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19.6.18 1140
The W - Pro Wrestling - ECW One Night Stand 2006 (Page 2)
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#21 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.90

I really dug this show. I don't think it was quite what last year's show was, but still very entertaining.

I wonder if the Rey/Sabu match finish was unplanned, therefore WWE called an audible & gave RVD the title (if for one night only.) Even now the RAW Superstars ( page doesn't have the WWE Championship listed anymore.

I know this was an ECW PPV, but I enjoyed the hell out of Edge.
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#22 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.43
Has anyone heard any rumblings as to if there might be a tournament out of this for the WWE title? Paul E can do what he wants in ECW, but as others have said it's not really in character for Cena to take his title back off a technicality like this (unless there's a plan to turn him heel). So could there perhaps be a tournament announcement tonight? Or, maybe, since Edge is the #1 contender, a half-bracket where the winner faces Edge for the title at Vengeance?

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#23 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.30
Da Meltz is reporting that, while not confirmed, the word is that Our VD won't be stripped but will lose it in the ring.

And really, that's a far better way. There's a ton of ways they can do this RVD win. Stripping him and awarding it to Cena is the worst possible option and also will kill Cena off. Remember, CENA IS NOT TURNING HEEL. Especially, with a match against Edge at Vengeance.

I'd actually have Edge beat Van Dam for the belt via chicanery, then lose it to Cena in a few weeks. It'd be hilarious to repeat the transistion champ scenario for Edge.

Sounds like a fun show, I should get a copy later this week.

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#24 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.21
That'd just destroy Edge as a contender. They need to do a triple threat tonight-Cena, van Dam and Edge-with a controversial finish. RVD has a legit claim as champ to go to ECW with, and Vince can make Cena/Edge at Vengeance for the vacant WWE strap. It protects everyone and sorts the situation ASAP.

I enjoyed the show for what it was. It wasn't as good as last year's attempt, but then they have the weight of storyline to worry about this time around. I think that, once the fed gets up and running and is allowed to get itself over rather than having to incorporate WWE concerns into its charter, it'll be a really fun weekly watch.

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#25 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.81
This idea is stolen off another board, but I thought it was a pretty good one. Have RVD defend the title in a triple threat match, then have Cena pin Edge or Edge pin Cena (whoever they want to have the belt). Then RVD can say that he a) never lost the title because he wasn't pin and he didn't submit and b) the only reason he is not carrying the belt right now is because of WWE's lame triple threat rules, whereas in ECW you have to beat BOTH challengers to win the match. This would kind of go with RVD's previous point of not getting a fair chance in WWE.

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#26 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.81
Fun little show. Of course last year's was better, but this year they had actual storylines to go on with.

- Tazz probably can't even do a suplex anymore. What this really needed was Lawler insulting the entire front row on the mic.

- When Angle really turns it on, he's unstoppable. Orton looked like a doofus everytime. I loved it.

- The international tag match was enjoyable. I haven't caught much of Super Crazy on Smackdown, but did it look like he slowed down a bit? Nice touch with the stereo Tarantulas. Big Show = 911? If Tony Mamaluke continues to be thrown around like a ragdoll, then I will thoroughly enjoy him.

- Sabu/Rey was easily match of the night. When he's kept (relatively) botch-free, Sabu can pull out some quality matches with the right opponent. This is a feud I could dig.

- Twitchy old man selling. That is all. Beulah can still take a mean bump, though. How old IS Terry Funk, nowadays?

- Balls/Tanaka was disappointing. Tanaka lies down for ONE chairshot?! I mean I know it's a frickin' chairshot, but this man no-sold a top rope chairshot from Mike Awesome. I still can't believe I was watching the former Xanta Klaus...

- Sandman gets a face pop for caning a retard. Only in ECW.

- "Fuck You Cena" "You Can't Wrestle" "You Still Suck" "Over-Rated" "Over-Sell" "Cena Fucked Up" "Cena Swallows" ... Sometimes I love these crowds. Match was nowhere near special, but the crowd made every bit of it. They couldn't find a decent ski mask for Edge to wear? Funny note, looking at the show pictures ( (#47 or 48), the best they could find to celebrate Rob's title win was Sprite Zero and Diet Coke.

Blink and you miss it: Trinity in the ring. I thought it was either a really pale Jazz or Francine dyed black.

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#27 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.46
"I got a piece of advice for you, RVD - I want you to keep your feet on the ground...and keep reachin' for the stars. You know why? Because in two, three, four...five years from now, you're gonna be a big star." -- Stone Cold, Smackdown, 11 October 2001

It looks like that Austin's prediction came true, with RVD finally winning the WWE Title.

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#28 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.34
    Originally posted by JST
    When Angle really turns it on, he's unstoppable. Orton looked like a doofus everytime. I loved it.

I especially loved when Angle would just stand still and dare Orton to put a hold on him, Orton would get him in a headlock or something, and then Angle would either just shrug him off or reverse the hold. It was totally dick-tastic in the best possible way.

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#29 Posted on | Instant Rating: 7.06
You wanted the best, you got... Out of Context Quote of the Week.

"I know, I know you are saying "sure there was some bad calls, but Jake Gyllenhaal obviously dropped too many easy catches and Ang Lee had some horrible clock management at the end of each half!"" (krakken2000)

Due to Cox-related difficulties, I just ordered it this morning. Spent the main event (post-Eugene festivities) at the gym, so I'll have to watch that later, but I'm waiting impatiently for Tuesday night.

* Angle/Orton was CLASSIC. One thing I don't think anyone mentioned: after Orton's getting helped to the back, everyone's chanting "pussy!" and he's basking in it like they're cheering for him. "You tapped out, you little bitch!" "Ahhh, my fans." Delusional Randall Keith = some hope for him.

* FBI v. Tajiri/Crazy looked like they were having trouble staying on the same page at times, but it was still good. Could've been great, but it was just good. And if Mamaluke's on the juice, he might be the lone exception to the Wellness Program.

* Sabu v. Rey, once it really got going, was great. I was wondering how Rey'd be received, considering he made his bones in Tha Dub before WCW. He could've gone either way, although it was interesting the announcers cast his ECW mask as pandering. Also, after Rey's senton through the table, it looked like Sabu was going on about his shoulder/chest/throat/coccyx. Ref flashes the X... was that a work? If not, it might explain the no-contest, getting in as much as Sabu could handle.

* Edge/Foley v. Dreamer/Funk (con seconds). Last night, one of my friends on the Internets, who was watching with her husband and friends, HATED this match. Not because she thought it sucked, but that it went places it didn't need to go (Edge mit Beulah, the blood from everyone). I'm guessing that spot wouldn't have happened with anyone else (not him spearing her, but the pumphandle and oral), but Edge happens to be the Guy Who Goes There. As for the preponderence of barbed wire: holy shit. That match was pretty much ECW in a nutshell, wasn't it?

* Tanaka/Balls was way too short and way too tame. Wasn't Tanaka's shoulder taped up last year? Think that had anything to do with it?


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#30 Posted on | Instant Rating: 0.00
    Originally posted by JST
    Twitchy old man selling. That is all. Beulah can still take a mean bump, though. How old IS Terry Funk, nowadays?

According to his IMDB entry, he'll be 62 at the end of this month.

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#31 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.40
-I too was looking forward to Tazz/Lawler, but in hindsight, I guess they'd rather give no match than a bad match.

-drjayphd, I too enjoyed the look on Orton's face and his "my fans.." quote after the match. The match was real good, and I'm sure we can look forward to more of those kind of matches in the NEW ECW. I wasn't really surprised the fans didn't turn on Angle. I thought they'd turn on Big Show though.

-The tag match was alright, but seemed more like WWE Cruiserweight action than the high-flying spectacle I expected. And Big Show beating up cruiserweights? I was surprised by that. Again, seemed too WWE.

-Sabu/Rey was pretty good, but I don't see why they couldn't have done a clean finish. I thought it was a shoot until the doctor yelled, "that's it, this match is over!" That seemed kind of hokey to me.

-The look on Sandman's face as he stood across the ring from Eugene was priceless.

-The Foley/Dreamer/Edge/Funk tag match was fun in a horror movie sort of way. They brought out just about all the stops for it.

-Balls/Tanaka was kind of short, as it seemed to just get going when it ended. That chairshot was NASTY. Balls looked pretty good, and I too think they should get Tanaka full-time (if possible).

-The main event was exciting, and the shirt thing was awesome. I hated HATED the finish though. I couldn't hear the crowd in the bar, but you could tell the fans were into it.

Thumbs up show. Hard to compare to last year, because this was a show with a different gameplan and purpose than last years.

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#32 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.29
My guess is, Vince McMahon will announce tonight on RAW that Paul Heyman was not a duly designated WWE or ECW referee, and therefore unqualified to deliver the three-count on John Cena. Vince will declare Cena to still be the WWE Champion (or declare the title vacant and maybe make a Cena vs. Edge match at Vengeance for the belt), but won't be able to force Heyman to give the physical belt back, so the old Undisputed Title belt is back.

Paul Heyman, however, refutes the claim that RVD didn't win the WWE Championship. The next night on ECW, RVD comes out with the spinner title, sets it on fire or smashes it up, and is presented the old ECW World Heavyweight Title to signify his championship.

That way, both the WWE Championship and the new ECW Championship can legitimately claim to have descended from the original WWWF Championship originally presented to Buddy Rogers during the NWA split-- and ECW can also claim that its championship shares lineage with the original Eastern Championship Wrestling title originally won by "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka in 1992 (though that claim would be more dubious; as technically Rhino never lost the ECW World Title).

But both RAW and ECW would have legitimate titles that way, and that way the WWE Championship, with all its history, isn't wiped off the face of the planet.

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#33 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.36
Last year's show was better, but that's hardly a huge criticism (especially given that last year just had to be an entertaining nostalgia/reunion show, whereas this year had to lay the groundwork for, for all intents and purposes, a new wrestling federation.). The $40 I couldn't really afford to blow on this PPV was, indeed, money well spent.

    Originally posted by ekedolphin
    My guess is, Vince McMahon will announce tonight on RAW that Paul Heyman was not a duly designated WWE or ECW referee, and therefore unqualified to deliver the three-count on John Cena. Vince will declare Cena to still be the WWE Champion (or declare the title vacant and maybe make a Cena vs. Edge match at Vengeance for the belt), but won't be able to force Heyman to give the physical belt back, so the old Undisputed Title belt is back.

If they go that route, why not throw bah'gawd tradition a bone and bust out this belt:

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#34 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.66
X-E's co-Worst Poster of all time! says:

Reason number 3,000 they desperately need to bring back Tajiri: as soon as he heard the crowd chant for the FBI he began busting out the heel mannerisms. Missed the mist though.

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