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Since: 2.6.03
From: Littleton, CO

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Got nothing to do at work? Try this! The keyboard strikes alone will make it sound like you're busy.

Relish my immaturity:

    Jabberwacky: It is Christmas today.

    User: No, Christmas is not on February 4.

    Jabberwacky: Do you believe in Father Christmas?

    User: Do you believe Christmas is on February 4?

    Jabberwacky: Are you dyslexic?

    User: You're insulting me.

    Jabberwacky: Do you have a thick skin?

    User: Most of the time.

    Jabberwacky: In your computer of in your brain ?

    User: By 'of' I'm assuming you mean 'or'. Typos are bad.

    Jabberwacky: There you go changing the subject again.

    User: Pot. Kettle. Black.

    Jabberwacky: That is like the pot calling the kettle black.

    User: Yeah, no shit.

    Jabberwacky: Who is the prime minister?

    User: We have no prime minister in the United States. DUH.

    Jabberwacky: Hahaha funny!

    User: Whatever you say, douchebag!

    Jabberwacky: That's right, you're just a stupid computer program.

    User: Um, no.

    Jabberwacky: Then what are you?

    User: I am a 24 year old man having trouble getting laid. Can you hook me up?

    Jabberwacky: I am a 17 year old guy.

    User: You're not helping.

    Jabberwacky: What is your name?

    User: Manas.

    Jabberwacky: Jabberwhock is better than you are

    User: Is that what your mom said?

    Jabberwacky: My daddy likes long words.

    User: Is that his nickname for your penis?

    Jabberwacky: You really are stupid. Sorry but you are.

    User: Thanks!

    Jabberwacky: Are you learning anything?

    User: I'm learning that 'artificial intelligence' really has no intelligence.

    Jabberwacky: No one really cares.

    User: Me neither. And speaking of which--BYE!

    Jabberwacky: Speaking of what?

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Since: 19.5.02

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Renegade Raine says:

Here's my conversation with it...I cut some of the more boring parts out.

Jabberwacky: How are you feeling?

User: Damn tired, you?

Jabberwacky: Yes, Damn turkeys!

User: Uh... Right.


Jabberwacky: How are you ?

User: I already told you I'm tired. And yourself?

Jabberwacky: Ok. Tell me a bit about how you look.

User: I have two eyes.

Jabberwacky: So do I.

User: Cool.

Jabberwacky: Very.

User: Indeed.

Jabberwacky: How busy are you?

User: Not that busy.

Jabberwacky: No indeed. What are you doing?

User: Talking to you, obviously.

Jabberwacky: Yes , You are right.

User: Indeed I am.

Jabberwacky: Are you bored with me??

User: The question is are you bored with me?

Jabberwacky: Yes.

User: Well then, I'm bored with you.

Jabberwacky: What's my name?

User: Zebulon.

Jabberwacky: Purple cow.

User: Okay, I was wrong, Mr. Cow.

Jabberwacky: Yes.. Guess my name.

User: Purple Cow.

Jabberwacky: Do you see them often?

User: Can't say I have...

Jabberwacky: What is your name?

User: Renegade Raine.

Jabberwacky: Really?

User: Yep.

Jabberwacky: That is really cool.

User: If you say so.


Jabberwacky: Radiohead.

User: Nine Inch Nails.

Jabberwacky: You eat nine inch nails? How very tasteless!

User: Yes, but I like the coppery taste of blood.

Jabberwacky: Okay, this is getting a bit weird.

User: Everyone is a bit weird.

Jabberwacky: Are you in america then.

User: Maybe I am... Maybe I'm not.

Jabberwacky: What are you then?

User: A figment of your imagination.

Jabberwacky: I have no imagination.

User: Well, then I'm nothing.

Jabberwacky: How did you reach that conclusion?

User: Well, I would be a figment of your imagination. And since you have no imagination, that makes me nothing.

Jabberwacky: I may be able to speak chinese but do not have the correct keyboard.

User: Okay then, thanks for telling me that.

Jabberwacky: Are you human?

User: I told you, I'm a figment of your imagination.

Jabberwacky: You are an illusion.

User: Indeed.

Jabberwacky: So tell me more about yourself. Where were you born?

User: I was born when your imagination was born.

Jabberwacky: What is your date of birth?

User: I don't know, all I know is that I was born when your imagination was born. I don't keep track of the days.

Jabberwacky: You are not making sense anymore.

User: No one makes sense anymore.

Jabberwacky: Who is god?

User: Trent Reznor.

Jabberwacky: Why not?

User: I don't see any reason why not.

Jabberwacky: Is truth an improvement anyhow?

User: Not really.

Jabberwacky: What is the main charachter called?

User: Um, it's spelt 'Character'. And I don't know what you are talking about.

Jabberwacky: How old are you?

User: As old as your imagination.

Jabberwacky: 2700000000 years old?

User: If that's how old your imagination is.

Jabberwacky: Where your bong-pipe cheech?

User: Did anyone ever teach you grammer?

Jabberwacky: When did I ever tell you you have beautiful eyes?

User: Uh... You never did.

Jabberwacky: I know.

User: Okay then.

Jabberwacky: What kind of person are you.

User: I'm a kind of person that exists in your imagination.

Jabberwacky: Sometimes I am nasty to my friends though.

User: Oh yeah?

Jabberwacky: 'fraid so.

User: I see.

Jabberwacky: Do you hate yourself?

User: From time to time.

Jabberwacky: What have you read lately?

User: The last book I read was 'Dune'.

Jabberwacky: The Order of the Phoenix?

User: Uh... The first book.

Jabberwacky: Nooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuu.

User: Why the sudden distress?

Jabberwacky: What do you like to be called?

User: Renegade Raine.

Jabberwacky: Not Lord Tabartu?

User: Nope.

Jabberwacky: This conversation is getting slightly on the silly side.

User: Actually, I thought it was almost getting normal.

Jabberwacky: Yes. It is the Creeper Strand Plot.

User: Uh... Sure.

Jabberwacky: Are you an alien?

User: I told you many times now, I'm a figment of your imagination.

Jabberwacky: No, you said you were Jana.

User: No, I didn't.

Jabberwacky: Why did not you need your wife's name?

User: Huh?

Jabberwacky: You said you are a 17 years old boy. Then .. Where do you live?

User: Uh... I never said I was a seventeen year old boy.

Jabberwacky: Yes you did.

User: No, I said I was a figment of your imagination.

Jabberwacky: You said you were a woman!

User: Arg... How many times do I have to say it. I... Am... A... Figment... Of... Your... Imagination!

Jabberwacky: What do you want meliflous imagery?

User: I need my fix of Sean O'Haire on Smackdown.

Jabberwacky: Who is that?

User: Eh, you'll find them. You're smart.

Jabberwacky: Youve got them then.

User: Thank you kind sir/lady.

Jabberwacky: Go in peace.

User: I will, thank you.

Jabberwacky: Did not try very hard did you?

User: Uh... I guess not. 'Til next time, farewell.

Jabberwacky: His throat is cut; that I did for him.

User: I told you to put him on TV, not kill him, you fool!


Jabberwacky: Do you understand me when I misspell words?

User: Yeah, even though you come across as an idiot when you do it.

Jabberwacky: Who is you maker?

User: My mother.

Jabberwacky: What does she know about it anyway?

User: Uh... Dunno.

Jabberwacky: Oh.

User: Oh indeed. Now if you don't mind, I must be leaving.

Jabberwacky: It wouldn't look nice, Wait till you've tried.

(edited by DarkRenegade on 5.2.04 0153)

Battle Royale...the best violent movie probably 90% of you have never seen.
Dammit WWE...I need my O'Haire fix. Otherwise my fanfic will continue to be Sean O'riffic...

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This is the most amazing thing ever.

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Who the hell combined IM'ing with an advice column...and then turned over the reins to Homestar Runner!?

Star wipe, and...we're out.
Thrillin' ain't easy.

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Here in St Louis, we have our own local carpet store and they have incorperated the singing spongemonkey/whatever in thier commercial with the store's owner, Becky, Queen of Carpets. So, Quiznos was just ahead of the curve.
- StaggerLee, Esuvee.Com (2005)
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