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19.6.18 2307
The W - Pro Wrestling - I was there live!!
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i before e

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I was there live!! I wnt to type up a quick live report to let you guys know how it was to be there(it was awesome!!). I'll post it on the following reply.
Its about 4 AM, my hands and throat are sore, and my ears are ringing. I can't begin to tell you how incredible of an experience this was!
Here is the basic play by play of everything I experienced from the moment I left the train in Penn Station.

First thing that happened was they made us get on a line that wrapped almost all the way around the Garden. This wasn't a single file line, either. It amazed me how many wrestling fans were there. It was like I had died and gone to heaven. The city was crawling with wrestling fans. I was on line for about a half hour, and for the entire duration, all I heard was whoo!ing and What!ing. It resonated for blocks as people blocks away were whoo!ing. You could litterally hear the whoo's echoing throughout the area. You were just surrounded by it. Once we got in, the first thing I noticed was someone made this really cool banner that stretched the entire length of the upper bleachers it said "Whooooooo(like 17 or 20 more o's) Thanks you Fl" and then security made them take it down before they could finish the banner. I don't have to tell you the crowd started booing heavily and chanting "leave it up". I was amazed at how pro Flair the crowd was.
I'm talking 100% of the crowd was chanting for Flair and whooing before the PPV began.

I also noticed that this was a very "smart" crowd, and thus rumors were flying. 75% of the people were hoping Bret would show up and 50% were certain he was. I also heard rumors of Hogan, Savage,Warrior, etc. Also, they were well aware of the Goldberg and Brock situation, which would come into play in a manner I would never have envisioned. The crowd ws chanting "We want Bret" and also we want Flair. I was there for Summerslam 98 and this crowd was completely different from that one. This was (at least it seemed to me) a crowd of people of my generation(early to mid 20's, guys that had lived through the 80's 90's and the Attitude Era) and had a very nostalgic feel to it. Also the crowd was very emotional for some reason leading up to the first match. I thing the rumors got too many people hyped up for things that weren't meant to be.

They showed a video package and Flair, Benoit, Cena,Bret, and the 80s guys got big pops. HHH got booed, and funnily Big show got like 0 reaction.

My memory is a little fuzzy so I will refer to the quick and dirty results for reference on the order of events from here on out.

The Big Show/Cena match got the crowd going. The crowd started about 98% for Cena and maybe 1% for show but by the end was more like 95% and 5%. Interesting to note that going into the match Cena got the biggest pops out of anyone on the video package. Anyways, the FU got a mega pop as well.

The Orton interview got good heel heat until the camera panned to show Flair at which point the entire crowd turned and started whooing and in soem sections chanting for Flair. This crowd LOVED the Nature Boy. It was contagious because I couldn't wait to see Flair at this point either.

The Fatal 4 way was DEAD until the scisors kick/5 star from Booker T and RVD. The crowd liked that. The guys in my area kept reminscing about Goldust and T's tag team run. That was awesome.

The Okerlund/Brain sketch got big pops and the Brain got a HUGE pop. Fits with the nostalgic feel of the crowd tonight.

Jericho/Christian was great up until the total DICK in my section started to jibba jabba with some guy in my row. He was this total Cena wannabe who was threatening to beat up people in my section. That took my focus off the match for the middle part. He settled down just in time for the finish, and the crowd only seemd to be about 60 or 70% for Jericho. The general consensus is that we like him as a heel. The Trish turn got big heat though. Well done for what I saw. Crowd wasn't as into this one as they might have hoped, but the finish worked well!!!!

The Foley/Rock interview got big pops. Nice Foley chant. The crown wasn't as big into Foley as I had expected. But it was still a very pro foley crowd.

By the way I must mention the very Canadian like atmosphere at times. Lots of TWO!! chants on two counts and a very VERY pro Benoit and Bret Hart sentiment. lots of other little things that I cant recall at this moment also.

Also scattered USA chants throughout.

The Evolution match was fun as hell, as I never whoo'd so much in my life!!! The crowd was AMAZINGLY pro Flair. I swear if Hogan or Hart would have made a surprise appearance at this show it would have been roof shaking pandamodeum. The place would have exploded. Anyway, the crowd turned on Rock when he got offense on Flair, Booed the hell out of Orton, awed at Battista's power and chanted lots for Rock and Foley. Also to be noted: A couple of ovations for Foley's bump taking, one of the biggest pops I have ever heard (and participated in) for the Flair peoples elbow attempt and kip up by the Rock. and a big wave of noise througout the crowd for the finish. Foley got a standing O which he deserved.

The positive vibes continued to spread for the Hall of fame ceremony. Awesome pop for when Bobby says he misses Monsoon in the video package. Everyone got a nice O except Pete Rose who was jut about booed out of the building. Wow. I didn't boo Pete, frankly because I didn't think it was necessary.

The evening gown match was just there.... Nice heat for the Benoit/Gurrerro segment...

Cruiserweight open was funny as Ultimo got a big pop until he tripped on the runway. Then the crown started laughing at him, and some more when he tripped on the ropes. Maybe he had a few drinks too many? Good reactions for Kidman, Mysterio, Funaki, and Chavito Heat.

Now is when all hell broke loose. My theory is that the mood slime from Ghostbusters Two turned to vapor and was inserted into the AC system. When they showed the graphic for the match, it got the biggest pop thus far. There was a massive buzz going through the crowd. As soon as the first enterance began, the DICK in my section began starting shit with the guy in my row again. I tried to keep my eyes on the match but the action was heating up in my section. The Dick started making death threats at this poor kid in my row, so I told this guy to shut up and turn around. Well he didn't like that, so he starts cursing at me and challenging me to a fight. I could tell this guy was all talk so I told him to come and get it, all the while expecting him to shut up and turn back around. so he gets up and runs up to my row and tells me to come meet him in the isle. He also kept lifting up his shirt and pointing to his nipple for some reason. Meanwhile his kid brother is in his seat bawling because by now this idiot has about 20 people cursing him out. The bell had rung a few minutes ago, and I was hoping to enjoy the match. They were doing a staredown. The guy is still going at it so I got pissed. I lean over to him and told him if he didn't go back to his seat I would hurt him.. only I cut a promo on him(my self defense mechanism. years of watching wrestling has tought me how to scare the bejezus out of someone who I might be otherwise terrified to confront. This kid couldn't terrify Spike Dudly anemic cousin however), so I did alot of huffing and puffing and acted all angry (instead of macarbly amused like I really was). This actually got to him as he started picking on someone else. Now the ENTIRE section is yelling at this punk to sit down. There was a mentally ,uh, disabled girl behing us who was now crying because this jerk was scaring her. The punks brother now has his Knicks jersey over his head beause he is so embarased. Now we are ready to kill this guy because we just want to watch the match, and he's still cursing everyone out. So one guy tries to do the right thing and give him an out.. he "holds him back". What does this moron do with that opportunity? What any logical person WOULDN'T do.. get in the guy holding him back's face. Now he try's to be like Orton and spit in the dudes face. Well, this guy had enough, so he now trns on the kid and starts yelling him down. The kid is now shaking in his shoes littertally, but e won't back down. Things get physical and the two of them go tumbling down a flight of stairs. The holding backer guy hurt his shoulder on the stairs and is down. Security moseys on down after being called for 10 straight minutes. The punk kid is acting like he did the damage when they really just tripped while grappling at the top of the staircase. The jerk has the balls to tell the officer that the other guy started it. The entire section of about 50 people had a slight disagreement with that statement. So the punk kid,his little brother, and the holding back guy and his father were all escorted out of the arena to a bit of a crowd reaction. This jerk managed to ruin a match for everybody and a once in a lifetime experience for 3 inncoent people. MORON. Anyway, when the dust settled, Brock and Goldberg were STILL staring down and locking up. The crowd had turned so completely, I couldn't believe my ears at first. Both wrestlers started to phone it in(we're lucky they went through with the match at all. The crowd was BRUTAL!!) A guy dressed up like Hogan got a massive pop at one point as the crowd chanted Hogan!! and the guy posed and stuff. The crowd actually popped for the millitary press and then turned completely for everything. MASSIVE this match sucks and you guys suck chants. The botched a double clothesline spot and I could have sworn the crowd was gonna rush the ring and impale thes two guys. Brutal BRUTAL NEGATIVE HEAT Nice pop for the stunners, though. Actually, massive pop for the stunners. I actually felt bad for the guys in this. Brock gave us 2 years of great matches, and Goldberg is a great guy (supposedly, outside of the ring anyway). Anyways, I have never seen a match where both guys are 100% booed like they were mollesting the corpse of Classy Freddy Blassy while they took turns spilling bodily fluids on the American flag. and helping HHH go over Bret Hart with the Sharpshooter.. While announcing the tonights Benoit-HBK-HHH match has been replaced with a HHH-Shane-o Mac blindfold match for the title. Yeah it was bad.

Half the arena emptied for the 4 way smackdown tag match. Some of the vendors asked if it was an intermission.

Jessie got a nice pop for the interview, while Trump got about 50% cheers /50% boos.

Molly/Victoria got ok reactions. Nice pop at first for the hair cutting and then the crowd turned as it ran too long for their tastes.

Nice heat for the Angle/Gurrero match. Nice pops for both men. Crowd is about 50/50 on Angle.. mor like 60/40 and maybe 95/5 for Gurerro. A few mini ovations for various spots/chain wrestling exhibitions. Nice pop for the finish. Crowd was way into both men and cant get enough of Heel Angle. It was like they booed only because they want him to remain heel. Gurerro is very over as champ, more so than I thought.

MASSIVE POP FOR THE AGES for Taker's initial bong and then more of the same for the second bong and more of the same when he appeared on the rampway.All the oldschool Taker spots got nice pops.

The Benoit match was incredible!! Major props for all 3 men. The crown was 100% benoit (or as close as I heard all night) and 95% against HHH and about 70-75% AGAINST HBK. Massive pops for the Sharpshooter attempt on HBK and the SHooter on HHH. Crowd was chanting you screwed bret, HB gay, etc. Let's go Benoit chants also heard. When Benoit got the crossface on HHH, the place went bannannas!!! The entire arena was chanting "TAP TAP TAP" and when HHH finally did(he held out perfectly!!) There was euphoria!!! I have never gone home so happy from anything. The show finished with like a 10 minute standing O for Benoit.

Well Thats all I can remember for now.. I am exhausted!!

Biggest POPS: Benoit winning, Flair, BONG!!!, "OH YES!!",Rock, FOLEY,Hogan Guy
Biggest Heel Heat: Lesnar,Goldberg,HHH,HBK, Orton, Security(for taking down that sign)

Most over
Benoit,Cena, Rock and sock,Angle,Gurerro,Flair, and Orton.

Sorry about any spelling errors!!

(edited by i before e on 15.3.04 0222)

(edited by i before e on 15.3.04 0235)

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Sean Carless

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Thanks for this Report man. It's always cool to see how much the live reactions contrast what we see on TV. Good job.

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I noticed a lot of people stopped watching the Brock/Goldberg match and were facing up into the crowd I assumed a fight brock out, and joked with my friends that I bet it's better then the match. Anyway it sounded like a great time.
Tyler Durden

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Nice report - Well done!

MSG is always something special, isnīt it?

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Thanks! From the sounds of it, that kid's little brother (and possibly father) should have beaten the crap out of him outside. Why anybody goes to a show like this and does that sort of thing, I can never understand.

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"He also kept lifting up his shirt and pointing to his nipple for some reason."

HA! This guy wouldn't have happened to be a huge man who spoke in a thick Austriallian accent. If so, you my friend, are lucky to be alive.

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    Originally posted by i before e
    Anyway, when the dust settled, Brock and Goldberg were STILL staring down and locking up.

That sums that match up better than anything else I've read.

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    Originally posted by HairRaiser
    Thanks! From the sounds of it, that kid's little brother (and possibly father) should have beaten the crap out of him outside. Why anybody goes to a show like this and does that sort of thing, I can never understand.

Yeah that is a freaking shame for them that they have an idiot in their family to ruin WMXX for them. I don't get why people do that crap. I really feel bad for the little brother. Probably was waiting for months for this day and his older brother screwed it up totally. I hope they let the guy who was holding him back come back to his seat.

Thanks for the report. It is nice to get a report about the vibe going on in the arena.

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Lap cheong

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MSG-Old School through and through. Thanks a lot for the report. What can we say? You have to be a total idiot (or under 20) to not pop for the Brain. That's one smart crowd, and Vince can hate them all he wants for the reaction to the Lesnar-Goldberg thing, but he started it. Big ups for the report.

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    Originally posted by Nag
    "He also kept lifting up his shirt and pointing to his nipple for some reason."

    HA! This guy wouldn't have happened to be a huge man who spoke in a thick Austriallian accent. If so, you my friend, are lucky to be alive.


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    Originally posted by i before e
    Half the arena emptied for the 4 way smackdown tag match. Some of the vendors asked if it was an intermission.

Ha! That's what my friends and I were speculating. Jeez, those matches were a waste.

Good live report, thanks.

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That's for the recap, glad you had a great time. I'm still kicking myself for not being able to go, but fate was conspiring against me. Sorry about the dumbass in your section, but at least it wasn't going on during a good match...

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    Originally posted by Nag
    "He also kept lifting up his shirt and pointing to his nipple for some reason."

    HA! This guy wouldn't have happened to be a huge man who spoke in a thick Austriallian accent. If so, you my friend, are lucky to be alive.

No I wasn't there.

    Originally posted by Jeb Tennyson Lund
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According to arena reports, there were fans dressed up like Hulk Hogan & The Macho Man doing poses during the Goldberg/Lesnar match.
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