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The W - Pro Wrestling - Impact Wrestling #444 1-10-13
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It's False

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Joe Schmo, you continue to be an awesome show! And all hail at the altar of Ralph Garman, who's just killing it as Jake Montrose!

Five wrestlers were up for Impact Wrestler of the Year and Jeff Hardy won. Jeff then announced he'd defend at Genesis against both Bobby Roode and Austin Aries. The angle with the Hogans and Bully Ray just chugged along. Plus, the Aces & Eights angle finally moved a step forward when Mike Knox got unmasked. Impact Wrestling starts right now!

Opening pyro! It's the go-home show for Genesis and we waste no time with STING, KURT ANGLE, and SAMOA JOE hitting the ring. I believe we need to set up our token Aces matches for the PPV.

Sting says he's just getting started and reveals that he'll face Doc at the PPV. Oh, lucky us. But Sting wants action tonight. So he brought his black bat and his two friends, "Shooter" and "McGavin" "Killer!" Sting calls out the Aces, because we've almost gone a week without the Aces getting called out. Joe tells the Aces that they didn't have him outmanned and he says he'll choke out any of them. Kurt says that he made a vow in 2013 to remove all of the Aces' masks? Wow, giving himself an awfully big window there, isn't he? But tonight, Kurt wants to address Anderson and wants to know where his allegiance lies. Oh God, are people really going to be fighting over KEN FREAKIN' ANDERSON?

So let's bring out MR. ANDERSON for rebuttal. Anderson wonders where everyone was when the Aces were killing him outside the arena. Anderson says he was on his way to stand with the TNA roster, but Sting just ditched him in favor of Bully Ray. Anderson rambles on and says nothing, so Kurt tells him that he's either on their side or they'll fight. Anderson gets in the ring and faces off with Kurt. Anderson tells Kurt that he doesn't have to answer to him and that he never liked him. Kurt says the feeling's mutual, so he pops Anderson in the face and sends him out. Hit Kurt's music!

Your hosts are Todd Keneley, Mike Tenay, and Taz! Keneley says we'll be getting Angle/Anderson tonight, but we'll also get Austin Aries and Bobby Roode facing Jeff Hardy and James Storm. Plus, Gut Check will see two contestants face each other! We take a look at the first contestant, Jay Bradley. Bradley talks about his Chicago upbringing and addresses his opponent, Brian Cage.

Outside the arena, Brooke Hogan gets a golf cart ride to the arena. Brooke says they're all going to air their dirty laundry on national television again. Aren't we lucky?

Ad break

Zema Ion gets no entrance, because he's cannon fodder, of course.

WINNER: Kenny King - Not a lot to this one. Ion's stock has fallen big time. King's personality continues to develop nicely.

Post-match, King says that this Sunday, Christy Hemme will announce him as the next X Division champion.

Backstage, Robbie E laments the cancellation of Jersey Shore and doesn't take kindly to Robbie T showing him up in his own Bro-off. He also doesn't like that Jessie and Tara have challenged him to a mixed tag, so he asks for a tag partner. "What do you say, bro?" The camera pans over to reveal Miss Tessmacher, who tells E that he disgusts her. "Why is every girl saying that to me?" HA! E wants to know what he has to do, so Tess says she's in if she gets to tag with T. E looks perplexed. "Brooooooo!"

Later tonight, Austin Aries teams with Bobby Roode to face Jeff Hardy and James Storm.

Ad break

The camera catches up to Joseph Park, who says he's excited about tonight after all the training he's gotten. Park tries to get in, but the door's locked. Oops.

We look back at the Bro-off, where T stole the win from E. Jesse and Tara get no entrance, but this looks to be more of an exception to the rule.

Jesse jumps T from behind, but he no-sells it. Whip attempt goes nowhere. T tosses Jesse around like a ragdoll. Jesse tags out and Tess goes to town on Tara. Corner facebuster hits. My bum is on your lips! My bum is on your lips! Tara tags out, so T goes right back to muscling Jesse around. Powerbomb easily finishes for T.

WINNERS: Robbie T & Miss Tessmacher - I take it back, Jesse and Tara were cannon fodder, after all!

Post-match, E tries to raise the winners' hands, but the Bro-off music suddenly hits and T starts dancing around with Tess! E looks apopleptic! T AND TESS MAKEOUT and TESS FAINTS! Ok, that was really good! This could be a lot of fun!

We take a look at Brian Cage from Chico, CA. Cage has undergone setbacks and his family has encouraged him to quit. Tonight, Cage sees this as his chance to finally prove himself.

We look backstage at both Gut Check contestants! They face off next!

Ad break

JEREMY BORASH introduces our Gut Check contestants, who will both be competing for ONE contract! That leads us to...

Lock-up starts us off. We get a brief break in the corner before we get another lock-up, leading to a wrestling sequence. Both men now exchange blows. A little early for a boo/yay sequence, aren't we? Bradley takes control with a big boot. Bradley hits a delayed bodyslam. Kneedrop hits. Bradley calls for a lariat, holding up his arm with an elbowpad that has "BOOMSTICK" written on it! That is REALLY clever! How has no one done something like that yet? Bradley runs the ropes, but runs into a dropkick. Cage places Bradley on the apron and stands on the second-rope before delivering a HIGH vertical suplex! Nice! Cage goes up and hits a swinging top-rope elbow! Discus clothesline misses and Bradley finishes with the BOOMSTICK LARIAT~! for the pin in a two-minute special!

WINNER: Jay Bradley - Hail to the king, baby!

Let's go backstage to the Aces & Eights Happy Fun Time Clubhouse! Anderson sits in the shadows and calls the meeting to order. Anderson says this isn't the time to have fun and that something needs to be done about Kurt Angle. Bane says they should take business to the table. They enter their war room and kick out the bimbos. Bane immediately addresses Mike Knox and berates him for losing his mask. Bane points out that Doc earned his spot back after losing his mask, so he tells Knox that he needs to do the same.

Coincidentally, Joseph Park is backstage heading to the ring. FORESHADOWING!

Ad break

Later tonight, Austin Aries teams with Bobby Roode to face Jeff Hardy and James Storm. Plus, Kurt Angle faces Mr. Anderson.

JOSEPH PARK is in the ring and says he's back from wrestling camp. He asks for Hulk Hogan to come down. So let's hit the "Not the nWo" porno music to bring out HULK HOGAN and his pyro. Park thanks Hulk for the inspiration to go to wrestling camp and also thanks Danny Davis and OVW for whipping him into shape. Hulk points out that he had two years of training when he started out. Park says he did everything that Hogan asked and wants the match that he deserves. Hulk hastily gives him the match. Park celebrates. Hit the porno music!

And let's flush this segment down the toilet by putting BROOKE HOGAN on the ImpactTron. Brooke says she's coming down. Oh boy, how's THAT for a tease? You can almost hear half their audience reaching for the remote! I hear TBS has The Big Bang Theory in syndication, you know!

Ad break

So BROOKE HOGAN confront Hulk in the ring. She says...oh, who gives a shit? Oh, she asks if Hulk's going to reinstate "Mark", because WE'RE SHOOTING, FOLKS! Vince Russo must have snuck into the booking meeting dressed as a janitor again. Hulk says he's not going to reinstate...STOP CALLING HIM MARK! Anyway, Hulk says no and walks away. Brooke "acts" devastated in the ring. Hey guys, zooming the camera in on her isn't going to improve her acting! Stop it!

Let's go backstage to Austin Aries and Bobby Roode arguing over whose shirt is better. Aries' shirt has TWO SIDES! Roode says his shirt's more durable! "More durable than Hogan's shirts have ever been. Why do they always rip?" HA! Aries says he's going to wear his new shirt, so Roode says he'll wear HIS new shirt. So Aries responds by saying he'll wear his cape and Roode responds by saying he'll wear his robe. "STOP TELLING ME WHAT YOU'RE GONNA WEAR!" The two continue arguing to the break, but do come to one consensus:

Aries: Tonight, you and me, we can agree on one thing. We deserve to be the World Heavyweight Champion far more than Jeff Hardy...
Roode: AMEN!
Aries: ...and James Storm. Because you're the longest-reigning most dominant World Heavyweight Champion in the history of this company...
Roode: History!
Aries: ...and then I beat you!
Roode: Wait a minute! You're a fluke!
Aries: I'm not a fluke!
Roode: Don't even get me started!

HAHAHAHA! You know, I see what they're going for here and...there are much worse ideas than ripping off Hell No. I'm just saying.

Here's a Before The Bell segment on Austin Aries. Aries says the title needs HIM to be prestigious again, as we see Aries winning the title for the first time. Aries says the belt's gone downhill since he lost it and he wants to prove that he can't be beaten. Jeff Hardy says losing the title has pushed Aries over the edge and he's desperate for attention. Aries says that his title win will signal a new beginning for the company.

For those keeping track, Roode comes out in his robe, while Aries comes out in BOTH his cape AND his new shirt!

We start off with Roode and Jeff, who get into a wrestling sequence. Jeff hits shoulderblocks and does his homoerotic dance. Roode grudgingly tags out, as he and Aries argue some more. Aries' tights look UGGGGGGGGGGGGGLY and even Taz is making fun of them. Aries wrestles circles around Jeff, but gets backed into the corner. Jeff hits a headscissors and hits atomic drops on both guys. Storm tags in and we get a double-team elbow. Poetry In Motion on Aries hits! Aries hangs upside-down on the ropes, as Roode mouths off to him! HA! Now the heels get in a shoving match to take us to our next ad break!

We come back with Jeff working over Roode. Jeff wants the Whisper in the Wind, but Aries runs a distraction and Roode crotches him. Aries tags in and the heels argue more! Aries grabs the headlock to keep Jeff out of the face corner. Roode tags in and Jeff gets the sunset flip, but Aries has the ref distracted. Roode hits a clothesline for 2. Aries tags in and continues to work Jeff over. More tags and more arguing. Vaderbomb gets 2 for Roode. Aries tags in and tops Roode with a CORKSCREW VADERBOMB, which gets 2! Roode hits a vertical suplex and kneedrop. Aries tags in and hits a back suplex and first-rope kneedrop. This is like a game of wrestling H-O-R-S-E! Roode tries to show off with a second-rope kneedrop, but Jeff gets his foot up. Mule kick pushes Roode off and Jeff makes the hot tag. Storm cleans house on both guys. Heel miscommunication ensues and Storm hits Aries with Closing Time! Storm wants the Last Call, but here's CHRISTOPHER DANIELS to run a distraction, while KAZARIAN trips Storm up! Kaz gets chucked into the steel steps and Storm and Kaz go at it! Roode gets nailed with the Twist of Fate, so Aries wipes Jeff out with the belt for the DQ!

WINNERS BY DQ: Jeff Hardy & James Storm - Good tag match, but it leads to angle advancement.

Post-match, the beatdown is on! With Jeff laid out, Aries raises the title belt! Roode takes umbrage to this and takes the belt before holding it up himself! The heels start fighting over the belt! They both hold the belt up, while simultaneously struggling for it! Awesome!

Let's go to something that's NOT awesome and go to MORE Brooke Hogan, who's on the phone! Oh my God, STOP CALLING HIM MARK! NOBODY WATCHING THIS CASUALLY KNOWS WHO THE FUCK "MARK" IS! The "upshot" of this is that Mark is picking Brooke up outside the office. Of, for fuck's sake, they've got me doing it now!

Coming up next, Mr. Anderson faces Kurt Ang...oh, does this mean they're ENDING THE SHOW with the Hogans? What the HELL!

Ad break

Let's go to Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan. Ryan cuts a promo from inside their trailer, as we see Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez standing outside their door. Morgan doesn't even get to cut his promo, because the Mexican contingent bust in and attack!

Let's run down the GENESIS card:

Here's a Before The Bell feature on Jeff Hardy. Jeff said he wanted to challenge both Roode and Aries for the first PPV of the year. Mike Tenay picks Jeff to win. Jeff says he'll beat both guys for the Creatures. He says he's willing to hurt himself like he always is to retain the title.

Anderson does his custom ring intro in the center of the ring. MISTER CATCHPHRASE.........CATCHPHRASE!

Anderson ducks out to start. You know, for someone so adamant about his crisp weight, Anderson seems pretty insistent on wrestling with a shirt on. Anderson stalls some more, so Kurt grabs the mic and calls him out. More stalling from Anderson, but here's MIKE KNOX with the ball-PEEN hammer! And I guess we're writing Kurt out for his latest injury. Here's GARRETT BISCHOFF and WES BRISCO to run off Knox. You know...Knox is twice their size and he has a freakin' HAMMER! Why is he running again? Oh, it's because SAMOA JOE is right behind them! Knox retreats to the waiting arms of the Aces. The doctors check on Kurt. Let's call this...

WINNER: No Contest

We look at replays. Kurt does a stretcher job and STING comes out. I guess he had to wait for his music to cue up. Sting calls out Knox. And that's our main event, I guess. Oh...boy...

Ad break

Knox stalls to start. Knox comes in and Sting bops him with the bat. Earl Hebner confiscates everyone's weapons, allowing Knox to get in a cheap shot, as the bell finally rings to start the match. Knox works over Sting with his dizzying array of punches and chokes. Sting chucks Knox into the steel steps. Stinger Splash onto the rail hits. Scorpion Deathlock is blocked and Knox hits a corner splash. Sting no-sells it and whips Knox into the corner. Stinger Splash and Scorpion Death Drop finishes in about five minutes.

WINNER: Sting - Goddddddddd, these Aces matches.....

Post-match, Sting grabs the ball-PEEN hammer and starts working over Knox with it! But we hear Devon with the mic! We look over to see the Aces have BROOKE HOGAN, just to make this angle THAT MUCH BETTER! And here's BULLY RAY with the chain to clean house on the Aces! We then look at HULK HOGAN on top of the ramp. Closing credits are...oh fuck me, there's still TEN MINUTES LEFT??? GODDAMN IT!!!

Ad break

Ok, let's get this stupidity over with. Hogan blames Ray for putting Brooke in danger, because he's an ingrate. Ray says Hulk's lost his mind. Ray talks about how much he loves THIS...BUSINESS! And he would do anything for THIS least he would, until Brooke came into his life. Oh, fucking GAG ME! Ray addresses Brooke and expresses his LOVE and FEELINGS and EMOTIONS and EVERYTHING THAT'S THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE OF WHAT MADE PEOPLE LIKE BULLY RAY IN THE FIRST PLACE!!! Holy crap, this is stupid! Ray gets on a knee and TAKES A RING OUT! Yes, he proposes to Brooke, because OF COURSE this angle can only end in Another Wrestling Wedding! Should I even mention that this angle has gone on less than two months? Have they even had more than a couple of dates? WHO'S WRITING THIS CRAP??? "Our relationship has played out in front of the entire world..." NO IT HASN'T! WHAT THE HELL IS HE TALKING ABOUT??? EVERYTHING'S UNFOLDED BEHIND THE CAMERA IN SECRET! WHAT INTERNAL LOGIC IS THIS FOLLOWING??? GGGGG..>AHGOUDAHFUAP​​​​​​FHP​ASF​UHAPUSDHAU!!! And then they make out! And Ray wants the wedding to be next week on Impact! Because OF COURSE HE FUCKING DOES!

You know what...I can't do this...I can't watch this anymore. Let's skip ahead to the...


This angle makes me angry. It ACTIVELY makes me angry. It doesn't make any sense whatsoever. It's TERRIBLY executed, with the two romantic characters showing so little chemistry that it makes Cena and AJ look like Savage and Liz. The acting is horrific! NOBODY comes out of this likable. It seemingly takes up MORE segments in spite of the BILE it has received from the fanbase! And the guy that won over the entire fanbase by being a hardass that puts people through tables has been reduced to a saccharine-coated, gushing sack of mushy garbage! This is the absolute low point for the Bully Ray character.

I've been doing recaps for almost four years and I've seen a lot of things that have pissed me off. And I've reached for the MUTE button an awful lot during those years. But I don't think I've ever actually STOPPED THE SHOW out of disgust! That's what the end of this episode of Impact did to me! Whoever's writing this deserves a swift kick in the testicles! And if it's Dixie Carter's idea, I hope she grows testicles so someone can kick her there! This angle blows on every single conceivable level and I hate it with every fiber of my being!


The upshot: It HAS to end next week, right?


Until next time! Take us, fuck it. Good night, everybody!

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Matt Tracker

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Get ready for the Hogan-Ray Facgime.

"To be the man, you gotta beat demands." -- The Lovely Mrs. Tracker

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I don't even think anyone needs to mention how much more awesome it is to read your recaps than watch the show. I sometimes think 'What will he write about THIS angle...' while I'm watching.

Bravo, sir. PLEASE don't stop writing these - they make my Friday mornings.

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After a few good weeks of good shows Impact completely fell off the rails. The Bully-Hogans stuff has been terrible from the jump, but to double down on this garbage and making it the focus of a go home show is ridiculous. TNA has cut down to four PPVS and you figured they’d do a better job of building to PPV, but they pretty much punting on their first PPV and decided to build to next weeks show instead and everyone was worse off.

The World Title match with a far more interesting storyline was relegated to the midcard while the Job squad aka the Aces and Eights are in the Main Event match and the Hogans get the final segment after getting a top of the hour segment. I also don’t care for making great heels like Roode and Aries goofy bickering heels. I think it hurts their cred and fans don’t take them seriously. I did laugh when they were fighting over Hardy’s titles and threw away Hardy’s ugly ass custom belt and went back to fighting over the title.

The tag match was really the only match that got a good amount of time and was pretty solid with Hardy playing the Ricky Morton role to perfection as usual. I would have liked to have seen a better finish as Hardy has Roode beaten. I would have liked to have seen Bad Influence’s interference leading to Storm and Hardy losing. Storm really felt like a afterthought during the match and has felt that way for months. I definitely would have loved to have seen much more of Bad Influence as they got twenty seconds of air time if that.They have been killing it all year and deserved better and should have gotten at least a backstage promo to build up Storm-Daniels at Genesis.

The Bradley-Cage hype videos were good and the match was fine, but they only got four minutes to strut their stuff. Cage looked more polished, but Bradley has a better look. I sure don’t recall Bradley’s short run in the WWE as Ryan Braddock and I doubt many have. I think with some more polish he could be a player.

The X division match was way too short you simply can’t rebuild the division by having three minutes matches.King is fun and everything, but the X division is really going nowhere. I miss the X division being pushed as special like it was from ’02-06.

Knox Vs Sting was a glorified squash could the Aces be a bigger joke? Good to see Mr. Anderson still being cutesy on the mic and playing to the crowd as a heel. Anderson annoys me so damn much. How many times has the Aces taken Angle out? He shouldn’t be back until Lockdown.

The less said the better about the Bully-Hogan stuff the devious look Bully gave the camera makes me hope he turns next week as he is a amazing heel. I find it funny that TNA doubled down on the Hogan stuff after last weeks good quarter hour rating , but gave the knockouts a two minute comedy match after they drew a big quarter hour too. Best part of this segments was Brooke trying to cry and act. That was fun.

All in all, a really bad show with one good match and that’s all.

(edited by graves9 on 11.1.13 1111)

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Aces and Eights dominated the a good part of the show, and I'll say this. I haven't seen a more inept, hapless group of "badass heels" in a long time.....not since the NWO B-Team, probably. And these guys are inching closer and closer to them. Sure, Mike Knox laid out Angle before the Angle/Anderson match could start, but then he gets called out by Sting and loses cleanly. Then the entire gang comes out with Brooke Hogan as a hostage, but Bully Ray runs down, saves Brooke, and chases them all away BY HIMSELF. Six guys run from one guy. It's time to put the bullet in these guys, this angle is done. It's not going anywhere, it's not doing anything, it has no purpose whatsoever. I appreciate the hot chicks they've got with them, but that's about it. If this isn't all a ruse set up by Bully Ray to eventually reveal himself as the real leader of this group, then I simply can't explain how that all went down.

Brooke Hogan and Bully Ray are getting married. I do love a good wrestling wedding.I hope Devon is the priest or maybe even Joel Gertner, I'd mark out if it was Gertner.

There was not a decent amount of build for Genesis, and it didn't feel like a "major" PPV build. You only have 4 PPVs that truly matter this year, TNA, and this is how you treat one of them? The Knockouts get another gauntlet match for the #1 contender slot at the PPV, and conspicuous by her absence is Madison Rayne--not that she was going to win anyway, as that spot is going to Velvet.

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Even with a two month separation now, TNA managed to get a PPV overshadowed by Lockdown. It looks bad, not only because this was the go-home show for Genesis, but now they're building up Genesis to be one of the big four. When you have one of your "big four" get overshadowed by another PPV, that's still months away, it looks bad for many reasons.

1.) The first three matches of the night were all rushed. The X-Division Tournament, if you can even call it that, got four minutes. The mixed tag team match got maybe five minutes, including the little comedy bit at the end. The Gut Check match, and I'm not trying to be biased in saying this, got way too little time (three minutes). Of those three, the Gut Check match was the more important match. It is in no way acceptable to try and showcase two new faces to your audience with just three minutes of time. It doesn't matter who it is you have in the match, thinking that you can give the audience a good enough idea of what both competitors bring to the table in just three minutes of the show is ridiculous.

As for the mixed tag match, in what way does cramming both a match and segment into just five minutes sound logical to anybody? The match itself could have easily gotten ten minutes. Now before anybody goes "WOAH, I don't want to see ten minutes of Jessie and the Robbies on my screen," remember that this also involved two Knockouts.

2.) This next one sort of ties with the above... there were A LOT of filler segments in this show.

First, we got Sting/Joe/Angle/Anderson to start off the show, in what was a really dragged promo. Samoa Joe's bit didn't matter, Kurt Angle's bit could have been saved for another week, and the Angle/Anderson match hype was pointless. The only part of it that mattered was Sting hyped up his match against DOC, and even then, this segment in no way deserved to start off the show.

I thought the Tara/Jessie & Tess/Robbies match/segment to be entertaining... but again, this was all just filler that could have been saved for another show. The time that this match took should have gone to a segment/match that would build up the knockouts gauntlet match for Genesis.

Now I like Joseph Park, but not only was that segment pointless, it put a pointless match on the PPV card. Who in the world would want to see a Joseph Park/Devon match take up a spot on the PPV? Especially when the chances are that the match will be just the same as Park vs DOC or Park vs Bully Ray. Obviously there was no reason for Park vs Devon to be put on the card other than to fill time, so why not have just saved that for an Impact show?

We got the main event match pushed to the middle of the show for a match that never happened... how does that make sense? I mean, if they were going to waste time with building Angle/Anderson, the least they could have done was make it a PPV match? Then we got Sting basically squash Mike Knox in his (unmasked) debut, in what was yet another pointless match. All of this filler could have gone to the Gut Check match, which honestly could have been saved for next week, as well. The wasted time could have gone to the X-Division match, a proper Knockouts match or segment, RVD and/or Christian York hyping up their match at Genesis, among other things.

3.) The Hogan/Bully Ray storyline in general. This storyline may classify as "entertainment," but that does not make it entertaining. The Claire Lynch storyline was utterly horrendous, but at least we had Kazarian and Daniels there to bring some form of entertainment to it. At least we actually got some good matches out of that storyline too. All we're getting with this storyline is seeing the Bully Ray character be completely destroyed, Brooke Hogan's terrible acting and still not doing her job as being head of the Knockouts, and Hulk Hogan being a crazy, over-protective old dad caring WAY too much about his daughter's personal life that is just borderline creepy.

A d-list soap opera storyline is not entertaining.

4.) The continuation of Aces & 8s' downfall. This group was so entertaining at first, but now, they're just a nuisance. TNA keep trying to play these guys off as a terrible, powerful group that are out to... annoy everyone (?), all while burying the entire group week after week. There's nothing intimidating about Aces & 8s anymore. The only way you know that they can win a match is to have the rest of the group interfere, but even that has been failing them lately. What exactly are we supposed to see in this group?

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#7 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.34
All I care about is how many time he did the Mike Knox pose. I did not watch, so I would like to know.

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#8 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.92
I'm the odd man out who really enjoyed the show.

Ken Anderson was the standout character this week. I was concerned about him being too much of a tweener last week, but this time he alleviated my concerns by being more heelish. Anderson also stated some pretty good reasons for him turning. Anderson/Angle was fantastic in 2010, so sign me up for another round of it!

I appreciated Angle getting to the point in terms of making Anderson pick a side, but he sure came off as doing a bad job at being a hero. Thankfully, Kurt Angle, the lousy hero, was fun to watch.

Kenny King was fun as well. It was nice to finally get the blowoff match for King/Ion from last year.

Hopefully the Los Robbies segment isn't a sign that the dream team is ending.

Gut Check has less charm when its two jobbers fighting. I had no idea how to judge either guy without knowing how competent of a fighter their opponent was. It also deprived us of our monthly dose of Douglas "The Gatekeeper to TNA" Williams.

Whenever someone calls Roode the longest reigning world champion in TNA history, I imagine Jarrett hitting Roode over the head with a guitar. Bobby "256 days" Roode v. Jeff "347 days" Jarrett needs to happen.

I was hoping the 87 Percent segment would last longer. Shame on LAX 3.0 for interrupting.

I admire Sting's competence for putting an end to the unstoppable force that was Mike Knox.

The Bully Ray/Brooke Hogan segments weren't horrible this week. I am interested to see where they go with the wedding. Hopefully Brooke ends up married to Devon or something.

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#9 Posted on | Instant Rating: 1.40
I enjoyed the show as well, but I can see why most people wouldn't. I like the non-wrestling parts of the show more that the actual wrestling.

Every second of screen time that was given to The Robbies was time well spent. Good shit there.

I really hope Bully Ray's look in the camera isn't a sign that he's a bad guy. This will ruin my idea that Brooke, as Leader of Aces & Eights, is just using him. Let the wedding go on, but have her turn and force him to fight with A&8s against TNA. He'd be her husband and he'd have no choice but to do what she tells him to do. I do like Dionysus' idea of her somehow ending up marrying Devon, however, because it makes no sense whatsoever and in turn that means it would make PERFECT sense to TNA.

Forget it Josh... it's Cerebustown.

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#10 Posted on | Instant Rating: 1.90
    Originally posted by texasranger9
    All I care about is how many time he did the Mike Knox pose. I did not watch, so I would like to know.
Mike Knox pose? Sorry not getting it. He pretty much got squashed.

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#11 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.38
I just don't get the thought process behind Aces & Eights. These guys finally lose their mask and then get jobbed in tremendous fashion on the very next show.

All I could think about is how much Knox looked like Reese now that he's got a big beer gut, whether the Kelly Kelly rumors were true, and how crappy he must be in biker brawls if he is getting pummeled by a 50 year old man in face paint and spandex.

They could have at least had Knox and Doc win the tag belts and act like the poor man's Skull and 8-Ball to give them some cred. Of course if striving to be the poor man's DOA is an improvement you are really up shit creek.

If there was someone dynamic that was going to be unveiled as the figurehead then surrounding yourself around jobbers wouldn't be a big deal, but Raven is at least five years over the hill and CM Punk is busy.

But maybe being a giant weekend warrior biker job squad is the least of their worries, I honestly don't remember what Aces and Eights even wants anymore.


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Agree with loco. I think Bully is better on his own and even if he joins the Aces and Eights as the leader he is leading a bunch of jobbers. I also fear his heel turn will lead to a Hogan-Bully match that might even be for the title at BFG.

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    Originally posted by Brian
      Originally posted by texasranger9
      All I care about is how many time he did the Mike Knox pose. I did not watch, so I would like to know.
    Mike Knox pose? Sorry not getting it. He pretty much got squashed.

Knox used to put one arm up and one arm out. I'm sure it meant something, but I got no idea what.

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    Originally posted by CEOIII
      Originally posted by Brian
        Originally posted by texasranger9
        All I care about is how many time he did the Mike Knox pose. I did not watch, so I would like to know.
      Mike Knox pose? Sorry not getting it. He pretty much got squashed.

    Knox used to put one arm up and one arm out. I'm sure it meant something, but I got no idea what.

It meant he was telling you the time, and the time was KNOX BLOCK O'CLOCK.

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Me myself, Ill take a long well paced well fought exciting match anywhere I can get it. I wasnt pissed because I knew they would get HHH his shot back somehow. You know Angle and HHH are going to entire the whole month until WM and that makes for good TV.
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