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The W - Pro Wrestling - Favorite Wrestlemania Match (Page 2)
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Boudin rouge

Since: 5.10.02

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#21 Posted on
In my small time of watching wrestling I've only seen one wrestlemania..


I did rent X-8 but my favorite match now that I looked back on it...

Austin vs Rock II at X-7

I was "WHat the hell!" when Austin turned heel...I was astill a mark then...I look back and smile now.

BrewGuy MFer #1!

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#22 Posted on
Savage/Steamboat from WMIII. This is the most perfect match I have ever seen and one of the best matches of all time. The only WM matches that come close for me are Owen/Bret from WMX and the Michaels/Hall ladder match.

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from the twisted head of kajaok my favorite wrestlemania main event is shawn michaels v.s bret hart at wrestlemania 12...both of them were in top condition and put on a very good show...even though there was controversy surrounding the winner in all it was a great match.

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A Fan

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#24 Posted on
Good question... I don't know if I have a favorite match, because I always get a Wrestlemania moment from each one even Wrestlemania 2000. I would say Hogan/Andre is the most definitive Wrestling moment ever. However, I thought Hogan/Rock was the best match I have seen. I really didn't know who was going to win even being a smark. I hated Hogan even when he came back and rooted my ass of at the World for Rock to win. I was exhausted at the end. I have never been that emotionally into a match in a long time.

Honorable mentions due go to

Austin vs. Rock (I don't like heels winning at Wrestlemania, but this match was fucking awesome)

TLC 1 (Spotfest galore)

Hogan vs. Andre (Greatest visual moment ever of Hogan slamming Andre)

Bret vs. Austin (brutal and very technical)

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From: New F'n Jersey

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#25 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.44
Well, since most of the great ones are taken, I will pick two matches I was pleasantly surprised with:

Doink vs. Crush at WM 9: Okay, so it wasn't a great match, but the ending was the highlight of the entire Wrestlemania 9. Of course the WWE overdid it and turned it into a bad angle, but just the concept of a second clown helping the "didn't have a chance to win" Doink take the match was a stroke of genius.

Demolition vs. Andre/Haku at WM 6: An amazing match because Demolition hit their peak in terms of overness. Obviously, Haku had to work the lion's share, and he did so well. The Demo win was something to behold; the heat was only eclipsed by Hogan/Warrior later that night.

The Hurricane main eventing a Raw show? See, the WWE is listening to the 'Net. Well, they're listening to me anyways. Look for the next push to go to Molly.
Boudin rouge

Since: 15.1.03

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#26 Posted on
Someone already took Owen vs. I'll go with my back-up...Savage vs. Flair at WM 8...brilliantly booked drama that left both guys (and Perfect) looking like a million bucks afterwards.

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Well, I've seen the last 3 WMs as a current fan, and 3, 4, 5, 9, 10, 12, and 14 on video in an attempt to get an idea of the history of it, so I didn't have the same perspective as a current fan would have had. The only match that I really loved from the WMs I've watched on tape is Owen/Bret from 10. Most of the other matches (Savage/Steamboat, HBK/Razor, Hogan/Andre, etc) that tend to get raves didn't really turn my crank, probably because I wasn't really in the moment and marking out, like if I had been a fan at the time and watching it live. None of the matches from the newer WM's quite outshine Owen/Bret in my mind, so I'd have to say that one is my favorite.

Top 4:

Owen/Bret - 10
Shane/Vince - 17
Rock/Hogan - 18
Tables and Ladders - 16


"A true champion knows how to deal with adversity."-- Kurt Angle

Since: 8.1.02
From: Modesto, CA

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#28 Posted on
I would have to go with the Hogan-Bundy cage match at Wrestlemania II. Granted, I don't believe I've seen any other WM's besides the first few, but that match was the first "big" WM match where Hogan took on a monster that had earlier destroyed him. It was a classic Hogan duel in a classic setting; thus, it gets my pick.


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#29 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.95
It's too bad Mick Foley never had a good Mania match.

TLC from 16 always stuck out, mainly because I remember JR yelling, "Say a prayer for these six young men!" The great calls always help the match.

For the same reason, I like Austin/Bret from 13 ("Austin never gave up!! Austin never gave up!!")

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#30 Posted on
I'll give my own top 10 list. The first one I took instead of the TLC from the prior year because of the cameos by Lita, Spike, and Rhyno.

10. TLC Tag - 17
9. New Age Outlaws vs. Terry Funk & Cactus Jack - Dumpster Match - 13
8. Austin/Rock - 14, (not 16 for screwy ending)
7. Steamboat/Savage - 3
6. HBK/Bret Hart - 12
5. Rock/Hogan - 18
4. HBK/Razor Ramon (Ladder) - 10
3. Hogan/Warrior - 6
2. Austin/Bret Hart - 13
1. Warrior/Savage - 7

Since: 31.10.02
From: seattle

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#31 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.36

    Originally posted by asteroidboy
    It's too bad Mick Foley never had a good Mania match.

Actually I would say his match with Terry Funk against New Age Outlaws at WM14 qualifies as a pretty good brawl. Definitely a few holy shit moments.

My favorite WM match? HBK/Razor ramon ladder match. I was in college at the time and couldn't afford ppv. So I sat and listened to the scrambled feed. So while I couldn't see what was going on I could hear every impact and ooh and ahh of the crowd. I almost didn't want to watch it on video because I didn't know if it would live up to my expectations. But, it did.

Flaming Box of Stuff, blah, blah, blah...

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#32 Posted on

    Originally posted by Freeway420
    I've seen WMX, XIV, XV, XVI, XVII and XVII plus parts of I, III, IX, XII and XIII.

    My favorite match ever is probably Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart from WrestleMania X. Such a great story, good workrate, and a great finish to a legendary family feud. God, I miss Owen and his antics.

Hart/Hart is my fav as well. That was a GREAT match.

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The Masked Hungarian
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#33 Posted on

    Demolition vs. Andre/Haku at WM 6: An amazing match because Demolition hit their peak in terms of overness. Obviously, Haku had to work the lion's share, and he did so well. The Demo win was something to behold; the heat was only eclipsed by Hogan/Warrior later that night.

Being a HUGE Demolition fan growing up I'm glad you mentioned this match. Of course you'd HAVE to throw in WM IV when they kicked Strike Force ass and won the belts for the first time.

Since: 29.1.03
From: the suburbs

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#34 Posted on
i'll have to agree with the people who quoted this match as the best ever:


i recently got a copy of WM 3 (1st ever wrestling experience i saw when i was 7 years old, so i wanted to own a copy) and god damn did the match hold up over time. great backstory, great people involved, and the reaction when ricky won was amazing; the company got the crowd to believe in something worked; which after all is the true definition of professional wrestling.

i'll also give mention to austin/hart, hogan/andre, and savage/warrior as well for the same reasons.

Since: 12.3.03
From: The land of Bret Hart screwjobs

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#35 Posted on

    I tend to judge matches not on wrestling ability but on the emotions I go through watching them.

I agree with dMr here.

Here are my top 5 matches:

5. Hogan vs. The Rock (WM18)
4. Savage vs. Flair (WM8)
3. Savage vs. Steamboat (WM3)
2. Savage vs. Warrior (WM7)
1. Hogan vs. Warrior (WM6)

I guess I like older stuff (when I was still a mark and cheered for Warrior and Savage). It's just that we didn't get to see these great matches or confrontations every week on TV like we do today with Rock and Austin having wrestled 38 times on RAW and Smackdown already. It's just not special anymore.

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Since: 27.2.02
From: Minneapolis

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#36 Posted on
When I'm presented with a mass of data, I just can't help but want to analyze it.

I think the most notable thing about the wiener's favorite WM matches is that no one match got even a strong minority of picks. Both Savage/Warrior and Bret/Owen got four picks, Rock/Austin at WMX7 and Steamboat/Savage got three picks, and the rest got two or one.

Two Wrestlemanias tied for most picks, WMX7 and WMX each had six.

One wrestler had the most picks, Bret Hart with eight (Four for his match with Owen, two for his match with HBK, and two for his match with Austin). Right behind him is Randy Savage with seven (four for his matchup with Ultimate Warrior and three for his match with Ricky Steamboat). Several other wrestlers (Warrior, Rock, Hogan, and Austin) are tied for third with five picks.


"A true champion knows how to deal with adversity."-- Kurt Angle

Since: 16.10.02
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#37 Posted on
While I think Bret vs. Owen was a good match, when I watched the tape I found the match to be a bit slow-paced. Still, it was better than anybody expected and it was the opening match.

I agree with many already mentioned: Hart/Austin, Warrior/Savage, Steamboat/Savage---all great matches.

I give honorable mention to the Battle Royal/Broken Trophy aftermath at WMIV which set up the whole Bret vs. Bad News Brown feud. This really started Bret's singles push and made Bad News a heel to be reckoned with. I was a HUGE Bad News mark. I even had his picture on my birthday cake. He was the loner S.O.B. way before Stone Cold.
I like Undertaker vs. Giant Gonzalez at WMIX simply because UT was the biggest guy in the Fed, and along comes this Giant guy who absolutely DWARFS him. (I think he would dwarf Big Show) It was cool to see "How is he going to beat this guy?"

The gimmick battle royal RULED. They really need to do more of this FUN type of stuff.

Since: 12.2.03
From: New York, USA

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#38 Posted on
I've yet to see Wrestlemanias 2, 4, 7, 11 and 15(and 19) so this would obviously be my current state until I've seen those other shows.

HBK vs Razor-WM X
Taka Michinoku vs Auguila(Essa Rios)-WM XIV
Hogan vs Rock -WM XVIII
Taker vs Diesel-WM XII
Hogan vs Warrior-WM VI. Damn, made me almost feel like I was there watching in '90.

An honorable mention should go to least likely pick of Steiners-Fatu/Samu(forgot name of team) from WM IX, particularly the way the match ended. It was my first time seeing Steiner's old Frankensteiner finish and the way he spontaneously pulled it off on 'Kish to get the pin after a long wrestled(and fairly decent) match had me amazed. Damn Steiner, what's happened?

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Big Bad

Since: 4.1.02
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#39 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.54
The TLC at WrestleMania 16 was an outstanding match to watch in a public place. I saw the PPV in a bar, and for every big spot a huge "WHOA!" went up from the crowd.

Well Mr. Burns had done it.
The power plant had won it.
With Rogers Clemens clucking all the while.
Mike Scioscia's tragic illness made us smile.
While Wade Boggs lay unconscious on
the barroom tile.
We're talkin'...
From Maine to San Diego.
Mattingly and Canseco.
Ken Griffey's grotesquely swollen jaw.
Steve Sax and his run-in with the law.
We're talkin' Homer...
Ozzie and the Straw.
Net Hack Slasher

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Bret vs. Austin is my greatest Wrestlemania match. The emotion of the split crowd added so much to it (for me, I don't usually like split crowds but it worked here). The character of the dangerous bad ass Austin, and the more play by the rules babyface Hart. And the dangerous badass heel is the one that got busted open and the babyface turned on the ruthless aggression. The back and forth of physical to technical and back. Just the perfect match.

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