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The W - Ladies Only - It's Raining Rico -- Raw 6/17/03
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Maybe I'm just in a particularly good mood for wrestling these days, but I enjoyed a lot of Raw tonight.

I was very glad that Mick had the decency to admit that he'd lied to us last week, when he said that he'd be back to his ordinary life as of today. :-) There's an interview with Mick ( that sounds like he & Mr. Socko are likely to be around off & on -- that'll be fun. He cuts such great promos. And didn't little Randy do a fine job on his side of that whole verbal exchange? Randy & Maven are getting to travel in some pretty lofty circles, aren't they?

Is it my imagination, or did Randy drop a lot of muscle mass while he was out? For whatever reason, he looks better proportioned to me than he did before. He does need to stop getting his hair done at SuperCuts, & he must get some higher-end wardrobe for stylin' & profilin' with the big boys.

I'm so happy to see Ivory getting good, fun matches. That was a really busy, fun match. And best of all, there wasn't any of the sense of "oh, the women are in now" that (even) I get occasionally from these mixed things -- Ivory & Jazz can keep pace with the guys just fine.

Hey, Kane's got a new instance of his bondage gear! Not an actual fashion change, but I think it is a different one. (Slightly wider straps, different buckles, tiny bit more see-through.) We'll have to see where we end up taking this, but between Kane fingering the mask contemplatively, "You know Kane, you're hiding something", "Maybe I have changed" -- we're going someplace with this. Perhaps enough time has passed since "the plotline which shall remain unspoken" (HHH not referring to that incident was pretty funny.) that they can get back to trying to develop Kane's character. HHH, Austin, & Bischoff all power-squabbling among themselves, with Kane as the object, was actually really well done too.

They damn well better be going someplace really good with Lance Storm! Austin's "motivational" heckling was pretty awful. (And after the Redneck Triathalon debacle, Steve Austin was not somebody I was looking forward to tonight.)

A better application of the "bo-ring" chant would have been to Christian's new entrance music & video. Bleh.

I thought the Y2J/Christian/Booker/Goldberg match was good! Lots of action, lots going on. Jericho seemed really on & engaged, Christian & Booker were very good, & Goldberg did well in his role. I'd say it's a much better plan to let Booker run around, & let Goldberg lift heavy objects -- he does a fine job of the "press & slam" kinds of moves. Whatever works! (I'm sure Goldberg's Door will appear on Heat, since it didn't make Raw this week.)

Have I mentioned recently how much I hate commercials in the middle of matches? However, if the timing is looking like that's going to be necessary, jamming the commercial in between the intros & the actual start of the match is less disruptive to the match flow...

D'you suppose Rico said, "OK, I'll do another ambiguously gay character, as long as I get a female valet this time"? The silver eye shadow is ... interesting. (We have been a little short on male eye makeup since Raven left. Golddust isn't going to take umbrage, is he?) I like Rico. I didn't think this was a bad match at all -- the positioning in the show wasn't exactly the most advantageous -- I enjoyed it anyway. (Note to Jackie: Double-sided tape inside the top, unless you're deliberately doing a Sable.)

Maven & Randy was much better than I ever would have expected! The match had a real nice crescendo to it, I liked the way they traded off offence, & they both got some pretty moves worked in. Don't know exactly why, but I'm a sucker for a pretty dropkick, & they both got those in. I haven't gone looking for match times, but it seemed like they got a lot of time -- which in itself was pretty cool.

Mick doesn't actually run any more, does he? Chasing down Ric at a brisk walk was pretty funny. :-)

I wonder if anybody has pointed out to Titan Towers yet that many/most software people write a zero with a slash through it to differentiate it from the letter "O". I'm pretty sure that whoever designed the new Evolution graphic did not intend to communicate "Evolution contains 2 zeroes." Ouch.

Kane was being wonderfully monsterly, wasn't he? He was getting to kick some major ass (Cute ass, besides.) all over the place. Fun stuff!

Has anybody counted the number of times in the last month that HHH has been powerbombed, chokeslammed, & otherwise been bashed to the ground? Its tough to be The Game. :-) (There's a "he's been on his back more times than..." joke there, but I'll refrain. Mrrrow.)

So shoot me -- I thought it was a good show!
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Lap cheong

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Hey emma, thanks for starting the Raw thread. I would've titled it, "It's Raining Randy!", but yours is okay too. Yeah, Randy was sooo fine last night (then again he always has been). Not just in the ring, but on the mic with Mick Foley. I appreciate him stripping and posing for us too. THANK YOU VERY MUCH, RANDY!!! As far as the rest of Raw, I'll be honest, I was kinda wavering in interest. I think that Lance Storm deserves more than Austin yawning during his match with the other Lance. If that was meant to just be a joke, then may I say IT WASN'T FUNNY.

More Ivory is always a good thing, but no Victoria is a terrible thing. As far as Kane last night... I'm terrified to hit the main board, cause I have a feeling it'll be like last fall all over again, if you get my meaning.

Christian and Y2J are always fun together, but NO HIGHLIGHT REEL?! Maven still needs more personality than an M on his trunks, but that's just me. I was kinda hoping that Rico would come out and sing "Relax, don't do it, when you want to get to it..." Anyway, I never had a problem with Rico at all. He's underrated personalitywise.

I love Ric Flair strutting away from Mick Foley, that was so funny! Still as much as the main board folks (and some of you ladies) poop on Stephanie, I really wish Bischoff and Austin wasn't EVERYWHERE on the show. At least Steph is in three segments tops and sometimes, not there at all. So begins the off month at RAW. ::sigh::


1000 bitches and counting....

Since: 29.1.02
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RAW scared me last night. Honestly. When Al Snow and Maven ran in to save Foley from the Evolution, Jerry Lawler's reaction was, "What the hell?" That was mine too. I agreed with Lawler. I'm frightened. Seriously, tho, Al Snow & Maven? I was confused. I agree about the Supercuts thing tho, Emma - but didja notice the cute l'il cowlick at the top back of his head? Awwwwwwwwww. The cameraman also got up close n personal with a veryvery tight shot on Orton right before he started talking...*ahem* I digress.

Ivory really was having a grand old time last night, wasn't she? Boy, she disappears for ages, then comes back, gets 3 wins in a row over Jazz, and she's smiling like there's no tomorrow. I missed most of that match but what I saw wasn't too shabby at all.

With the Lance Storm thing, isn't "boring" the complete opposite of what you want people to be doing during a match? Well, I'd guess complete silence is really the last thing they're looking for, and at least they're getting a reaction rather than silence, but still, uhm, yeah, this doesn't look like it's going to be a good thing at all. What happens when the chant carries over to other matches, as Austin's "What?" carried over to other performers (Angle)?

Ringmistress said: I was kinda hoping that Rico would come out and sing "Relax, don't do it, when you want to get to it..."
Ha! And they could have weird dancing Ricos all over the entrance video, kinda like Mugatu in the brainwashing "Zoolander" scene... of course, that'd probably only amuse me.

Yeah, I enjoyed what parts of RAW I really saw. I haven't been able to actually sit down and watch the whole thing for a couple of weeks now, but this week's was pretty entertaining. Was it me or did the matches (well, except the Test/Mae Young/Steiner thing) seem longer this week?

Madness takes its toll. Please have exact change.

Cherries > Peaches

Since: 1.8.02
From: Phoenix-ish

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#4 Posted on

    Originally posted by StegDutchie
    When Al Snow and Maven ran in to save Foley from the Evolution, Jerry Lawler's reaction was, "What the hell?" That was mine too. I agreed with Lawler. I'm frightened. Seriously, tho, Al Snow & Maven? I was confused.
I didn't think it was that weird. On Heat last night, Al reminded us that "... my best friend, Mick Foley, is the special guest referee". Mick put Al over at the very end of that interview article. Mick owes Al a little bit of spotlight for the merciless (& really funny) abuse in "Have a Nice Day". And, if we can use the Mick->Al->Maven connection to leverage Maven into something like the cool match with Randy (with Mick & Flair as seconds), I'm good with it. (Maven was pretty cute bubbling about "I just left Stone Cold Steve Austin's office..." where he'd set up the Randy match -- Maven (the character) has probably never even gotten to talk to SCSA before!)

    Originally posted by StegDutchie
    The cameraman also got up close n personal with a veryvery tight shot on Orton right before he started talking...*ahem* I digress.
I know exactly what you mean. I was wondering whether to "credit" the cameraman for that, or to compliment Randy on his camera-awareness & ability to feature his favourite attribute. :-)

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Emma - BLUE TRUNKS!!! YAY!!! This of course referring to the PPV. Hunter in blue - he looked awesome - I hope it stays.

With that out of the way...

Raw was great! I loved it! I like having Foley around, he has a way of bringing out the best in wrestlers without making it seem like he's doing it.

Randy did drop some mass and cut himself up nicely. He certainly got my attention. He looks awesome!

Hm, Austin and Storm - personally I thought it may have been the funniest shit Austin has done so far! A blankie and pillow?!?!? BWAHAHAHA Um, yeah, and he's right, Lance is boring. Now, I see this as a good thing for Lance, for was it not just two (maybe 3?) weeks ago that Austin made Kane his bitch and humiliated him??? Now Kane has a title shot?

Final segment with Kane being the subject of the three way power struggle - very nice! Clever way to tie up things very nicely, keep the belt on Trips, and get the mask off Kane. It's nice to see Kane going a little batty on everything/everyone. RVD hooks up with Lance Storm - maybe some funny cigarettes can loosen Storm up a little bit. Imagine how adorable Storm would look giggling over absolutely nothing...

~Tomboy, wishing Triple H would hold me down...
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Good show -- lots of good wrestling, plotline advancement & establishment, nothing useless at all -- this is a show that I could show to some of my non-wrestling-fan friends & maybe have them get into it! Is there a big lowrider community in Kelowna? :-)...
- emma, Swervedown! 8/7 (2003)
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