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The W - Video Games - Fondest arcade gaming moments (Page 2)
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Since: 22.4.02
From: Outside of Boston

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    Originally posted by Bullitt
    When I set the North American high score, verified with pictures, for Tapper.

Oh, but the real question is: Root beer or Bud version?

As for mine... well... I never really played the arcade games. Most of the time, I stuck to Skee-ball. And that paid off when we went to Chuck E. Cheese for my gf's birthday (with a few of her friends)... won her some early birthday gifts.

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Since: 11.7.02
From: New Jersey

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Beating everyone in Run and Gun the best basketball video game ever. The Bulls with Jordan and Pippen in their prime kicked ass.

Since: 13.3.02
From: Loveland, OH

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Having .50 left in some high tech arcade where every game ran from .50 to 1.00, except for Pac-man and Galaga sitting in the corner. I made those two quarters last for OVER an hour apiece on each game.

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Since: 25.2.02

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Developing a relationship with a girl during an extended shared game of "Donkey Kong".

The game lasted about an hour. We were best friends for about a year.

I hated Donkey Kong before then.

Still miss her.

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Since: 11.1.02
From: Houston

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    Originally posted by drjayphd

      Originally posted by Bullitt
      When I set the North American high score, verified with pictures, for Tapper.

    Oh, but the real question is: Root beer or Bud version?

Oh, it was the full on Bud version...complete with virtually every kid in the neighborhood looking on! :)

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Since: 10.4.02
From: New York City, NY

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1984 Aladdin's Castle Chicago Area Mall

Watching my little brother run up a monster score on GORF. He played for about six hours and he was listed as top score holder nationally in Electronic Games Magazine on their rankings pages for two months. Does anybody else remember that magazine? Along with PWI and MAD it was a monthly purchase. I needed reviews and tips for my Intelli-Vision (which rocked).

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Since: 2.1.02
From: Madison, WI

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#27 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.22
1) Mastering the original Pole Position. It was the first game I could reliably beat boys (of any age) on.

2) Playing Gauntlet II with three friends - always a match with four Valkyries.

3) Beating Street Fighter II for the first time (as Chun Li, of course). I had the hardest time getting by Vega - he'd always seem to get me with those jumps from the cage. Once I could get past him, it didn't take too long to defeat Bison.


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Since: 12.1.02
From: BC, Canada

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#28 Posted on
Playing the original Gauntlet with my brother, a friend, my father and his pocket full of quarters.

Getting to the Void for the first time on Sinistar.

Finding the secrets in Shao-lin's Road, thus allowing a friend and I to play all frickin day. I would drop him off at the arcade in the morning, come back at 3 PM and he'd still be playing the same game...

I still get chills walking into an old game room in an airport or bus station. You never know what you will find. For example, I found out the local airport has: Hard Drivin', STUN Runner, Pac Man Jr., Bad Dudes and some sweet old pinball games!

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Since: 9.12.01
From: ミネアポリス

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    Originally posted by NickBockwinkelFan
    Electronic Games Magazine

    Does anybody else remember that magazine? Along with PWI and MAD it was a monthly purchase. I needed reviews and tips for my Intelli-Vision (which rocked).

I still have every issue of EG except for #1 (and the last time I saw one on Ebay it went for over $100, so I don't anticipate getting it any time soon) in a box in my parents' garage...along with a bunch of old "how to crack Apple II games" software piracy magazines.


Since: 22.1.02
From: Texas

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Last year, I broke 1,000,000 points on Galaga at my local bar. We had just gotten the machine and everyone was all nostalgic. I know that 1 million points isn't a lot for a good player, but no one had done it, and at least 15 people crowded around to watch me break it. I wanted to take a picture and then send it back in time to my 12-year-old self. (I don't have a time machine.)

And when it was over, one guy bought me a beer and made a reference to "The Last Starfighter." Fun times.

When I was younger, I loved playing people at Street Fighter II. That was the showcase game at our arcade. I wasn't very good, but it was fun whipping up on scrubs.

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Since: 14.1.02
From: Ottawa Ontario, by way of Walkerton

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Favorite Arcade Moments (all prices in Canadian

- Destroying 5 different guys on one quarter on Bust-a-Move before I had to take off for somewhere else. That game rules.

- Hearing people scorn me when I said "woah, a coin-op Bubble Bobble!". And seeing those same people drop their "better, new stuff" to watch me play it for half an hour on four quarters.

- The GI Joe Arcade game, when my best friend and I beat it.

- Street Fighter II. Ryu. That's all what needs to be said.

- Myself and another friends beating Lethal Enforcers.

- Seeing a man almost cry while he was just about to beat me in Mortal Kombat II (I was beating him 10-0 at this point), only to for me to pull off the insanely hard Lui Kang "jumpkick - two high punches - high fireball - low fireball - bicycle kick" corner combo to finish him off.

Kids today are missing out on these experinces....that explains so much of what's wrong in today's society. WHERE'S THE RESPECT FOR BUBBLE BOBBLE FROM THESE KIDS?!

(edited by El Nastio on 7.1.03 0753)

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Since: 6.1.02
From: Brooklyn, NY

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I was always a pinball guy. Getting all the stuff in a Pinball game is a million times harder than beating a video game. I think the first time I did it was with Star Wars. On the other hand, I could close my eyes and hit the center ramp a million times in a row, which was essentially the whole game.

That, and the time I almost threw up in the arcade the first time I saw Sub-Zero's fatality on the original Mortal Kombat. Christ, how desensitized we've gotten. OR maybe I'm just a pansy.

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Since: 7.2.02
From: New York, NY

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My personal favorites (here we go dating myself):

SINISTAR (whatever symbol is above tilde to infinity)

Robotron 2084 - You are the last hope of mankind (oh man this game ruled)



Haunted House pinball machine

These games always bring back memories.

(edited by evilwaldo on 7.1.03 1332)

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Since: 10.1.02

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#34 Posted on
Starting on the first level of X-Men, sloooooooowly making it all the way through as a crowd formed behind me and watched, getting further into it, finally killing off Magneto, turning around like a giant loser with a hearty "whooooo!".....finding myself all alone at the machine, muttering "fuck yall" and turning back to watch the credits

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Since: 9.1.03
From: VA

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#35 Posted on
Playing Galaga at my parent's convenience store when I was 5 and absolutely stinking at the game.

Going to the beach with my extended family and beating Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with 4 people and $20. Also applicable to The Simpsons and X-Men.

Going to Pizza Hut back when it was THE place to get pizza and playing the superior arcade version of Double Dragon, Shinobi and Ninja Gaiden.

Successfully being able to pull off Ryo's hadouken and hurricane kick by accident, but still getting wiped out by my friend in Street Fighter 2.

My best technical achievement comes from playing Marvel Super Heroes for the first time. I only had one quarter and selected Spiderman. With one credit I got to the final final boss, Thanos. I didn't know what the heck I was doing but I was so close to defeating him. I got finished and didn't have another quarter to finish it off. At least I beat XMen vs Street Fighter with most the characters though.
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Since: 7.1.02
From: Birmingham, AL

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I know I marked out big time when I was a kid and saw a wrestling arcade game for the first time. It was Mat Mania. Pretty cool game.

Since: 16.12.02
From: Siberia, Russia

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#37 Posted on
Ah the memories of playing Simpsons, Turtles, SF II and all the other classics. Todays arcade just doesn't cut it with classics like them.
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