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12.8.20 0816
The W - Random - Ghost!
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SeVen â„¢

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I have never seen a ghost. But I have felt their presence. My theory on ghost are pretty Christian in orgin so a lot of people will disagree with what I believe. I want to know if anyone has seen a ghost. Or reasons you don't believe in them. Here are a few pics which may or may not be real. Just something to think about.

Notice the neck is missing a head!

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So, no, I don't beleive that there are ghosts around. Not that I think that anyone that does is nuts or anything...

What I do beleive is that the life energy of a person does still exist after they've died, and can possibly float around and someone can 'feel' it. ... ... But, I'd personally rather not get into any more depth than that on a public message board.

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SeVen â„¢

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I had to go to the island of Guam for business. I only stayed 2 days. and there was this awful rainstorm too. So I was holed up in my hotel room. The room was nice, it was on the top floor, corner suite nothing fancy. Every night when I would try to sleep I would hear knocking on the wall next to the bed. Mind you, it was a corner room and there was no room next door on that side of the wall. I thought maybe it was a bird's nest or something. It kept knocking in 3's. So I knocked back 4 times. It got quiet then it rapped back 4 times. Now there was no window on that side of the wall. So I spent half the night rapping in certain patterns and it would rap back in that pattern. So like those old fashion simon says electronic game, I knocked back in fast complicated patterns. Whatever was knocking back couldn't keep up so good. And the knocking grew softer and softer until it just stopped. I felt like I won so I went to sleep. The next day I was packing and I had everything ready. The one thing I was worried about the most was my passport. I could not get back to Japan without it. So to make sure it was safe I put it in plastic waterproof case and I put it on top of my suitcase. I had to depart in an hour so I took a shower. When I came out, for some reason the first thing I wanted to do was check my passport. On top of my suitcase was the plastic cover still sealed. And my passport was no where to be found.

I tore that room up looking for it. All this was a month after the Sept 11th attacks and airports wouldn't even let me on the terminal without my passport. I thought someone came into my room, but I still had the chain on (I'm from the hood, the chain is always on no matter where I go) I called the front desk, I yelled at the manager. I searched everywhere. The mattress was over turn, I pulled the TV out. I was so mad I was close to tears, straight up. I checked that clear plastic case like 30 times, hoping my passport would be in there. It was empty. I took it and threw it against that wall. I yelled at the wall (yes I was that crazy) I said; "whoever is fucking with me, give me my fucking passport back"! And I kicked the wall. It hurt my foot. So I knew what my mom would have told me, just pray. So I did silently to myself and when I look down, what do I see? Yep. The passport inside the clear case sealed. I didn't hestitate. I had like 10 minutes to make it to the airport. So I bounced. Now when I think back, logically I could have been mistaken and the passport was inside the clear case the whole time. And truth be told that IS what I want to believe. But I do know something was knocking back to me for 4 hours on that wall. Infact when I was on the bus to the airport I looked back on the side of the building and there was nothing there. No trees close by, nothing. So unless someone took a rope 15 feet from the roof and hung there during a tropical storm late at night, I can not explain that.

What I think happened is, by trying to communicate with that entity, I gave it an invite into my space. So I think what I did was a sin. I know a lot of people don't believe in God or have a diffirent view. I believe that demons walk around us everywhere. Some are more powerful then others. I know sometimes I feel someone touch me, as if they are saying "yeah I'm here watching you". I just pray that God will send an angel down to protect me. I won't turn this thread into a Religion debate. Promise.

Big Bad

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Ah, photoshop.

Well Mr. Burns had done it.
The power plant had won it.
With Rogers Clemens clucking all the while.
Mike Scioscia's tragic illness made us smile.
While Wade Boggs lay unconscious on
the barroom tile.
We're talkin'...
From Maine to San Diego.
Mattingly and Canseco.
Ken Griffey's grotesquely swollen jaw.
Steve Sax and his run-in with the law.
We're talkin' Homer...
Ozzie and the Straw.

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    Originally posted by Big Bad
    Ah, photoshop.

...ah, a cynic.

What's wrong with believing in ghosts, it's no more foolish then believing in god or aliens. People need to believe in SOMETHING that is higher then themselves on an evolutionary scale, and of these three choices, I'd take the aliens then the ghosts... I'll pass on the third one though.

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My Nan's upstairs is haunted. There's a whole long, involved backstory to it, but the short of it is that there's a little girl wandering around upstairs. Over the years, my Pop, mom, aunts, 2 cousins, and a cousin through marriage have all seen or spoken with her, but I think only my Nan has ever had any sort of contact with her - at times she can feel her holding onto her arm or something while she sleeps. Nan has lived in the house for about 55 years, and she feels or sees the little girl the most often. I've felt her presence once, only this past summer. I was putting solitare games on the computer for my Nan, and the computer is in that bedroom. I had my back to the fan, and really quickly I got a chill on the back of my neck, like someone had put a piece of ice there and then blown on it. I put my hand to the back of my neck to feel if anything was there, but there wasn't. I looked over at the fan, but it wasn't on. The window wasn't open, so there was no explanation for it. My Nan was sitting next to me and asked what was wrong, since I had basically just slapped myself, and I told her what had happened. Her response: "Oh, that was the little girl. She must be in here." I stood up and started looking around, but there wasn't anything unusual in the room. Nothing happened the rest of the afternoon or any other time I've been in that room since, but that was more than enough for me.

We also thought our junior year dorm room was haunted by the ghost of Jim Morrison, but that was just random coincidences, overactive imaginations, and wishful thinking. That building was supposedly haunted by Babe Ruth, so it coulda been a hella afterlife boozin party, though...

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Dexley's Midnight Jogger

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In the first place my wife and I lived in, there was a rumor that one tenant died in the basement and her cats had started chomping on her after a few days. Not sure I believe that. There was also a guy who supposedly shot himself in the head. But no ghosts... just creepy stories.

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SeVen â„¢

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This is something that I haven’t shared with a lot of people, even my own wife since she scares very easy. So if you don’t want to read this long post then I will tell you that nothing to exciting happens. So no bleeding walls or spinning heads (close though….)
And this is very personal, and I am not one to be intimate with my life over the internet so please, if you have any smart comments to make about my childhood I ask that you keep it to yourselves….

OK that was long, so I will finally tell about my childhood experience. But first I have to take it all the way back to when I was a toddler. My family lived in a great old townhouse on the south side of St. Louis. My mom and grandmother had children roughly the same time. So I had an aunt although I was older then her. We all lived in this old house. My family tells me, the house was always full of spirits. But it was like it exploded in energy when we where born. When I was an infant I had this bootleg pooh doll. I was told it was the only toy I liked when I was little. My mom bought it second hand. It had a string in the back where you pull it and it talks to you. My parents usually slept in the same room with me, their where in another one when their heard the little bear doll talking. At first they where like, wow he is strong enough to pull it by himself. And I started screaming, at the same time there heard the doll constantly talking. When you pull the string it only makes a garbled sound for like 5 seconds. It was like someone was pulling the cord over and over. So my mom ran into the room and I was in my crib screaming and she said the doll just stopped when she came in. Except the doll wasn’t in the crib with me at the time.
The toy bear and me.

My mom threw it away. Everything was ok for a few months. Until me and my aunt started to learn how to walk. When the family was having Sunday dinner, there heard us running up and down the stairs in the living room. My grandma yelled at us to stop that. Then they heard us jumping up and down directly above them. One of my uncles ran upstairs to check. He ran back saying they hiding somewhere and it was so cold at the top of the stairs. As soon as he sat down the sound of running up and down the stairs started again. My grandma got up, she said, they can’t run up and down the stairs that good yet. Then one of my aunts came from the basement, she said the kids are sleeping downstairs with me. Who is making all that noise? My grandma made everyone pray. And they stomping stopped for awhile. When we would sleep it would come back. Sometimes my mom would stop out the kitchen and come back and all the blinds would be up. Or everyone would watch TV and all of a sudden the TV would turn off. This was before remote controls. The knob you have to pull out to turn the TV on would just pop in. My grandma brought at least 3 preachers to bless the house, but it wouldn’t stop. So when me and my aunt where 6 we moved out for good. My grandma was happy, she thought the ghost was my grandfather’s spirit and it was my understanding that my granddad was a very very evil man. So we moved in to the suburbs where everything was great. Until a few years later that is.

One of the first things my mom and grandma did was have the house blessed. And I grew up there unaware of the happenings at the old house. When I first became a teenager that is when my private hell started. It started a few days after I turned 13. I shared a room with my aunt still. We had a bunk bed and I had the top. It was a night when I was happy enough to have the room to myself. I was lying on the bed in my underwear. Directly across from the bunk beds we had a huge oak dresser with a mirror on top. I could see my whole body from the top bunk while lying down. I was looking at myself. Lying on my stomach, when all of a sudden something smacked me hard right on my ass. I jumped up because I thought my aunt or one of my uncles hit me. I was alone. It hurt so bad I couldn’t lie down on my back. At the time the thought of a ghost or demon in the house was the farthest thing from my mind. And then came the dreams. Or more to the point the nightmares. I would dream, always about the house. Sometimes I would dream about these wild haired black woman. She would look into the windows with this crooked smile of hers. I would dream about her sometimes 5 times a week. I was frightened of her. In one dream she knocked on the front door, and my grandma went to answer it. I begged her not to open the door for her. But my grandma said it was her friend. She let her in, and the wild lady was naked. No one in the house reacted like this. And I tried not to look but I couldn’t turn away. She was hideous; her skin had this squirm inside her like something else was inside her moving about. She sat at the head of our table and I tried to go to my room, something took control of my body and I was walking backwards towards her. I tried to call on the name of the Lord but I couldn’t, it felt like I was choking. I woke up and my whole body was paralyzed. I felt something choke me like it was inside my throat. I couldn’t breath. I couldn’t move. And then it went away. My aunt was in the bunk underneath me, and she said she woke up and heard me gasping. I was like why didn’t you help me. She said she did not know, she was scared.

All this time I never told my mom or grandma, they would tell me to pray. But for some reason I did not want to pray. I was mad, I wanted to fight back. A large part of me thought this was some kind of adventure. And if I told anyone I would lose a chance to explore something new. So I started to read books on the occult. Everything I could find, if my parents knew they would be pissed. I taught myself how to use a ouija board, taro cards, palm reading. I was getting deeper and deeper into the occult and my nightmares where happening less and less.
One morning I woke up. I felt the air in my room change. Like when your flying and your go higher into the atmosphere. Then I felt something heavy press down on me. I was paralyzed again. Whenever this happens I usually try to say the name of the Lord or say I pray in the name and blood of Jesus Christ to protect me. Sometimes it would be so hard to even think it, it was like something was drowning my thoughts. If I managed to say it I would be let go and I could fully wake up. Not this time, this time I didn’t say anything. I wanted to see what would happen. It was like a buzzing, and it gets more intense. Until you can feel your whole body tingling. I heard something I could not understand in my ear and I felt something inside of me. I just opened myself up and I felt something pass over me. And then it went away. I was waiting for something to happen but nothing did.

About 2 weeks later I was eating with my family at a resturant. The topic came to how I was changing. I wouldn’t turn in homework, I wasn’t grooming myself properly anymore, I was constantly late and sleeping a lot. I was surprised because I didn’t notice any of this. I remember feeling mad that everyone was picking on me. Then everyone stopped talking and was staring at me. My nose suddenly started bleeding. Really bad and quick, it spread down my shirt like a red river and it dripped down into my food. My mom yelled at me to stop sitting there and grab some napkins. On the ride home she told me that I am going though puberty and that would happen. She told me I need to grow up and be more responsible. At school sometimes when the teacher would talk I’ll hear this high frequency whine, it would drown out everything and my teacher would yell at me to pay attention. I would go home and practice with my ouija board. It never worked for me, but I would try to contact anybody. I looked at myself in the mirror and I looked so different. My skin was a dull bluish hue, when I would urinate it smelled so foul. I looked like a drug addict. I had no desire to bath anymore. My eyes had this dull yellowish color to it. Sometimes I would be doing something and I would just stop and vomit. And I had a bad temper now. But I had no more nightmares.

Everyone noticed it. The turning point came when one of my cousins cracked some jokes on me about my appearance. I punched him in the face, and he tackled me, we fell into the bathroom and I pushed him into the side of the tub and it knocked him out. I still don’t know why but I grabbed a towel and dunked it into the toilet and I twisted it and placed it around his necked. He woke up screaming and I was squeezing the towel, choking the life out of him. I lifted his whole body off the ground. He was kicking as hard as he could. He kicked holes into the door and right though the mirror. I just wanted him to die. His mom, my aunt came in and she screamed and pulled my hair back. I kept choking him. He stopped kicking and I could see his eyes turn bloodshot red though the reflection in the cracked mirror. His dad came in and he punched me hard as he could in my face. I dropped him and I jumped on his dad. I bit into his chest and pulled out a chunk of his flesh. Another one of my uncles started beating on me. My dad held me down, I tried to bite his hand, so they stuffed the towel in my mouth. I was kicking them and fighting like an animal. (I had to stop writing this for like an hour, this is a time of my life I never want to think back to).

My mom was still at work when they called her to tell her that her son was in the hospital. She thought I got hit by a car or something. But they placed me in a mental ward. My cousin recovered but he couldn’t swallow without pain for a month. And even to this day we don’t have anything to do with each other. Not that I don’t blame him. I had to stay there for a mandatory 48 hours. I can’t even remember much of what happened there. When my mom had them release me. We didn’t even talk in the car. When we got home I stayed in my room and I looked at myself in the mirror. My skin was horrible looking. My hair looked ashen and my face was swollen. I noticed for the first time that when I breath I made this wheezing noise like an old man. My mom came in and she had something behind her back. She told me she notice I look like shit lately and she asked me have I been experimenting with drugs. Then she showed me my ouija board. We talked and I told her everything that I’ve done. So we got on our hands and knees and prayed. For hours. I was so exhausted that all I wanted to do was sleep. So for the time we was praying I mostly keep my eyes closed and thought of something else.

The next day I woke up and I itched all over my body really bad. I took my shirt off, I felt my back, I looked in the mirror. I had scratches all down my back. My grandma came in and saw the scratches and she thought me and my aunt where fighting again. My aunt said I was crying in my sleep but I could not remember my dream. I prayed for real this time. The next night I stayed up all night scared to sleep. When I finally dozed off I dreamed about the wild hair lady again. She was drowning me in this dirty pool of water, whenever I try to come out the water she pushed me down. It actually felt like I was drowning. Then I woke up, I couldn’t breath. I vomited and I was lying on my back so I was drowning in my own vomit. I went to the bathroom and looked at my face. I looked so alive again. It felt like I was sleeping and I just woke up.

From this point on, things in the house got really bad. It starting the few weeks after. I woke up and smelled something burning. My grandma was in the kitchen. She was mad! Someone placed one of her favorite hats in the oven and turned it on. Of course with 2 teenagers in the house she couldn’t believe it happened by itself. Things centered around me and my aunt. We where doing our homework at the kitchen table and the sound of a chair moving made us both look up. A chair on the opposite of the table was pushed back a little. We stared at it for a long time. When we went back to the homework we heard it pushed back again. But it stopped when we looked up. We ran out of the kitchen. We also started sleeping in the same bunk. Every time it got dark we knew something could happen. Sometimes my aunt would wake up screaming, but she could never remember her dreams.

The more I prayed, the better I looked. My grandma noticed things like the water in the kitchen turning on by itself or the furniture in the kitchen re-arranging. It all came out when my friend spent the night over my place and my aunt was sleeping in my grandma’s room. He was brushing his teeth in the bathroom when he heard me call his name. He left the bathroom and he heard me call him to come outside with me. He was like dude stop playing. He couldn’t see where my voice was coming from. I kept calling his name and telling him to come outside. He got mad and went downstairs and when he saw me eating at the kitchen table with my grandma and mom he screamed. He refused to spend the night or come over ever again. After that word got around the neighborhood that our house was haunted.
At first it was cute, because people would ask me have I seen a ghost. But they where always disappointment when I told them, no one has actually seen anything. We just notice stuff after it happens. But everyone always had a cousin or friend who knew someone who lived in a haunted house. My grandma hated neighborhood gossip. So she was pretty peeved when a bunch of ladies from a local Baptist church came over, to bless and pray for the house. She let them in and told us to stay in our rooms. I could still hear them, chattering. When they were praying I got bored and I crept out and peeked into the family room. One lady said, “Do you feel that”? They said it felt cold all of a sudden. I didn’t feel cold at all. My grandma laughed it off but she was nervous. One lady asked out, who else is in this room? I was a bit of a troublemaker so I thought I could scare them if I answer out “me” really loud. As soon as she asked there was a loud boom. The windows rattled. It sounded like a bomb went off but there was no smoke, damage anywhere. It was like a sound wave explosion. Everyone was quiet. The head lady said I rebuke you in the name of.. and before she could go on, we had this jar that grandma put loose coins in flew off the shelf as if someone flung it and almost hit the lady. There were pennies and nickels everywhere. I was shocked. One of the ladies noticed me in the corner. She asked my grandma do things always happen when the kids are here. My grandma said yes. Some of the ladies looked scared but one of them asked me, have I ever been baptized. I said no. This made my grandma mad, because even though she is a Christian she does not agree with a lot of the Baptist ways. The lady told her that spirits are attracted to young kids especially young teenagers. My grandma was really mad now and kicked them out the house. She believed as long as you rebuke them with the name of the lord you have nothing to fear.

That’s when my mom told us about the old house. She said you should not get baptized just because you’re scared. It should be a commitment to God. I did get baptized but things did not stop completely. I stop having nightmares and being attacked in my sleep. But that house still acted weird. Sometimes we would hear something rolling around on the roof, like a bowling ball. A few times I‘ve heard my mom, or one of my friends call my name out like they where sitting next to me. I will say I can count the times on one hand that I stayed in that house alone. It wasn’t happening if I could help it. And we moved out less then a year later. It’s something we don’t talk about. Sometimes I dream that I still live there. But that is my experience with hunted house. Sorry nothing too exciting like seeing someone walk though a wall. And to tell you the truth, I NEVER want to see anything paranormal again. But I am always interested in hearing about other people’s experience.


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My Great Aunt jean died when I was just a year old. About eighteen months later when I'd really started to run around and talk for myself, my parents and my mom's parents were eating dinner outside in the garden, whilst I played by myself nearby. They were sitting making small-talk when I came up and told them simply "Auntie Jeanie says hello". Scared the Hell outta my mom, seeing as they had never talked about her in front of me.

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um, those photos. Two words.


People are more than entitled to their own beliefs and all but I just dont buy into the ghosts gig at all.

Having said that, I dont think I'll follow Cerebrus in ranking aliens, ghost and God. If they are out there I dont think I'd be wanting to piss any of them off

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Years ago, I believe my freshman year in high school, I was at my buddy's house, where I spent a lot of my time, actually. The two of us used to try to be in a rock band. All of us in the band kept all our gear in his basement. One day, he and I were the only two people at his house, and we were futzing around with the keyboard, when it kept shutting off on us. We figured there was some electrical problem, or a problem with the keyboard itself, since we plugged it into different outlets, with the same result. At the time, we were just like, "Dammit, the keyboards fucked up. Great." So we went upstairs to his room. He got on the computer, I watched some TV. About an hour or so later, we went back down into the basement.

Now, my friend happened to have a huge, huge, HUGE bass amp. So big, that it was a pain to move around, so we tried to avoid doing that as much as we could. If we ever did move it, it would require the effort of two people. Anyway, when we were in the basement previously, the gigantor amp was on one side of the room, right near the staircase leading into the basement. When we went back down there, I just said "What the hell?" My friend wanted to know what was up, and I just asked him if anyone had gone down there while we were upstairs. He was just like "No, we're the only ones here. Why?" I then realized that he didn't yet notice what I had as soon as we got downstairs, so I just said to him outright "How did the bass amp get over there?!" He looked where I pointed, did a double take, looked back at where the amp used to be, and looked back at me with this dumbfounded look on his face.

This was weird enough, but there was more. When we left the basement earler, the bass was standing upright and leaning on the big-ass amp. When we discovered it on the other side of the room, the bass was still next to the amp, but it was lying on the floor......this is where I started to get freaked out.......and a string was missing! Not broken, I mean it wasn't even there! I was playing that bass earlier (just before the keyboard incident), and I know it had all four of its strings then, otherwise I would have said something. We looked around for the missing string, but it was nowhere to be found. We were all "Where the hell would a bass string go?" It made no sense to us at all. I asked my friend if he was sure nobody came in and left again in the time we were upstairs, but he was positive that nobody did. He would have seen a car or somebody walking up the driveway out of the window, and we also would have heard somebody come in the door. That was indeed the case every other time I was at this guys house so I knew that was the case.

I still think back to that incident and wonder "What the hell happened to the string?"

Since then, there were some strange occurrences that we couldn't explain in that house. In one instance, my buddy (same guy) and I walked into his house, he hung up his jacket, which was brand new at the time, and when he took the jacket out of the closet a few hours later, there were all these rips in the back that weren't there earlier. Upon inspecting the inside of the closet, we didn't notice anything protruding, like an errant rusty nail, that would cause those kinds of tears. Of course, we thought about the possibility of the supernatural (hey, we couldn't explain this stuff any other way), but we never were sure. Still aren't.

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Had a little dog when I was growing up, my dad built a pretty tall fence in the backyard to keep her in....course all he could do was run around in a circle around her house in the center of it. Anyway, one day my dad took her out for a bath or something, she made a break for it, I never saw her again. Had a fairly psychotic hunter for a neighbor, she was probably shot.....

Just a couple of years back, I was up in my old room sitting in the second floor window. Looked out at the fence, and I saw my dog....mean literally, saw her running in a circle out there. Keep in mind, there was no way in and out of this thing.....I just watched for about 30 seconds. Turned my head for a second, looked back and she was gone entirely.....

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Ah, ghost dogs. Some of the more interesting ghost stories.

I would have to say I'm a believer, but my ideas about ghosts tend to be rather Judeo-Christian as well ("familiar spirits" spoken of in the Bible). I've never had any strange experiences, but I think the evidence is strong enough to say that certain unexplained phenomena do take place and can be explained by spiritual theories just as easily as they can be by any other theory. *What* those spiritual forces are is the next question.

Care to discuss?


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During my freshman year of college, I lived in a dorm that was supposedly haunted. In particular, a room just a few doors down from me. This was one of the oldest buildings on campus and the story was that about 50 + years ago, a student there hung himself in the room around finals time of the fall semester. One of the guys that lived in the room told me he walked in once and saw someone using his computer, turned the lights on and the figure vanished. Others have claimed to have seen the ghost, too, or noticed things moved around, but nothing major. If anyone else digs this kind of stuff, you can check out this article from the UNH paper on it. Kind of interesting.

Personally, I do believe in this stuff. Mostly because I've heard so many unexplainable stories, that ghosts must exist. Can't say that I've ever had any contact with ghosts that I knw of anyway. However, I frequently get these chills down my spine as if I'm sensing someone behind me. Always wondered about that...

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    Originally posted by LeechOfTheNight
    During my freshman year of college, I lived in a dorm that was supposedly haunted. In particular, a room just a few doors down from me. This was one of the oldest buildings on campus and the story was that about 50 + years ago, a student there hung himself in the room around finals time of the fall semester. One of the guys that lived in the room told me he walked in once and saw someone using his computer, turned the lights on and the figure vanished. Others have claimed to have seen the ghost, too, or noticed things moved around, but nothing major. If anyone else digs this kind of stuff, you can check out this article from the UNH paper on it. Kind of interesting.

    Personally, I do believe in this stuff. Mostly because I've heard so many unexplainable stories, that ghosts must exist. Can't say that I've ever had any contact with ghosts that I knw of anyway. However, I frequently get these chills down my spine as if I'm sensing someone behind me. Always wondered about that...

I think every college has a dorm or room, that is said to be haunted. I've lived in three different places so far here, and was told that two of them are haunted.

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They could have Phish or the Grateful Dead members do a couple of concerts when it opens to help defray the building costs. A yearly festival with either band seems apropo.
- evilwaldo, Why? (2003)
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