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21.9.18 0126
The W - Pro Wrestling - Mania Prediction Thread
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Its that time again, so time to make predictions. And, just so people don't believe I'm bitter, I will mention a positive aspect in every match.

Taker/Jones vs. Albert/Big Slug: Am I the only one concerned that the best worker in the match is Albert?
Prediction, its Mania, Taker doesn't job, so Taker/Jones win.
Positive: Giant Gonzales is not booked to be in this match.

Matt Hardy vs. Rey Mysterio: Should open the PPV. Give them 12-15 minutes and let them build a nice match and really get the crowd going.
Prediction: Rey wins Cruiser Title.

Kane/RVD vs. Storm/Morley (possible Heat): I wouldn't be shocked if they had the match on Heat, had the Dudleys interfere, and cause a 3 way match during Mania proper. However, without the interference, I think they finally go through with the Kane/RVD split, because at least one of them needs to turn.
Prediction: Storm/Morley retain.
Positive: It could be worse, they could be hosting from an empty World.

Los Guerreros vs. Benoit/Rhyno vs. Team Angle: I get Eddie vs. Benoit at some point at Mania, so I'm happy. Considering Kurt is going to be out for a year, taking the tag titles off Team Angle at this point could really cause them to lose any crowd appeal.
Prediction: Team Angle retains.

Trish vs. Victoria vs. Jazz: It'll be interesting to see who plays the tweener during the match, Victoria or Jazz.
Prediction: Jazz wins the Womens Title, and tries to maintain her tweener role in order to allow for feuds with Trish and Victoria.
Positive: Mania is not in Texas, so Jackie is not in the match.

Trip vs. Booker T: Actually think this match might be in the decent to good category.
Prediction: Champ jobs on RAW + imminent return of Kevin Nash ='s Trip retaining the belt.

Hogan vs. Vince: Anyone else remember a few years ago the WWF/E would refer to matches with Hogan as Wheel Chair Wrestling. Now, he's 5 years older, and he's facing someone even older than him at Mania.
Prediction: I have a bad feeling about this card, so Vince goes over Hogan.
Positive: With all the money these two have contributed to pharmeceutical companies through the years, they have indirectly provided the capital for these companies to research and produce drugs to cure dangerous illnesses.

Austin vs. Opponent: A week ago, I thought Austin would go over. Unfortunately, someone new has been signed with the company.
Prediction: Austin's Opponent will win.
Positive: Debra is not involved in the match.

Jericho vs. Michaels: Common sense states that this match makes up for the Lucy the Dog crap Jericho had to deal with last year.
Prediction: Michaels + imminent return of Kevin Nash = Jericho jobbing.

Angle vs. Lesnar: This match has double turn written all over it. Even before Angle was injured, it was obvious he was jobbing at Mania. Now, he might do a stretcher job, thus enabling Lesnar to turn heel.
Prediction: Lesnar defeats Angle. Then, he talks about how he has destroyed everyone in his first year, and a battered Hulk Hogan returns and recreates the finish to Mania IX, leaving Mania as the new WWF/E Champ.

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Undertaker & Nathan Jones v Big Show & A-Train
Prediction: Undertaker/Nathan Jones

Matt Hardy vs. Rey Mysterio
Prediction: Rey takes the title

Kane/RVD vs. Storm/Morley (Heat)
Prediction: One of Kane or RVD screws up again, Storm and Morley retain.

Los Guerreros vs. Benoit/Rhyno vs. Team Angle
Prediction: Chris Benoit and Rhyno take the titles to setup Rhyno's turn.

Trish vs. Victoria vs. Jazz
Prediction: Victoria retains, drops the title on a RAW

Triple H vs. Booker T
Prediction: Goldust turns or Nash returns, Triple H holds onto his title

Hogan vs. Vince
Prediction: Hogan

Austin vs. Rock
Prediction: Austin after some failed cheating by Rock. Goldberg gets involved somehow

Jericho vs. Michaels
Prediction: I thought Michaels had changed but then I saw Off The Record but I'll still go with Chris Jericho.

Angle vs. Lesnar
Prediction: Hmmm ... Lesnar?
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Don't forget that Scott Steiner is supposed to be at WrestleMania. Maybe he'll do ring introductions.

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Here's my predictions and if I'm right I will tell you how I came to my conclusions. I'm not going to include the raw tag match because I'm not sure if it's going to be at mania.

Taker/Jones vs Albert/Big Slow- Taker/Jones win

Matt vs Mysterio- Mysterio wins

Triple Threat Tag team match- Benoit/Rhyno win

Triple Threat Womens match- Trish wins

HHH vs Booker T- Booker T wins

Austin vs Rock- Austin wins

Jericho vs Micheals- Jericho wins

Angle vs Lesnar- Angle wins

Hogan vs Vince- Hogan wins
Those are my predictions. I'm not sure if have of them are going to be right, but if they are I'll tell you how I figured it. With some of the smackdown matches, I'm not sure because I don't get smackdown so most of them are guesses.

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#5 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.96
World Tag Team Title: Kane/RVD def. The Chief Storm [c]
Cruiserweight Championship: Rey Misterio def. Matt Hardy [c]
WWF Tag Team Title: Benoit/Rhyno def. Team Angle [c] & Los Guerreros
Trish def. Jazz & Victoria [c]
Taker/Jones def. The Big-Train
Shawn Michaels def. Chris Jericho
Hulk Hogan def. Vince McMahon
The Rock def. Stone Cold Steve Austin
World Title: Booker T def. Triple H [c]
WWF Title: Brock Lesnar def. Kurt Angle [c]

Faces usually win at Mania.


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My predictions (in order of what I think will be the appearance):

RVD/Kane over Morley/Storm (Heat)
Limp Bizkit sing `opening theme'
Misterio over Hardy - DQ
Trish over Victoria, Jazz
Undertaker/Jones over A-Train/Show (Jones turns)
Jericho over Michaels
Team Angle over Los Guerreros, Rhyno/Benoit
Obligatory Catfight Girls Thing
Brock over Angle
Rap Challenge (perhaps some kind of Cena/Brock interaction in between)
HHH over Booker (ugh)
Hogan over McMahon
Golbderg comes to ring, staredown with Rock, Austin
Austin over Rock

"Triple H, The Rock says they didn't keep you at the bottom of the barrel just because you wanted to say goodbye to your roody poo friends in Madison Square Garden. No! The Rock says, they kept you at the bottom of the barrel because you absolutely suck."

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For the record, I am NOT attending WMX9. I can't sit for a four hour PPV. Three hours is hard enough.

Anyhow, to the SOKman's predictions, brought to you with cynicism to spare!

Undertaker/Nathan Jones vs. AssTrain/Big Slow
--AssTrain and Big Slow after Nathan Jones "Jackie Gayda's" a really easy spot and the heels go against the bookers and pin Nathan.

Mattitude vs. Rey Mister EO:
-- Double Rey wins. Shannon Moore turns on Mattitude, saved by Ultimate Warrior 2 (Jeff Hardy)

Kane/Mr. Sunday Night Heat vs. Chief Pornstar/Lance Storm
-- Ummm...a title change on Heat? Nope. If it's on Heat, the Anti-UnAmerican Bischoff Administration will retain. If not...Mr Sunday Night Heat and Kane will win.

Lie Cheat Steal! vs. Cripplers and Rhynos and Wolverines, oh my! vs. Team Angel
-- The Guerreros will lie down, while Team Angle will cheat, but Benoit/Rhyno will steal the win and the titles.

Hot Trish (W/Psycho Jeff Hardy) vs. Hot Victoria (w/Psycho lesbian theme song and Steven Richards) vs. Butch Jazz (w/Psycho, ummmm...I dunno)
--Trish has been destroyed every week since her birth, as it seems in the WWE ring. Look for Trish to win it.

Preparation Triple H vs. The zero time! zero time! zero time! WWE champion, Bookaaaaaaah....T!
--Trips will retain and will hold onto the belt until his life support is accidentaly turned off in 2507.

Hulk Hogan vs. Vince McMahon
--Possibly the third best match on the card, outside of HBK/Y2J and Brock/Angle. Hogan wins, but gets blindsided by GOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLDBERRRRRRRRRRG after the match.

Stoan Code Steve Owstin vs. The (pause) ROCK
--Austin wins after the (looks left, right, then left again) HURRICANE!!! interferes. Helms gets stunnered afterwards, of course...cuz Stoan Code said so.

HBK # 1 vs. HBK # 2 .. er .. Y2J # 1
-- This promises to be an incredible match. Who wins? Who cares? Enjoy seeing these two fight, it'll be better than any other match tonight. I will predict a HBK win after Big Cripple Cool Diesel interferes.

Kurt (Da Man) Angle vs. Brock "Here comes Stephanie's Pain" Lesnar
-- Kurt could wrestle Ahmed Johnson and even make him look good...with his arms tied behind his back all the while wearing a purple tutu. With a broken neck, Angle still has the goods, but it'll be a cringefest every so often. Lesnar loses, but it's a huge standing ovation afterwards, with Lesnar lifting Angle's hand after the match.

That's my prediction...and you'll have to pardon the sarcasm, really...

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Taker/Jones vs. Albert/Big Show.
Prediction: Taker & Jones

Rey Misterio Jr vs. Matt Hardy
Prediction: Matt retains via Shannon Moore assistance
Predicted Matt Fact: Matt called in sick when he heard of Kurt Cobain's death

Kane/RVD vs. Morley/Storm
Prediction:RVD pins Storm cleanly with the *****.

Smackdown Tag Team 3 way dance
Team Angle retains when they borrow a play from Los Guerreros - cheating to win.

Trish vs. Victoria vs. Jazz
Prediction: Jazz.

Triple H vs. Booker T
They brawl throughout the building. Hunter gets hit with chairs, garbage cans, street signs, baseball bats, a Seattle Seahawks helmet. They return to the ring, where Booker T signals for a ton of bricks to be dumped from the roof. HHH springs from the rubble, sticks his arms out and makes a constipated face, then kicks Booker T in the gut and pedigrees Booker for the clean win.

Hogan vs. Vince
Prediction: Hogan

Austin vs. Rock
Prediction: If Rock is sticking around for another PPV, then the Rock wins it. If he is off to follow in the footsteps of Joe Don Baker, then Austin wins when Hogan interferes.

Jericho vs. Michaels
Prediction: Michaels. Clean as a sheet.

Angle vs. Lesnar
Prediction: Lesnar.

Scott Steiner's appearance: He is peering through the 2*4s outside the boarded up World in New York City. his request for freaks doesn't work out according to his plans, and hilarity ensues.

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I think Austin v. Rock will wind up being the Main Event. They are the two biggest headliners, and having Goldberg appear two or three matches before the end of the show just doesn't make sense, the crowd would be over pumped from that match and it would take away from the others.

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Not surprisingly, I couldn't care less. It's Wrestlemania, so Undertaker & Mr. Jones are winning regardless of how many spots Mr. Jones blows. And I'll say it right now: This is the match that should be on Heat. Why does it make the big show? Ah, politics.

Cruiserweight Title: MATT HARDY VERSION 1.0 v. REY MYSTERIO JR.
Matt just won the title, so he keeps it, probably with Shannon's help. Rey Rey is above the Cruiserweight title anyway, and am I the only one who thinks a tag team with Rhino when Benoit moves to main event is a good idea?

Morley & Storm retain, either when the Dudleys assist them, they get DQ'd because the Dudleys screw up, or they win by DQ when the Dudleys turn on them. (I'm personally going with Door #2.) The only reason the Dudleys aren't in this match is because of the injury Bubba suffered in the Evolution Killer match.

Los Guerreros are out of the loop and completely in limbo because of the FBI thing, and I'm torn between the other two - my brain says Team Angle needs the win more, while my heart says that they'll make it up to Benoit (since Chris was going to get Kurt's spot before Kurt decided not to pull out). There does need to be a clean break, though, so I'm going with Benoit & Rhino.

Rule #28593 of WWF Booking: Only the Rock is allowed to win a title within a month or two of returning to the air. Hence, you can completely count Jazz out here, and since Trish has been killed week in and out and didn't win the title last year - in Toronto - give the title to Trish here, with an assist from Jeff Hardy.

HHH Ego Stroke Title: TRIPLE H v. BOOKER T
The issue here is not whether Triple H does the job, but how he does it, because I think it would piss way too many people off if he retains in any way, and I think he knows it. They'll probably go the "Flair screws up, fluke win" route just to piss me off, but I'll take it at this point.

If you don't know who's winning this match, you've lived a very sheltered life.

Rock is likely sticking around for a match with Cold Beer next month, which is irrelevant to the outcome of this match, but I just thought I'd clarify things for HomerJFong. Anyway, Rock finally gets the win over Austin he should have had two years ago, and as such, this will NOT be the main event.

If Jericho does not go over, the bookers are *on drugs*.

If you don't know who's winning this match, you've lived a very sheltered life.


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Trish vs. Victoria vs. Jazz
Prediction: Trish

Triple H vs. Booker T
Prediction: Booker T wins in a somewhat screwy way

Hogan vs. Vince
Prediction: Hogan

Jericho vs. Michaels
Prediction: Chris Jericho.

Angle vs. Lesnar
Prediction: Lesnar. Since this is somewhat of a given, I'll also call a Heyman/Lesnar reconsiliation and Goldberg showing up.

Austin vs. Rock
Prediction: Rock. Goldberg also shows up here to fuel the "which show is going to appear on?" ratings bump.

Taker/Jones vs. Albert/Big Show.
Prediction: Taker & Jones

Rey Misterio Jr vs. Matt Hardy
Prediction: Rey. Matt turns on Shannon and debuts another MFer. Somehow Brian Kendrick is invoved

Kane/RVD vs. Morley/Storm

Smackdown Tag Team 3 way dance
Los Guerrerros. Heyman somehow "accidentaly" costs team Angle the title, leading to my prediction in Lesnar/Angle above.

(edited by MoeGates on 28.3.03 1656)

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Well, it's that time again.

Taker/Jones vs. Albert/Big Show.
Do you remember when the Carolina Hurricanes got to the Stanley Cup final against the Wings last year? I remember watching it and halfway through the first period of the first game, I thought to myself "How the hell did this happen?". Total bewilderment. That's how I feel about this match. Every time I see it being advertized on Smackdown or RAW, I think, how the hell did THIS happen. I really can't believe they are debuting Jones on WM. Anyway, you reap what you sew and what they are reaping is a REAL bad match. Show/Train win, Jones vs. UT at Backlash

Rey Misterio Jr vs. Matt Hardy
You know, people in the know (Vince McMahon) alway say that cruisers can't draw. They always say that a cruiser match and a cruiser in general should always be used as a way to get the crowd going and nothing more. To me, that's bull. Are you telling me that you couldn't have crafted a story where a guy like Mysterio couldn't have contended for the WWE title? I mean, to me, there's money in a Lesnar/Mysterio PPV match. And don't even get me started on the UT/Hardy possibility. Anyway, these guys are going to probably have the best match on the card and during it, Vince will be posing in the mirror thinking about what a hoss he is. Hardy wins.

Kane/RVD vs. Morley/Storm
Seriously, who cares? Morley/Storm wins.

Smackdown Tag Team 3 way dance
Hey, remember when everyone said that Vince would know what to do with Beniot? Seems like a LONG time ago. I remember on another post, I said that the Booker/HHH match should try and pattern after the Benoit/Angle, where HHH wins but Booker puts up a hell of a fight, but seeing Benoit in a meaningless match like this makes me rethink things. Seriously, that night, they created a star and they sqandered it away. Team Angle wins, in a great match.

Trish vs. Victoria vs. Jazz
Is it bad for me to say that Jazz might be the best worker on RAW? It's kind of sad, because these girls (especially Trish) have worked very hard and the storyline has actually been very coherant and straightforward, but no matter what, people will still be chanting for puppies. Jazz wins.

Triple H vs. Booker T
Let's get this out of the way. Triple H is winning.

Now, this pretty much is a microcosm of why the WWE is where it is right now. A casual fan will look at this match and think to themselves "Why is Booker in this match?" And they would have every right to question it. After all, he wasn't in the last PPV, got thrown out of the Rumble by 2 rookies in less than 5 minutes and was a tag wreslter for most of last year. Hell, 6 months ago, he jobbed to HHH in the lowest rated RAW main event last year. Why in the world should ANYONE get behind Booker. So they stick him out there to lukewarm reactions and justify that he shouldn't get the belt because, heck, even HHH gets the pops that he does.

This is the classic Chicken and Egg theory. They won't really push Booker cause he doesn't get Rock like pops, while he doesn't get Rock like pops because they don't push him properly. Meanwhile, the man he's facing is the very definition of someone who was pushed down our throats until he got the reaction that they desired (to be fair, HHH was also the best performer in the world of wrestling in the year 2000, which helped tremendously). I just wish that, aside from Lesnar, Vince would REALLY attempt to put someone on HHH's level (to be fair, he did try with Steiner), because the staleness is really killing the product. All I can really hope for this match is for it to be a good one (and I think it will be).

By the way, Backlash or Judgement Day: Diesel vs. HHH. Chew on that.

Hogan vs. Vince
Look, as much as I hate to admit this, I'll probably be into this match as much as all the others. And I'll feel very dirty after. Yeah, 25 minutes is WAY too long, but I trust these guys to put on at least a entertaining display. Hogan wins, suffers stroke, never wrestles again.

Austin vs. Rock
My favorite show in the world is Cheers. The best episode is the one where Woody and Kelly get married. I remember the first time I watched it, I laughed until I cried. The second time, still funny. I saw it recently on one of the local cable stations here, which was about the 10th time I seen that show, and funny enough, I didn't laugh as hard. The performers were the same, jokes didn't get any less funnier, same laugh track, same everything. But who wants to see the same thing over and over again, even when you really like the performers and the show? Rock wins. And it's going to be a good match. Like always.

Jericho vs. Michaels
A lot of people are looking forward to this match, but really, Michaels isn't HBK anymore. Heck, Jericho isn't Jericho anymore. He's Y2J or Fozzy or Mongoose or whichever he's calling himself. I think this match is going to disapoint, and not just in the outcome. Jericho wins, by some devious manner, cause it wouldn't do for the Showstopper, the Main Event and the ICON to lose cleanly.

Angle vs. Lesnar
I can't get exited about this match. Kurt Angle is my favorite performer and throughout this whole match, I'm just going to hope that he's gets up after every bump. I remember talking to a friend about 3 months ago and said I hope nothing happens to Michael Vick and Kurt Angle. Mike, if you're reading this (and you're not), one word for you: Kevlar. Brock wins.

By the way, Storm's gimmick includes 1.) telling the audience to shut up, and 2.) occasionally making everyone stand for the Canadian national anthem. You know they don't know what to do with a wrestler when he's making fans stand for a national anthem. It's like waving a white flag and saying, "This guy has no personality -- we give up."

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#13 Posted on

    Originally posted by Texas Kelly
    Rule #28593 of WWF Booking: Only the Rock is allowed to win a title within a month or two of returning to the air. Hence, you can completely count Jazz out here

Eddie Guerrero returned right after WrestleMania last year and won the IC title at Backlash. So much for that.

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RAW Tag Titles

Dudleys cost RVD/Kane titles. *YAWN*

Trish vs. Victoria vs. Jazz
Trish is going to go over here...this fued between these three will continue to build in the next few months.

Rey Misterio vs. Matt Hardy
Matt is going to go over with the help of Kendrick who will screw Misterio out of title. Matt hasn't held the title that long, so he's not going to drop it to Rey. Plus Rey doesn't need the belt to be over.

Smackdown Tag Team - 3 Teams
Team Angle goes over after some form of cheating.

Taker/Jones vs. Albert/Big Show.
This will be a terrible match. I guarantee it. Taker/Jones go over and in the next month or two they will fued. *SIGH*

Jericho vs. Michaels
Jericho beats Shawn clean. Match is lengthy. *****

Triple H vs. Booker T
Prediction: Booker T wins the title with assistance from Goldust. Lots of interference in this contest. Evolution (Flair or Orton) will get involved somehow. (Nash is also a possibility.)

Hogan vs. Vince
Hogan goes over here, and once again lots of interference. (Shane-O Mac)

Austin vs. Rock
Rock has to go over here, Austin has already beat him twice at Mania.

Lesnar will win, but I think they are leaning towards turning him heel somehow.


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#15 Posted on
RVD/Kane def. Morely/Store due to Dudley Boyz interference.

Matt Hardy def. Rey Misterio. They have a rematch at Backlash.

Big Show/Albert def. UT/Nathan Jones when Nathan Jones turns on the UT costing UT the match and his WM winning streak. They have a match at Backlash.

Team Angle def. Los Guerreros and Benoit/Rhyno. Have Team Angle won ANY match at ALL since becoming the Tag Champs? Anyway, they win by pinning one of the Guerreros, probably Chavo.

Jazz def. Trish and Victoria by defeating and "injuring" Victoria so she can take time off for her knee. Trish and Jazz have a match at Backlash.

Chris Jericho def. Shawn Michaels, possibly turning face in the process.

Booker T def. HHH. I know, I know, but that's what really should happen and I hope and pray it does.

The Rock def. Stone Cold. They've been playing up the "Rock has never beaten Stone Cold at WM" card too much for him to lose again. There'll probably be a ton of interference with a Sportz Entertainment finish.

Hulk Hogan def. Vince McMahon. Real American hits at the beginning of this match, but Vince comes out to it instead of Hogan for some insane heat. Real American hits again and Hogan comes out to an insane pop. It'll be a fun match, no matter what any of you say.

Brock def. Angle in a match that sees Angle getting a face pop by the end of the match. Team Angle run out afterwards and punk out Angle for losing, "injuring" his neck. Brock makes the save and Angle is stretcherd out to a standing ovation so he's a face when he comes back.

The End.

--Monte N

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#16 Posted on

Video packages and lots of them!
Tazz calls Lita a tomato at least once.

Rob Van Dam and Kane v. Lance Storm and Sean Morley (c)
WWE World Tag Team Title Match

My Heart Says: Van Dam and Kane in a squash.
My Head Says: Van Dam and Kane by "botched" interference from the Dudleyz, Van Dam and Kane drop the titles to the Dudleyz at the first RAW PPV when one turns on the other.
My Gut Says: Same as my head.


Limp Bizkit sings

Rey Misterio v. Matt Hardy (w/ Shannon Moore) (c)
WWE Cruiserweight Title Match

My Heart Says: Rey Misterio
My Head Says: Matt Hardy wins cheaply to set up a longer feud
My Gut Says: Rey Misterio

Chris Jericho v. Shawn Michaels

My Heart Says: Jericho clean with the Walls
My Head Says: Jericho, after some chair shots to Michael's back and THEN the Walls
My Gut Says: Jericho after a run in by Christian is ruled void by Test and Jeff, then the chairs and the Walls.

Chris Benoit and Rhyno v. Los Guerrerros v. Team Angle (with Paul Heyman) (c)
WWE Tag Team Title Match

My Heart Says: Los Guerrorros are a regular team who've earned another run with the belt
My Head Says: Team Angle needs it more
My Gut Says: Team Angle wins cheats to win

Booker T v. Triple H (w/ Ric Flair)
WWE World Title Match

My Heart Says: Booker T clean
My Head Says: Booker T after a run in spectacular featuring Goldust, Steiner, Flair, Nash (for HHH), and probably more (Tommy Dreamer?)
My Gut Says: Booker T after all that, two axe kicks, and a sledgehammer shot

Nathan Jones and The Undertaker v. Big Show and Albert

My Heart Says: Nathan will put on a ok performance, if a bit slow and rough, but we'll all blast him for it anyway. Undertaker gets the win.
My Head Says: Undertaker gets the win, Nathan impresses only The Undertaker
My Gut Says: Nathan turns on Undertaker mid-match, Taker fights off the Three on One to remain undefeated at Mania. Heyman STILL brags about getting Nathan Jones on Smackdown.

Limp Bizkit...again....

Trish Stratus v. Jazz v. Victoria (w/ Stevie Richards) (c)
WWE Women's Title Match

My Heart Says: Trish picks up the win in a decent match
My Head Says: Trish wins in an absolute clusterfuck featuring run-ins by Stevie (on Victoria's behalf), Jeff Hardy (on Trish's behalf), and Rodney Mack (at the behest of Teddy Long on Jazz' behalf). The men do more wrestling than the women, but Trish eeks out a win.
My Gut Says: Just about the same as my head, only more time for the women than the men.

Brock Lesner v. Kurt Angle (w/ Team Angle and Paul Heyman (c)
WWE Title Match

My Heart Says: Brock Clean
My Head Says: Team Angle gets thrown out in the opening minutes after trying to help Kurt. Angle guts out a good performance and Brock goes over.
My Gut says: Brock clean

John Cena Rap Challenge

Everything Tells Me: Nobody knows his opponent (spoiler withheld). The crowd turns on this segment quickly. Cena's about to attack the rapper guy when Brock comes out and F5s him.

The Rock v. Steve Austin

My Heart Says: Austin Clean
My Head Says: Austin after Goldberg spears Rock
My Gut Says: Good lengthy match, Rock gets distracted by Goldbergs appearence allowing for a kickwhamstunner.

A Video retrospective on Vince McMahon and Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan v. Vince McMahon

My Heart Says: A fun match that most of us will be too cynical to enjoy. Vince keeps cheating to get the upper hand only to be put down by Hogan time and time again. Hogan wins. The crowd goes wild.
My Head Says: Same thing
My Gut Says: Almost the same, but at least one if not two run-ins on Vince's behalf (including possibly Shane McMahon and The Evil Smackdown Referee)

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Buffy 7.17 gets a 7.87 So...Spike and Wood have Oedipus complexes...riiiiight...
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Undertaker & Nathan Jones v Big Show & A-Train
Prediction: Taker Tombstones A-Train, his streak never ever never ever ends

Matt Hardy vs. Rey Mysterio
Prediction: I still don't think anyone in staff has any faith in Hardy, Mysterio wins

Kane/RVD vs. Storm/Morley (Heat)
Prediction: Kane gets incapacitated somehow or another, Morley beats RVD

Los Guerreros vs. Benoit/Rhyno vs. Team Angle
Prediction: Team Angle over one of the Guerreros

Trish vs. Victoria vs. Jazz
Prediction: Trish over Victoria when she ends up in a shoving contest with Jazz

Triple H vs. Booker T
Prediction: Same as always, Triple H via low blow/Pedigree

Hogan vs. Vince
Prediction: Barring any odd Goldberg run-ins, Hogan gets beaten down for 20 minutes, Hulks up, boot, legdrop, arrivederci

Austin vs. Rock
Prediction: Much as I'd like to see Rock finally win this one, Austin goes over yet again

Jericho vs. Michaels
Prediction: Micheals via Chin Music

Angle vs. Lesnar
Prediction: Lesnar with an F5 off the top rope or something equally insane

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Alrighty, prediction time!

RVD/Kane vs Morley & Storm.
RVD & Kane win.

Victoria vs Trish Stratus vs Jazz.
Boy, this is a difficult one. Um, Jazz wins, with help from Rodney Mack. Hey, someone's got to help her, what with Jeff and Stevie being involved.

Matt Hardy vs Rey Mysterio.
Hardy should retain, but Rey will probably win.

Benoit & Rhyno vs Benjamin & Haas vs Los Guerreros.
Boy, Triple Threat Matches are hard! Um, let me get out my lucky quarter. Heads it's Benoit&Rhyno, tails it's Team Angle, and ... No, that won't work either. Shoot, I'll just go with Team Angle to retain.

Taker & Jones vs Show & Train.
Jones causes Taker to lose. Hilarity insues.

McMahon vs Hogan.
Hogan wins.

The Rock vs Austin
I'm going to go with The Rock here, actually.

Booker T vs Triple H
Booker should win, but I just don't see it happening.

Chris Jericho vs Shawn Michaels
Jericho should win.

I've only picked 4 faces to win, which probably isn't enough.

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Here goes....

RVD & Kane v.s Morley & Storm
-I'll go with Morley and Storm to retain...seeds planted for a possible RVD/Kane breakup?

Victoria v.s Trish v.s Jazz
-Jazz regains the title

Matt Hardy v.s Rey Misterio
-I'll go with Rey-Rey on this one.

Benoit & Rhyno v.s Team Angle v.s Los Guerreros
-Hmm....two face teams, one heel team....that means a face team turns heel, right? Team Angle wins, i guess.

Undertaker & Jones v.s A-Train & Big Show
-Who cares? 'Taker & Jones, only because of "The Streak"

McMahon v.s Hogan
-What a joke. This has been treated as the main event, when it should be treated as a sideshow. Hogan, hopefully, goes over (never thought i'd say that).

Rock v.s Austin
-Austin, he needs a big win and Rock can go back to Hollywood

Jericho v.s Michaels
-Jericho, hopefully elevating him to main event status (yeah, i know....)

Angle v.s Lesnar
-Possibility of a swerve, but i'll go the safe way and say Lesnar wins.

Triple H v.s Booker
-If there is a God, Booker wins.
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    Originally posted by DirtyMikeSeaver
    Well, it's that time again.

    Do you remember when the Carolina Hurricanes got to the Stanley Cup final against the Wings last year? I remember watching it and halfway through the first period of the first game, I thought to myself "How the hell did this happen?". Total bewilderment.

HA! I know this isn't a hockey forum, but I just wanted to say...

I live in North Carolina, and in June of last year EVERYBODY was going Hurricanes CRAZY. My local bank had a big "Go 'Canes" banner hanging on the wall. Everybody took down the 9/11 American Flags from their cars and replaced them with Carolina Hurricanes flags.

Then we got our asses handed to us in the finals. This year, the Hurricanes are in LAST PLACE! And now, no one even know who the fuck the Carolina Hurrcianes are.

"Carolina Hurricanes? Is that some football team or somethin'?

    By the way, Backlash or Judgement Day: Diesel vs. HHH. Chew on that.

Thanks a lot! I was planning on attending the Judgment Day event. Now you've ruined for me!!!

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yeah... with that many ppv's and such i dont think we have to worry about wrestler a never facing wrestler b..... I AM THE BEST there is, was and ever will be!!!! Dont you wish that you were me??? no?.... i've got two words for ya!
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