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The W - Pro Wrestling - iMPACT! 11-19-09
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Karlos the Jackal
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(I missed the first minute-ish, so I don't know if there was a title for this episode or not.)

Mick Foley and Abyss are out, and Foley's sporting both a microphone and a bandage over his left eye -- caused by Raven's fireball attack. He's got a couple of things on his mind here -- first, he's worried that Dixie Carter no longer values his presence, what with him not being told that Hulk Hogan was coming in and all. Second, he and Abyss are going to take on Dr. Stevie and Raven -- tonight! Abyss seems surprised by this.

This brings out Stevie, Raven, and Daffney (in a tiny red top hat). They mock Foley for, firstly, having a burned face -- he looks a little "hot under the collar!" -- and, secondly, having less power -- is he even able to make matches without first running and asking Dixie's permission?

Jeremy Borash is in the locker room with AJ Styles and Kurt Angle, who will be teaming up tonight to take on Daniels and Desmond Wolfe. They make it clear here that Angle and Styles are not buddies, and Kurt fully expects to get a title shot in the very near future.

Scott Steiner vs. Amazing Red: This is non-title. I remember during the last Feast or Fired I was really looking forward to the possibility of Scott Steiner as the X Division champion, and as it turns out I still am. Won't happen tonight, though -- too bad. Don West -- who joins the announce team from halfway across the ring -- proclaims his opposition to this match even taking place, since there's nothing on the line and nothing to be gained.

Red is able to outmaneuver Steiner for a while, but once Scott gets his meaty paws on Red it's all downhill. Steiner toys with Red for a few "near counts" and then -- STEINER SCREWDRIVAAAAHHHHHHHH and Red is DEAD.

Scott opts to not go for the pin, though, fetching his lead pipe and putting it to Red's back instead. That gets a DQ and Red's the "winner."

Bobby Lashley's out for the save. They should bring back Petey Williams and set up a tag match.

JB is in back with Kevin Nash and Eric Young. Nash explains that he helped the World Elite at Turning Point because of the new-found respect he gained for Young based on Young's ability to outsmart him -- the Smartest Man in Wrestling. He offers Young his henchman/bodyguard services.

Beer Money, Inc. & Motor City Machine Guns vs. The World Elite (British Invasion, Abdul Bashir, and Kiyoshi): Eric Young joins the announce table, backed by Kevin Nash. Earl Hebner declares that if Young leaves his seat, the WE are DQed and Young gets fined.

Fun match here -- much too brief, but MCMG are still great. I'd like to see a longer version of this; It broke down into a brawl before Doug Williams even got tagged in! Anyway, Beer Money get involved with Bashir & Kiyoshi on the outside, while in the ring, Brutus Magnus holds Chris Sabin for (the interfering) Rob Terry -- but Sabin ducks and Terry takes out Magnus with a clothesline. MCMG kick Terry out of the ring and flatten Magnus with their neckbreaker/crossbody combo for the pin.

After the match, Eric Young and the Brits loudly express their disappointment with Terry's performance. (This continues an ongoing trend.)

Hamada vs. Taylor Wilde: Another nice little match. They trade offense until Hamada DRILLS Wilde with a super-fast DDT. After that, Wilde tries, but she keeps taking kicks to the head until she's basically out on her feet, leaving her easy pickings for the Hamada Driver.

Abyss is outside Mick's office and tips a desk up against the door to trap Mick inside. Oh, I forgot to mention that earlier there was a skit in Mick's office where Abyss expressed concern that Foley was in no shape to wrestle -- so Abyss is now keeping Foley out of the match for his own good.

Abyss vs. Raven & Dr. Stevie: Abyss falls prey to the numbers game somewhat but actually looks like he could have finished them both off. After some back and forth he gives Stevie the Shock Treatment while Raven prepares a fireball -- we see the flame in his hand. Abyss boots Raven in the face and referee "Slick" Mark Johnson sees the magic scroll lighter on the mat and calls for the DQ.

Raven slows down Abyss with the Evenflow DDT and Stevie has an electrical cable (courtesy of Daff) that they use to choke Abyss out.

ODB has a backstage show -- "Trash Talking with ODB" -- and it goes about as well as her "talk shows" always do. Let's just say she's no Abraham Washington. Homicide is her guest and says that he wants a "Title Shot," which in this case appears to be a euphemism.

Lauren is backstage with -- hey, it's TOMKO! Tomko's all smiles and says, gee, he's really looking forward to showing the fans what he's got! He leaves and the Beautiful People show up and mock Lauren's interviewing chops. This segment is notable mostly for Velvet Sky describing Lauren as a "blond hoo-er."

Alissa Flash vs. Sarita: Flash has a vinyl jacket and she keeps unzipping it when she thinks we're not looking and then sneering at us and zipping it back up all the way to the top. Flash is very aggressive in the first half of the match until Sarita snags a belly-to-belly. She's able to hold of Flash and finally puts her away with a kick to the face.

(I thought they might have Flash pin Sarita, leading to a team-up between Hamada and Flash in a bid to go after the Knockout Tag belts -- despite their well-documented differences. Maybe they still will -- I'm not sure what else to do with Sarita and Wilde, and I'd like to see that match on PPV.)

Traci Brooks runs out and attacks Flash. Eh.

Mick Foley has escaped from his office and is walking down a hallway looking for Stevie & Raven. Down the hall, Daffney steps out and drops a curtsy -- she's silhouetted against the photo lights and backdrop way down at the end of the hall -- it's actually a really nice shot. Foley is distracted, and Stevie slams him with what looks like a loose door, allowing Raven to lean over the stair railing and hook an electrical cable over Foley's head -- they give him the same treatment they gave Abyss.

Rhino & Team 3D vs. Hernandez, Matt Morgan, and D'Angelo Dinero: This is a streetfight, and while it's got all the standard "hardcore" spots, it's still well-laid-out as they run through all the various combinations of opponents. Brother Ray looks like he's having as much fun as you can have while getting hit in the head with garbage can lids.

It looks like the youngsters have everything well in hand, and Dinero sends Morgan out to "Get the Tables!" (Ahh, we truly are living in post-racial America.) Morgan lays Ray out on a table outside and goes for a legdrop off the turnbuckle, but Ray moves and Morgan goes ass-first through it. Team 3D 3D's Dinero but Hernandez takes them both down with a springboard clothesline, and then Hernandez spears Rhino for good measure. Suddenly, JESSE NEAL makes his return, charging into the ring and dropping Hernandez with a steel chair! Neal drags Rhino onto Hernandez and that's a pin.

Neal's shirtless for the first time that we've seen -- he's covered in modern primitive tattoos -- and his hair's spiked up in a tall mohawk -- suddenly, sans the homeless muppet look, he seems three times more credible than before. (His "new look" is actually the "old look" that he used in the indies. Here's a photo. )

JB joins Rhino, 3D, and Neal backstage, and they talk about how Neal is THE REAL future, not those other guys. It's nice to see this shift away a little from just "young vs. old." It's not clear if Neal joined this group before just now or if his interference in the match was a bid to show them what he's got. On the other hand, they point out how, after Rhino got fed up with Neal, he went to be trained by 3D -- they've told us this before, and it makes this group all tie together nicely!

I guess there was supposed to be a Sting interview tonight, but Sting "no-showed." AW MAN

Desmond Wolfe & Daniels vs. Kurt Angle & AJ Styles: Three out of four of the wrestlers in this match have shaved heads -- whose idea was it to have "Slick" Mark Johnson ref? Really good for the short time it got -- if this sets up an Angle vs. Daniels match for down the line I'm all for it; there were some tasty teasers here. Wolfe really works over Angles arm -- for example, he does an arm twist and then jerks Angle down to the mat; simple stuff that Wolfe really snaps off and makes look super painful.

Styles has Wolfe under control after a backbreaker and a Pelé, and he goes up top. Daniels crotches him, and Wolfe is back up -- Tower of London (called as such by Taz, even)! Angle chases Wolfe out, and Daniels blind tags as Wolfe goes past -- BME on Styles, and there's the pin!

Daniels celebrates and that's it. Good show -- fun matches which built on Turning Point and started setting things up for next month.


(edited by Karlos the Jackal on 20.11.09 0452)

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Matt Tracker

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#2 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.67
    Originally posted by Karlos the Jackal
    I guess there was supposed to be a Sting interview tonight, but Sting "no-showed." AW MAN

This was the only thing I saw advertised for the show all week. I think it was even advertised during the live UFC card on Saturday.

That's amateur.

"To be the man, you gotta beat demands." -- The Lovely Mrs. Tracker

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#3 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.53
This was a good show but Foley/Abyss vs. Raven/Stevie was too much of a focus. It's a fine angle, but they really didn't need four segments for it (plus a Foley/Nash segment).

I still love the idea of both Scott Steiner as X Division champion and a Steiner/Petey tag team.

I like that Nash is back with a group but I thought maybe he'd side with the Detroit guys. Who knows, maybe he'll swerve World Elite at the PPV to give MCMG the titles (if they are getting another title shot).

I was surprised how thrilled I was to see Tomko. His last TNA run was really good but there's no Christian this time. He should be fine if they pair him up with one of the other main guys though.

I've been a big Hernandez fan and I like Morgan fine, but I'm starting to think Dinero is the best out of the three. I hope he continues to get a push.

The four guys in the main event are gold right now. Angle and Daniels would be a good future match, Wolfe and Styles might be even better. Nice to see Daniels get the pin on Styles since I'm pretty sure their head to head matches have been pretty lopsided in AJ's favor in the past.

Lance's Response:


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#4 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.13
It was a pretty good show even though I agree that Flash should have won over Sarita set-up something for the tag division besides Beautiful People. The zipping and unzipping was annoying as all hell. ODB's segment was awful as well as Jesse Neal's new look. That said, I did like Kurt and AJ still arguing over the belt. I lost power during the main event due to a thunder storm. So, I missed Daniels win. I do get the feeling Nash is saying Hogan is going to do all these things, when he has no idea.
Amos Cochran
Lap cheong

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#5 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.53
Joe must be getting tired of being the odd guy out in this promotion. They pretty much seem to have given up on him at this point. Time to move, Joseph - the ECW title awaits you!
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My question is this: why is everyone even assuming there's going to be a Brock/Taker feud? I mean, as of this moment, it's not even logistically possible. Brock's on Smackdown, Taker's on Raw.
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