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25.5.18 1551
The W - One Question... - Have you ever been on TV?
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Since: 20.6.02

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Have you ever been on TV, whether be it nationally or locally? Was it one of those newscasts where newsies ask questions about the issue of the day? Or has anyone here been on a TV program or a game show?

For myself, I've been on a Canadian video game show twice: Those familiar with YTV probably know Video and Arcade Top 10...I was on it twice as a kid. I won first place once playing Rainbow Island for the NES and finished last playing Offroad Baja (or something like that) for the SNES.

I believe I've also been quoted on some news report or something on local access cable, but I never saw it.

How about everyone else?

I still haven't found what I'm looking for...
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Since: 9.11.03
From: Bedford, Michigan

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When I was a much younger kid, I was interviewed a couple times for local news reports. I don't remember the subjects, but I probably looked adorable either way.

When I went to The Office Convention last October, I got interviewed for G4 while in my Dwight costume. I didn't make the 2-minute recap of the weekend, though :(

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Since: 28.1.02
From: Louisville, KY

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I had a viewer mail read by Letterman in the first season of Late Night. Closest I have been.

We'll be back right after order has been restored here in the Omni Center.


Since: 9.7.02
From: Sleep (That's where I'm a viking)

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I hosted a game show for my high school's local access TV station, and I've been shown or mentioned as part of the crew for a ton of FATV productions. One of these days they'll give me a microphone...

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Since: 22.2.04
From: Cambridge, MA

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I was on the trivia team in high school, called Scholastic Matchup. Each match was televised on the local news channel. So for 3 years I was on that 8-10 times a year for 30 minutes a pop. I was also interviewed for the same channel 2 years in a row for an engineering competition in high school. Goddamn I must sound like I was the biggest freakin' nerd on the planet. Well, to balance that out, our regional varsity sports championships were also televised and I was on for both wrestling and track.

EDIT: I forgot to mention my high school graduation speech which was televised locally.

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I was on a local cable news station (News Channel 8) back in the mid 90s for a story about how four high schools (mine included) in our county were getting dedicated internet lines in 1994. I was caught by the cameras at at few of the seminars but that's it. I have it on a tape somewhere

Newspaper on the other hand, I was interviewed by the local free paper The Gazette about the Beltway Sniper back in 02-ish. The Google cache has expired but ran across my copy of the paper a few days ago.

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From: Mount Pleasant, Pa.

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#1. A quick shot of me on the news ice skating when I was in elementary school.

#2. In high school I was a member of a comedy show for my local cable company (think Waynes World meets SNL). We only ended up making 2 episodes, but I had lots of people tell me they thought the episodes were hilarious.

#3. Was interviewed for the news in front of a store about my thoughts on the retirement of Steelers coach Chuck Noll.

#4. Was interviewed on tv while donating money into the fish tank for Jerry Lewis MD telethon, mostly because it was 3:30am and my girlfriend and I were the only ones there at the moment.

#5. Was shown on the news cheering in the crowd at Canton, Ohio during Steelers Mike Webster HOF induction.

#6. You can see me in the crowd a couple of times (up against the glass) in the movie "Sudden Death" during the Penguins/Blackhawks hockey game.

#7. I had a question read by Sgt. Gunney on the History Channels "Mail Call".

#8. Me and my sign were shown on tv at a WWE PPV in Pittsburgh.

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Since: 4.1.02
From: The Hague, Netherlands (Europe)

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#8 Posted on
    Originally posted by Kevintripod
    #6. You can see me in the crowd a couple of times (up against the glass) in the movie "Sudden Death" during the Penguins/Blackhawks hockey game.

I always loved that movie, simply for the hockey action (and that's why it pisses me off that the game never finishes!)

As far as I am aware I've only been on WWE programming.
Several Wrestlemanias, Raws, and some of those exclusive UK-ppvs they did a couple of years ago. The best one is:
During the pre-WM battle royale at WM21 me and my friends can be seen walking to our seats while the match is taking place. Then, when Booker T wins, my buddies are clearly seen in the background raising the roof while I take some pix.

*sigh* Why bother?

Since: 8.10.03
From: flyover country

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#9 Posted on | Instant Rating: 7.43
Several times in my job regarding local agricultural events, once with the singing group I was in, and a lot of wonderful local access. The rest were all out of Wichita stations.

Got my memory jogged. Dozens of radio interview in my job. Those are the best because they are 8-10 minutes and you really can say something.

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Since: 10.10.02
From: New Hampshire

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Before Tom Bergeron was a national television host, he had a show in Boston called People Are Talking. I was in the audience for one of those back in 1992.

MTV had a special about wrestling around ten years ago that included a segment on Tony Atlas and a local independent card. I was in the audience with a friend, laughing and clapping for about five seconds. Some co-workers told me about it later that week. I had no idea I was on the show.

Since: 7.11.02
From: Dallas, TX

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I have been interviewed on the news and other local programs. It's not tv, but I've been on NPR, have been a guest on some local radio shows, and also get quoted and/or interviewed in newspapers and magazines somewhat regularly. It's always been for work-related stuff.


Since: 9.2.02

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I was given tickets to a Yanks game back in 1997 in which the seats were second row directly behind home plate, so I was on TV (FOX game) for the entire game...
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Since: 25.2.02

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I was in the studio audience for the Ramblin' Rod show on KPTV Portland in the mid 1970's.

Part of the show was a "smiling contest", where they panned the camera across the kids in the audience and the winner got Pop Shoppe soda. I didn't win, but everybody who saw me noted I was the only one who actually looked into the camera (everybody else watched themselves on the monitor).

I also was a guest on a show about drive-ins that a friend of mine taped for cable access in St Paul a few years ago. He won an award for it. I think they still air an updated version of it once in awhile.

Since: 7.11.02
From: Riderville, SK

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There is a reporter in Regina by the name of J.C. Garden. He is terrible. I actually watched his first ever broadcast, when he was a late night anchor on CTV. (The Daily Show airs in Canada at 12:05, so the local news continues for an extra 5 minutes. So when I'd finish watching whatever at 11:30, I'd flip over to see the news.) The co-anchor was well aware he was terrible, and kept getting him into awkward conversations where he would say the silliest things and make a fool of himself. Needless to say, I loved it, and those last 5 minutes became appointment television.

Fast forward about 5-6 months. It's opening weekend of Star Wars: Episode III. I go to the first showing Saturday afternoon, and have an enjoyable experience. Not mind-blowing, but definitely worth my time & money. I step out of the darkened theater, and standing right there with a microphone in my face and a camera directly at me is the man himself. So anyone watching that broadcast saw me with this completely shocked look on my face, and thought "wow, what a Star Wars geek", while the actual look was "omg it's J.C. Garden; I can't believe this is happening".

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Since: 17.8.06
From: Calgary, AB Canada

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#15 Posted on | Instant Rating: 1.02
I've been going on a local morning show about once a month for the last 10 years... I was just on this morning.

But, my daddy's in a coma!

Since: 12.2.02
From: Cleveland, Ohio

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#16 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.84
The 1991 Cotton Bowl - U of Miami (FL) 46, Texas 3. Our High School marching band was in the Cotton Bowl Parade. You would think that would be the moment on TV, but they CUT THE COVERAGE AS WE TURNED THE CORNER onto the camera view. Our local weatherman even came on the air to apologize for the band being cut off.

The game was an awful blowout, and we were almost the only people left in the stadium in the second half of the Miami blowout. We were just rooting for any scoring, so after Miami scored one of their touchdowns, I turned around and double-high-fived my friend behind me.

Later that evening back at the hotel, I flipped thru the local channels to see the recap of the game. There was a shot of me and my friend high-fiving!

(Link goes to the game recap.)
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#17 Posted on | Instant Rating: 8.00
I was a juror on a murder trial that was covered by Dateline NBC in 2006. Show aired in January 07. Very interesting case.

Sean Goff was a Christian youth pastor that decided to experiment with polygamy. Based upon his interpretations of the old testament, polygamy was not sinful. The marriage wasn't going his way, so he killed his second "wife", chopped up her fingers, sawed out her and buried her within a cairn on tribal land in the Arizona desert.

See this link

Two days after the trial the jury was interviewed by Keith Morrison. I got a few words in with close-up shot or two.

Since: 3.10.02
From: Right side of the tracks

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#18 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.28
I was working at Norfolk Scope for a Nitro (Unfortunately NOT the one where DX Invaded) and was next to the guard rail for the entire evening. You could see me in any shot that showed the first row or two. Scott Norton threw somebody into the rail and knocked me out of my chair.

Since: 19.1.02
From: Minnesota

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#19 Posted on | Instant Rating: 10.00
I was interviewed for a local news feature in Madison, WI a several years ago. I was the only one at the event that agreed to be interviewed, so they ended up talking to me for almost a half hour. I don't think that report actually ever aired, though because some other newsworthy event happened later that day.

Other than that? Do a couple of Satire related signs on TV count? Because that's pretty much all I've got. I've seen "Needs More Kane" signs at least five times and "Pedigree to Orton" once.

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Since: 26.3.03
From: Glendale, Cali

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#20 Posted on
I attended a RAW a few years ago in Anaheim and was up against the railing by the ramp. So, I was in the background in a few shots of the wrestlers going to the ring. This RAW was also "memorable" since The Union Underground performed the RAW theme live and Jacqueline slipped out of her top while dancing right in front of me. Sadly, her back was to me. But, one of the caps ended up on (guess they didn't notice the slip) and you could clearly see me and my brother-in-law (SchippeWreck)

If being on TV in text form counts, i'm on DirecTV channel 101 every Friday night as a moderator on havoc on the 101. It's an interactive music show where you vote for the music videos we play and can send in text messages to our chatroom that appear live on air. I chit-chat with people, enforce the rules, and screen messages before putting them on air. I've been doing that for almost a year now.

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