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27.5.18 2206
The W - Random - Lewis v Klitshko
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Since: 6.8.02
From: St. Louis

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The fight was stopped due to a huge cut above Klitschko's eye, but Vitali was clearly winning the fight. According to the announcers, Klitschko was also ahead on scorecards after the 6th round. Lewis acted like a jerk after the fight, but I hope he will grant a rematch.

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Since: 29.4.02
From: Jax, FL

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#2 Posted on
I wanted to see Lewis go down so bad. As much as it would rule to see those two go up against each other again, you have to think that Lennox would, well actually train for that fight.
That ending was of course complete bullshit. Klitschy seemed to be doing just fine with the one good eye.

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Since: 26.3.03
From: Glendale, Cali

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I'm not a big boxing fan but that had to be one of the best fights i've ever seen. Klitschko was just kicking ass out there. If it wasn't for that gash, he would've had Lewis out a few rounds later.

Man, that was one mean gash. it was like a new eye socket forming, almost. But it obviously improved as the match went on and Klitschko didn't seem to be too impaired by it. That fight shouldn't have been stopped. He was wearing Lewis out and he would've beaten him, no doubt.

I'm hoping as well that Klitschko gets a rematch.

Big Brother

Since: 9.12.01
From: ミネアポリス

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#4 Posted on
It WAS a great fight, but nobody seems to be giving Lewis any credit. I mean, that gash certainly didn't just magically open on its own or anything so you have to give it up to the champ. I'll STILL root for Klitschko in the rematch, though - Lewis seems even more full of himself than before the Rock* knocked him out...although like with the Rock, I bet Lewis trains JUST a bit harder for the second fight than he did for the first.

*Hasim Rahman

Downtown Bookie

Since: 7.4.02
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I'm not a psychiatrist, and I don't play one on television, but based on personal observation it seems to me that many (if not most, hell, if not all) people seem to repeat over and over again the same patterns of destructive behavior throughout their lives. Scholars often state that "those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it"; so it is too that we often see people fail to learn the lessons from their own personal history, and therefore repeat the same mistakes over and over again. There's another thread ( on this board that discusses how Mike Tyson has once again found himself in trouble with the law by virtue of being caught in the middle of a late night/early morning brawl. If anyone should know the consequences of placing oneself in such a situation it would be Mike Tyson; yet we again see Tyson repeating the same pattern of destructive behavior.

So it is with Lennox Lewis. To paraphrase HBO boxing commentator Larry Merchant, Lewis has again turned an opponent into a serious threat simply by failing to take him seriously. Having previously lost his title to Hasim Rahman due to his failure to properly train for that fight, you would think that Lewis would have learned his lesson and would never again make the mistake of failing to properly train for a title fight. And you would be wrong, because Saturday night against Vitali Klitschko we saw an overweight, out of shape ( Lewis nearly lose his title again.

Perhaps the reason why people keep repeating the same destructive behavior patterns in their lives is because they simply refuse to believe that it was their behavior that caused the negative consequences. For example, after losing his title to Rachman, Lewis, rather than admitting his defeat was caused by his own failure to train, blamed his defeat on a fluke, saying that Rachman had simply had the good fortune to land a lottery punch ( Well, Saturday it was Lewis who landed the "lottery punch", a clean shot above the eye of Vitali Klitschko that would allow Lewis to be rewarded a Technical Knock Out against an opponent who was clearly out-boxing him.

So what can we expect next from Lewis? Well, IMHO I think CRZ is correct when he says that Lewis will be in much better shape for his rematch (presuming, of course, that there is a rematch) against Vitali Klitschko; after all, that has been Lewis' history against opponents who have defeated or nearly defeated him. But what happens after that, when it's time for Lewis to step into the ring against IBF Champ Chris Byrd? Or the other Klitschko, Wladimir? Or anyone else that Lewis doesn't consider to be a "serious" opponent? Well, this is just my opinion, of course, but I think we can then expect to see Lewis once again lose or nearly lose his crown. That is, if history is any judge.

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I'm going to give Lewis major credit here. He was schedule to fight Kirk Johnson, then Johnson went down with an injury while training. And less then 2 weeks notice Lewis accepts a fight and puts the World Title on the line against an opponent that many consider a tougher fighter then Johnson... Lewis could have just cancelled the fight all together and probably would make more money if they held off and build a Lewis vs. Klitshko fight, but he was scheduled to fight, so Lewis fought.

Under the circumstances, I wasn't surprised Lewis didn't look too impressive. But in a rematch, I'd put tons of money on Lewis. Lewis is a student of the game that I haven't seen anyone in recent memory that's as good and prepared as Lewis in a rematch scenario... You might get lucky, he might underestimate opponents (his biggest fault). But when he's ready, when he's got a feel of what his opponent can bring to the table with first hand experience. Then Lewis easily dissects his opponents in the rematch and I'm pretty certain he'd do the same to Klitschko.

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Since: 4.1.02
From: Dorchester, Ontario

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I kinda wish that Kirk Johnson had been the one who had laid a beating on Lennox (the Canadian gets revenge on the turncoat Canadian), but Vitali "The Klit Commander" Klitschko will do. Hooray Ukraine!

I thought the plan for Lennox was this fight, then one against Wladimir, and then retirement. I think a possible rematch (plus maybe that fight with Roy Jones) may now also be in the cards.

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#8 Posted on
I also give credit to Lewis though I must say, Lewis for me ALWAYS seems to look tired in the ring. I think it is more his style than anything, it appears to be very lazy at times. He's never truly looked impressive throughout his career, just solid and unspectacular. I just want to see the Jones fight. Thats it, Lewis doesn't need to be doing what he is doing, when motivated he is a cut above the rest. - You'll never watch wrestling the same way again.

Since: 2.1.02
From: Seattle, WA

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Did you see after the fight when Klitschko and Lewis were both on camera (Klitschko facing the camera, Lennox with his ack to it) and Vitali asked for a rematch? Lennox said "Yeah, sure" and Klitschko said "Really? Because there is a camera on right behind you." and Lennox started waffling BIG-TIME.

Klitschko definitely deserve a rematch, but I think a more in-shape Lennox would win. Between this and Gatti-Ward III it's been a great month for boxing.

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Since: 17.3.02
From: New Jerusalem

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#10 Posted on | Instant Rating: 1.00

    Originally posted by Downtown Bookie
    Scholars often state that "those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it";

You should have said "Very misinformed scholars often state that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it." No true scholar in his right mind would make that statement seriously because it is one of the biggest fallacies in all of academia. While it is true that one can learn quite a bit from history, it is not replicable. There is no way to perfectly recreate certain scenarios and other intangibles that lead to the original historical event. In terms of Lewis and Tyson, for Lewis, this is a behavioral pattern that he has exhibitied before; a serious flaw in his character. He has the Apollo Creed syndrome of vastly underestimating his opponents while overestimating his own abilities. He got very lucky with this fight. In terms of Tyson, people gun for him to make trouble for him. His antagonists seem to get the idea that they're going to make a name for themselves, whether it be bullshit rape charges or two guys fighting him in the street at 5 in the morning, it's something to tell friends about over drinks. "I picked a fight with a former heavyweight champion and I'm still alive." Tyson is the ultimate victim of circumstance. Sure, he makes incredibly stupid decisions on a regular basis, but there is no way that he is at fault for everything that has gone "wrong" with his life.

I just hope that Lewis underestimates Jones Jr. and gets his clock cleaned. Badly.

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Since: 24.7.02

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#11 Posted on
If not for the gash over and under Klitshko's eye (looking at the close-ups in the corner, I can't blame the doctor for stopping the fight), it would have been the 3rd time in the past 13 years that a heavyweight champion blew a potential big money fight by overlooking the challenger (Tyson losing to Douglas, thus costing the big money Holyfield fight for fall of '90, Lewis/Rahman as the African curse hit again and Lewis had to win a rematch to set up the Tyson fight, and then this would have eliminated Lewis/Jones this fall for 25 million each). I had Klistshko in 8 in my prediction thread, mainly because this looked like the 'Lewis thinks he's an all time great, thus he'll screw up yet again' situation heading into the fight. However, I'll give Lewis credit: He survived Round 2, where it looked like he was on the verge of getting knocked out quick. In a rematch, Lewis probably wins in 4, as he might actually take the fight seriously.

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Since: 15.1.02
From: Texas

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#12 Posted on
Yeah that was a cool fight, better than anyone thought it would be. I think/hope that Gatti vs. Ward I-III inspired all fighters. 1st off, I have to give Lennox credit, he showed heart and guts. But he was still getting his ass whipped. He took good shots from a bona fide power puncher and still had his senses and never backed down.

It was good while it lasted. I hate to say it but the fight should have been stopped earlier, don't go that far with no follow-through. Sorta like that Matrix 2 comment I made. Cuz that was a VERY nasty cut that's gonna take months to heal. The cut was from Lewis' glove grazing his eye, it was not a flush shut. That long cut under the eye is another story.

Klitschko knew it was in bad shape and he should've knocked Lewis out like Hagler vs. Hearns. I'll tell ya, Lewis is just that nasty and sissified to where he would have ended Klitschko's career if he could have. Rubbing his hair in his eye and stuff. Guess you gotta do what you gotta do.

I HOPE that Klitschko is to Lewis what Golatta was to Bowe sans the low blows. Meaning the 2nd time around he will be just as effective if not more so. I don't think Lewis is gonna play around next time.

Post fight events were just as exciting. Lewis did say yes to a rematch before he saw the camara and then slipped away. Then Klitschko punched him on the arm and screamed "Liar!!" That was pretty funny.

So were the interviews. I love Larry Merchant to death, he does suck sometimes. But you gotta respect him cuz he says exactly what's on his mind. He stood up to Lewis and made his point even when Lewis grabbed the mike, he didn't let go. That dude is crazy. Vitali was so pissed that he couldn't speak clearly and never switched to German to state his case better. The translator tried to help but he didn't give a damn. "Every one punch I hit, I hit!" HAHAAHAHAA.

Seriously, Klitschko gained more of my respect in that defeat than any of his victories.

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Since: 22.9.02
From: Parts Unknown

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#13 Posted on
As a fellow Ukrainian, I too will pull for KlitschKO in a rematch.

Hey am I the only one that noticed that Lennox has turned heel since the Tyson fight? When exactly did this happen? Whats the purpose? Whoever booked it did a piss poor job!

A Fan

Since: 3.1.02

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I got most of the recaps from various ESPN shows and I have to say that fight looked intense. I guess this is another reason to buy HBO now that Sopranos is coming back. The fight did have Raw screwjob ending to it. If it was that bad I would have called it in the third round, but I think dollar signs were showing then. It got more suspicous as the fight kept going too, espically when it looked like Lewis would go down in the 7th and Klitshko was starting to really go. After seeing the reply, I almost expected Bischoff to come down at the end to call the fight to "save" Klitshko from himself. Of course, Don King is involved, so I'm not totally shocked that we get a money making rematch.

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Eddie Famous

Since: 11.12.01
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#15 Posted on

That cut was so bad, Klitchko re-opened it himself in the corner before the last round. There was no way that fight should've continued.

That said, K was starting to club rather than snap his punches. He wasn't goign to take out L anytime in the near future...he might have held on for the decision though.

Kirk Johnson would've been a very interesting opponent against an out-of-shape Lewis. Johnson was beating Ruiz when he threw one more just low enough for the worthless Ruiz to keep the belt.

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#16 Posted on

    Originally posted by Eddie Famous
    That cut was so bad, Klitchko re-opened it himself in the corner before the last round. There was no way that fight should've continued.

    That said, K was starting to club rather than snap his punches. He wasn't goign to take out L anytime in the near future...he might have held on for the decision though.

Lewis was completely gassed, though. He had no wind left.

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I honestly thought they were both totally out of gas in Round 6, and whoever got their second wind first was going to knock the other out. I also thought that would be Klitschko, because Lennox was in such poor shape.

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    Originally posted by A Fan
    I got most of the recaps from various ESPN shows and I have to say that fight looked intense. I guess this is another reason to buy HBO now that Sopranos is coming back.

Hope you aren't counting on the rematch being shown on HBO, the only reasons that this one wasn't on PPV was how quickly it had to be put together and that the fight was origianly schedualed to be LEwis vs. some guy most people had never heard of.
Now with all the attention this fight has recieved they will go for the big PPV payday for the rematch.

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#19 Posted on
Ugh, hope Vitali doesn't have a phobia about needles...


Tuesday, June 24

Months from ring-readiness, Klitschko already fighting
Associated Press

The deep cuts on Vitali Klitschko's face are stitched up and just beginning to heal. He won't be able to fight again until late this year, at the earliest.

That didn't stop Klitschko from beginning another fight Tuesday -- to get Lennox Lewis back in the ring for a rematch both he and a lot of boxing fans believe he deserves.

"I want a rematch, and the rematch would be much bigger (for Lewis) than Roy Jones," Klitschko said. "I hope the next fight will be against Lewis."

Klitschko, who may have won a lot more than he lost in Saturday night's fight, repeated his belief that the fight shouldn't have been stopped at the end of the sixth round because of a bad cut over his left eye.

The cut was an inch deep, all the way to the bone, and, along with cuts under the eye and in his mouth, took 60 stitches. But Klitschko said the ring doctor's decision took away from what might have been a spectacular ending to the heavyweight title fight.

"I could see well. That's why I'm disappointed in the decision," he said during a conference call Tuesday. "I know it's my fight -- and I win the fight. This decision gives a big present to Lennox Lewis."

Klitschko was ahead on all three scorecards in a brutal if somewhat ungainly brawl at the Staples Center in Los Angeles when the fight was stopped because of the cut.

His lawyer, Ron DiNicola, said he is considering protesting the decision to the California Athletic Commission and asking the World Boxing Council to order a rematch.

Neither of those avenues is likely to get him a second fight with Lewis, who welcomed a rematch just after the fight but may have another lucrative bout with Jones that could get in the way.

Complicating the chances for a second Klitschko-Lewis fight is that Klitschko needs time to heal before beginning training again.

"Six months would be a good time," said Dr. Pearlman Hicks, who sewed the cuts up. "We want to make sure it's perfectly healed so he can get back in the ring and not worry about the problem."

Hicks said the cut over the fighter's eye took several layers of stitches to close. Another cut on his lip was cut to the muscle.

Though Klitschko lost, he won over a lot of boxing fans and legitimized his claim to be a top heavyweight contender. He put himself in the mix among a handful of top heavyweights, with the possibilities of big fights other than Lewis.

"I don't want to fight everyone. I want to fight for a world championship," Klitschko said. "It is my dream to fight world champions."

Klitschko is from Ukraine, but he and his brother, Wladimir, both speak German and spent the last six years fighting and building up a big fan base in Germany.

The fight started at around 4:30 a.m. in Germany because of the time difference, but a whopping 4.6 million either stayed up or crawled out of bed to watch. The numbers were similar to what a popular prime-time show in the country draws.

Some said it was the first time in 20 years it was worth sitting up all night to watch boxing -- since Muhammad Ali was fighting.

"We're staying awake again. The drama in Los Angeles wouldn't let us sleep, just like we once couldn't with the 'Thrilla in Manila' and the "Rumble in the Jungle," wrote the Berliner Morgenpost, a daily.

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Eddie Famous

Since: 11.12.01
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#20 Posted on

    Originally posted by Mild Mannered Madman
    Lewis was completely gassed, though. He had no wind left.

He was winded for sure, but in that "fuzzed" zone some fighters get's tough to describe...

One thing he still had, though, was that poleax of a left jab that was ripping apart K's face....

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