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25.5.18 0743
The W - Pro Wrestling - Is it real..? Or Memorex? Live events vs. TV...
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From: San Diego, CA

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After attending Monday's RAW in San Diego, I couldn't wait to get home and see how it turned out on TV. The crowd was hot, and the show was very entertaining. (The best parts were the non-wrestling segments, unfortunately.) Flair's opening exchange with HBK was awesome... Rock going into the crowd during the Peep Show...
For some reason, the show on TV came off rather flat. It is always more exciting to see something in person rather than on television, but I think that if the WWE could capture more of the excitement of the live events on their televised product- people may not be so unhappy with what they're seeing. The internet-wrestling sites are very gloomy places recently, with lots of people complaining about this and that.... but now I have to believe that a lot of the mediocre RAW or Smackdown's that we've been watching on TV may have actually been really cool shows for the people who saw it live.
When I left the Sports Arena on Monday, I felt like I had seen something pretty special. Flair, Rock, Christian, Austin and Kane- they were gold. Had I only seen it on TV, I may not have thought so...

I was there....When Chris Jericho beat Austin and Rock in the same night to become the first ever Undisputed Champion!
(And for the incredible Eddie/ Edge "no DQ"!!!)
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Since: 2.6.03
From: Detroit area

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Kinda like in a baseball game in the respect of it's so much better, atmosphere and all, to be at the game rather then watching it on tv.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think RAW is in surround sound and I know it's defintely not HDTV. If they could add those two things then I think it'd be that much more enjoyable on TV. Plus I like RAW, SD!, the PPVs a lot better when I'm watching them with friends or at a bar. You can shoot at the TV, make smart(mark?) ass comments and it's more of a party I suppose. Sometimes a PPV could suck and it won't matter since you're having a good time drinking or whatever to even notice.

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From: Glendale, Cali

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I have to agree that sometimes things don't always come out on TV as they did live. The WWE has an awesome production crew and live shows always seem like a blast. I've been to 1 RAW and 1 Smackdown in the last 12 months, both have been unbelieveable live but RAW didn't come out all too great on TV. I'm wondering how last night's SD tapings will come out on TV. I mean when you're there, everything seems 10x better.

I agree that maybe it's the fan atmosphere. Having other people who enjoy the show around you makes things more entertaining. And even when not watching live, just watching as a group is fun. Watching a show on TV on your own may not be as much fun. One may get bored which has them start pointing out each and every small flaw and thus turning them off to the show. when you're there live, you're just captivated by everything.

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From: North Cacalacky

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I think that pro-wrestling is MUCH better live. Example?

I attended Fall Brawl '98 in Winston-Salem. I had a very good time and thought it was a VERY entertaining show. I then got home, and watched the tape of it. MUCH different perspective, and I ended up dozing off during the opening match.

The atmosphere is something that you can't grasp by watching it on TV. One of the best times I've ever had was when I attended my one and only ECW show four years ago. Overall, the actual show wasn't anything to write home about. But, the live experience was something that just can't be topped.

Remember when WWF treated RVD like the main-event star he is?
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It's the job of the production staff and the announcers to translate the "live" fun to the people at home. And now, for whatever reason, the production staff hasn't done anything innovative and JR & Lawler-- two 50-year-old men-- aren't doing a great job at translating the fun to a 20-something crowd.

Of all the live vs. televised events, I think NFL football does the best job. NFL football is almost better on TV b/c of the camera angles, replays, and the announcers.

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Since: 3.1.02
From: Niagara Falls ONT. Canada

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I always thought wrestling was better live to an extent. I was a huge ECW mark when it showed up here in Canada in 99 on TNN and PPV (before that, you had to do the ol' rabbit ears trick to get Hardcore TV from Buffalo), and the Tv was good. But when I went to a tv taping in bufflao in 2000 (Tajiri winning the TV title, YES~!), it was amazing. The whole atmosphere was wild, and it was fantastic to watch.

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I love it live, the energy doesn't translate through the tele though. A couple of times when I went to see it live I had it recorded at my home, I'd watch the tape and think "This was not the same event I was at". When your with 10-20 thousand people or more there is alot of emotion and watching with a few friends or alone is totally different.

Matt Tracker

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I'm not a fan of attending live events designed for TV. Nitro and Raw, both of which I've seen live, were so geared to a TV audience that the people in attendance had to watch and MAYBE hear the giant screens for story development.

And if you catch a RAW or SmackDown with an extended talking segment (like a contract signing), the arena just deflates. You've paid for rasslin -- a show with a preset amount of time -- and its eaten up by yakkity yak.

Now house shows have always been entertaining. You don't have to know a specific story point and the wrestlers play to the entire house. The mannerisms and gimmicks are played broadly, and the matches go on much longer. TV events are limited by commercials and show lengths. If it's 10:56 and you're at RAW, you know the show's gonna wrap up quick, killing the hope for a great match.

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I think it can also depend on where you sit. I went to Wrestlemania 12 (Bret/Shawn Iron Man). I had nosebleed seats. For the most part, I was bored silly. (I guess it didn't help that the card was mostly a snoozefest.)

I've been to two TV events in the last year (same 2 as Grubby, probably because I went with him...). When you're at the arena, you can't help but let the mark in you take over. Hell, on Tuesday night I was even applauding the Big Show for cryin out loud!

The crowd is the business...period. A hot crowd makes for a thrilling live experience and that same hot crowd makes average television more enjoyable.

Bah, I had more of a point but it got lost in there somewhere.

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The WWE has also been piping in crowd noise through the speakers due to low attendance to make it sound like the arena is packed. WCW was very famous for this as well.

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    Originally posted by CajunMan
    The WWE has also been piping in crowd noise through the speakers due to low attendance to make it sound like the arena is packed. WCW was very famous for this as well.
Kinda how they'd pump the GOLDBERG! GOLDBERG! chant?

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Since: 6.1.02
From: Outer reaches of your mind

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Houseshows are okay. I'll admit I'm kind of a sucker for the glitz of the fire works and the big screen, but the center ice/court scoreboard can compensate for the big screen sometimes... But I think recently with the real low houseshow crowds and main TV guys not coming to the houseshow has taken alot away from the fun of going to a houseshow that I used to enjoy going a few years ago. But it's still okay.

I went to Raw and SD recently. I really enjoyed Raw more, the only odd part is when something is going around in the announce table like when you see JR & King talk about something but can't really hear whats going on or a wrestler doing commentary. But other then that it's better live then on TV, Raw commercial breaks aren't that annoying most is only 2-3 minutes of wait because it's live. Plus Lillian going in and out of the ring and MCing is a huge bonus ...Smackdown was fun as well, but at times I noticed the between segment breaks were double the time of Raw and Lillianless to entertain me LoL. But all in all still a good 3 hours of a fun night out.

I've gone to the last 2 TV tapings that were in my hometown and were able to catch the repeat of the show to see how it comes out. The show always seems a little more special when it's from your hometown. I think I will try to catch it whenever it comes to town. Plus the after camera rolling happenings are sometimes more memorable then the actual show itself.

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Thunder came to my town towards the end there and I was surprised at how much I marked out for seeing local landmarks on the show.

Oddly enough, this was during the time when Ralphus and Norman Smiley were "unemployed" and lurked outside of the arenas. In the background of their segment you could see the county courthouse where Lex Luger would go later that night for punching a stage hand.

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Since: 18.6.02
From: North Cacalacky

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    Originally posted by CajunMan
    The WWE has also been piping in crowd noise through the speakers due to low attendance to make it sound like the arena is packed. WCW was very famous for this as well.

I remember having a lot of good laughs while watching Thunder, because WCW was so horrible with piping in the sound. While WWE will pipe in a cheer when something big happens, WCW would just play a tape of crowd noise in a loop. So you'd get moments where Kevin Nash challenges Diamond Dallas Page to a main event match, and the crowd mildly cheers. But, then Chuck Palumbo would put Bam Bam Bigelow in a headlock, and the crowd would go CRAZY!

Fun times.

Remember when WWF treated RVD like the main-event star he is?
Neither do I.
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    Originally posted by Dawg
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think RAW is in surround sound and I know it's defintely not HDTV.
RAW, like all analog and standard digital broadcasts (except some DTV movie PPV's), is broadcast in 2-channel stereo. But using Dolby Pro-Logic, Pro-Logic II, or DTS Neo delivers one of the better surround mixes available on television. That's true about all WWE television, but Smackdown and the syndicated shows are at the mercy of the broadcast technology of the local affiliate. Our local Fox station until very recently broadcasted a highly compressed MONO.

I listen in DPL II and have few complaints about the sound mix. When WWE starts broadcasting shows in HDTV with a true 5.1 mix, I'm betting it will again be one of the best surround mixes in the business.

Having said that, NOTHING beats being there live. Absolutely nothing.

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Since: 31.1.02
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Live events are great depending on who you're with.

One summer I was interning in Dallas and didn't know any other wrestling fans, so I went to Fully Loaded and an ECW show by myself. My Fully Loaded seats were crappy, and I kept getting bothered by some guy who didn't know how to load the film in his camera, but it was still fun. It was worth it for the odd looks I got when I jumped up and cheered when Benoit temporarily won the belt from the Rock. The ECW show was held in some little arena and had a seedier atmosphere. I was about 5 rows back, and had some dad and his teenage son and a bunch of drunk Mexicans in my row. As the latter walked in, they suggested everybody "Get rowdy", and later got kicked out for throwing stuff in the ring. And the girls working the t-shirt stalls were super hot, and actually had more people watching them than the match when they came into the stands.

At college, my friends and I also attended Thunder and another ECW show in Salem, VA. There I started the USA! chant for Duggan, and shouted iOrale! for after each move in the Super Calo/Super Crazy/Somebody else match, things which appear odd yelling at the tv. It's nice to see how things are set up for tv, such when Goldberg rode his motorcycle to the ring, he was really waiting on stage in front of the curtain the whole time. And to see Rhino flip out and punch a fan for some reason.

There's just a lot of things that you experience at a show that can never translate to watching tv.

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I went to WrestleMania this year and I have to say that I was a little bit bummed by the atmosphere on tape (seems better on DVD). The crowd was pretty hot for a better part of the show. It definately felt much bigger than RAW last summer. I still felt a little bit underwhelmed by the crowd noise but I am thinking it was from the acoustics of Safeco Field.


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Let's see how this one goes tonight. First time I haven't read spoilers in a while. Jeff Hardy vs THE Brian Kendrick and Triple H vs MVP tonight. Well, as long as they're bringing innovative original matches like this, I'm happy.
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