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The W - Pro Wrestling - Greatest feuds of the last 20 years???
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Since: 12.2.02
From: houston , TX

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Greatest feuds of the last 20 years??/

My top three are

1 original Tiger mask vs. Dynamite Kid--- New Japan(82)
2 Steamboat vs Flair-- NWA-(89)
3 and Guerrero vs Malenko---Ecw (95)


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Since: 22.1.02

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Flair/Rhodes--I have a tape of the first attack on Rhodes by Flair and the Horsemen. I think the wrestlers were afraid the crowd was going to riot.

Hart/Austin--I think this is bigger than Hart/HBK because I'm going by what happens in the ring, not outside of it.
I still remember Austin attacking Hart in the ambulance.
This feud changed the careers of both wrestlers.

I didn't actually see any of the matches, but Von Erichs/Freebirds has to be right up there too, with Chris Adams/Kevin von Erich right alongside.

Still, my all time favorite has got to be The Rock and Roll Express vs. The Midnight Express. This feud went on for years and extended to different territories. That's the kind of thing you can't see anymore. But I think historically speaking, the best feud has to be Flair/Rhodes.

Flair/Funk could be up there, but it wasn't long enough in duration. I didn't have access to wrestling on TV during the Flair/Steamboat years, but I'd wager that feud didn't have the hatred of Flair/Rhodes. The same goes for Flair and Sting. There was just a complete opposition in the entire "philosophies" of Ric Flair and Dusty Rhodes...the kiss-stealin', wheelin' dealin', limousine ridin', jet-flyin' son of a gun vs. the son of a plumber. And the crowd, which was a lot more grown-up and blue-collar than it is now, ate it up.

A feud that never seemed to get off the ground was The Road Warriors versus the Koloffs. I don't know if it was problems because the Warriors were in the AWA during the Koloffs' peak or what, but they never seemed to have that big-money match.


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I remember when Paul E. instigated the war between Austin Idol/Tommy Rich and Lawler/Bill Dundee. I was pretty young at the time, but I still remember the intensity of the Memphis fans' hatred for Paul E./Idol/Rich.

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Favorite feuds... That's a tough one!

In no particular order:

- Nikita Koloff/Magnum T.A.
- Steamboat/Flair (This one went for what? 15 years?)
- Pegasus Kid/Jushin Lyger (resulted in Benoit unmasking)
- Von Erichs/Freebirds (I will NEVER forget hearing Ted Nugent's "Stranglehold" start up and see Kerry, Kevin and Lance rush the ring Road Warrior-style and fight the Freebirds like wild dogs!)
- Sting/Great Muta (two great workers in their prime. I loved when they squashed the feud, teamed up and beat the Steiner Brothers in Japan!)

Those are the ones I can think of for now!

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    Originally posted by WTF13

    I didn't actually see any of the matches, but Von Erichs/Freebirds has to be right up there too, with Chris Adams/Kevin von Erich right alongside.

If anyone caught the syndicated Ultimate Professional Wrestling this weekend (they show some of the good USWA stuff) they had an Anything Goes match with Chris Adams and Steve Austin. They definitely had one great feud in Texas.

Sting/Flair has to be one of the great feuds. Their match at the first clash of the champions defined how a great feud starts. All their matches since then have been good, if not excellent.

Steamboat/Savage-Watching these two have their big match at WM III reminded me of how a feud was properly built up, and then the epic blow-off match. Good stuff.

And in honor of 1.4.02, the greatest feud of all time has to be the Ding Dongs vs the Dynamic Dudez!! See if only they had developed as a tag team with a z in the wait they would have still sucked.

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Sting vs. Vader-They had a lot of matches, and I only think one of them was below 4 star quality, but it didn't suck. This was a great feud, and pretty much one of the few reasons to watch WCW in the early 90's with all the crappiness with the Shockmaster and the like. But if Vader and Sting were ever close to each other on a card, I can promise you its awesome.

Jericho vs. The Rock-You know I'm not the biggest Rock fan. And yeah he's an average wrestler at most. Jericho still isn't at the wrestling level he was in the WCW(but then again who from the WCW is in the WWF? I can only think Lance Storm). But I'll be damned if this feud wasn't electric. They had great matches on PPV and free tv. I also liked their matches because it was good to see Jericho dominate and nearly destroy the Rock for the most part. The thing is WWF did this feud 2 years late, but better late than never. In fact I'm glad Russo had nothing to do with the booking of this feud b/c he would've made it suck. Just check out Jericho and the Rock's first match on Raw on I think October 2, 1999. This feud was classic, and I still find it odd that the WWF magazine staff rated their No Mercy WCW title match best of the year.

Benoit vs. Booker T-Once again, a great feud and great matches to back it up. The only problem I had with this feud, was that Benoit ALWAYS got the short end of the stick. However, all their matches were still great.

Jericho vs. WCW-Well that's what it really was in 1998. Look no further than here to see Jericho at his best. Jericho's first heel CW title reign is how his first WWF title reign should've been booked. Jericho beat everybody put up against him, and he beat them cleanly. No one wanted him to win or expected him to win, but he always came out on top and he did it on his own with no shenanigans. This is how a champion should be booked. Wins the title beats everybody that comes up against him cleanly, brags about it. Even beats the big face for the title(Dean Malenko). And eventually the big face comes back and beats him. WWF has all of this feud in their archives, yet they never look at it.

Owen Hart vs. HHH-I don't know, I always enjoyed their matches and, I never liked the way Owen almost lost all the time. But this was a great mid-card feud of the like that WWF's been missing for a long time.

Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart-They wrestled only 2 times, both on PPV. I think they might've had an Iron man match at a house show, but I doubt many have seen it. But their feud was awesome, and their 2 matches are 2 of the best I've ever seen. One of the best pure wrestling matches ever, and the best WWF cage match ever.

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I'd have to say...

Ric Flair Vs Randy Savage
Owen Hart Vs Bret Hart
Steamboat Vs Flair

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Ditto on the Ric Flair - Randy Savage feud, Ryan. This was right about the time I started watching wrestling and was the feud that really drew me in. I knew who Hulk Hogan was but I had no clue who this big, tall, goofy-lookin' Sid Justice was, so that match held little interest for me. But Ric Flair just got under my skin and made me more than willing to pay to see Savage kick his ass all over the Hoosierdome. Maybe not one of the all-time great feuds to many, but the most memorable one for me personally.

That, and like any other 13 year old, I wanted to see the staple marks... if you saw the feud, you know what I'm talking about.

Since: 6.1.02
From: Pittsburgh, PA

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#9 Posted on

    Originally posted by WTF13
    Hart/Austin--I think this is bigger than Hart/HBK because I'm going by what happens in the ring, not outside of it.
    I still remember Austin attacking Hart in the ambulance

Man, I was watching some tapes I have earlier today, and one of them had the Raw in which Austin attacked Hart in the ambulance and was later attacked by Pillman in his tie dye jeans! Also on the tape was the next Raw where Pillman prayed for the destruction of Stone Cold Steve Austin, man I miss Pillman.

I would have to say that Hart/Austin and Hart/HBK are both among my favorites. Hart/Austin was better storylines along with the whole USA/Canda thing, but the Hart/HBK spanned over so much a longer time and they wrestled so many more times and had more great matches.

Other favorite feuds
Malenko/Eddy (ECW)
Benoit/Raven (WCW)
Benoit/Sullivan (WCW)
Dreamer/Raven (ECW)
The Rock/Stone Cold (WWF, when they were feuding for the IC title)
Jericho/Mysterio (WCW)
Jericho/Malenko (WCW)

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Chyna vs. Jeff Jarrett

WCW/ECW (errr...Alliance) vs. WWF (Invasion)

Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy

Billy Gunn vs. The Rock

Maven vs. Taker

Moolah vs. Ivory

Kane vs. X-pac

Buff Bagwell vs. Judy Bagwell

Hogan vs. Kidman

nWo "B" team vs. G.I. Bro

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Best of all is Steamboat/Flair. The goodness just never stops in that one. Anything else is honorable mention, including:

Chris Adams/Kevin Von Erich
Von Erichs/Freebirds
Magnum TA/Tully

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I hate to admit it because it's been played to death but Austin vs. Vince was awesome when it started.
And it's been copied by all the top faces against Vince, but nothing can top the beatings Austin gave him.
Also a mention goes to HBK/Hart, just for the build up to their Iron man match.

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Since: 3.1.02

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Hey Lotty, was that an April Fool's list?

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I love the feuds that are deep, and have a lot of history. The ones that simmer under the surface for a while, and then explode, and then go back to simmering. There may be a blowoff, but you know that ten years later they'll still have beef with each other. In that spirit, my top three are:

Bret/Owen. This feud went on for at least 2 years, and as someone pointed out, they only fought twice. But Owen was ALWAYS getting little digs in at Bret and interfering. Until they reformed the Hart Foundation, you were always wondering when Owen would fuck with Bret some more. I guess you can kind of throw Bulldog in that feud also. The most dissapointing thing about Bret leaving was that we never got to see that day when Owen turned on him again. That would have been gold.

Flair/Rhodes. I won't recap the summary earlier. But I'll point out that they started this feud in something like 1980, and it was the focal point of the second to last Nitro.

HHH/Rock/Stone Cold. These three feud with one another on and off, feud with other wrestlers, and haven't really had an extended three-way angle (at least since S.S. 98). But the big question that has simmered under the surface for the last four years in the WWF (at least for me) is "which one of these three is the Man?" And that question hasn't really ever been answered. They had better have a blowoff triple-threat match sometime before one of the three retires, or I'll feel cheated out of a resolution of the longest angle in the WWF today (yes, it's been going on longer than the McMahon family saga. Especially if you date it back from their IC level feuds).

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Ravashing Rick Rude vs. Jake the Snake Roberts over Cheryl Roberts was psychologically one of the greatest feuds ever.

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    Originally posted by bigwavedave
    Ravashing Rick Rude vs. Jake the Snake Roberts over Cheryl Roberts was psychologically one of the greatest feuds ever.
No, that would be Ted DiBiase/Jake the Snake Roberts. Roberts/Rude was a good NOVELTY feud (and Rude's best feud was with the Ultimate Warrior), but for psychology, Ted/Jake was where it was at. These guys had you believing they hated each other.

I can STILL recall DiBiase claiming he had Jake's neck X-Rays up on the wall of his ski lodge. While the blowoff was at Wrestlemania 6, I think the highpoint in that feud was at the Royal Rumble. DiBiase had totally cleared the ring and turned to the entranceway to face down his next opponent.

And then Roberts' music hit.

The look on DiBiase's face was just priceless. It was all taken to the next level by Gorilla Monsoon's commentary, too.

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I go with Hart vs. Hart. It was built up fantastic, made me watch every single bit each one had to say about the other, and with two fucking excellent matches I couldn't have asked for more. Only negative thing is that they didn't make it last long enough, there was so much potential left. It was the only time you saw Owen as a main eventer.

Honorable mentions:

- Shawn vs. Razor
- Bret vs. Austin
- Edge/Christian vs. Hardys vs. Dudleys

(you can see it's just WWF in here, I just didn't watch other federations long enough for making some feuds memorable)

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I keep waiting for someone to mention Piper-Hogan.

That one carried over to WCW, with face/heel roles reversed.

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Savage-Steamboat was the one that totally hooked me, so I think to me it's the greatest.

Hogan won't be remembered for epic angles, I don't think. There's only so much depth to the whole ``build up a monster heel and feed him to Hogan'' schtick. It sold PPVs, but it's not what many of us remember.

However his feuds with Piper, Savage, and Warrior were definitely a cut above those with Bundy, Vicious, etc. Maybe because they actually had to have some amount of storyline other than, ``Hulk needs to save humanity (well, the WWF, anyway) from this monster who's trying to kill everybody''.

Meanwhile, as I perused the wrestling magazines while my Mom shopped at the grocery store when I was a kid, and I got to read about all the NWA and AWA and UWF stuff that I could never see on television. It always struck me that the storylines in those other promotions had more teeth to them, like Steamboat-Flair, Midnights/Rockers, etc. One day I will shell out for some tape and watch the things I've only ever read about.

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I have no idea if it was a great feud or not, but I remember the angle from my days of youth when Jake the Snake let Damien loose on Randy Savage.

That's always stuck in my head as one of the damn coolest angles of all time. But, again, I have no idea if it was a great feud or not.

Along more modern times, since I've been watching, I'd say Rock vs Foley was a great feud, one that would continue to have meaning up until Foley left the WWF. Who could forget the Rock and Sock connection or the "This is your birthday!" bit.

Man, I miss Foley.

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Actually, he was booked as a heel who needed help from Flair and/or weapons initially, and later a heel who needed help from Flair, Orton, Batista and/or weapons to hold onto his title toward the end of his reign.
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