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26.3.19 0456
The W - Pro Wrestling - Hogan's Pop
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Since: 23.1.02

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Last night, while watching Hogan stand there and listen to that amazing Canadian crowd, a phrase occured to me, the main theme from Spiderman, as "geeky" or whatever as that may sound: With great power comes great responsibility. In that ring last night, the crowd's response, that was Hogan's power. To make people respond and cheer him after all this time. Even if Vince did make Hulkamania, would if have worked with anyone else? Hogan had and has power, and what has he done with it? Nothing. He's used that response to get more money out of WCW, to involve himself in crappy angles and assist in the death of a wrestling organization to line his own pockets, and now he's used that same power to become the last WWF champion and have one last run in the sunshine. I don't care if he WAS crying last night (it looked like it) he has abused his power and shown no responsibility at all. he'll be called a legend, but to me he pissed it all away long ago.

But, like the man says: That's just my opinion, I could be wrong.

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Wild Pegasus

Since: 24.4.02

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Hogan has the power and he knows he has it. What do you expect him to do? Sit around and watch a doomed promotion fall out from under him, or actively help the fall so he gets out sooner and gets more money? Hogan knew it was going down, he just used it for gain. But right know, I think Hogan is good for the WWE. It gives them time to alter and set up storylines once he leaves, and gives him and the fans one last dose of nogistalgia. It also sells millions of t-shirts.

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For the record, most guys start talking during the pop and it dies down. You just don't stand there for 5 minutes. Before you say no one else could get that long of a pop allow me to say bullshit. If Austin would have stood in the ring after he came back from his injury you could have let the crowd pop the entire show. Same when Flair came back to WCW. Let the Rock go away for a year and see what happens. The difference is that they won't stand there FOREVER milking their ego. Well, that and the fact that they could get a pop like that outside of Canada.

I just can't understand how people think that Hogan is the one of the good things going on right now. Nostalgia is one thing and Wrestlemania was fine but having him as the champ is just embarrasing. Vince isn't looking too good these days and giving Hogan the belt has to look to a lot of people like Vince is a man that is running out of ideas. He looked that way to me when he was on Costas. People don't want to watch a sinking ship and a lot of people think the WWE has "jumped the shark". It was funny to watch WCW self-destruct because we had an alternative. It isn't funny this time.

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You've been warned.

So, I've been e-fedding for about three years, which makes my character (Freeway) considered a veteran...and respected. Which means I can join a fed just because I have name recognition. I'm getting ready to retire soon, and I'm working on having one last run at the gold before I go. And then what? I JOB IT OFF TO "the next big thing" CLEAN, that way the guy has the stigma as "The Guy Who Retired Freeway". It's an instant rub. They get name value.

Hogan has been wrestling for well over 20 years. He can join a fed based on name recognition. He's having his last run at the top. BUT THEN WHAT? It's his responsibility to job off the belt to somebody in order to build them up as a threat, and give them name value. The Billy Kidman feud in WCW was a HUGE step in the right direction. Let's see if the WWF can come up with something like that for him to do.

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I think you guys are being just a little too hard on Hogan, and here's why.

In WCW, he had the power, and he did indeed use it to book himself in crappy storylines designed only to make him look like a god. And here's an example.

Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage defeated EIGHT MEN in a cage match at Uncensored. TWO MEN... defeated EIGHT. I don't remember who all eight of them were, but we're talking guys like Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Lex Luger, Kevin Sullivan. Hogan was trying to get Brian Pillman (who was starting to get some great pops) booked in that match as well, but Pillman had an injury at the time.

Has Hogan done that yet? Has Hogan won the belt and vanished for months, never to be seen until the company needs him for a quick ratings boost? No. I'm not saying Hulkamania is the Greatest Power in the Universe, brothers, but what I am saying is this...

It could be worse. A lot worse.

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From: Joisey

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Yes, it could be worse, but by no means does it make his ego-stroking behavior any better. I truly believe that if Hogan felt he could get away with the stunts he pulled in WCW, we'd be seeing him do so right now.

Remember, he tried to get Jimmy Hart into the company with him, thereby having a backstage agent on his side. When that didn't happen, I have no doubt that he realized the polictics he played in WCW weren't going to happen in the the WW(F/E)

And make no mistake about it, he's still playing politics. He reduced the Rock to a 10 year old Hulkamanic, who would come out and insist that the one person that deserved a title shot was Hogan. He got himself removed from the nWo angle as soon as possible when it was apparent the group was going nowhere. And god help us, he's probably going to hold onto the belt until King of the Ring.

And, of course, Hogan isn't going to job that belt clean. He's already got some people convinced that he "passed the torch" to Rock (who 1, had no need for it, and 2, isn't around to 'pass' it) at WM, and therefore it will be business as usual when he finally drops the strap. I'm thinking we'll be lucky if it's just an exploding camera, but I hear rumors that Shane has a twin......

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Since: 12.1.02
From: BC, Canada

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On behalf on all Canadians, I profusely apologize for the current Hulk Hogan lovefest. That is all...

Are you ready for Mahkan-mania to run wild all over you?

Since: 2.1.02
From: Madison, WI

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As much as I detest Hogan, let me point out that he's not the only villian here. Hogan may have the crowd response (at least in Canada) and the instantly recognizable name, but he didn't put the belt on himself - *Vince* put the belt on him. I'll wager that Vince was behind Rock's lovefest (and HHH's respectfest). Vince changed the WWF to WWE and made Hogan the last WWF Champion - I doubt that Hulk has the power to force an organization to change its' name just so he can be the "last champion" of the "old" organization.

Hogan may be a criminal - but Vince is definitely aiding and abetting.


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Net Hack Slasher

Since: 6.1.02
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I think I'm going to stand out like a 30 year old man at a N'sync concert. But I don't buy this Hulk Hogan is the the most damned thing to ever happen to wrestling.

Presently, I DO THINK he's one of the highlights, I DO THINK he saved WrestleMania from being absolutly forgettable. I DO THINK that his match with Jericho on Smackdown he made Jericho look like a star, that one match made Jericho look more legit then a 2 year feud with Triple H. and I DO think he deserves this last run on top.

Talking about the past, Hogan took a lot from wrestling, but he gave just as much. He helped bring wrestling into the mainstream in the 80s. He made Vince and his fellow workers a decent amount of money, if Jake Roberts and a lot of the wrestlers at that decided to snort their earning up their noses and now have to wrestle in school gyms for 70 bucks, that's not Hogans fault.

Hogan was a great ambassador for the sport and a great spokesman for the time. And we never heard "hogan involved from flight from hell" or "Hogan involved with underage girl" stories. Well none that I heard of.

In WCW, Hogan came in and gave it a shot in the arm. Hogan took a chance and went full fledged spit in the wind heel (some might say he did it because he saw his career ending if he didn't and they might be right)and it might have been a risky or hard thing for him to do because he wasn't a heel in forever. But he still did it and made it work.

Look I like Hogan, don't really know why, could be the boas, could be Hendrix, could be that he reminds me of my late grandfather. But I like Hogan, and I look at his matches unlike I look at anyone elses matches. If anyone does the no sell while getting punched, it's unacceptable unless your name is Hulk Hogan brotherrrrr

So if you don't mind, I'm going to eat my prayers, say my vitamins and believe in myself... Or something like that

(edited by Net Hack Slasher on 19.5.02 0429)
thanx to His heelness for the modification to make it PG

Since: 10.4.02
From: New York City, NY

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I think Net Hack is right on the money. Hogan is totally over with the fans, and as much as that hurts for some of you, it's a fact. To say that Hogan as champ is unbelievable is a crock. If this was a shoot, Big Show, Angle or Shamrock would be wearing the strap. Hogan can't be held responsible for the stagnant state of the WWF and it's ratings. The combination of the Stephanie writing/booking committee and the jaded, seen-it-all fan base have led to the rut. What will it take to grab our attention now? I think it's back to wrestling--let Benoit and Angle or RVD and Jericho do 35 minutes on a PPV. Stress the mat action and phase out the brand extention (I dig Bradshaw, but not in the main event).

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Since: 4.1.02
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Did Hogan abuse his power and influence in WCW? Yes. I would have done the same thing.
He was brought in when they wanted to compete with the WWF, and had to change their course.
He had a lot of leverage power and alas, at several occassions he didn't make the right choice for the business in general.
Btw, Flair (our hero and savior and anti-Hogan) is also known to run things his way when he got the chance..

When he came to the WWF, do you really really believe that Vince gave him a cart-blanche contract? Hell no..I am sure it said 'LIMITED creative control' if any at all..
And the moment he walked in you knew it. He couldn't be heel for long. The crowd didn't want it. (btw, that was an american crowd!)
For a week or two they denied it, having him run into the Rock (also very handy to have Rocky off of tv for a few weeks) but the crowd couldn't ..wouldn't be denied. They wanted to have nostalgia run wild and cheer the old man.

They did the right thing, having him turn at WMX8. You couldn't have Hogan at WM not ending with the posing, and as a heel that couldn't have happened.

Now the Rock Lovefest...Rock had to leave again, the crowd needed that little bit of extra convincing to follow Hogan. There you go. Hogan didn't order it. It WAS the best thing to do.

The 10 minutes chants, with the i love you guys and its still running wild? All part of the gimmick.
Ofcourse he milks it, he is supposed to milk it.
Hogan is coming across as the old veteran who is grateful for it all. Perhaps he really is, folks..
That said, his matches were slow and horrible. But it isn't like they didn't know this. Fuck, he knows it.

My point in all this is that the Hogan return is actually alot better than I hoped it would be. Not because I was always such a big Hogan fan, not because I want to see him on top, but because he is NOT the center of attention yet gets all the props he deserves for being the man that made wrestling known to the world/common man.

But perhaps now it is time for him to retire before it goes down hill..

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Tribal Prophet

Since: 9.1.02
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Jesus, I'd love to see some of the people here be put in the same places that Hogan has been in *their* careers:

"No sir, please don't give me the better job with higher pay. Please give it to the kid who just started a couple years ago. I think it's time I put in more effort for less pay. I think you should demote me. I have too much money as it is."

How many people here *demand* to the boss daily that they take a pay cut and be fazed out of the job over time so that some young punk can have it instead? Talk about hypocritical...

Tribal Prophet

Since: 29.3.02
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I agree completely with Tribal Prophet. And while I freely admit I am a Hogan mark, it is the casual fan that it making Hogan's run as a face, not the WWE, and not the internet columnists or smarks, who even though they are the vocal majority, they are definately in the minority as far Hogan's pops are concerned

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It sounds like you're mixing eras. The Kongs, Booker (The Ebony Experience), Lightning Kid, Beauty and the Beast were all either in the USWA version of World Class (after Jarrett bought out Fritz) or Global (Joe Pedicino).
- odessasteps, Questions about the old WCCW (2002)
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