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23.4.18 1608
The W - Pro Wrestling - Hell in a Cell 2011 Results Thread
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It's False

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LIVE from the sanctioned WWE Blast Area, The Bowling Alley! First thing to note is that the Bowling Alley is not a full house tonight, which isn't surprising considering that there's a great Sunday Night Football game and postseason baseball opposing this PPV.

Christian comes out for tonight's opening match. Hey, it's Awesome Truth! They bought tickets, you see, and they have ringside seats. Here's Super Dave Laurinaitis and security to escort them out, which is as big a red herring as I've ever seen. Some of the bowling alley watchers are calling that they'll be back during the main event. Ah, nothing like telegraphing a clusterfuck finish in the opening minutes of a 3-hour $50 PPV.

Your hosts are Michael Cole, Booker T, and JR. Yes, all it takes to get JR on one of these PPV's is for Mark Henry to put Jerry Lawler through an ungimmicked table and nearly kill him.

-"The Celtic Warrior" Sheamus d. Christian
A decent opener. Cole tries to get on my nerves immediately by complaining about the way Christian's been punished this week, but JR points out that Christian's "punishment" has been two main event slots and a spot on the PPV. JR rules. I'm glad he's here. Christian was able to hit the spear twice, once on the outside and once in the ring, and got nothing. They're going to kill that finisher for the poor guy. Third spear misses and Sheamus finishes clean with the Brogue Kick. Nothing else really of note here.

Matt Striker talks to Mark Henry. Tonight's prediction: PAIN! Well, he didn't actually say that, but that would have been kinda badass.

-Sin Cara (BLUE) d. Sin Cara (BLACK)
The announcers actually manage to make this storyline make a semblance of sense by pointing out that the original Sin Cara was injured at Money in the Bank. The reason he came back early was because it was a second Sin Cara all along. You'd think this would be a fast-paced match that would pick up the crowd and you'd be WRONG, as this match goes a lot slower than expected. And of course, we run into the fundamental problem that was bound to doom this angle from the start: NOBODY CARES ABOUT SIN CARA! So yeah, the crowd's dead and so's the bowling alley. Sin Cara (blue) picks up the win over Sin Cara (black), thanks to a victory roll. I don't think this match was actively terrible, but clearly the Battle of the Sin Caras was not setting the world on fire. But it set The W on fire! And really, isn't that all that matters?

David Otunga and his bowtie try and talk to CM Punk in the back. Otunga talks about how he's representing the WWE Superstars, but Punk sends him along his merry way.

-Air Boom d. The Vickie Family (w/Vickie Guerrero) to retain the WWE Tag Team Championship
The champs are color-coordinated in an ocean blue ensemble. Seriously, God bless JR for trying to keep the commentary directed on the actual match, but the Black Holes of Suck that are Michael Cole and Booker T, as they spend most of the match arguing about irrelevant shit. The spirit of Mark Madden is alive and well. This is another slow match with a long heat segment on Kofi, which is NOT helping this crowd. They do get in towards the end after the hot tag is made. Pier 4 breaks out to pick things up. Swagger gets the anklelock on Bourne, but Swagger's not legal. Kofi takes Swagger out, but eats the Zig Zag from Dolph. Kofi's dispatched, but Bourne rolls up Dolph for a close 2! The Vickie Family sets up the Superbomb, but Bourne rolls through and pins Swagger (while Kofi pulls out Dolph) to retain the titles. This match became a lot of fun at the end. Good stuff.

Here's an Inside Out promo, just because.

We go to a video package for the Orton/Henry feud. Their HiaC match is next!

-"The World's Strongest Man" Mark Henry d. Randy Orton to retain the World Heavyweight Championship in Hell in a Cell
Needless to say, EVERYONE in the Bowling Alley was hyped for this match. It was a largely pro-Orton crowd, but there were a couple of guys rooting for Mark Henry, which was pretty cool. Story going into this match is that Randy Orton managed to hit the RKO on Friday, but only because Henry lost focus, so the key for Orton is to make Henry lose focus. The story during the match is that Orton can neutralize Henry's immense power by using the Cell to his advantage. But aside from an opening salvo from Orton, it's pretty much ALL Henry for most of the match. Henry tries to hit the World's Strongest Slam on the outside, but Orton hangs from the cage and makes the comeback by bashing Henry on various steel posts! Orton manages to mount the comeback that he didn't get at Night of Champions, hitting the Thesz Press and Hanging DDT. RKO hits...and gets 2! Orton takes a moment to regroup before realizing he has one last move left: the PUNT OF PLOT CONVENIENCE! But Henry's got Orton's plot convenience RIGHT HERE, as he catches Orton coming in and finishes with the World's Strongest Slam to retain the title! Very good match and I applaud The E for resisting the temptation to go back to the Same Old Crap.

Post-match, Henry grabs a chair. He wants the Pillmanizer! Henry MISSES with the Vaderbomb! Orton grabs the chair and whacks Henry with it! He chases Henry out and goes batshit crazy with the chair! Orton stalls for a moment, which allows Henry to kick Orton's leg out from under him. Henry takes the opening to run away. This feud MUST continue!

Josh Matthews talks to Alberto Del Rio. ADR protests getting thrown into a Triple Threat HiaC match! ADR says we'll be seeing a completely different side of him tonight.

Well, we have 90 minutes and two matches left (and if you think they're giving Beth/Kelly more than 5 minutes...BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!), so let's waste some time! Here's Cody Rhodes! Cody cuts his typical good heel promo, but this is such a blatantly pointless time-waster for a $50 PPV. So Cody takes a velvet bag and pulls out...THE CLASSIC INTERCONTINENTAL TITLE BELT! Holy shit, I take back what I said! This is AWESOME! Cody says he'll be wearing the classic belt to honor former champions (namedropping Ricky Steamboat, Bret Hart, Steve Austin, and Randy Savage) and wear it with more dignity than they did. Cody vows to be a fighting champion. And oh, dammit, let's ruin this segment with Super Dave Laurinaitis. Super Dave says Triple H is ordering Cody to defend the title tonight against...oh, I was wondering where this guy was...

-Cody Rhodes d. John Morrison to retain the Intercontinental Championship
Good to see they still remember John Morrison exists. Cody's wrestling in a full suit here. This is pure house show fare. Morrison takes it to Rhodes and Rhodes tries to bail. Cody even tries to get himself counted out by hugging the ring post. HA! Morrison is having none of that and tosses him back in, so Cody whacks him with the mask. Cody busts out the FIGURE FOUR (WOO!), in a nice expansion of his moveset! Cody tries to finish with Cross-Rhodes, but Morrison kicks him in the face! Morrison misses with the Flash Kick and Cody rolls him up to retain the title!

Backstage, Triple H berates Super Dave Laurinaitis. Apparently, Laurinaitis is the one that made the IC title match, not Triple H. But wait, we have a ruckus backstage! Triple H rushes to the back and finds Air Boom laid out by Awesome Truth! H has security take Awesome Truth away and berates Laurinaitis some more for not calling the cops on them earlier!

-"The Glamazon" Beth Phoenix (w/Natalya) d. Kelly Kelly (w/Eve Torres) to win the Divas Championship
We mix things up a little bit here, with Kelly aggressively trying to take it to Beth this time around. But Beth takes control quickly and we go back to their normal match template. Kelly soon tries to comeback with her fluke pins, but Beth keeps kicking out! Finally, Kelly finds the opening to hit some of her signature moves, including the handspring elbow and top-rope bulldog, but they can't put Beth away. Things break down on the outside between Eve and Natalya. Kelly tries to finish with the K2, but it's countered. So now Beth goes for something that Kelly CAN'T turn into a fluke pin! She applies Natalya's new favorite submission hold, as Natalya taunts her with the mic! Kelly's able to reach the ropes, but Natty whacks Kelly over the head with the mic. With Kelly unconscious and unable to get another fluke pin, that allows Beth to finally hit the Glam Slam for the pin and the title. And it just FIGURES that this has to be a screwjob finish, because perish the thought that Beth Phoenix could ever beat Kelly Kelly clean. The female equivalent of Orton/Henry, this is not. The crowd goes apathetic, as you might imagine, considering how this feud just killed any heat that Beth and Natalya might have had.

Vengeance promo. It's in three weeks, don't you know. Overheard at the bowling alley "Are they doing two a month now?"

Video package sets up the main event, showing Punk beating Cena at Money in the Bank, Del Rio beating Punk at SummerSlam, and Cena beating Del Rio at Night of Champions.

-Alberto Del Rio d. John Cena & CM Punk to win the WWE Championship in Hell in a Cell
Dueling Let's Go, Cena/CM Punk chants! Doesn't take long before we get some PLUNDAH involved. Punk pulls out a table and tries for the running knee/bulldog combo off the apron, but Cena shoves him into the Cell instead! Coming back in, Cena gets caught with a chairshot from ADR! ADR sets up the chair and back suplexes Cena on top of it, bending the chair! YEEE-OUCH! More dueling chants, as ADR works over Cena. Cena wants to start The Usual with the Sicilian Slice, but Punk crotches him! That allows Cena to play dead and take a breather while Punk works over ADR. ADR hits a chinlock. A chinlock in a Triple Threat Hell in a Cell match? DOES NOT COMPUTE! But it does lead to a great spot, as Punk tries to power out of the chinlock...and Cena hits the Sicilian Slice on both guys! Ok, that was cool! Cena and Punk trade blows in the ring and the heat for that segment just isn't what it was a few months ago. Del Rio cleans house with the chair and hits the top-rope senton on both guys! Del Rio starts to get his spots in, including a failed juji gatime attempt on Punk and an enziguiri on Cena. Punk hits the GTS on Cena, but Del Rio pulls Punk out and tosses him into the Cell. ADR takes Punk out of the equation with the chair. Del Rio then focuses on Cena, tossing him into the Cell and wiping him out with the chair. Punk recovers and takes ADR out with the Savage Elbow, but here comes Cena with The Usual. YOU CAN'T SEE...kick to the head from Punk! Punk tries to capitalize, but gets tossed through the table that he set up earlier. Cena tries to finish ADR with the shitty STF, but here's Ricardo with the bolt cutters! He opens the Cell and tries to save, but Cena takes him out with the Attitude Adjustment! ADR grabs a lead pipe that Ricardo left him and wipes out Cena, leaving him laying in the aisle. ADR then locks Cena out of the Cell! ADR tries to polish off Punk, as Cena slowly starts to recover in the aisle. Punk hits his flurry of kicks, as Cena suddenly realizes that he's been locked out of the Cell! Punk tries desperately to put Del Rio away, as Cena tries to OPEN THE CELL WITH HIS BARE HANDS! As he fails at that, ADR grabs the lead pipe! He waffles Punk over the head with it and taunts Cena! Del Rio runs back in, but nearly runs into the GTS! Del Rio slips out of it and wipes out Punk with the lead pipe again for the pin and the title!

Post-match, Cena slides in as soon as the Cell goes up! But here's Awesome Truth with baseball bats, beating down Cena! They beat up the referee brigade, too! The Cell comes down again and everyone in the cage is at the mercy of Awesome Truth, from the main event participants down to the cameramen! Del Rio becomes the victim of CRUEL, CRUEL IRONY, as Awesome Truth wipe him out with his own lead pipe! Triple H sends Super Dave Laurinaitis to the production area to try and raise the cage, but no luck there! H calls out the locker room, but there's nothing they can do! Awesome Truth is mercilessly beating the shit out of everyone! H has the entire security patrol out at ringside! It's a sea of humanity out there! Finally, someone gets the idea to use bolt cutters, as the cops rush in and handcuff Awesome Truth! Looks like somebody finally took Booker's advice and called the PO-LICE! The sea of Superstars and security part ways, as the police lead out the handcuffed Awesome Truth...before Triple H swoops in and WAFFLES Miz and starts pounding the crap out of him! Laurinaitis tries to get some order, but H shoves him down! Show ends with H having to be restrained and the cops leading out the handcuffed Awesome Truth.

Well, at least they waited until AFTER the match was over to let the angle take over this time. So at the very least, I was wrong when I said at the start of the recap that they telegraphed a clusterfuck finish to the main event.

I consider myself harder to please with every passing PPV and this just didn't do it for me. The main event was fine stuff, but the ending to the main event (the match itself) was a total anticlimax and doesn't do anything to dispel the idea that Del Rio can't hang with Cena. Orton/Henry was good, but wasn't about to carry that PPV by itself. The rest of the card felt like filler, with nothing of note really happening.

Is it worth $50? Absolutely not! Is it worth the $15 I blew to watch at the Bowling Alley? No, I can't say it was worth that much, either.

But hey, at least they moved along that main storyline of "Can Triple H keep control of the company?" Right? I mean...come on...TRIPLE H!

Oh, and five bucks says we never find out who lowered the Cell again.

Thumbs down for Hell in a Cell. Take a breather, because we're doing it all again in 3 weeks. Good grief.

"I brought SCIENCE!"
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Big Brother

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I could have sworn I saw somebody starting a thread here. Ah, there it is. Well...I've already typed this, so let's not let it go to waste

  • Sheamus defeated Christian
  • Original Famous Sin Cara (Azul) defeated Famous Original Sin Cara (Negro)
  • Air Boom retained against SwaggZiggler
  • Mark Henry has another pretty decisive victory, retaining the title against Randy Orton - Orton made sure to do a lot of post-match attacking so you wouldn't remember what a chump he is - seemed early in the show for this one but now we can move on to that Booker T feud everybody can't wait for
  • Cody Rhodes debuted a new IC title (same as the old IC title, white strap) and then retained it in a Laurianitis booked impromptu match against John Morrison - most over man in this match was the belt
  • Beth Phoenix won the Divas title from Kelly Kelly with some (probably totally unnecessary) help from Natalya, who took out Eve earlier in the match
  • Alberto del Rio pinned CM Punk after locking John Cena out of the (Hell in a) Cell - there was an hour left in the show by the time the video package started on this one.
    • After the match, The Miz and R-Truth - making their third appearance of the PPV despite not being employed by WWE - snuck under the cage and laid out Del Rio, Punk, Cena (who had also rolled under and back in), the referees, and the cameramen. Everyone in the locker room came out but failed to get into the cage (Mark Henry, who routinely rips open cage doors, was noticeably absent, so I guess nobody asked him. Or he was still in the shower and didn't hear the ruckus.) Finally, bolt cutters were used on the chain, but by that time the "police" had gotten involved and Awesome Truth quickly assumed the position for the cops, ensuring nothing bad would happen to them - this didn't stop COO Triple H from waylaying on them a bit, which may or may not gotten HIM arrested as well.
  • I think there were only two commercials (Inside Out, laser toy game sponsor)
Glad I didn't pay for it...but I say that EVERY time.

Oh, and Vengeance has a new logo and an ad featuring Mark Henry butchering that famous quote from the Book of Ezekiel - which, you know, they actually HAVE an Ezekiel now...but anyway

This is the Internet, so you will have nothing but complaints - so let's hear 'em (I guess)

I really have no complaints - as I said, I didn't pay for it - I also watched the WNBA Final, the football game AND the baseball playoffs{ Sorry, you must be logged in to see this text! } , so I'm probably not the best person to tell you whether or not this was worth the money. ALTHOUGH....I think that it's hardly EVER worth the money they're charging these days. Did you ever notice that the airlines don't offer you the same quality of free snacks they used to?

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The main event was good. The end of the show was cool. Henry splatting Randy again was surprising. The tag title match was good. Beth winning was 1/100th as memorable as it would've been two weeks ago. Evil Sin Cara's evil music is funny. That's all I've got.
Big Bad

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If Del Rio replaces the spinner with the old winged eagle title, this will be a glorious day for humanity.

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It's amazing that the 1998 Intercontinental title belt design lasted as long as it did with all of the other two main belts changing over in one way or another lots of times over the years. If it were to change to anything else, I'm glad it was this retro design.

I'm not crazy about all of the WWE Title changes month-to-month this year. If they were going to run with Del Rio as champ, crowning him at SummerSlam would have been just fine. I don't really see why Cena had to get a title reign last month. Whatever.

Cool ending. It really does feel like they're plotting out Survivor Series fairly well.

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    Originally posted by SKLOKAZOID
    I don't really see why Cena had to get a title reign last month. Whatever.

That wasn't last month.

That was two weeks ago. :(

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    Originally posted by Big Bad

    If Del Rio replaces the spinner with the old winged eagle title, this will be a glorious day for humanity.

You know it! I'm not a huge fan of the I-C Title's white strap, but I dig the retro design overall.

I'm glad to see that Mark Henry retained the World Title, and a little annoyed that (if the WWE Title had to change hands) Del Rio had to be the one to get it back. But if the storyline means that CM Punk chases it for awhile, it's all good. (I doubt it: Cena will no doubt be the one in that slot.)

No Kevin Nash? Interesting.


WWE Championship
New Champion: Alberto Del Rio
2011 Title Changes: Seven

This is Alberto Del Rio's second reign as WWE Champion, and he is now technically a three-time world heavyweight champion, having also won the CMLL World Heavyweight Championship (which is, however, not the promotion's highest singles title).

He ended John Cena's 10th reign as champion, which lasted 14 days-- the last time WWE hosted a pay-per-view, at Night of Champions. And hey, we get to do this mess again in three weeks with Vengeance before getting to the next "major" pay-per-view, Survivor Series.

This was Cena's second-shortest WWE Championship reign; the only one shorter was his sixth reign, which ended the very night he won it-- winning the Elimination Chamber match in 2010 and then immediately losing to Batista. Incidentally, Cena's first three reigns lasted 280, 133 and 380 days; none of his other seven reigns have reached triple-digits.

WWE Divas Championship
New Champion: Beth Phoenix
2011 Title Changes: Four

This is Beth Phoenix's first reign as Divas Champion; as a three-time former Women's Champion, she is a four-time women's world heavyweight champion.

She ended the 104-day reign of Kelly Kelly, the third-longest in Divas Championship history. It was the second-longest active reign in WWE behind Dolph Ziggler's U.S. Title reign, which is two days older.

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    Originally posted by It's False
    doesn't do anything to dispel the idea that Del Rio can't hang with Cena.

Cowardly heel champion uses every trick in the book to dodge face challenger at every turn. Textbook, and basically every Cena storyline since 2007.

"Laugh and the world laughs with you. Frown and the world laughs at you."
Boudin rouge

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I dunno, the end of the show was pretty cool, but the whole time I was just kind of sitting there going "that should be Punk", yknow? I dig Awesome Truth and all, but it sure seems like they're doing things with a couple of mid carders (sorry Miz, but that's what you are) that would have worked far better in the initial Punk leaves with the title angle, and obviously HHH slowly losing control and finally snapping and attacking would have made for a much better build than "you wear your wife's panties and she keeps your balls in her purse". Other than that one little bit of crying over spilled milk tho, def a cool ending, and I'm interested to see where it goes, mainly because they're all over the place and I really don't know what they're getting at other than HHH has no control.

I was legitimately was bouncing up and down yelling YEAH BOYEEE when Mark Henry popped up and scooped Orton into the WSS mid punt. Not much of a HIAC match, but it told a good story and that was a great finish. Next I want him to no sell it. Hated seeing Randall immediately get his heat back and Henry running away tho.

Glad the Divas of Doom finally got their colors coordinated and that Beth finally won the Divas title, but man, we can't job KELLY FN KELLY clean to the Glamazon?

The main thing with the Sin Cara's match I think was that they were doing lucha moves at a WWE pace, and it just didn't click. Say what you want about WCW, but they let the luchadores just go out and do their thing for the most part, and the fast pace of the high flying would usually bring the crowd around. It didn't help that neither guy has been really over since the "return" (and that lighting, woof). It wasn't a bad match, it just didn't really click and the crowd shitting on it was a death knell.

Cody Rhodes rules. I actually have zero caveats on that whole segment. And oh man was it awesome to see the old school IC title with white strap make a return.

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On RAW, when John Cena comes out and complains about getting locked out of the cage and that it was a cheap way to win... I really hope who ever is in the ring with him hands him a roll of duct tape and asks him "How's Batista?".

Who's gonna get the blame for that crappy Sin Cara match? Both wrestlers botched it, Triple H hired the guy, and that crowd just shitted all over it when they FINALLY took notice after not caring. I kinda hope they give up on the whole thing and give the TV time back to someone who doesn't suck the life out of the arena. You know, if they wanna hire a Mexican wrestler who can work the WWE style AND get himself over... How about Konnan? People will remember him so he'll get a decent pop and he's got history with Rey Mysterio so there will be a ready made feud when he comes back. Can he still go? Is Konnan still active down there?

CM Punk. What more can I say about this guy. Why is he even there? Oh yeah, to eat the pin fall so John Cena doesn't have to. All those potential angles that were hinted at for him and all I'm seeing is other people getting those spots. I mean, he's good... he's grown on me somewhat, but with each passing week, he gets pushed lower and lower, back to where he belongs... the midcard. For life, probably. Hey, ratings are crap and you gotta blame someone other than Triple H, John Cena, or the writers. It must be CM Punk's fault, right?

Forget it Josh... it's Cerebustown.

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    Originally posted by Cerebus
    On RAW, when John Cena comes out and complains about getting locked out of the cage and that it was a cheap way to win... I really hope who ever is in the ring with him hands him a roll of duct tape and asks him "How's Batista?".

Heh heh heh. So very true.

I'd like to see someone other than Cena go after Del Rio's title at Vengeance. Punk would be ideal, obviously, but aside from those two guys, I have to think pretty hard to come up with another face who's worthy of getting a WWE Championship shot.

So, when is Triple H gonna get his ass kicked, anyway? Preferably by R-Truth and The Miz. If he's gonna be an authority figure, he needs to get beaten up once in awhile. Beating up wrestlers makes them look bad, even if he is a thirteen-time world champion.

Swagger and Ziggler need to add at least one, maybe two, members to their stable-- and those two need to get on the same page, because no one will buy a Swagger/Ziggler feud. I can't see either of those guys playing the face roll well. As for possible members, I'd go with Drew McIntyre and Brodus Clay. Both of them need something to do now that you can only see their matches on YouTube bootleg from the UK.

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Is Konnan still alive? How old is he now? I'd rather they'd give Sin Cara's (PPV-) spot to Daniel Bryan.

About the show:

I liked the Miz/Truth-stuff. Survivor Series could get interesting.

My interest in Punk on the other hand has really cooled down (good job, WWE!).

Good to see Mark Henry retain.

And also nice to see the old IC belt return. But Cody rules anyhow.

Good opener as well.

The rest of the PPV was kind of boring.

Amos Cochran
Lap cheong

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MARK HENRY. All that was missing was him dismantling the cage with his bare hands.

Henry aside, this show made a lot of the last two weeks seem pointless, but the right people went over and that a HELL of a closing angle. I'm intrigued to see where this is going again.
The Game
Boudin rouge

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Hits and Misses of the PPV;

Hits:bringing back the classic IC title belt.

Misses: Just about everything else (almost).

Actually, this PPV was a little bit better than the one they had a short 2 weeks ago but it wasn't that hard to do. A lot of the PPV just didn't make sense. Beth Phoenix winning the diva's title was one thing I didn't get. Beth Phoenix is my favorite diva in the WWE but why put it on her now instead of 2 weeks ago in her hometown? Or why bother taking the belt off Del Rio and having him win it 2 weeks later? With Vengeance around the corner, I guess this is what happens when you cluster-f*** 3 PPV's in about a month.

It seems like the only things the WWE is doing right is the tag team division with Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne and the continued push/ heavyweight title reign of Mark Henry.

Overall, I would give the PPV a 5.5 out of 10 and I am not expecting Vengeance to be any better.

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They are doing the right things with the tag team division, Henry and finally Beth. Yet, this PPV seemed like a clean up from the last PPV. They put ADR and Beth over which they should have done at the last PPV. The real problem is no one, but the core base cares about HHH. Its not 1998-2002 anymore. He has been overexposed for almost a decade.The fans seemed to care about Punk, but it doesn't seem the WWE does. He had the potential to be one of their lead guys for years now he is just someone to eat a pin.

When people ask why fans or generally the IWC is cynical this is why. This company and their nepotism has reached Penn State levels of running back to what is comfortable and what is safe instead of what could work. The play it safe route is not going to work all the time and the lifeboat of Rock is starting to look more of a Titanic level disaster or at least another clusterfuck where people are more confused than entertained.

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The Wee Baby Sheamus.

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The Rock is a Titanic-level disaster? Nobody cares about HHH? Punk is only employed to eat pinfalls? Jesus f'ing Christ. If HHH or Cena had jobbed to a pipeshot everyone wold complain that they couldn't lay down clean. When Punk does it it's a burial.
Matt Tracker

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Isn't this also the annual autumn dominance of heels to set up the face victories at WM?

Lookit the champs: Del Rio, Henry, Beth, Rhodes, Ziggler, and Air Boom. Only one title is held by a face. That means the majority of faces lost last night, even in the main event.

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Where am I wrong here. Punk has eaten two pinfalls at the last two PPVs. The ratings are terrible since HHH came back and Rock teaming with Cena is going to need a Stephen Moffat to timey whimey event into this making sense. For those of who don't know, that is a Doctor Who reference which is a show you should be watching instead of this one.

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So great to see the classic IC title back! I hope it is to stay and not just part of Cody's storyline. Seeing as how they took time to update it that is a good sign. I noticed from the pics that is not a flat gold like the original and has more of a textured gold like the World Heavyweight Championship. Also interesting that they went with white leather when that version was pretty limited. Who had a white strap- Michaels and maybe Goldust for a bit? I guess they thought that would make it stand out and look more 'retro' or something.

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I'll be the first to admit that I never gave two shits about Cody Rhodes. I thought he'd be one of those guys that was just "there", ya know? ... but I've done a 180 on this guy. He's been fantastic. He reminds me of an old school heel & now the new (old) IC title belt just helps solidify that in my mind ...

For all that's been wrong with WWE in the past, this PPV helped showcase many good things that the future holds (if played out correctly) ... Cody Rhodes & the white IC title, the dominance of badass heel champion in Mark Henry (who has also been fantastic, I just wish he'd lose the braids), the continued focus on the tag division, the Miz/R-Truth "outsiders/invaders" angle ...

I haven't cared about wrestling this much in a while ... this & my 3-1 Titans have me in good mood today.
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Apparently, being inebriated. Not a wellness violation. Story over, I reckon, although probably doesn't help his case as far as being trusted with a title run.
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