've never been the biggest fan of the Taker or had a huge emotional attachment to the Streak, but it was just so mind-boggling and ballsy that they actually ENDED it, something I figured Vince & Taker would never actually DO, that I had to laugh when it happened. In the time it took me to process "Oh man, he's really gonna kick out of THREE F5's?," the bell rang and Heyman made that face and WOW.

Loved Cesaro winning the ARMBAR, thought it was also hilarious how many people picked Rusev to win when a.) he was never advertised for it in the first place and b.) wasn't even a surprise entrant. Poor Wade...someone had to tell him "your old Nexus pal David Otunga is in the Battle Royal but I'm afraid I've got some Bad News."

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#54 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.53
Oh yeah, lots of sites saying that UT had a concussion and left the arena in an ambulance.
Lap cheong

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#55 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.37
I'm really looking forward to seeing how everything plays out on Raw going forward from here. Even moreso than 10 or 20, today feels like a toppling of the old regime, that they've thrown the table over and now we're starting a new, different age. Good god, what a night.

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#56 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.43
Pretty solid Mania, bookended by 2 outstanding Bryan matches that were both full of great near falls. The human Mount Rushmore to open the show was a true mark out moment. I told Drew the only reason Flair didn't come out was because they would make him job in an impromptu tag match. Also, HHH probably thinks Hogan, Rock, and Austin jerked the curtain, and hot him.

Cesaro continues to impress, we just need Monsoon around to say "He doesn't even know how strong he is, Jess!"

I love Brock winning, because I dig the guy, and it was so unexpected. The reaction of the crowd after the match was truly a great moment, and WWE shocked all of us in an era where we are rarely even surprised, let alone shocked. Taker would not end the streak unless he wanted to, and if he approves, so do I. Feeling like there was no way Taker would lose the last 3-4 Mania matches took a little of the drama out of those matches, even though all of them have been 4+ star matches. Maybe the guy just told Vince he was retiring, and went out like the old school pro he is.

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#57 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.20
"He's Got the Whole World in His Hands!"

WWE Network: Outstanding. Watched via Roku, had the same sound issues during the preshow that cleared up like someone snapped their fingers when the show started. No glitches during the show, and had the added bonus of being able to pause. Not a fan that there is no way during FFWD to see where you are visually, but oh well.

That set was beautiful; I was impressed. The Real Americans' entrance was a sight to behold on the pre-show.

Random thoughts on the matches:
* Loved the swing on Swagger.
* Loved the opening segment, but once the Rock started talking I had to pretty much put him on mute until he was done with his 'poetry'. At least creative camera framing saved me some trouble when Austin entered. Loved the 'secret handshake', and the continued Silverdome references.
* Both kids leapt off the couch cheering when Bryan beat Trips.
* Loved the double-triple powerbomb, also have to appreciate that the streak is still intact: ROMAN REIGNS is UNDEFEATED at Wrestlemania.
* The kids ate up the eliminations during the Battle Royal. They loved the Fandango elimination. The lovely Mrs. whatever was watching with us, but was primarily playing on her laptop. Even her jaw hit the ground when Cesaro lifted Big Show and heaved him out!
* Last match of the night for the kids was Bray vs Cena. You'd better believe that my youngest and I were waving our arms and singing along with the crowd. I was trying to decide how I felt about the story, because with how RAW went, Cena sure didn't seem to have reason for such internal conflict. I chose to ignore that and appreciate the match in the context of the evening - and the story those two told in that match was fantastic. Bray's popup during the 'You can't see me' was outstanding, and I love how the whole family is in on the act. Luke Harper's encouragement for Cena to "Let the monster out!" was great.
* So, once we paused again to put the kids to bed, we watched the Lesnar and UT entrances. I figured I was not as interested in seeing UT plod through a match that was going to have some crazy ending to preserve the streak, so i backed out and went to 'view live' just in time to see the tombstone reversal into the F5. Could not have timed it better, as I was just as much in shock as everyone else. As pointed out above, the lack of victory music for Lesnar had me waiting for some additional screwjob ending, but it never came. Unbelievable, and I give them a ton of credit for having the guts to end it.
* WHAT AN UNBELIEVABLE TITLE MATCH. Both the lovely Mrs. whatever and I winced for young Randall at that crazy table monitor bump. He finished the match like a champ! LOVED Mjolnir backfiring on Trips, LOVED the total callback to WMXX, LOVED everything about the match. A terrific ending to a terrific show!

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#58 Posted on | Instant Rating: 7.16
Watched it at the neighbors who have the network. Didn't work on their PS3, but fine thru their laptop to the tv. No problems whatsoever.

Definitely WTF when Brock won.

How the hell Randy could walk after that monitor hit is beyond me.

We got our YES moment.

Sting interviewd this weekend: "My new favorite number is 31." It's not Taker's favorite number now.


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#59 Posted on
    Originally posted by KJames199

    YOU GUYS Rock and Austin have a secret handshake. The best.

Made my heart smile. Some dude on another forum, that I shall not name, was complaining Rock/Austin/Hogan was going on too long. He is an idiot.

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#60 Posted on
The Streak ending is the first time wrestling has legitimately shocked me (outside of real life tragedies) since the RAW/Nitro simulcast. Just completely shocking and surreal. I'm still not entirely sure how I feel about it, and I'm not necessarily looking forward to the months (years?) of incessant bitching that's no doubt gonna ensue from disgruntled fans who enjoy bitching about a product they still watch week in, week out, regardless of how much they profess to not enjoy watching it. I'm guessing Undertaker wanted to go out on his own terms though, and if he is indeed done, then The Streak ending in his final match, his broken down body no longer able to hold out under the pressures of a streak that was improbable and impossible to begin with... there's at least a poetic kind of quality there. And the people who will no doubt bitch about Brock ("a part-timer!") being the one to end The Streak, are no doubt the same people who bitched about Lesnar losing to Cena and being made to look like just-another-Superstar in his matches with HHH. If nothing else, Lesnar looks like a beast again. My only real complaints about The Streak ending when and how it did are that it came to an end after a decidedly lacklustre match with a really shoddy build, and that it happened on a night that should have been all about Daniel Bryan.

Speaking of Daniel Bryan... YES! YES! YES! I don't know how long it's gonna last (Brock beating Bryan for the title tonight wouldn't surprise me in the slightest) but the opener with HHH and the way the triple threat was laid out, was faultless. As much shit as HHH gets for being HHH (and a lot of it is probably justified), when he DOES go out of his way to put someone over (Batista, Benoit, Cena) he really does put them over and it really does feel like a big deal.

The rest of the card was pretty great. Wyatt/Cena was a really good match, with Bray looking like a star right up to the loss. Between the pre-show tag title match (which was awesome) and the ARMBAR, Cesaro too looked a star in the making. The Shield looked awesome in what was a fun, energetic squash, and even though the crowd were too deflated to give a shit after what went down in the previous match, AJ defied the odds again and retained the Divas title in what was a perfectly okay womens match. And the opening segment with Hogan/Austin/Rock was an amazing way to kick things off.

All in all, one of the better WrestleManias in a long, long time, and I'm cautiously optimistic about the next few months. Coming out of Mania, the top guys seem to be Bryan, Lesnar, Cena, Wyatt, Cesaro and The Shield. That's not a bad field of talent.

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