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AFTER THE FACT: Look, ANYBODY can write a recap, but not everybody can write a GOOD recap. Feely happened to be one of them what writes a good recap - and here's his report of last week's show ( - but will he do it more than one week in a row? NO! That's why, even though I'm past my prime and not on my game, you still have to give it to me for making it to ten weeks in a row. Give WHAT to me, you ask? Umm...insults, probably

CABLE GUIDE: "ECW" : Angle vs. Sabu vs. PVD in a ladder match. (L) (TV-14) CC

TONIGHT: Get used to this graphic - you'll be seeing it all night! They have waited anw atched - now the time has come for the world to bow to their newfound power - a new breed unleashed - ECW - NEXT - ON SCI FI


LAST WEEK: When Rob van Dam ruined the #1 Contender's match between Kurt Angle and Sabu, the editing wasn't NEARLY as creative, which of course means that THIS week's version of the Van Daminator looks like it may even have connected!

TONIGHT: #1 Contender Triple Threat Ladder Match - Kurt Angle vs. Sabu vs. RVD

But somewhere's a very big man with a belt on his shoulder - and in front of him - a shorter, bald man, who speaks: "Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, my name is PAUL HEYMAN. And as the representative for ECW Extreme Championship Wrestling, it is my duty to inform you that two nights ago, during the course of a match, Kurt Angle suffered a most debilitating injury. Kurt suffered a severe groin tear, yet managed to finish his match. (Show rolls his eyes) And despite Kurt's best efforts today to hide this injury from me, I must protect Kurt Angle from himself. Therefore, I have no choice but to medically suspend Kurt Angle and remove him from tonight's Triple Threat ladder match. (Show grins) However, ECW will provide to you a GREAT main event this evening. For the #1 Contendership - winner to face the Big Show at SummerSlam for the ECW World Title - Sabu versus Rob van Dam in a ladder match. And this match ought be....extreme." Well, guess I was wrong about that graphic appearing all night...

LET THE GROINS HIT THE FLOOR - wait, what's Shannon Moore doing in there? All he's ever done was stand around!

WE ARE LIVE from our nation's capital for ECW #10, rated TV-14-DLSV, broadcast 15.8.6 on SciFi and disponible en espanol SAP!

We start right away with MICK FOLEY (and his RAW graphic) - Let Us Take You Back to Last Night when Foley took it to Flair - RIGHT after Melina helped out with the ol' groin shot. "As many of you know, last night on RAW I extended a very kind invitation to the Nature Boy Ric Flair to join me RIGHT here at ECW. Word has it Ric is going to decline that invitation - I put my feelers out - but it's not due to a lack of guts, no, the Nature Boy has plenty of guts. Let's face it - you don't decide to take the Hardcore Legend on in an I Quit match, knowing the suffering that's in store, unless you've got a lot of guts. But as you can very well see, Ric Flair is recuperating, gathering his strength for Sunday night at SummerSlam for what will surely be one of the most VIOLENT showdowns in WWE history. But as long as Naitch can't be here, I'd like to take the opportunity to dispel a myth that he perpetuated - namely, that somehow I had been nothing in my career until I'd accidentally fell off the Hell in a Cell. You see, I remember things a little bit differently. I don't remember accidentally falling - I remember being thrown off that massive structure by The Undertaker. Strapped to a gurney - wheeled out - and I rolled off under my own power - came back - scaled the cage, where I was chokeslammed through - my unconscious body BOUNCING off the canvas. Shoulders separated, jaw dislocated, fourteen stitches below my lip, a tooth shoved up my nose...but not for a split second did I think about calling it quits that night WHY? Not because a single person in the audience of twenty thousand would have thought any less of me...not because the millions watching worldwide would have thought any less of me...and not because my opponent, The Undertaker, would have thought any less of me, no, I got up because of the fact if I had not, *I* would have thought less of myself. You see, Nature Boy Ric Flair, what you do not understand, what you never understood about me is that my whole career has been predicated on being able to look in the mirror and like what I see. I'm under no false illusions; on Monday morning I'm gonna look in that mirror, Ric, and I'm gonna be disfigured, I'm gonna be busted open, I may look pretty rough - but I WILL like what I see. I asked you to bring your A game a few weeks ago, and you sure as hell brought it, Ric! But on Sunday night, you bring it again and you and I, we're gonna have ourselves a little war, but it is a war that Ric Flair cannot win WHY?! Because despite the fact that I've written seven books, despite the fact that I'm a two-time New York Times #1 bestselling author, despite those facts, Ric Flair, the letters I-Q-U-I-T are just simply NOT in my vocabulary. Now, because Ric Flair could not be here, and becuase I PROMISED you GREAT ECW fans something extreme...I would like to introduce my first guest tonight. She is the star of Kelly's Expose - please welcome KELLY KELLY!" And here she is. Kiss on the cheek for Mick. "Oh but we're not going to stop there, are we. No, I've got another guest, and she's not just any guest, she's a personal friend of mine, a beautiful young lady, as a matter of fact she's the WWE's top diva, say hello to MELINA!" And they actually roll out the red carpet for the "patented" entrance (I doubt Tazz has been looking up patents) - which, of course, is too extreme to give us the camera angle that would actually show us her butt. "As always, it is my honour to share the same ringspace with you, now girls - I promised something extreme, I promised something I've never done in my career, and we ARE going to deliver. So without further ado, here it is - an ECW original - let's have ourselves a THREE WAY DANCE. Hit the music!" And...they dance. Sorta. We're back to "Buttons" this week. Foley does the disco point and classic Dude Love hands on the knees move, everybody kinda wiggles on each other, and just when think this is going to go on a little too long the music changes and out runs RIC FLAIR, bringing a camera cable around his leg in th eprocess, but they're too busy trading punches for anyone to care. (Flair DOES manage to step out of the loop and an alert tech pulls it out of the ring before anybody trips.) Flair finally goes down to a right, but this puts him in perfect position to land his OWN uppercut to the nuts. Oh good, I was worried we wouldn't see that move for 24 hours! Flair gives him another one for good measure. Out of the ring we go - Flair whips Foley into the STEEL steps, and Foley dutifully oversells it by flying OVER them. Flair removes his $15,000 belt - and now he's HANGING Foley around one of the ringposts! REFS are out but Flair isn't easily stopped. Back in the ring, Flair grabs the mic. Foley is spitting red. "You quit!" Back out and standing over Foley. "You better learn - you're gonna quit! (to refs) Get outta my way! (to fan) Kiss my ass, kid. You're gonna quit!" And he throws down the mic and takes off up the wrong ramp. Melina checks on Foley. Kelly has disappeared into the aether.


SummerSlam is Sunday - Hulk Hogan and Randy Orton are gonna be there - as this promo elucidates

AD BREAK: Deadrising
Geico (gecko)
"Crank" in theatres 1 Sep

SciFi image spot
SciFi's "Who Wants to Be A Superhero?"
"Cabin Fever" on SciFi

It's gonna be the sexiest night on television! Of course, the voiceover guy's talking about the WWE Diva Search Finals! No, REALLY. They actually think you're gonna believe that. See, there's a Bikini Arm Wrestling Contest and everything! Oh, and a "Live Lingerie Competition." Given that this will take place LIVE at the Hard Rock Cafe in New York, I expect a crowd that will shit all over this - should be a train wreck - you know we'll be there at 10/9 Central on USA.

WHOA! It's "THE REJECT" SHANNON MOORE and he's - he's STANDING THERE! No, wait, he's going to say something! "Question...Authority." Holy crap, dude. I think you just changed the way I think about EVERYTHING. Except your gimmick. I still think it sucks and is rendered totally moot by yesterday's Jeff Hardy vignette.

CM PUNK (Chicago, IL - 220 pounds) v. JUSTIN CREDIBLE (Ozone Park, NY - 225 pounds) - Crowd seems mostly unenthused - damn Smackdown crowd is going to RUIN everything... So they're giving him the SAME opponent? THAT'S BRILLIANT! In an attempt to get us interested in THIS go round, they actually give Credible some time in the inset razor blade: "Two weeks ago, CM Punk made a BIG impact on his ECW debut. Well, tonight, I'm gonna prove that victory was nothin' more than a fluke." Wow - I'm sold! Mike Posey rings the bell and here we go. As soon as the lights are turned off on the crowd, a "CM Punk" chant fires up - I'll just say that's a *coincidence* and leave it at that. Lockup, no. Slap by Credible! Punk kick, kick, snapmare, kick to the back, cover, no. Credible shot into the corner - Punk runs in with a clothesline. Back leg trip puts Credible on his butt in the corner. "You gonna slap me, Credible?" Punk rakes his boot repeatedly across Credible's face. What innovation! Off the ropes - and one more running boot to Credible's face. 1, 2, no. Credible put into the opposite corner - sidesteps Punk as he runs in but Punk stops himself, puts up a back elbow as Credible runs in, leaps to the top rope and comes off - but onto Credible's knee in a gutbuster. Credible sells his leg collapsing but starts to shake off the effects on his knee right away. Cover...2. Credible goes to the abdominal stretch and adds a few forearms to the abs while he's at it. Tazz discusses the new anatomical region known as the "midcage" while we take an ECW Replay of Punk landing on Credible's knee. Punk is out of the stretch and lands an armdrag. Right, left, backfist, Credible ducks the roundhouse kick, gutshot of his own, whip is reversed into a waistlock but Credible's out, knee to the gut, knee, knee, off the ropes, DDT (sorta), 1, 2, Punk kicks out! Is it just me or are they moving at about half speed tonight? Headlock by Credible - suplex attempt is blocked and Punk shoves Credible into a corner. Runs into the corner and climbs the second rope, landing the knee. This time the big kick DOES connect (as does Punk's palm with his own thigh to make the snapping sound). Uranage - into the Anaconda Vice...and Credible taps rather quickily. (2:44) Crowd fails to react as if we have just witnessed the future of sports entertainment. Replays.

Here's a Special Video Look at Rob van Dam

And here IS Rob Van Dam, sitting atop a ladder and not looking directly into the camera. "Last time I subjected myself to the dangers of a ladder match was at WrestleMania, for the chance at a championship match. I won that match. Then I went on to become the ECW Heavyweight champion. Right now, as I sit here, I want that title back, and I know what it's gonna take. That's why I'm not gonna let anything stop me. Nothing. No matter how suicidal - no matter how homicidal or genocidal. I've waited thirty days for the opportunity that I now see before me. It's not gonna be's gonna be brutal, but I'm gonna BEAT Sabu in the ladder match tonight. Then I'm gonna go on to SummerSlam, and I'm gonna beat the Big Show. And THEN your new ECW Champion will be Points To Self." Wait, how'd HE know Kurt Angle wasn't gonna be in the match?

Catch ECW and all the groin tears thereof LIVE at SummerSlam Sunday, at the Mosque in Altoona Monday, in Bethlehem on the 26th, Glens Falls on the 27th, and Poughkeepsie on the 28th! It's a new breed unleashed!

AD BREAK: SciFi's "Stargate Atlantis"
The SciFi Original Movie "DragonSword"
"Scary Movie 4" on DVD
Burger King - and their grilling machine, Earl
Tag body spray
"Snakes on a Plane" opening Friday (or even Thursday at 10!)

Take a look at the Verizon Center - Styles and Tazz think it'd be a good idea to elect Balls Mahoney to the Senate - Styles and Tazz need to stop taking nips during the ad breaks

From there, we go to a photo shoot of Rene Dupree and his abs. He just MIGHT be the sexiest woman on television. Let's listen: "Hello. I'm RENE DUPREE, and we all know I'm the most beautiful man in sports entertainment, but I'm gonna prove to everybody that I'm the most HARDCORE wrestler to ever step foot in an ECW ring." When HE says "hardcore," I have worries that some porn is gonna surface. I don't need that. YOU don't need that.

THE F.B.I. (Little Guido Maritato & Tony Mamaluke - 350 pounds) v. TEST

& MIKE KNOX (545 pounds - with Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly - and a plug for WWE 24/7 on Comcast) - that wasn't Test's music they came out to - I know THAT for sure. Ref is Scott Armstrong. This can't end well, but how will it start? Knox and Guido tie up - to the corner - Knox' punch is ducked, Guido kick, kick, kick, elbow, elbow, leaping off the second rope but caught - and dropped uranage style onto the knee. Tazz apologies for calling him "Nunzio." Hasn't been Tazz' night tonight. Knox stomps, stomp, stomp, tag to Test. Doubleteam shove back into the corner. Test with a backbreaker - holding onto him for a second - and there's a sidewalk slam. 1, 2, Mamaluke breaks it up. Test displays fury, but Mamaluke drops off the apron before Test can rush him. Back to Guido in the corner - but Guido catches him with an elbow! Guido runs at him...caught, but Guido lands on his feet from the slam attempt, ducks the clothesline and makes the HOT TAG! Duck, shot for Knox, back to Test and immediately pressed and dropped. That was some offense by Mamaluke there. Guido tries to come in and help but immediately eats the Wotsitolla Boot. Back to Mamaluke - there's the TKO, and there's the pin. (2:09) As we ponder if there has ever been a hot tag in the history of the business that generated less excitmenet and offense, we are ALSO left to wonder: just what the heck DID ever happen to Big Guido? The celebration doesn't live long, however, as TOMMY DREAMER & THE SANDMAN run out, clear the ring, and....and....Test and Knox decide not to engage them in battle. Did Kelly find a way to manage to get whacked with the cane despite being on the floor? Replays of the match. Play Sandman's crappy music!

UP NEXT: It's the #1 Contender Ladder Match - Sabu vs. RVD - winner guaranteed to be someone Paul Heyman doesn't want in the ECW title match! Wait, what? Does that make sense to YOU?

SummerSlam spot (Cena vs. Edge - notice how they name the champ LAST in that coupling?)

AD BREAK: SciFi's "Who Wants To Be A Superhero?"
The 200th episode of "Stargate SG-1" on SciFi
Sneaux shoes
"The Covenant" in theatres 8 September - damn, this is a long ad - THIS is the movie that will singlehandedly revive the career of Stabbing Westward
Lotrimin Ultra

Here's a Special Video Look at Sabu - I will speculate that immediately after this, we'll have a few words from Sabu

And here now are a few words from Sabu, shown in Desi-Public-Access-o-Vision. "I NEED to be the ECW champion. I'll do ANYTHING. I'll sacrifice ANYTHING tonight to win the ladder match. Then at SummerSlam - Big Show, I'm gonna beat you for the ECW title."

Your commentary team is JOEY STYLES & TAZZZZZZZZZZZZ. Take a look in the ring - high above is a SummerSlam contract with Big Show's name and a blank. INSIDE the ring are Justin Roberts & Mickie Jenson. OUTSIDE the ring are some (rather puny) ladders. I keep forgetting to mention this week's new "ECW" aprons, so let me do that now because if there's any doubt this show has been picked up I would think the fact that they have new aprons should make it all but official. Are they gonna sneak in one more ad break?

Maybe - we head to the back where Heyman is explaning to the two guys in riot gear that the man who grabs the contract wins the match and becomes the #1 Contender. Man, those guys must be STUPID! Heyman says that no matter which man wins, this "is a problem that we're going to have to face head on OH MY GOD" at this point, Kurt Angle gamely attempted to gut out his groin tear and go through both security men AND Show to get to Heyman - which worked about as well as you'd expect, although at least ONE of the security guys gets so wrapped up in keeping his helmet over his face that he is rendered ineffective. Fortunately, another four security men NOT in helmets show up and, with Angle in a headlock by Show, they manage to slap some cuffs on him. Lots of yelling. Show places Angle's medal back around his neck and gives him a pieface for good measure. Angle responds with a headbutt to Show's heart. "THAT'S ASSAULT!" is said many times. "I'm gonna crucify you!" is said a couple times as well. Okay, so Heyman doesn't want Angle in the match, he doesn't want van Dam in the match, he doesn't want Sabu in the match. ... Am I overthinking this?

POINTS TO SELF v. AD BREAK - Ad break wins

What's one more Diva Search ad amongst friends? It'll all be over soon. Wow, it's over even sooner than expected - they must be running long because instead of letting us know time, date and network we cut it off and begin the proper

AD BREAK: "Girls Gone Wild: Ultimate Rush" and "Girls Gone Wild: First Timers"
Tag body shots
Burger King (Earl

"Idlewild" in theatres on the 25th
SciFi ID
(local) Time Warner Cable's digital phone service (but...we're Comcast now!)
(local) HOM Furniture

#1 CONTENDER'S MATCH: ROB VAN DAM (Battle Creek, MI - 235 pounds) v. SABU (suicidial, homicidal, genocidal, death-defying) - Camera totally misses van Dam's intro spin kick (out of spite, I'm sure). Sabu brings a chair to the ring, and flings it at van Dam - he misses, but we're off. Ring the bell! Sabu shoots and van Dam lets him slide away. Lockup, gobehind by Sabu, reversed, but Sabu picks a leg. van Dam reverses, but Sabu has a foot on the rope. In the corner, standing switch, right by Sabu, right, right, whip is reversed, camera almost misses van Dam heading to the second rope as Sabu tries to get HIS footing in the corner on the second rope - Sabu jumps off but nobody's home, as van Dam comes back into the picture with a leaping side kick that connects - sorta. van Dam covers, and it almost looks like Henson goes down to count 1 before someone screams in his ear that there are no pinfalls in a ladder match. Discussion ensues. Legdrop by van Dam (take THAT, Hogan!) van Dam with an elbow. Whip into the corner is reversed, but van Dam gets the elbow up as Sabu rushes in. van Dam leaps to the top - uppercut by Sabu, gutshot. van Dam sitting on top. Chair in position by Sabu - off the chair to the top, but before he can attack van Dam - lightly brushes him? Well, it was good enough to get Sabu to crotch himself on the top rope (also lightly). Sabu ends up on the apron as van Dam repositions himself on the top turnbuckle - and van Dam....LEAPS for the contract. And comes several feet short. Maybe he IS high. Sabu's back in - chair slid into position - there's the Arabian flying clothesline and van Dam's out! Let's take an ECW Replay of van Dam trying to get the contract without a ladder - but don't watch that or you'll miss Sabu's somersault plancha over the top onto van Dam on the floor! Both men are out and this is normally where we take the ad break...but instead, we watch Sabu fold up the ladder. van Dam is back over before he can get it in the ring, though - kick by van Dam. Head to the apron. ECW Replay of the clothesline off the chair as Sabu is rolled back in. van Dam follows - elbow, kick to the gut, into the opposite corner is reversed (ECW live events crawl), Sabu on the second rope - tornado DDT! Sabu back out and back to the ladder - he points to the ceiling! Which gives van Dam just enough time to baseball slide dropkick the ladder into Sabu. Sabu STILL holds the ladder - so van Dam decides a pescado is in order as well! Man, I would THINK that would hurt HIM just as much as Sabu...but then, that's why I'm sitting here typing this and not out there doing it. Both men are outside the ring? NOW we'll take that final ad break! Stick around; I'll be right back.

SummerSlam spot (DX vs. McMahons - hmmm, all three spots were RAW-oriented - it's explosive; it's combustible)

AD BREAK: "Deadrising"
Geico Motorcycle
SciFi image spot
Cable Innovates (yes, cable is great - wow, all our local ads are disappearing with Comcast taking over)
(local) Fridley Roofing & Remodeling (WOW! !)
"Who Wants To Be A Superhero?" is NEXT on SciFi!
SciFi's "Ghost Hunters"
And one more SciFi ID

When we come back, van Dam is suplexing Sabu gutfirst onto the barrier, and giving him the business. van Dam to the apron - pointing to himself - and landing the spinning legdrop to the back to the floor! Graphic helpfully reminds us that this is a #1 Contender's Match (complete with apostrophe) - Styles asks us to take a look at what happened During the Break - and the ECW Replay is of the legdrop we just saw. Oh well. van Dam in the ring with the ladder - Sabu slowly following and has the chair - but decides to leave the chair and dropkick van Dam's ankles out from underneath him, causing him to fall onto the ladder on the mat. Sabu now has the chair again - double legdrop to the chair to van Dam's back, and van Dam dutifully does a headstand between rungs for effect! Sabu rolls van Dam onto the ladder - and applies a camel clutch! I'm not sure how doing it on the ladder amplifies the pain, but...ECW Replay of the Arabian facebuster (is it still an Arabian facebuster if he doesn't connect with his face?) Sabu's tired of the camel clutch - Sabu with a forearm. NOW setting up the ladder. Points to the ceiling! Sabu gets about four rungs up before van Dam pushes the ladder off. Sabu jumps off and lands on his feet. Keep in mind this is like an eight foot ladder, so nothing's going to look particularly death-defying, granted - but just jumping off and landing on your feet?! Throw us a BONE here, MAN. Sabu kicks van Dam in the head, and folds up the ladder again. Off the ropes - looks like he wants a triple jump off the LADDER, but unfortunately, it does stay in position and he ends up wiping out spectacularly. van Dam is quickly up to spin into a legdrop on him and make it look like that was supposed to happen as part of the match. Crowd doesn't buy it and works on the "you fucked up" chant. van Dam puts the ladder up in the corner...but Sabu is behind him with two forearms in the back. Into the opposite corner, right, right, whip into the ladder is reversed and Sabu hits it hard. van Dam somersaulting to the corner - Sabu out - van Dam lands on the ladder - falls backward and *monkey flips* the ladder onto Sabu! He also knocked HIMSELF in the head with the top run in the process. Yikes. This is getting ugly in a hurry - let's take an ECW Replay. Back to live action and it's van Dam with the advantage - no, Sabu right, no, van Dam clothesline him down. Sabu placed on the ladder. Rolling Thunder - MISSES! Well, misses Sabu - not the ladder. van Dam hit that GOOD. Chair in place - Sabu's gonna hit that triple jump moonsault if it KILLS him. (Styles: "Sabu WISELY using a chair this time"). Let's take another ECW replay. Sabu with a stomp, stomp, Arabian facebuster attempt from the top rope misses van Dam but not the ladder. ECW replay of Sabu hitting the ladder.

van Dam is back up and now positioning the ladder underneath the contract... My wife would like me to point out that Tazz has said "Whoawhoawhoawhoa" a MILLION times tonight. *I* would like to point out that my wife does a hell of a Tazz impersonation. van Dam climbs slowly enough for Sabu to catch up to him - and pull him off by an ankle. van Dam lands face first on the mat. Sabu with the ladder - and throws the ladder at van Dam for good measure! Yet, somehow, it's van Dam getting up the boot as Sabu comes in - van Dam leaps to the top rope - five star frog splash!! Sabu rolls out of the ring as we take the ECW Replay - curiously, the move isn't called EITHER time by either man. Sabu rolling out of the ring may have been a bad idea, as it's only van Dam and the ladder now - you know, he REALLY should climb faster - ah, hell, don't BAT at it, GRAB it - I guess this means he's stalling for time because the run-in is progressing too slowly, sure enough, WELL IT'S THE BIG SHOW. van Dam dutifully leaps from the ladder... and gets caught. Well, that was the idea anyway. Show needs a better grip so he lets his feet hit the mat. Scooped up - and dropped through what I presume was the timekeeper's table - or, if you like, a table randomly left at the ringside area. Anyway, Show motions to...somebody, and the contract starts to lower. Even THIS isn't happening fast enough. Show FINALLY is able to bat at the contract, which means it's time for something to happen - and this time it's Sabu, leaping from the top buckle...but caught in powerbomb position. However, Sabu fights it and backs Show up just enough to make sure that he can grab the (now) lowered contract! Henson calls for the bell (14:44) - and Show powerbombs Sabu. Show is UNHAPPY. Show grabs Sabu and chokeslams him onto the clipboard. NO, NOT THE CLIPBOARD!! Show back outside and back to van Dam - van Dam put back in the ring - got the goozle - AHHHHHTHECHOKESLAAAAAM. Play his music! This match sure was stinky! After the requisite replays, we come back to Sabu with the contract in his mouth and pointing to the ceiling. Play HIS music! WWE copyright notice is up, and although we ACTUALLY made it to 10:05 tonight, I wish I hadn't!

Keep your ears open and keep watching!

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    Originally posted by CRZ
    From there, we go to a photo shoot of Rene Dupree and his abs. He just MIGHT be the sexiest woman on television. Let's listen: "Hello. I'm RENE DUPREE, and we all know I'm the most beautiful man in sports entertainment, but I'm gonna prove to everybody that I'm the most HARDCORE wrestler to ever step foot in an ECW ring." When HE says "hardcore," I have worries that some porn is gonna surface. I don't need that. YOU don't need that.!

I think DEAN would need some hardcore porn of The Mighty Wang.
Now, since Paul Heyman is a man of his word and he stated on RAW Monday that the ladder match would be a Triple Threat (or 3-way dance, whatever) involving Angle/Sabu/RVD, then, to have the truth in advertising that ECW has always lived by, shouldn't Angle have been replaced in the match. The natural replacement would seem to be the man he defeated in order to get in the #1 contenders match initially. Not only would the insertion of Steve Lombardi in the match make sense, but it would have improved the match significantly.
I think the reason for the silence at the end of the C.M. Punk match was all the fans had fainted after watching his greatness.
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    Originally posted by CRZ
    Take a look at the Verizon Center - Styles and Tazz think it'd be a good idea to elect Balls Mahoney to the Senate - Styles and Tazz need to stop taking nips during the ad breaks

Seriously, what was that all about? Is that a reference to something that I'm completely missing? I assumed it was a segue into yet another "Hi, I'm Ballz name is Ballz, kinda like testicles" promo but it didn't happen.

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    Originally posted by CRZ
    This time the big kick DOES connect (as does Punk's palm with his own thigh to make the snapping sound).

Come on, who DOESN'T slap their leg when kicking someone in the head?

Me, I do it five or six times. It's good for the hammies.

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I'm surprised you undersold the point to ceiling with the contract in the mouth spot to end the show.
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