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22.4.18 0008
The W - Pro Wrestling - early&short but Smackdown Spoilers none the less.
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WWE Smackdown & Velocity Taping Results [Spoilers]
Posted By Ashish on 05.12.04

All the taping results....

Thanks to 411 reader Tom Jardine for sending in this report.

Dark Match
Orlando Jordan v. Carly Colon - typical Jordan match we've seen a trillion times on Velocity...Colon is tiny but had nice subtle heel tactics. Jordan wins with a roll-up....

Josh Matthews and Bill DeMott come out, no one cares.... Velocity taping.....

Theodore Long comes out and introduces us all to the narcissist Mark Jindrak....a pretty sad Lex Luger impression follows and out comes Spike Dudley and the place goes apeshit ( I swear ). Usual spike vs. anyone match highlighted by Jindrak and his spectacular physique nearly blowing a press slam on SPIKE DUDLEY. Jindrak wins.

Out comes Cena and the roof damn near blows off. He cuts a rap to hype the PPV.

Scotty 2 Hotty v. Akio - Akio is real good...real smooth and nice moveset, of course
Scotty is a One-Trick pony and he does his one trick and gets the victory.

Kidman and Paul London v. Bashams - God awful boring match that saw a powerbomb attempt on Kidman....but we all know you cant powerbomb Kidman...Shooting Star Press gets the 1,2,3.

Cole and Tazz come out for SMACKDOWN.....

Heart attack recap airs.....

Rob Van Dam v. Bubba Dudley - TRICKERY..... D-Von sneaks from behind and attacks RVD
because its really his match. Incredibly sloppy match with usual RVD spots...Bubba kept hitting the mat for D-Von but it just got turned into RVD chants by the crowd..funny stuff. D-Von wins with a top rope assisted ddt. Heel beatdown follows and Rey makes the save.

Eddie and Kurt are having a chat in the back. Kurt accompanied by WWE musclehead #49871A inform Eddie he is a loose cannon....At least Shawn isnt the only one running around.

Cole introduces Jacqueline and they go on and on and then the Chavos come out and its gonna be Chavo v. Jacqueline and Chavo will have one hand tied behind his back at the PPV. Sounds shitty, but at least they are consistent.......Anyways, this leads to a match with the champ and Chavo Sr. and Sr. gets the victory but gets no
celebration due to Jacqueline pantsing him and showing everyone Sr.'s man panties....super.

Meanwhile Kurt has more to say to Eddie...great.

Recap of Booker T's latest stereotypical adventure from last week.

FBI v. Booker T - This is Nunzio and Stamboli, by the way still selling the UT beating. Crowd didnt know who to cheer for so they sat on thier hands..and rightfully so. Book wins with the axe kick....lights out and Taker's music hits...Book goes to the stage but he is in the ring. "Epic" staredown follows with T holding his good juju baggie up cuz he aint scared......

Eddie FINALLY comes out and cuts a very long promo and everyone is more fascinated with seeing themselves on the tron then paying attention...Eddie calls out JBL and says "shit" as in im gonna kick the shit outta you and pops the crowd huge....after seemingly forever the longhorn limo rolls out and Eddie breaks the window out (after about 9 tries) but the limo is empty and finally JBL comes out and has Eddie
arrested..Christ, I'm sick of the arrest thing. Bradshaw gets heat like 99-2001 X-Pac heat, the go home you dont deserve this opportunity kinda boos...not good....

Rico v. Hardcore Holly - Holly brings Billy Gunn down for reasons that escape me other than perhaps they are forming a team called "Overrated and Overpushed". Holly wins after rolling through a crossbody.

Cena v. Sakoda - Very short match...typical Cena as of late: punches, 5 knuckle shuffle F-U, match saw him F-U Akio onto Sakoda.

Main Event = JBL v. Rey Mysterio - Brutally shitty here with JBL no-selling everything and Rey bumping his ass off in a futile attempt to get this horseshit character over. Bradshaw does have a huge set of manboobs to compliment that 10
gallon hat....Bradshaw gets the victory.

End of show.

Post-show - JBL runs his mouth and UT comes out and JBL starts bargaining with him to go back and send someone else out.."send Paul London out here I'll kick the shit outta him!" Taker isnt having it and he beats him down and gives him the chokeslam, followed by a tombstone after the "tombstone" chant went up. He then posed with Paul Bearer and left followed shortly by JBL to send us all home "happy."

Somwhere else in the night was a Dupree promo of the usual America sucks business.

(edited by knightvibe on 12.5.04 1106)

and thats all i have to say about that!
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And the shitty just gets shittier ... so they've now announced only 4 matches for the PPV?

I'm Rick James, bitch.

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Holy christ, that sounds pretty awful. I guess I know which night I'll be doing laundry this week.

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Wheel of Morality, turn turn turn. Tell us the lesson that we should learn.

Wow. For what it's worth, Holly and Gunn have been a team on Velocity for at least a couple of months now.

So, Brain, what do you want to do tonight?

The same thing we do every night, Pinky: Try to take over the world!

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From: st louis, missouri

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I believe that during the broadcast they will set up Holly/Gunn vs. Rico/Haas and The Dudleys vs. RVD/Mysterio as well. JD will probably be better action than everyone thinks and thank god the JBL push against Eddie will be over!

and thats all i have to say about that!

Since: 17.3.04
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"Eddie and Kurt are having a chat in the back. Kurt accompanied by WWE musclehead #49871A inform Eddie he is a loose cannon....At least Shawn isnt the only one running around."

Funny how all the loose cannons are all religious... Hm...

4 matches for Judgment Day?! How long will the matches be? 50 minutes? It's all going down the pan for Smack! now... Still, at least the JBL is nearly over (or is it?)
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And every heel wins save for Cena. Could just be me, but it seems like that happens way too often on this show

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    Originally posted by Mayhem

    And the shitty just gets shittier

The show or the recapping?

    so they've now announced only 4 matches for the PPV?

I'd imagine we'll get some version of RVD/Mysterio vs Dudleys and Rico/Haas against BillyBob. Maybe they'll cut in an announcement during the broadcast on Thursday.

Of those that are announced all of them at least hold a level of intrigue that would make me curious to watch Judgement Day. But theres no way I'd be forking out for it.


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    Originally posted by knightvibe
    Bradshaw does have a huge set of manboobs to compliment that 10
    gallon hat....

I noticed that, too. Well, not his boobs, but that he's really gained some weight to go along with this push...

-- Asteroid Boy

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On the bright side, Chavo Sr. wrestles. That ends the bright side.
If you take a few guesses, this is what the card looks like less than a week out for Judgement Day:

Eddie vs. Bradshaw
Taker vs. Booker T
Cena vs. Dupree
One Armed Chavo vs. Jackie
The Wackiness of Haas and Rico vs. The Curmedgeoness of Holly/Gunn
RVD/Mysterio vs. Stale Dudleys

The comedy tag match probably can't get more than 10 minutes, Cena/Dupree could turn into a disaster after 10 minutes, the intergender over stipulated match will probably be under 10 minutes. That means they probably are depending on Bradshaw to go around half an hour. Eddie is great, but I don't know if he's that much of a miracle worker.

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    Originally posted by redsoxnation

    Eddie vs. Bradshaw
    Taker vs. Booker T
    Cena vs. Dupree
    One Armed Chavo vs. Jackie
    The Wackiness of Haas and Rico vs. The Curmedgeoness of Holly/Gunn
    RVD/Mysterio vs. Stale Dudleys

Holy shit!

I´m speechless!

Have a nice day!

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The second rule of Fight Club is:

You don´t talk about Fight Club!
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Jeez. WWE=Bipolar. Once again, another Thursday at work, with the VCR off at home. Why are they being both cool (Raw) and crappy (Smackdown) at the same time? That's schizo, people!

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Because if DEAN can't stand up to the awesome power of The Wang, neither can the rest of the world.

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Every time I see Holly/Gunn as a tag team, I hear Les Claypool say in my head "Billy was a race car driver".

I have to say, this looks like one seriously, seriously crappy friggin' PPV. I usually have something positive to, at least Rey has a match?! I like a few of the people involved (Eddie, Cena, Rey, Rico, Chavo, RVD, heck, I even like the Undertaker). But wow, talk about underutilizing your talent. What a pile o' crap.

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I'm getting sick of SMACKDOWN

I remember last year it was good when Lesnar was (a heel) champ, Heyman was in charge,Angle was FACE,BIG SHOW and ALBERT were wrestling biggest jobbers and stooges,and Benoit Wrestled instead being involved in soap opera drama crap.

Ever since Angle became retired(maybe) and Benoit left for greater things Cena hasn't had a damn decent match.When Eddie first won the belt we use to always see great matches with him every week, but they ruined that by having him do crappy storylines and struggling to beat "THE DUDLEY". The only decent storyline they got is Rico and Haas and that's not even that great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I seriously hope that either the recapper forgot to include the PPV-hype video, or WWE is going to edit it into the program before Thursday, because announcing only 4 matches three days before a PPV is just about the stupidest thing ever. Even when WCW was at it's worst by not announcing the whole PPV card until the show started, or advertising false matches on their website, they never only announced four matches on their last show before the PPV. The people who book SmackDown have all gone insane.

Speaking of the PPV, boy does it look shitty. Guerrero is great, but not a miracle worker, and I'm not sure he'll be able to pull a great match out of Bradshaw. Undertaker v. Booker T has the potential to be okay, but I don't know if it'll even make it that far. I like Cena & Dupre, but they're both WAY too green to be in the ring alone with each other for too long. Chavo v. Jackie is a match that should NOT be booked on a PPV that people are expected to pay $34.95 for.

Let's assume the two tag matches are booked on the show. I love Haas & Rico, but Gunn & Holly aren't exactly world-class workers. This has potential to be okay, but I wouldn't go above that. RVD/Mysterio v. Dudleyz looks to take MOTN honors, and even that match isn't anything to get too excited about.

I'm not gonna' say that I won't buy the PPV, because I've said that in the past, and 3 minutes before show-time, I always end up clicking the "BUY" button. However, I'll be crying a river when may cable bill comes in next month, and I realize what I've done.

The answer to WWE's financial problems...

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So, not that I'm complaining, but what'n the hell happened to Rikishi? ... it's like he & Scotty dropped the belts and he vanished ... I'd much rather see him teaming with Rosey in a new Somoan team ...

(edited by Mayhem on 12.5.04 2116)

I'm Rick James, bitch.
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Forget dropping $35, the only one of the JD matches that might make me head over to the local sports bar and watch it for the price of a few pints is Cena/Dupree. And that only to see how well they can pull it off -- the bar of expectations for that one is so low you couldn't slide a dime under it.

Although I would be ghoulishly fascinated by the sight of Bradshaw trying to go thirty minutes. Will he wind up like Scott Steiner and have to kill time by doing six or seven fallaway slams?

Anyway, re the show: Sounds like two hours better spent playing Madden. I'll probably watch a bit out of force of habit, but I have no desire to see Rey play Spike Dudley for Bradshaw, or Chavo wrestling Jacqueline, or another interchangeable match from YOUR Road Dogg of 2004, John Cena.

(edited by Shem the Penman on 13.5.04 0202)

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Funny you should mention that idea about Rikishi and Rosey forming a tag team. I have felt for the last year and a half that Rikishi and Rosey should form a team like their relatives and become a Samoan Savage tag team. It's in thier heritage and thier both agile for big men. Combine the traits and elements of Afa and Sika and update it, you have a new serious tag team.

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Hmm. I'm trying to take Thumper's dad's advice that if you can't say nothin' nice, don't say nothin' at all. (wiggles my nose)

So... hmmm...


OK, I got one. At least we know that there's no way they're letting Bradshaw win the WWE Title, right?


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You could also include Christian in all of this and have them try to turn Lance Storm into a barrelful of charisma with Jericho talking about his Jericholics (i know im spelling it wrong)
- wordlife, RAW THoughts & Jericho/Storm (2003)
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