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The W - Pro Wrestling - Impact Wrestling #442 12-27-12
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It's False

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Hey folks, you miss me? I've been away from the show for a while, getting work affairs, relationship affairs, and holiday affairs all in order. No better time to catch up than a good taped show! So let's get to it!

This should be fun, since I didn't see last week's show. The Aces & Eights destroyed Kurt Angle and tried to destroy Hulk Hogan, even though he hasn't given a shit about them in weeks. Bully Ray makes the save, but Hogan brushes him off, because he's an ingrate. Meanwhile, D-Lo Brown Bane demands bodies, so Devon ominously calls for backup. Elsewhere, AJ Styles vows to look out for himself. And Bobby Roode was still a little miffed about getting outbid for Aces & Eights, so he paid Austin Aries back by costing him the world title against Jeff Hardy. Tonight is Open Fight Night! Impact Wrestling starts right now!

Opening pyro! We are taped from the Impact Zone! we have NEW THEME MUSIC? It's Open Fight Night tonight!

BULLY RAY starts our night, coming out in street clothes. Ray says that he and Hulk Hogan cannot get along. That's putting it mildly. Ray says he doesn't know what else he could do, so he calls Hulk out for Open Fight Night...but he wants to call him out to talk. Hey, this isn't Open Talk Night! Anyway, let's hit the "Not the nWo" porno music...but nobody comes out.'s BROOKE HOGAN to completely kill any interest I had in this segment. Ray and Brooke regale us with ACTING! This is so riveting. And MAN, listen to that crowd! You can almost hear them break out into a collective snooze. Ray and Brooke argue in the aisle. Then they argue up the ramp. Then they argue into the back. WOTTA SEGMENT!

Your hosts are Todd Keneley, Mike Tenay, and Taz. They remind us that it's Open Fight Night.

Suddenly, we're joined by AUSTIN ARIES in his new The Greatest Man That Ever Lived shirt! Aries demands the mic and it looks like it's promo time! "Thank you for the kind words. Coming from such intelligent people, such as you, that comment holds A LOT of weight. I'm gonna make this real short and simple, because I'm not getting paid by the hour. Tonight's Open Fight Night, but last week, everybody saw I had Jeff Hardy pinned in the middle of this ring, fair and square. And everybody knows I should be, right at this moment, the TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Everybody knows that 'A-Double' Austin Aries will always be THE main event. So what happened last week is when I had Jeff Hardy pinned to this mat, the man I'm about to call out came out and he screwed me. And that man is Bobby Roode. You know what, Bobby? I can't even be mad at you, because I did the same thing to you, so I guess you could say that Roode screwed Aries, Aries screwed Roode, and now we're even, one to one. But right here tonight, we're gonna break that tie, Bobby. You and me, we're gonna settle it right in the middle of this ring, like men. Unlike Jeff Hardy, we're men. And we'll settle it right here and we'll see who truly deserves to be the World Heavyweight Champion. We'll find out who deserves to face Jeff Hardy for the World Heavyweight Championship. But we're not gonna do it right now. We're not gonna do it right now, because you people all know that the only place Bobby Roode and the only place Austin Aries should be wrestling is in the main event. And tonight, this is gonna be the last main event of the year, so let's do it right. Let's take the It Factor, the longest reigning TNA World Heavyweight Champion, and let's put him in the ring with The Greatest Man That Ever Lived, the man who defeated Bobby Roode for the World Heavyweight Championship. And we take the two greatest professional wrestlers in the universe and we're gonna find out who's gonna be the man to finally take out Jeff Hardy, once and for all. Tonight, main event, Roode/Aries, it's gonna be electric!" Hit Aries' music!

Ad break

"THE SAMOAN SUBMISSION MACHINE" SAMOA JOE makes his way out for a fresh round of Open Fight Night. He grabs the mic and says he's here to pick a fight with the Aces & Eights. Joe calls out a random masked man and vows to choke him out and take his mask off! Here's the music to bring out Random Masked Guy #1 and it's on!

Joe showers the guy with knees and rights in the corner. Here's the avalanche/enziguiri combo. The masked guy rakes the face and hits a clothesline. He hits rights in the corner and chokes away on the ropes. Let's hit the chinlock to pick up the pace. More knees and elbows. Corner charge misses and Joe hits a running corner knee. Joe tries for the Muscle Buster, but the masked guy fights him off before jumping into an atomic drop. Joe hits the running boot and senton. Joe finishes with the Kokina Clutch in a two-minute special.

WINNER: Samoa Joe - Not much to this one.

Post-match, Joe wants the mask, but here are the rest of the Aces to make the save, because we just HAVE to keep DRAGGING THIS OUT AS LONG AS POSSIBLE!

Backstage, Robbies E & T are conversing, but stop to make fun of a passing Jessie. We get some truly mind-numbing banter between these two. "I don't know, bro? Am I calling you stupid? S-T-O-O---OHHHHHH!" This is making The Miz look edgy by comparison. E challenges Jesse to a Bro-off! Oh, this is going to hurt, isn't it?

Ad break

Backstage, Kenny King tells Christian York how impressed he's been with him. Kenny thinks Rob Van Dam is about to call him out, so he tells York to take notes. York doesn't seem impressed.

Here's ROBBIE E (w/ROBBIE T) and I guess we're not wasting any time with this, are we? E grabs the mic and calls out "the fake Robbie E" to show him what a real bro is. So here's JESSIE (w/TARA) for rebuttal. Robbie E says there are three rules to a Bro-off:

1. It's every bro for themselves, bro! When you get the spotlight, you gotta show what kind of bro you really are.
B. Everything you do has to end in a "bro."

Why yes, that was only two rules, why do you ask? E calls for his music and starts dancing. Is RD Reynolds watching this? E wants Jessie to top that, so Jessie starts flexing to his music. He does some military press reps with Tara. E gives Jessie some props, but says that this is about bros, not hoes. And Jessie ended his bro with "dude" and not "bro", so he's automatically disqualified. E declares himself the winner...until T cuts in. T says there's one more bro left. So T takes his shirt off and starts posing to Jessie's music. T holds E over his head, as the music suddenly changes to a jazzier piece. T fist pumps to the beat! Here are some one-armed push-ups and gyrations! E's mouth is agape, so T leaves everyone with a "bro." Well, that's about five minutes of my life I'll never get back.

Rob Van Dam is walking backstage. He comes out next!

Ad break

ROB VAN DAM comes out for our next round of Open Fight Night. Van Dam grabs the mic and says his efforts have elevated the X Division...and holy cow, he sounds TOASTED! (Um...that is to say, more toasted than usual.) Good lord, Rob! Backstage, Kenny King prepares to get called out, but Van Dam ends up calling out Christian York.

We start with a wrestling sequence, as York stays focused on him. Van Dam tries to go around, but eats a half-nelson suplex! York hits the wheelbarrow kick and headscissors Van Dam to the outside. York hits a missile dropkick and hits the Mood Swing for 2! Van Dam's corner monkey flip is caught with a second-rope knee to the face! York climbs up, but Van Dam catches him with...something. York shoulder-thrusts Van Dam and comes off the top with a DOUBLE STOMP onto the doubled-over Van Dam's back! YEOWCH! It gets 2! York misses the Dreamscape and now both men exchange blows. York's headscissors is turned into a side slam (with Van Dam nearly dropping him!) and split-legged moonsault for 2! Van Dam catches York with a kick to the face and follows with Rolling Thunder! 5-Star Frog Splash finishes for Van Dam.

WINNER: Rob Van Dam - Van Dam was sloppy as all hell, as you can tell he was doing a little more pre-gaming than usual. York continues to be impressive in losing efforts.

Later tonight, Austin Aries faces Bobby Roode

Ad break

Backstage, Devon talks to Bane about making their new recruit feel at home, noting that he's a little arrogant and difficult to deal with. Ok, so for those scoring at home, we now have A MYSTERY ON TOP OF A MYSTERY! So a mysterious guy is about to join a group of masked mysterious guys! What, is he going to be wearing TWO masks? This is like the Inception of shitty angles. This segment ends with Doc flirting with random floozies.

Mike Tenay shoots it off to another Joseph Park training video. Park believes he's done well and has set the bar for what professional wrestling should be. Unfortunately, we shift over to Danny Davis, who says that Park's as dumb as a box of rocks. Park believes he's learning all the basics. Davis says he had another student teach Park to do forearms, which led to Park ABYSSING OUT on him! Davis believes Park should keep channeling that energy.

Backstage, Daniels searches for Kaz in the merchandising area. Annoying Backstage Guy asks for the plan for tonight. Daniels says they have one last Christmas gift for tonight. Daniels sings his way out, as Kaz tosses a bunch of AJ Styles shirts in the trash.

Ad break

We go back to last Thursday, where Hulk Hogan touts TNA's 2012 and says the fans can vote for the Impact Wrestler of the Year, to be announced on January 3.

Backstage, Roode mocks Aries for predictably calling him out. He says he'll beat Aries tonight and beat Jeff Hardy at Genesis.

Here's a 1-3-13 promo. And we see that it is, indeed, Sting. Jeezus, the guy hasn't even been out for TWO MONTHS and he needed a DRAMATIC RETURN VIDEO PACKAGE??? Sting says he wants his bat back and he's coming to get it and the Aces & Eights. Sting says Doc is first on his list. It's going to be Showtime, blah blah blah.

CHRISTOPHER DANIELS dances out to his music. He grabs the mic and greets all the ham sandwiches out there. The crowd greets him with a "Where's your boyfriend?" chant. Ok, that's good! I'll give them that one. Daniels says he's a ring general, a national treasure, and has "the rear to make the girls cheer." Daniels wants to give back to the little people and since it's "Open Fizz Nizz," Daniels has someone he wants to call out. Though he said it was "the last time", he actually meant it was "the last time until the next time." Well, it's about time SOMEBODY was honest about that. So Daniels calls out AJ Styles. Here's "THE PHENOMENAL"...KAZARIAN wearing AJ's ring gear and doing all of AJ's mannerisms. He can't seem to figure out the hand signal, though, so he settles for making a bird. HA! Daniels asks "AJ" if he's ready to do this "one...last...time......again?" Kaz grabs the mic and does a dead-on AJ impression, telling Daniels that he can't beat him and that Daniels is better than him. Crowd chants "We want AJ!" and Kaz goes "I'm right here!" HA! "AJ" says he's going to leave and find Claire Lynch, to which Daniels hastily grabs the mic and says "NO! NO! NO!" HA! Daniels says that he'll give the people a chance to bask, as they pose.

Rebuttal comes from CHAVO GUERRERO and HERNANDEZ, of all people. Chavo says their 2012 was better than Kaz and Daniels' 2012 and they decide to call them out for Open Fight Night. That leads to...

The heels ambush the Mexicans coming in, but Chavo and Hernandez quickly clean house. Both guys tee off on Kaz and Daniels individually, hitting their big spots. Hernandez chokes Daniels in the corner and hits a corner splash. Here's a BIIIIIG back body drop! Daniels begs off for a time out! And he GETS ONE! Well...he gets an ad break, anyway.

We come back with Daniels continuing to get destroyed by Hernandez, as he gets hit with a Davey Boy suplex. Kaz tries to run distraction, but Hernandez wipes them both out. Slingshot shoulderblock misses, as Kaz pulls Daniels out of the way. Kaz tags in and goes to the mounted punches. Double whip into the corner. Slingshot elbow and slingshot legdrop get 2. We hit the headlock, as Kaz moves Hernandez to the heel corner. Kaz goes back to the headlock and Daniels wipes out Chavo, as the heels double-team Hernandez some more. Hernandez comes back with the NFL tackle and tags are made on both sides. Chavo hits the headscissors and monkey flip. Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker gets 2. Three Amigos hits, but Daniels makes the save. The heels hit the Hart Attack (and it's CALLED by Keneley!!!), but it gets 2! Chavo disposes of both Kaz and Daniels. That leads to Chavo hitting Kaz with the suicide dive and Hernandez hitting Daniels with the no-hands tope! Slingshot senton gets 2 for Chavo. Kaz tries to come back with the AJ Styles springboard flying forearm, but misses, and Chavo finishes with the Frog Splash.

WINNER: Hernandez & Chavo Guerrero - Way too much offense from the champs here. Kaz and Daniels didn't come off as much of a threat here. Decent match.

Annoying Backstage Guy asks Jeff Hardy about Austin Aries and Bobby Roode. Jeff likes them in the ring, but can't stand them outside the ring. Annoying Backstage Guy then asks about revenge. Revenge for WHAT? He beat both guys! What's there to get revenge about? Jeff says he'll enjoy watching Aries and Roode beat each other up, but says revenge is coming soon. Again...revenge for WHAT?

Ad break - Sooo...Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters...that's a parody movie, right? That's not real, is it?

Later tonight, Austin Aries faces Bobby Roode. Here are Taz's Keys to Victory, which involve words that start with a "P".

Here's a video package on the Aces & Eights.

Let's go for EVEN MORE Aces & Eights, as we join them in their Happy Fun Time Clubhouse. The camera focuses on Bane, Devon, and Doc, as they talk to the mysterious figure behind the camera. Because again, we DON'T HAVE ENOUGH mysterious figures in this God forsaken angle already! The camera pans over to reveal...Mr. Anderson! Because this group doesn't have enough shitty wrestlers on it, I guess. At least Anderson can go over five minutes, which is an improvement. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, THAT REVEAL DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE!!! Anderson says he's listening to this offer, because he's been promised protection. Devon tries to persuade Anderson with the POWER OF THE SNATCH~! Anderson says he'll think about it.

GAIL KIM is out for another round of Open Fight Night. She wants to end 2012 with some REVENGE (with actual motivation for revenge, unlike Jeff Hardy's fictional motivation) by calling out Miss Tessmacher, who stopped her title run earlier in the year.

I am SO not in the mood to watch Tessmacher attempt to wrestle. Let's just skip to the end of this one. Eat Defeat finishes this FIVE MINUTES!

WINNER: Gail Kim - Gail kept this watchable, but there's no reason this shouldn't have been a two-minute special.

Austin Aries and Bobby Roode are walking backstage. The main event is next!

Ad break

Here's another 1-3-13 promo for Sting. He wants his bat back, you know. It's SHOWT...whatever.

Next week, we find out who the Impact Wrestler of the Year is! And if you think John Cena winning Superstar of the Year was silly, you ain't seen nothing yet! Plus, it's a steel cage match with Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe facing Devon and a random masked guy. And with Sting coming back, you'd HAVE to think this is where the Brisco unmasking happens, right? RIGHT? They can't POSSIBLY keep dragging this out, can they?

It's not every day that you get a heel vs. heel main event. This should be interesting.

Both men lock-up and try for a clean break in the corner. Aries dodges a cheap shot, but misses a strike in the corner, leading to a standoff. Back to a wrestling sequence, which Aries wins. Roode wants the Hand of Friendship, which Aries accepts...and both guys nail each other with cheap shots at the same time! That is FANTASTIC! Aries and Roode exchange knowing grins, as we see Roode busted hardway around his left ear. Now we run the ropes, but Aries is claiming an injury. Roode doesn't buy this, as Aries hobbles to his feet and does his own "X" sign. HA! Roode kicks Aries in his knee and tries for the Figure-4 (WOO!), before Aries shoves him out. Aries bounces up and down, having fully recovered! IT'S A FESTIVUS MIRACLE! Aries wants the suicide dive, but Roode's already back in and that leads to a staredown. Both guys point to their heads, because they're both SMART and claim they're SMARTER than the other guy! The staredown continues, as we go to our final ad break of the night.

No wait, we have to watch as the camera does a slow pan around Jeff Hardy in the crowd and we HEAR JEFF HARDY'S BRAIN! Jesus, this entire bit is so wacked out that it HAS to be Jeff's idea! Doesn't the word "NO!" mean anything to whoever's writing this?

We come back with Aries pounding on Roode in the corner, but Roode comes back with a back rake and vertical suplex. Kneedrop misses and Aries hits the basement dropkick. Aries misses the elbow, however, and Roode puts him on the top rope. They fight on top of the turnbuckle and they ring each other's bells. Then they take turns poking each other in the eye! More bell ringing and Aries wins that exchange! Aries' missile dropkick misses! Roode's spear is countered with LAST CHANCERY~! Roode breaks it by raking Aries' eyes! Now Roode grabs the crossface! So Aries breaks it by raking Roode's eyes! Now both men exchange blows in the corner. The chop exchange is won by Aries, so Roode begs off! Roode suckers Aries in and tries for the Flair pin, but Earl Hebner catches that! Roode argues with Hebner, so Aries grabs the tights-assisted roll-up for 2! Hebner gets in Aries' face for grabbing the tights! As Aries argues with Hebner, Roode's able to hit the Double A Spinebuster for 2! Now Roode wants a chair, but Hebner takes it away! Aries nails a left hand for 2! Now ARIES grabs the chair! Hebner takes the chair away and now both guys are arguing with Hebner! Aries and Roode both nail Hebner! HAHAHAHA! I love this! Now both guys race for the chair and start fighting over it! Oh, but sadly, Jeff Hardy's music hits and here's JEFF HARDY from the crowd to ruin all the fun. Here's Jeff Hardy to destroy both guys. Here's a Twist of Fate for Roode! Hit Jeff's music, because this match was NONE OF HIS BUSINESS! Closing credits are up and we're out!


Oh wait...

WINNER: No Contest



There's nothing I like better than watching two heels in a one-on-one match where they spend the entire match trying to out-cheat each other. And that main event had a WHOLE lot of cheating! The ghost of Eddie Guerrero would be proud. That's a fun way to end the year!

And that's all I got, because I've spent enough brain cells trying to deconstruct the Aces angle. I'll save it all for next week.

Until next time! Take us home, Austin Aries!

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I feel like a broken record by saying this, but this show had really good wrestling, but really crappy storylines.

Bully Ray and Brooke not knowing one week later that Hogan saw them fooling around is ridiculous. I mean I guess storyline wise nobody told them that they were caught on TV fooling around? So dumb…….. just so dumb. Bully is a great act, but even he can’t save this dreck.

Joe Vs Knox was just a squash match, and man the Aces and Eights are one yeti dry humping Hogan away from being the Dungeon of Doom, then again as bad as the Dungeon of Doom was at least they had the Giant, who got a monster push.

The bro off was just awful and a total waste of time. I think Jesse has shown some potential in the ring, but the two Robbie’s are a waste of roster space.

RVD cut a brutal heelish promo on York and then was sloppy as hell in his match with York. I thought York looked good in the match and hopefully he’ll feud with King if or when King beats RVD for the X division title. Man was Taz brutal during this match as he mocked and bullied poor Todd Kennely for calling the names of York’s match. Taz also was all over Kennely during the Chavo-Hernandez vs Bad Influence match mocking him calling the Hart Attack the Hart Attack when Kaz and Daniels used the Hart Foundations finisher.

I can’t say enough great things about Kaz’s impersonation of AJ Styles just classic and as spot on as any impersonation as anyone has ever done and absolutely hysterical. Who knew Kaz had all this personality after being so bland for so long? The tag match was pretty good, but I thought Kaz and Daniels didn’t get enough offense and I hated seeing them losing to a far inferior tag team.

Anderson possibly joining the Aces and Eights? Ugh, I was hoping he was leaving TNA with his contract coming up soon, but I guess not. If the Aces were gonna bring in someone new that they have attacked in the past I had hoped it was gonna be a guy with a ton of potential like Magnus, who also has history with Joe and would get rub by working with Angle and Sting.

Gail vs Tess was a fine match, but man is Gail miscast as a heel.

Aries Vs Roode was a fun heel vs heel match too bad the crowd was dead. Hardy wanting to get revenge makes total sense as Aries paid off the Aces and Eights to take Hardy out weeks ago and Roode put the beat down on Hardy a few weeks ago after Hardy’s match with York.

Next week Joe and Angle vs Aces and Eights in a cage likely means Sting and Anderson get involved in the match.

All in all, not a bad show that had good wrestling, but the Soap opera Hogan storyline and the Aces and Eights really hurt the quality of the show.

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This was one of the best segments of the year and then Chavo came out and cut a crappy promo and things went downhill. I loved when the fans chanted we want AJ and Kaz in a southern drawl said I'm right here. I laughed when he couldn't figure out how to do the p1 hand signal. Fun main event with two heel assholes cheating their asses off and then taking out the ref. Mr. Anderson is back and my finger is on the fast forward button. Good lord is he awful. Bob Van Dam badly needs to retire. Poor Bully Ray has the best year of his career and is ''rewarded'' by people put in a soapy storyline with a tranny. Ouch. Will York ever win a match? Not looking forward to Sting's latest return next week.

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Kazarian's impression of AJ Styles. Wow. I think that might have been the best thing I've seen all year. Nearly knocking all of the great Joseph Park moments off. Bad Influence need to stop being so amazing. It's starting to not be fair for the rest of the roster.

Solid edition. It flew on by. Fuck that bro-off though. Holy crap that was terrible.

Anderson is back. Dammit. Some called it though. I legit thought it was gonna be Magnus, but that would be good. Chavo and Hernandez really suck why are they being pushed? When is Anderson, RVD and Hardy's contracts up? I had hoped two of the three would be gone soon but it looks like all three will stay. damn.

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    Originally posted by TripleG
    When is Anderson, RVD and Hardy's contracts up? I had hoped two of the three would be gone soon but it looks like all three will stay. damn.
Believe Hardy and RVD's contracts are up in March. I have no clue when Anderson's contract is up, but after using him sparingly in 2012 they put him in the middle of the Aces and Eights storyline so I gotta figure he's sticking around sadly. Hardy in an interview strongly suggested he was staying in TNA. RVD? I dunno I figure he doesn't wanna wrestle a full time schedule and also I believe he would have to give up smoking weed to work in the WWE due to the wellness policy. I think you also have to consider the TNA lawsuit and the WWE telling the judge they have no interest in TNA talent, then again they didn bring in Flair, but they claim he was just a guest and not under contract so who knows.

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You people are nuts, because that Bro off was the greatest thing ever. Robbie T is fucking awesome.

Forget it Josh... it's Cerebustown.

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    Originally posted by Cerebus
    You people are nuts, because that Bro off was the greatest thing ever. Robbie T is fucking awesome.

Count me in on loving the Bro-Off. Between that, Bad Influence and the main event Heel-Off, I haven't laughed this much at a wrestling show since Kane and D-Bry dominated that episode of Smackdown a few months ago. Laughed in a good way, that is.

RVD makes me sad, because I used to be such a fan back in the day and now he seems so slow and unmotivated and awkward and just bad. He's the definition of a shell of his former self.

I don't think Miss Tessmacher's that bad (she works better than more than half of WWE's Divas, IMHO), but wow, she was extra raunchy for the holidays, it seems. I'm not really complaining, per se, but it was surprising and weirdly out of context.

Taz being shitty to Todd on commentary doesn't really seem to have a point, other than just "Taz is kind of a jerk and wants to bust the new guy's chops". Maybe he thinks Todd has to 'pay his dues'.

Everyone agrees about Aces & Eights. Hopefully, they realize it, too (the way they seem to at least realize that the Claire Lynch saga was a mistake), and just let Sting/Angle annihilate and unmask them quickly, so they can be just a minor midcard faction and stop sucking up so much TV time.

"Never piss off a hawk with a blowgun" - Conan O'Brien
Boudin rouge

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Fantastic show this week! I am pleased that TNA ended the year with one of their best episodes since the summer. Everything (aside from the first segment) was clicking on all gears.

I don't like face Bully Ray. I mean, I like him, but I feel kind of bad that he is not giving us the awesomeness that is heel Calfzilla. Brooke Hogan coming out to her dad's music would have worked better if she didn't have her own music.

Brooke and Bully need to be nicer to the fans. One of them might have watched the show and told them that they kissed on camera in front of Hogan last week! I was afraid that the show would end with a brief Hulk/Ray staredown. I was pleased that it didn't.

Roode and Kim's reigns were two of the best things in TNA this year (along with Aries' X-Championship reign), so it felt very appropriate for them to end the year getting some measure of revenge on the upstarts who beat them. I would have prefered to see Roode win, but tieing with Aries was at least an improvement for Roode.

Hey. Where was James Storm? I guess it was also thematically appropriate for him to be absent as a callback to how surprisingly blah the year went for him.

Its nice to see Samoa Joe being motivated to try to forward the Aces and Eights plotline. Its a shame that Angle/Gunner/Brisco didn't have his back or we could have gotten the superstar reveal of Mike Knox.

I love Los Robbies. It was nice to see them look dominant for a change. It was also nice to finally see Robbie T get some of the spotlight for a change. Rob Terry has been wonderful at his playing the Powerful Babyface Who Hangs Out With Heels role that Big Show perfected back in 2009. Jesse/Tara were fun too. I loved Robbie E, Jesse, and Tara's facial expressions at the end.

Kenny King is slowly growing on me.

I thought RVD looked much better than usual in his match with York. I am very happy that RVD is in the X division now.

I'm guessing Joseph Parks will be trained enough to beat down Aces and Eights enough to take Brisco or Garrett's masks by Lockdown.

The continual obsession by Kaz and Daniels on AJ is so much fun. I miss Clair Lynch almost as much as fake-AJ does! I am glad that the ring General Daniels was awarded some medals for his service. One More Time!

Glad to see Chavo again.

A good story was told in the Kim/Brooke match. Brooke does her usual Stinkface finisher, Kim gets more pissed off than most people are by that. Kim stinkfaces Brooke in anger, followed by Brooke Tessmacher getting angry and rubbing her crotch in Kim's face to piss off Gail even more. Maybe it wasn't a "good" story, but it was at least amusing to follow it.

Taz's keys to victory was a cute segment. More importantly, 5 Hour Energy is a cool sponsor to have. I've never tried it myself, but if I ever did want to use an energy drink in one of those small containers, TNA has well trained me to purchase 5 Hour Energy.

Mr. Anderson! Him joining Aces and Eights makes a lot more sense then him joining Immortal. It also provides Aces and Eights with the main event muscle that they direly needed. I just hope we get 2010 Real Heel Anderson rather than 2011 Tweener Heel Anderson.

I may be the only person who likes telepathic Nero, but it works for me.

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#9 Posted on | Instant Rating: 1.90
I orignally ffwd the bro off, but after some postive reviews decided to check it out and it was pretty damn funny. Rob Terry is now the Great Khali of TNA and that seems about right.
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