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The W - Video Games - Elder Scroll III (Morrowind)
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So I looked over the past few hundred threads, and I was shocked to not see a thread about Morrowind! Or maybe I'm just blind...

But anyway, I got the game a couple weeks ago, and I've been totally and utterly addicted to it. Sure, the voice work and much of the dialogue is kind of lame, but the game rules!!! It's so... BIG! (Though, I'm annoyed that my Voodoo 5 supposidly isn't compatable, and I get the odd... popping effect, and the movies simply don't work... oh well. Damn $250 64 meg card that doesn't like working with newer games...)

I've been playing with a Chaotic Good Wood Elf Ranger, specializing with a bow and personality. Charisma rules! Anyway, I've been having a blast with him! Though he is the first character, and only I've played so far...

Anyway, I was just curious, what have some of YOUR characters turned out to be? And what were your favorites playing? (Personally, I think this'll be my fave. Even down the road a few years, I'll remember him... *sniff*. ... Yes, I'm a geek.)

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Sorry, my comp won't run it and Blockbuster only stocks one copy of the X-Box version (I don't own one, but when I try to rent it for my friend's X-Box it's always gone.) I've been playing this game since Arena. I love it, and I'd love to give the new one a spin, but I can't

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I have it, and for quite a while, I couldn't put it down either, but I'm a man of obsessions, and after I bought a PS2, I got focused on NCAA 2003 and Final Fantasy X, and now it's Kingdom Hearts.

I'll go over my list for it all the same:


1. It's so damn big: A huge world, not to mention the friggin' variety of quests, people and items. Hell, I spent several hours and several trips around Morrowind just finding a collection of clothes and armor that I liked. I love any game that allows me to waste 30 minutes on just looking for PANTS. I spent a half hour finding a pair of friggin' pants that didn't make my Imperial Seeker (created class) look fat. Come on'! And between all the quests, you can do, geez, you can spend weeks trying to get through one tract of the game that has nothing to do with the ending.

2. Depth: Not only is it big, it's deep. The story is semi engrossing depending on the paths you take, and the game rewards you for spending time doing everything it asks of you. Plus this is one of the few games I know that will let you just run the hell around forever, without steering you back on the main quest. In fact, you can screw up the main quest if you want, and the game won't care.

3. Customization. Not only can you choose the basics of what your guy looks like, but you can make your own class, or race or whatever you'd like. You can even go into the editor and edit the whole damn game to whatever you'd like. In fact, I went in and changed some characters around for fun and the game did a wonderful job of accomidating me (I'm sorry, but there's something unsettling to me about carrying on a relationship with a giant cat lady, even in an RPG, I'll just change her into a nice human and edit her dialoge to fit, thank you).

4. PANTS! It's really too bad I sent my character on a big "monk" kick (of course to get the robe that he wears, he killed a monk, which kind of goes against the monk thing...but whatever...), because I stole a really sweet pair of pants one time, and my character looked great. Hey, you play your RPGs your way, and I'll play mine mine thank you.

5. A Story. The forgotten element of too many games now. I hate MMORPGs because there's not really a solid story I can follow. Or if there is, nobody else is following. If I play them, I usually spend time selling pieces of blank parchment (or whatever passes for blank parchment in the game), and telling people that it's a deed to a store to this great new mall I'm building near (main town in area). The story here is actually fairly engrossing. Or at least engrossing enough to play until you wander off into your own little story.


1. No Fighting. Ok, there's fighting...And lots of it. But COME ON. I've played worse systems, but not much. Swing. Swing. Swing. Swing...Swing. Boooring. And if I have to fight another goddamn "Cliff Racer" I'm just going to shoot myself. On the plus side, you can always kill random townspeople and then pay a fine for their murder...

2. Non-intuitive Magic System: So to use magic, you have to actually pull out your "magic hands" as a weapon, and aim and shoot. This is fine sometimes (like for the "Unlocking" spell, which is a real lifesaver), but at other times it's just crappy. If I'm a mage/fighter, I don't want to keep having to switch out between my weapon and my magic, not only is it a hassle, it'll get you killed.

3. Enchanting: Going hand in hand with #2, is Enchanting. Ok, fine. First you trap some souls in these gems (for which you need a spell) and then you can go to an enchanter (or by yourself) and get the weapon enchanter. But only with a spell that you already know, and only according to what souls you already have. This may have been a good way to bypass #2 in combat (spells on your weapon so you don't have to switch), but instead it just gets rather clunky, assuming the enchantment even works. Not to mention that I've found gathering souls to be near impossible. Thankfully, however, if you don't mind the killing or stealing, EVERYONE ELSE HAS ENCHANTED WEAPONS AND ARMOR. What? Was there a sale at "Enchantments R Us" just before I got to Morrowind? I swear, in my little treasure chest (I say my because I squat in somebody's house...they don't seem to mind that I live in their upstairs) I've got like 30 enchanted daggers, I've been thinking about starting over and making a "Enchanted Dagger Salesman" class. Not to mention Axes, swords, rings, pendants, boots. No enchanted pants, though.

5. Aesthetics. Good graphics. Nay, great graphics. Except for the bloody storms (which happen...all the time), which not only limit you visibility, but ruin it. Ok, once in a while maybe, but every ten minutes is a bit much. I lurve the main title track, but the sound effects and voices are greating and repeat, over and over and over again.

6. It's so damn big. I'm tired of walking. Stiltstriders only take you so far. The magicians only teleport you to another guild. I have to go all the way from Balmorra to Fuckin' Timbuktu at the top of the map to find some girl's dolly or some fucking thing. COME ON. How about giving me some quests that I can do while I'm in the neighborhood? I can understand the main quest sending you everywhere, and the Monk quest about traveling to all the shrines all over is fine. Those make sense. But when the Fighter's Guild sends me 8 hours away to swim across the ocean to find some magician who's kinda maybe been bothering some girl...Come on. Or when my "girlfriend" tells me that some guys 900 miles away are making vague threats at her, and she thinks it'd be super great if I went off to slit their throats, I can't help but thing, "Um...Can't we just wait until they come back? In the meantime, you can make me a sammich! Or sew me up some new pants!" Honestly, the game is like "EXPLORE ME", and I'm like, "Yeah, ok, I will, but fo God's sake, if you expect me to walk all the way across the map to steal some guy's boots, you're sadly mistaken.

It's a great game. It's a fun game. Customizable pants! But I couldn't help but be distracted every 20 minutes with feelings of, "God I wish this would go quicker" or "have more variety" or "enable me to be more productive." I'm all for patience and figuring things out, but I have my limits.

But thumbs up for the game anyway, it's a great diversion, and really, if you're bored, just go ahead and make your own damned story. Pretend you're Jason, get a helmet (or if you're skilled enough, make one that looks like a hockey mask) and kill all the people in Balmorra. It'll be fun. Or make up your own "Pointless Quest" and set out on it. It's fun. Try to collect all the books, or find a decent pair of pants that doesn't clash with your cerimonial robe and Boots of Light or something.

Or take the Ultimate Challenge and become a Vampire. It really fucks up the main storyline of the game (you're supposed to, as a Vampire, kill some important members of the main story), but it sure is fun.

Since everyone else is doing it (ok, not EVERYONE, but...)

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