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26.4.18 1622
The W - Ladies Only - Idle thoughts, Smackdown, 4/3/3
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And they certainly are idle. I missed the first half hour but I did tape it. I really just want to see Spanky. Heard the Undertaker match was good. Okay. *shrugs* I was in a bitch cranky mood last night and getting home late did not help, so this comes from a bit of a skewed perspective. Anyway...

We'll start off - in a bad mood.

Piper's Pit. Could potentially be funny. I just hope Piper's first guest is Tony Little so he can lose some weight. Kidding. Well, not really. More badder mood.

I love watching A-train tap. I'd love to have him shave his back more...but tapping is good enough. Good mood.

Although Cena is a bizarro-world cross between Mark Wahlberg and Kevin Bacon - he is beautiful. Him and Guerrero = quality match. More gooder mood.

Torrie and Sable. What is this? Go away! It's like Battle of the Plastic People. Whenever I see Torrie, I always get that annoying "Barbie-Girl" song in the back of my head. Sable - good lord. Please...just go away. I will give her props for her facial expressions - they were amusing but generally - if I want to see Plastic People fight I will go play with my WWE Action Figures! Bonus: my action figures don't have annoying voices that make scraping your nails down a chalkboard a pleasant sound. Steaming mood.

Team Angle - god damn - is Haas the man or what? Haas of Pain - intense move! He def ranks very high in my book of 'Men Who Should Wear Spandex'. Sah-weet! Was that Funaki screaming like a 6 year old girl during this match? Good lord that was annoying. Generally - good match though the two teams seemed a little off. Whatever, Team Angle won. 'nuff said. Good/Bad mood.

FBI and Undertaker. I thought it was a Stacker 2 commercial and I was waiting for Sable to come breezing in holding a violin case filled with Stacker 2, Ephedra free bottles. Why is it sad the first interesting thing about this little 'talk' was the purple tablecloth? See, cuz of HHH's purple tights during WM I am now obsessed with this color. I hate it. Just hate it. Anyway, interesting spot. Nathan, the lad has a banging body. Period. But he needs a LOT of work in the ring from the little I've seen. Maybe beating up on the FBI would do him some good. Either that or just go away and stop being a tease. Bad mood.

I thought it was illegal to kill Rhynos? Poor Rhyno. So, A-train decides to screw the Big Slow...jealousy? He wanted to make sure Slow didn't get into the next round because he didn't? Or was he protecting his bud? I dunno. And honestly - I don't care. Rhyno wins. Good mood.

Vinny Mac, wow, I don't think they could have found a bigger f-ing bandaid to put on his forehead. At first, I was really pissed off that Vince said all those "nice, what a guy, that's classy" crap about Hogan. But that little evil side of me? (Okay, it's really a large side but anyway) That evil side was like, no Vince won't sell out, he'll do something. Then I started getting really worried as he's walking up the ramp (can you tell I don't read spoilers?). I thought maybe, possibly, just maybe, Vince let that Hulkamania crap beat him. But THEN - there it is - that scratchy, rumbling voice that strikes fear into the heart of young children everywhere! Ok, actually the voice is comical but still it was like 'instant good mood - just add Vince's voice'. Now I'm happy! I'm even happier knowing Hulkamania will not only die - but die a painful, agonizingly slow, death. Now, I realize that Hogan will be back around but I will take the next seven days and bask in the glow of Vince's evil-ness knowing that I won't have to suffer through another slow-motion leg drop from Hogan AND Hulkamania is surely doomed. Great mood.

Question to Ponder: If Torrie and Sable were melted down - how many action figures would they make?
Surprise of the night: Vince didn't melt in the rain.
Worth jumping off a nearby bridge: Torrie and Sable.
Worth the price of parking: Cena (and banana yellow undies???)
Worth the price of admission: Vince throwing Hogan's bags into the limo, kicking it and screaming "stay out of my life" like a jilted lover. HAHAHAHA

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Lap cheong

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From: Philly

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LOL, I could see how you'd be annoyed by the Hulkamania stuff, but Angle's absence was definitely felt last night. I really didn't buy the cheers when Steph said that he'd be out only 2 months. Maybe they were cheering as if to say, "Thank GOD it's not a year!" Anyway, any show without Angle lacks something. Spanky is a cute and cuddly guy, someone you could come home to with a big smile on your face. Not much else on SmackDown stood out for me. Oh, right. Sable. Um... I'm no homophobe, but from what I saw, that was terrifying. I totally agree with the guy who recapped the show on the Observer when he said...

"There is no way around this fact that the return of Sable is ludicrous. Last night demonstrated to me how truly far the WWE Divas have come in the last few years. Sable is totally awkward in the ring – her little gyrations in the ring frightened small children. Her acting is atrocious. I mean, the way she delivered her lines…guys it was bad…I’m talking Plan 9 From Outer Space bad. And where was the charisma? And the little kiss – next thing you know she’ll be taking off her top in front of the kiddies. Man, I’d rather see Sunny back! She had charisma! Or Chyna! Charisma! Or Nico…ok, maybe not."

Hell, I'd throw in Nidia in the charisma department. Even Stephanie! When I saw the two of them, I thought looking at Sable, "That's Torrie in 2007." LOL! With all these old faces lurking around, I'm a bit nervous at the fact that they'll overlook the future which is right under their noses. That's about it. Smackdown was okay, but I prefered RAW as far as contunuing more than one WM feud.


(edited by Ringmistress on 4.4.03 1220)

Old people aren't the solution to current problems.
Oh god, is that SABLE?! We miss you already, Kurt!
Cherries > Peaches

Since: 1.8.02
From: Phoenix-ish

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Sooooo, you missed the Spanky match? That they put early in the card, just to make sure you were in a good mood for the rest of the show? But you have your tape to watch tonight to get your weekend started off, right? :-)

I'm suprised nobody's jumped all over the part of Stephanie's announcement that sounds like Kurt actually is going for Dr. Jho's microsurgery procedure for his neck. Cool. (Poor Edge though.)

I'm liking the Undertaker a whole lot these days. He's always been somebody that I found interesting, but these days, he just seems to be having such a good time with everything. He & Rey did all sorts of fun stuff!

A couple of weeks ago, Keeper ( supplied the name "Sliced Bread #2" as the name of Kendrick's finishing move. And here I half-thought he was just making that up!! And I was giggling at the happy little hop from one top rope to the other on the way out of the ring. He is a cutie baby!

Hey, maybe the FBI & Viva La Raza are going to team up to shake down the whole WWE. Either that or a turf war. Oooh, & Tajiri & Funaki can be the Japanese Mafia. Aieeee.

I used to love Piper's Pit! I'm rather suprised that they're doing it on SD rather than Raw though. Wonder who the first guest is going to be?

Awww -- I think part of Albert-Train's charm is his fur! He should never actually shave/depilitory/wax/electrolysis his back. I liked the finish too -- crossface, power, hold on, tap out -- good stuff.

Maybe they've figured out something to do with Sean O'Haire, now that we're getting his promo spots again?

The mullett is on its way back!! He's got the sides short now, with the top growing out. Just a matter of time...

I didn't think Eddie was up to his usual level -- couldn't tell for sure if he was having an off night, or if he was slowing down for Cena. Nice touch that they had Cena use an Undertaker move to win though. (Cena is definitely pleasant to look at, but the rap thing doesn't do a thing for me personally. Although he does it very well.) I thought the colourful undies peeking out was Lita's trademark -- although I suppose since she hasn't been able to use that for a while ...

"Look at Torrie!" "Look at Sable!" Oh, great. Sable's father is going to turn out to be Al Wilson's identical twin. How thrilling. I can't wait. (And Torrie just stands there & looks bemused. Yeeesh.)

Hey, does the commercial after the Team Angle entrance imply that they got some "antagonise the crowd" time? Wonder how that went?

Undertaker mocking back at Nunzio with the "How you doin'?" & "None o' youze guys is wearin' a wire?", & the FBI no-selling it, was priceless!! (Purple table cloth -- just for ME-ME-ME. :-) )

Benoit vs Rhyno in the tournament next week will be fun. I think they can do that as a face/face match without turning either one of them.

I still miss Paul Heyman.

Vince & Hogan -- classic. They'll give Hogan some down-time before he comes back. (Just like they'll give Austin a couple of weeks before he turns back up.) That's OK, even though I'm a mark-out-like-a-little-kid Hogan fan, that works best with some away-time to make the heart grow fonder.

"Vince didn't melt in the rain." Excellent. :-)

Since: 6.3.03
From: Jersey

Since last post: 4496 days
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    Originally posted by Ringmistress
    Anyway, any show without Angle lacks something."

Ladies, we will have to look to the likes of Spanky and such to get us through these difficult times. We can do it. SD will be tough to get through...but we must.

    Oiginally posted by Emma
    Awww -- I think part of Albert-Train's charm is his fur!

Something about A-Train and charm in the same sentence I find disturbing. LOL

In regards to old faces, it wouldn't be so bad if it were one or two, or just Sting, but there's SO many - it borders on scary. I feel like I should be wearing fishnets and singing 'let's do the time warp again'.

I hate Hulkamania. I think I always have. Yeah, Hogan is an icon and all that, but this consistant coming back crap is killing me.

You hit the nail on the head, Ringmistress, overlooking the future right under their noses. There is just so much unbridled talent in the rosters it's pathetic they bring back the old timers.

How cool would it be if Vince sanctioned nicking off Heat or something, replacing it with OSW - Old School Wrestling, providing a forum for the old timers to get their last yah-yahs off in? I would watch it! They could have real matches, even throw in some WWC matches - Walkers, Canes, and Wheelchairs matches! That would be great!!! Hell, even Foley would come back for that!!!

I am a marketing genius. LOL

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Well, I have to tell you that my annoyance with WWE hasn't changed, but I went to the main board's Raw thread like I always do, and most of the wieners there are actually saying nothing but NICE things about HHH! My jaw literally hit the space bar.
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