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The W - Pro Wrestling - Lucha Tape Watching #6: Two of Psicosis' best matches
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This one is a little different. It is somewhat of a mix. There's AAA TV, EMLL TV and a AAA handheld match. The tape is about 3.5 hours long, so I'll save the play-by-play for the 2 major matches on this tape.

Think back to Christmas 1995. What were you doing? It probably wasn't more colourful than what happened in Tijuana.

1. Leon Negro/Ultraman vs. Psicosis/Halloween

Leon Negro wears a really ugly all-black mask with a yellow lion's mane on it. He's now the fake Psicosis in AAA. Halloween is wearing an ECW shirt. Ultraman looks just like the Japanese character - it is Damien 666 under the hood, except he is in a t-shirt and jeans. Psicosis, for reasons known only to him, is wearing a Pittsburgh Steelers Neil O'Donnell jersey.

Oh, this is also a no-rope, barbed-wire cage street fight. There's also a baseball bat lying around for shits and giggles.

We're barely 1 minute into the match, and all 4 men have already tasted the wire, with Halloween being the only one to go into it face first. You have to love looking in the background to see a father carrying his toddler into the arena, just as Psicosis is trying to push Ultraman's face through the wire. Halloween is the one that takes the nuttiest bumps into the wire in the early going. It is OK to put on the brakes, you know? Psicosis & Damien both miss Arabian facebusters as this continues. A pair of ranas in the early going were the only things resembling wrestling moves. Ultra takes a crazy bump into the corner of the cage as he misses an avalanche. Psicosis rips of Ultra's shirt, and then tries to set it on fire, with no success. The O'Donnell jersey mercifully buys it as Psic is thrown to the wire, and he is then tied in the tree of woe. Halloween goes onto Leon's shoulders, and then is Electric Chaired onto a steel chair. A couple chairshots for Psicosis. For some reason, Leon heads out of the cage which leaves Ultraman in there to get a good number of shots with a barbed-wire baseball bat. And now it is on fire! Ultraman gets waffled with it. Halloween tries to throw a fireball, but he ends up nailing Psicosis with it instead. Ultra dropkicks Halloween to the wire, where he is stuck, and unable to break up the pin in Psic. That's 3.

But the fun is just starting. Psicosis gets the bat, and ABSOLUTELY DRILLS Ultraman across the back with it. Psic then goes to the top of the cage, and jumps off the top to put Leon Negro through a table on the ring floor. Meanwhile, they are trying to put the bat out in the entranceway, as Psicosis is pitching chairs into the ring. Meanwhile, Halloween and Leon Negro are fighting into the stands. And I mean the stands, as several of the rudos carry him up to the top of the arena, where Negro gets crucified, and chaired. Psicosis yells into the mike from an open area. Rey Misterio runs out and ranas Psic. Konnan's out as well, and he and a freed Leon powerbomb Halloween onto something. Leon Negro makes a mask vs. mask challenge, Konnan says something, the valets have a short catfight (I think they were Lady Victoria & Natasha 666) and then finally everybody leaves the arena area. To tope this all off, we see the cherry on the violence sundae - all the competitors show off their scars. Ultraman's charred back is gruesome, to say the least. Psicosis probably looks the healthiest of the lot.
This was announced as 3 falls, but darned if I could recognize them. One of the better garbage matches out there, and worth viewing just for the surrealness of it all. 97 on a more generous garbage scale, but it is around 60 for people more into traditional lucha.

Back to regular, sane TV at this point. All of this aired during late January 1996.

2. Boomerang, Ludxor, Discovery, Thunderbird & Venum vs. Mr. Condor, Marabunta, Rocky Santana, Bronco & El Gallego

The tecnicos are the former Power Raiders team. For some reason, AAA was almost sued over it. All the rudos are all in black & yellow. The listing says it is Duende, but Duende does a court jester gimmick, and he most certainly wasn't part of this. Several still wrestle as Los Diabolicos, and they aren't very good. Green against crud. Yippie.

Only Fall: Marabunta & Discovery start off, and it is mainly Marabunta being thrown around. Ludxor gets hammered around by Bronco, before he gets backdropped outside and rana-ed. Venum/Gallego is mostly Venum flipping around making Gallego look foolish. Bronco gets the same treatment from Thunderbird, until a pair of rudos jump him. Venum gets nowhere when he tries it, as a pair of rudos are constantly double-teaming one of the tecnicos. The tecnicos mount a comeback as they throw Santana around the ring, causing his partners to retreat. Several bland dives form the tecnicos, but there was also some Dusty approved clubberin'. Venum eliminates Bunta with a 450 splash. Not long after, Santa belly-to-bellies Venum to even thigs at 4. The other Diabolico gives Thunderbird an Alabama Slam, but he goes for the pin, and his partner starts laying in the boots to the fallen tecnico. Pepe Casas gets shoved as he tries to stop it, and that gets the rudo side DQ'd.

Cheap ending, and these folks didn't mix well at all. 64.

3. Mexicano/Volador vs. Psicosis/Juventud Guerrera

Mexicano is/was part of the Los Folkloricos trio. His ring attire can best be described as a mariachi bodysuit.

First Fall: Max & Psic start off doing their chain wrestling. It is slower, thanks to Mexicano, but Psicosis during this period was an incredibly underrated mat worker. You remember his spotfests, but he also can hang with pretty much anybody on the mat as well. Volador Juvy does a little bit of rudo cowering before their segment starts. The German Suplex from Volador seems somewhat out of place during this, but then they get to the matwork. It ends when they roll to the floor as Juvy is stuck in the figure 4. There look to be a clip, as Mex clothesline Juvy on the floor. With Psic and Volador in the ring, Volador continues swinging through a crucifix, and takes down Psic with a small packaage for a 3. Meanwhile Mexicano gives Juvy the electric chair, and follows it up with a senton for 3.

An ad break here sees Santo & Octagon in a Miller Lite ad.

Second Fall: Mexicano controls the opening, and gets a quick nearfall off a powerbomb and an elbowdrop. Juvy gets kicked to the floor, but Psic clotheslines Mexicano before he can hit the tope. There are a couple of good takedowns from Volador on Psic, with the nicest being Volador running up the ropes and coming off with an armdrag. Psic bails out, and cowers by the apron to avoid a tope, so Volador slides over top, and kicks Psic square in the posterior. Nice comedy spot that, unlike some...Porky...cough...didn't detract from the proceedings. Juvy & Mex are in. Quickly, Juvy hits a brainbuster for a near fall. That doesn't work, and neither does a moonsault. Psic tags in, and drops an elbow across Mexicano's back. Psic powerbombs Mexicano, but it gets turned to a rana, but then a sunset flip for 2. Mex fights back, slamming Psicosis, then dropping a top rope senton, but only gets 2. Juvy & Volador return after that. Vol quickly tries for a rolling tapitia, but can't get the one leg hooked. Psic is in, and he eats a series of armdrags. Psic ends up on Vol's shoulders, where Mexicano delivers a dropkick. One submission later, Juvy is left on his own. Juvy then sees the tecnicos try a double team, but Vol dropicks Mex out, and Juvy hits him with a crazy tope, then springboards back into the ring with a spinning heel kick to pin Volador. 1-on-1 now, and Mexicano gets a spinebuster, and pinned after a top-rope legdrop to even things up.

Third Fall: The third fall starts as Psicosis meets Volador with a dropkick. He follows up with a powerbomb, and Juvy then delivers a frog splash for a near fall. DDT by Juvy for another 2. Juvy then goes for a top-rope legdrop, but it misses, and it is Volador that gets a 2. Psic breaks up a second pin off a powerslam. Juvy rolls out, as does Volador after Psic misses a splash off the top. Mexicano comes in and tries for a tapitia, but Juvy breaks it up and gets 2 off a sunset flip. Front suplex and senton from Mexicano gets Juventud pinned for 2. Vol & Psic return to the ring. Psicosis tries a drop down after some rope-running, only for Volador to put on the brakes and slap on a camel clutch. Juvy breaks up that submission, and the tag brings in Mexicano. Psicosis can't get the pin off a pair of powerbombs, so they make way for Vol & Juvy. The rudos try to double team, but Psic misses a corner charge & sails outside. Vol takes out Psic with an Asai moonsault, and Mexicano pins Juventud with a sit-down powerbomb. Psicosis crawls back into the ring, and he quickly gets superplexed. A crucifix pin only gets 2. Mex picks up Psic, and teases a piledriver. Psic then fires off a ballbuster when in the tombstone position. He knocks Volador from the ring, and topes both of the tecnicos. Back in the ring, Psicosis goes up top, and pulls Volador up with him. On the buckles, Psicosis nails a Victory Roll off the top. Volador is basically dead at this point, but Mexicano breaks up the pin. So, Psicosis dropkicks him outside, and takes him out with a twisting somersault to the floor. Mexicano gets counted out after that one, and Psic then has plenty of time to return to the ring, and pin Volador, who hasn't moved since he took the move.

This was the other reason to get this tape. It's got good heat, Psicosis is super during all of his stuff, and Volador & Juvy weren't far behind. There's also the wicked finish to it as well. 97, missing the perfect mark because there could have been a better partner for Volador, and for the clip in the first fall, but that is a very minor complaint.

I'm going to be brief with the remaining matches.

4. La Rosa/Sirenita vs. Neftaly/Briosa

The tecnicas are challenging for the tag team titles. Rosa wheres a butterfly style mask. Sirenita has short blonde hair. Neftaly has two-tome black & brown hair, Briosa has face paint, and both look like they bought their gear at Demolition's garage sale. Super Crazy is the ruda's second.

The mat stuff was pretty basic, but it wasn't awkward. Sirenita & Briosa's was the better of the two. A couple basic cross bodies are followed with roll-ups that send the rudas outside. A pair of dives off the apron seal the count-out in Fall 1. The second fall sees Rosa trying comedy spots, but it quickly becomes a ruda brawling fall, and they win it with a pair of superplexes. The third fall is pretty non-descript as well, with nothing to distinguish it from any other. La Rosa trying the corner Flair Flip with all the style and speed of Jackie Gayda. Sirenita planchas the rudas outside the ring, and she and Rosa lay in the boots and hit the ring at 19 to get the victory.

Some of Rosa's highspots came damn close to "business exposing". Everything else was basic enough that I couldn't hate it. 70. But I liked the Heat match with Jackie/Ivory vs. Jazz/Molly much more.

5. Halcon Dorado Jr/Fresbee/Blue Demon Jr vs. Los Vilanos 3,4 & 5

Halcon's dressed in all gold, including his mask. V-3 has the roman numeral on the back of his outfit, but there is no way to differentiate between 4 & 5.

Lots of posturing from Los Vilanos, but the crowd is getting into it. The pairings see Halcon & Fresbee take on 4 and 5, and Demon & 3, with the captains as the final grouping. Fresbee was spotty, but the Vilano he was paired with leads well. Goofy armdrags in the second segment from Halcon, but he'll get triple-teamed, as will the others. Then there is some mask-ripping, as the Vilanos work their way to a camel clutch submission on Halcon & something goofy-looking on Fresbee. The second fall sees the three-on-1s continue until Demon double clotheslines a pair of Vilanos. There's mask tearing, and the tecs take it shortly after Fresbee dropkicks a Vilano, and does push-ups on his chest for a pin. That's more of a rudo thing to do. At some point, Halcon eliminates the other Vilano. The third fall starts with a quick rana and dropkick from Fresbee. Blue Demon frustrates the rudos, until he misses a kneedrop, and all 6 men get in the ring. The rudos get thrown together, knocking two from the ring and seeing the third one pinned with a rana and a triple cover. It's three on 2, but Dorado gets sent out, and the non-Captain Vilano topes him. Fresbee tries to rana V3, but instead he gets powerbombed and pinned. At this point, the Captains face off in the ring. Demon whips the crowd up, but with Tirantes distracted, the other Vilano nutshots Demon, and V-3 gets the pinfall.

Cheesy ending, but quite a bit better than the earlier green guys vs. veteran rudos match on this tape. The Vilanos can hold so much together. 74.

6. Satanico/Emilio Charles Jr/Pierroth vs. Dandy/Atlantis/Fiera

They only show the closing minute or so of it. Dandy wins it for his team with a Magistral on Satanico. No Rating.

7. Chicago Express vs. Ciclon Ramirez

They show about 5 minutes of this, and this time, I wouldn't have minded seeing more. Ciclon threw a nuce tope for an older, big guy. Alas, it is he that loses his hair after a powerbomb from Express.

No rating. Express' blade job was about .15 Muta, though. After watching the gushers Niebla hit during the last tape, it's pretty passe. I'm trying to thing what WCW guy Express is comparable to, but all I can come up with is Johnny Swinger.

8. Arkangel/Karloff Lagarde/Mocha Cota vs. Pantera/Antifaz/Super Astro

Manuel "Mocho" Cota is older than the dirt that Arena Coliseo was built on.

Thankfully, the other folks in this are watchable or better. The rudos attack before the announcer is finished. The get in no offense, and the rudos take Fall 1 in a couple minutes with an Arkangel senton onto Pantera, and a Karloff spinebuster on Astro. The second fall is your generic tecnico comeback fall. You know - triple teaming continues until it backfires. In this case it is a series of Pantera dropkicks that turn the tide, and Astro quickly pins Cota, and Karloff submits to a backbreaker. The final fall is done nicely. Back-and-forth. Comedy spots from Astro, and the wrestling is basic but good. A springboard armdrag from Astro to Cota looked awkward, but that was my only complaint there. The only dive is Astro backdropping Antifaz onto Lagarde & Cota. But, Astro misses a somersault off the ropes, and gets pinned when Arkangel drops an elbow.

Average match, and could have been better without the decrepit Cota. 74.
9. Mano Negra Sr/Scorpio/Bestia Salvaje vs. Fiera/Atlantis/Dos Caras

Let's just call this one 60 and be done with it. Your life will be able to continue without seeing this match. The tecnicos win the match after an Atlantida on Negro in the final fall.

Overall, there are two great matches on this tape, and it is interesting to see Psicosis go from garbage-style to lucha. If you liked his stuff in WCW, I recommend it highly, to see two of his best matches. Everything else is filler, but it is also nice to see why Los Vilanos are such great in their role as carrying rudos as well. You can get it at, in the Mexico section.

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