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22.5.18 0452
The W - Pro Wrestling - Lockdown Q & D results
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Since: 28.1.02
From: Louisville, KY

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#1 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.06
Bobby Roode retained Vs James Storm

Garrett Bischoff pinned Eric Bischoff via the guitar shot at the end of the 5 on 5

Jeff Hardy swantons Kurt Angle

Samoa Joe and Magnus retain Vs Motor City Machine Guns

Devon retain Vs Robbie E

Crimson defeats Matt Morgan

Gail Kim retains over Velvet Sky

ODB and Eric Young defeat Sarita and Rosita

Plus Hogab punches out Flair

We'll be back right after order has been restored here in the Omni Center.

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Since: 5.9.08

Since last post: 5 days
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#2 Posted on | Instant Rating: 1.17
I let the wife talk me into getting this with the idea that I could order Extreme Rules. Even though, I am pretty sure baby will hopefully be here by then. In all the years, I have bought PPVs from WWE to WCW to ECW to even WOW, I have never ever heard a crowd so quiet in my entire life. They might as well have been having this PPV in the back of a Sheetz in a rest area on I-80. As awesome as the Miami crowd was for Mania and the Raw after, this was the complete opposite. This was Bizzaro crowd. The PPV was bad, no lie there, but they made it feel a 100 times worse. I guess they had only 3,000 people there, I doubt half paid. And do you know why they had such a low attendance, a few reasons could be. One, they fucked over Nashville when they went to Orlando and maybe those people feel well..fucked over. Two, they put on shit like this.

Minus the fact they started off with the Lethal Lockdown Bischoff match which was terrible. The camera shots missed a lot of the action and kept focusing on Garrett. Eric was the only one left standing for a good three minutes while he canned Dewey, I mean Garrett. Garrett, who pulled a John Cena and no sold it to hit Eric a guitar and get the pin. Even the fans who you could hear were cheering Eric on. Garrett is the Nuclear Man from Superman IV, he is that toxic.

The rest of the mid card matches were just ok. The tag match was good borderline great between MCMG/British Somoa. Yet, the crowd did nothing. They worked their asses off to no response. I was even a little surprised Magnus and Joe won clean to no reaction. Nashville, I understand you are playing the Red Wings and all, but you can cheer for these guys. I mean its not like you know the Hockey playoffs are going on anyway, much like the Pens. Even IWC rag doll, Velvet had one of the best matches of her life and one of the best spots to a tepid reaction. Yet, it was a reaction that when she lost, I thought it killed a crowd that was barely alive to begin with. Then they throw Hogan and Flair out of the bullpen to finally get a reaction and they did, they got a huge reaction.

And here is the other problem with TNA, their fanbase. As much as we all say why are Hogan, Flair, Kurt and Jeff on this show instead of in a retirement home or resting at home or I don't know jail. The fans popped huge for them. The Kurt/Hardy while not Taker/HHH like Kurt promised was still a great match thanks to the fans. I also don't know why they want to keep putting Jeff over, but you know its what the fans want. Which leads us to why this PPV with a decent tag match, a better than average KO match and I am going to throw this out there as crazy as it sounds MOTYC with Kurt/Jeff, failed on all levels. The Main Event.

Storm/Roode was one of the best things TNA has done in well, so long I forgot. Storm did get a decent pop, but again the fans were quiet. It was a great brawl and if this, I can't believe, I am going to type this, if this was in the ImpactZone, this match would have been red hot. Even still, the fans were in it near the end then the end came. Roode uses young Hebner to eat a superkick, takes out Storm, then is about to leave only to demand Earl Hebner give him Storm's six pack which he does?! Hits Storm over the head with the Bottle, pins only gets two and then what should have been the end, Storm hits him with the superkick for the pin and title to send everyone home happy. Not in TNAland, he goes for a second superkick then sends Bobby out of the ring to win the title via Hebner fuck up for not closing the cage behind him. I still can not believe they found a way to fuck up the simplest thing in the world which is building a strong face like Storm up for almost six months only to have him lose in their Wrestlemania of PPVs in a fluke way. Its inconceivable.

TNA thinks they are swerving the fans, but actuality the are swerving themselves. This is why I am ok with people illegally streaming these events. TNA has done nothing to earn your money. Even if you took the main event out of it, no titles changed hands at all. 3 out of the 5 titles are held by heels, one of them could have lost like I don't know Roode would have been fine even if he did lose or Gail. Then they add Crimson/Morgan, a TV title match that no one remembers who was holding the title and a KO tag match with a guy who stood on the apron the entire time and his team won. Just..I...ARGGHH!!!

I keep getting suckered into these PPV with this company and sometimes they are good or something good happens. Nothing happened. Yes, even in the rather screwed up wrestling world that we live in a match like Kurt/Jeff could save the PPV. It didn't. This entire PPV was built on Roode/Storm and they fucked it up. It would be like Mania ending with Cena winning due to a 10 count. That is what they did. And they wonder why they have .99 rating heading into Lockdown when they give ODB/EY 20 minutes of TV and dead families are being brought up only for Storm to job. This company, this fucking company with the ton of talent they have or had cannot get out of their own way and the sad part, the really sad part is for most TNA fans, Hogan/Flair and Jeff/Kurt was enough to justify buying their next PPV. Not me, fuck them.

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Amos Cochran
Lap cheong

Since: 28.8.09

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#3 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.64
TNA has accomplished something rare and special here today. They have finally broke lotjx.

SOmeone over on the rspwfaq blog made a great point about the TNA bookers being carnies in the worst sense of the word, in that they have no respect for their audience and never pay anything off with a big babyface win because they think they can milk every feud for just one more month. The lack of payoffs to their heel champion reigns is probably TNA's biggest, most longrunning booking error. It's killed the promotion dead.

Since: 7.3.02

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#4 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.84
I have lost all faith in TNA crowds when they were completely dead for MCMG (or MCM, as TNA production puts it) yet go completely crazy for an inevitable Hogan vs. Flair snoozefest.

And, while we're on the subject, can we kill the Lockdown concept already? The all-cage PPV sounds great in theory but it's just not needed - hardly any of those matches were built well enough to warrant the need for a steel cage. At this point, it's just a gimmick.

Also, how is it even remotely logical (I know, I know) to go on saying that one of the stipulations in the Bischoff match was that if Bischoff loses, he can't use the name Eric Bischoff anywhere. What? How does that even remotely make sense. I'm all for suspending belief but come on.. that's just stupid.

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Since: 23.6.10
From: Auburn, AL

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#5 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.43
I wasn't motivated enough to go to the theater to watch this. Sounds like I made the right move to sit home and watch Game of Thrones.

Since: 19.2.10
From: Brooklyn NY

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#6 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.42
I think there is money in having a top bayface chasing a top heel for the title and it's different than what the WWE has done over the last thirty years sans Triple H's dominant run as heel champ as they've gone with their top face usually as the world champ. TNA going with a heel champ would be fine if Roode wasn't booked as an extremely weak champion. Storm came into Lockdown on fire like Roode went into BFG on fire and neither time did they pay it off and they left a really bad taste in fans mouths. Going with the template the NWA went with Luger catching fire and the crowd getting behind him and losing to Flair killed the NWa and is killing TNA. I strongly disagree with loljk on Flair and Hogan. Yes they'll always get pops, but fans tune out on Impact when they're on and they don't generate higher buy rates for PPVs. I mean they drew higher buy rates when they were on FSn on 3pm on Friday's. This years BFG with Hogan in the ring drew less but than last years with the whole 10-10-10 thing. Storm not winning the title is bad, but Garrett Bischoff starring in the Lethal Lockdown match while Aries, Styles , Ray and Daniels faded into the background is maybe just as bad.

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Since: 13.11.11
From: Virginia Beach

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#7 Posted on | Instant Rating: 1.31
Hardy/Angle and the main event were really good, but overall, I thought that was a very disappointing show that was greatly hurt by a bad small-looking-crowd (I seem to recall Nashville was a poor crowd the last time they did a PPV there), had a few odd booking choices and was full of things that didn't seem worthy of being on a big PPV.

Starting with Lethal Lockdown was odd, but was nothing compared to having Garett start the match. Why start with AJ or Aries--two great workers with good cardio--when you can start with the green, unover Garett Bischoff? That may have been worse than having Garett come in at the end and be the babyface savior with all the heels bumping for him. It's too bad they couldn't have given this push to someone who was ready. Match had some moments, but overall, it was weak and unimportant-feeling as far as Lethal Lockdowns go.

The tag title match was fine yet flat and disappointing. It was really hurt by the crowd. MCMG winning would have been a mistake, but them selling most of the match then Shelley getting pinned clean doesn't seem like the best finish either. If this feud is to continue, which it kind of has to since they have nothing else, they need to add some heat, maybe turn a team, and figure out a good way to give MCMG a rematch--tonight's match and finish gave little reason for them to get one.

Devon/Robbie E was a nothing match. I'm not sure why it was on the PPV. I don't want to see Devon vs. Rob Terry.

Gail/Velvet was no good and was yet another flat match.

The Flair/Hogan promo felt like something that should have been a post-show dark segment instead of being in the middle of a PPV. I don't want to see another Flair/Hogan feud never mind another Flair/Hogan match.

Morgan/Crimson was, unsurprisingly, another poor, heatless match. Morgan looked dumb in that one. They better not be setting up another match.

Hardy/Angle was really good and finally a match the crowd seemed to care about. Angle needs to take some time off.

KO Tag Title match didn't seem like something that needed to be on this PPV let alone that high up the card.

The main event was really good. I think it was the right time to put the belt on Storm and am disappointed they didn't go that route. Hopefully this loss doesn't take the wind out his sails and he doesn't end up being a victim of TNA having poor timing issues (see: Samoa Joe, World Title). If they are putting the title change off until Slammiversary, I hope the build for that match is somehow as good as the past month and their means of delaying the next match isn't another Angle/Storm type feud since that ended up being quite the momentum killer. I suspect they'll have a rough time making Storm come off as big of a deal as they did this month and having as strong as a go home segment as they did Thursday. Fingers crossed that next month isn't Roode vs. Anderson or a half-assing RVD.

Since: 5.9.08

Since last post: 5 days
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#8 Posted on | Instant Rating: 1.17
There is no way fans can take Storm seriously as a challenger let alone a champ after this. Everything was in his favor, he attacked first, they were in his home town and he was fighting for the honor of his dead family members and he lost. If he can't win now now, he will never win. Unless they do some stupid thing like have Roode job the title out this week on Impact or have Storm win at the next PPV where we get Roode being more of a jackass then he was before except now he has another win over Storm he can brag about.

Rumor is they are going to give RVD a push, but something tells me after how well Jeff did, he will get the push. At least with Jeff, there is some connection with Roode. RVD or Anderson would be just picking names out of the random hat. Also, they could have any of these matches with Roode without him being the champ. Either way, TNA shot their first real chance since they fucked up Bound for Glory of last year to make a star in the foot, again. That comparison of TNA being a group of carnies are dead on. They are not as smart as they think they are.

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The Wee Baby Sheamus.Twitter: @realjoecarfley its a bit more toned down there. A bit.

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#9 Posted on | Instant Rating: 8.36
    Originally posted by Amos Cochran
    SOmeone over on the rspwfaq blog made a great point about the TNA bookers being carnies in the worst sense of the word, in that they have no respect for their audience and never pay anything off with a big babyface win because they think they can milk every feud for just one more month. The lack of payoffs to their heel champion reigns is probably TNA's biggest, most longrunning booking error. It's killed the promotion dead.

Spot on. When was the last time there was a proper happy ending to a TNA main event angle? The last I can think of was Sting's title win way back in 2006. Everything since then has either gone on so long until nobody cared anymore (Immortal), had no real blow-off at all (Main Event Mafia), ended with the top babyface turning heel (Hardy, Roode, Hogan) or just ended with the babyface not getting the job done (Storm).

Wrestling at its most base level is about good vs evil, with the ultimate payoff being good prevailing. TNA never seems to get to the end of that story. They never have that one moment where (even just for one night) all seems right with the world and the powers of good have come out on top. There's always an overwhelming sense of negativity about the whole promotion that never allows you to feel optimistic about anything.

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Please tell me its not true, it is total B.S. I hope? Has Vince Mac. lost his mind jumping on the Bischoff gravy train. At least Vince Russo thought the NWO angle was stupid, and Hogan was a piece of $hit! LSU FOOTBALL:
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