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The W - Pro Wrestling - DVD Review: Best of Dynamite Kid
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Seeing as I'm immobile with a sprained left knee and can't walk, I decided it
would be a good time to actually watch this Dynamite Kid DVD I've had for
months. I also decided to do a recap/review of the DVD for no particular reason.
We'll see how this goes and maybe I'll do another one in the future.

DVD: Best of Dynamite Kid

Just to start, I have seen most of Dynamite's WWF work and assorted All Japan
matches. I'd also seen a couple of the infamous Tiger Mask matches years ago.

Match #1:

British Commonwealth Mid-Heavyweight Title 2/3 Falls Match

Dynamite Kid (c) vs Bret Hart

1979 in Stampede Wrestling

We are joined in progress being informed that Dynamite Kid won the first fall
and just moments ago Bret Hart squared things up via the ABDOMINAL STRETCH.
Buffalo Bill is your referee. A very skinny Bret Hart (21-22), in red trunks and
boots, and is working over the left arm of a skinny tanned Dynamite Kid (20
years old), in right tights and white boots. We're informed that we're at the 34
minute mark of this match which has a 45 minute time limit. The ring is setup
boxing style, almost, with a plain white mat and ropes that look very thick and
loose. Bret cranks the hammerlock in then moves into a top wristlock then a
standing armbar but Dynamite gets the ropes. ("FIGURE FOUR!" yells a fan?). Boot
to the gut, armdrag into an armbar by Bret. John Foley from Cesspool, England is
in Dynamite's corner says Ed Whalen. Bret sends DK into the ropes and ABDOMINAL
STRETCH! DK shifts and both men tumble through the ropes to the floor. A fan
tries to stop DK from attacking Bret. DK rolls inside. The fan checks on Bret as
DK stomps Bret's head in! Bret back in, both men into the ropes, double KO! Both
to their feet, a dropkick sends Bret to the floor again. Bret to the apron, DK
tries to ram his head into the ringpost, Bret blocks, runs DK all the way across
and rams his head into the other post! Atomic Drop sends DK out. DK just beats
the count and Bret slugs away. Swinging neckbreaker, no cover, Bret tries a
second but DK grabs the ropes. Headbutt by Dynamite. Vertical suplex. ("Go Bret
Go!" chant). DK sends Bret into the corner, charges in, Bret leaps over, but DK
blocks the cradle attempt. Jumping butt splash for 2 1/2. Another 2 count. The
two slug it out back and forth. Both men to their knees, still slugging it out.
Bret slams DK's face into the mat and gets a Half Boston Crab. DK breaks it at
the 40 minute mark. Bret works the leg, picks up DK and vertical suplex for 2.9!
Dynamite fires back, ties Bret to the Tree of Woe and stomps away. DK with a
wristlock then steps over the back of Bret's neck. Bret gets out, sends DK into
the ropes, sunset flip gets 1 for DK. Bret grabs DK's legs and flips over for
two. Bret argues, DK to the gut and sends Bret sternum first into the
turnbuckle. Nervehold by Dynamite, Bret breaks with shoulders to the gut. Huge
hiptoss sends DK into the ropes! DK blocks a kneelift and hits a hard double
chop. Scoop Slam. Another - Bret floats over, rolling reverse cradle for another
nearfall! Dynamite backdrops Bret out of a Piledriver attempt. Bret fights back
and hits a german suplex with 1 minute left! ABDOMINAL STRETCH! Can Dynamite
hold on?! The seconds are ticking away! The bell sounds! Bret won! No he didn't!
John Foley rang the bell early! Dynamite Kid keeps his title!

What I saw was about **. It was pretty damn good for two guys in their young
twenty's in 1979. If the whole thing was as good as those 10 1/2 minutes I saw
then it would probably be around a **** match.

Match #2:

WWF Junior Heavyweight Title Match

Tatsumi Fujinami (c) vs Dynamite Kid

2/5/1980 in New Japan

Dynamite Kid has filled out since that Stampede match but still relatively slim.
He's cut off all his hair and looks like a bad ass. He has long blue tights with
a white stripe down the side. Fujinami is pretty built and in great shape. He's
wearing plain black tights and boots, the fans love him. Handshake. Circle and
lockup to a stalemate. Dynamite grabs a side headlock. Sends Fujinami into the
ropes, hiptoss, stiff uppercuts and a hard scoop slam. Another hiptoss. Dynamite
looks for an Octopus Hold but Fujinami counters with a dragon screw leg whip.
They battle over a knuckle lock. DK with headbutts (Ouch!) but Fuji powers him
down into a bridge. One count, DK gives up the bridge. Back up and DK breaks
with boots to the gut and a harsh headbutt. Forearms but Fuji with a double leg.
Now Fujinami fires with a hard uppercut. DK with a headbutt. Snapmare. Pounds
Fuji's head into the corner. Irish whip, charges, Fuji moves, hits a couple deep
armdrags and grabs an armbar. Fujinami checks his head to see if its in one
piece! Dynamite breaks out with a right cross. Trade uppercuts but DK just kicks
Fujinami in the head. OCTOPUS! Fujinami counters sending both men to the floor.
They staredown as both get to the apron and back in the ring. The fans
appreciate that respect! Dynamite with a sweet drop toehold where he holds on,
locking his legs around Fujinami's. Floats into a hammerlock and drives his knee
into the arm. Switches to an armbar and pounds the chest of Fujinami. Knuckle
lock, pushing TF's shoulders down for two. Fujinami bridges on his head but
Dynamite jumps on top of him but Fujinami holds the bridge! Dynamite throws
himself up and back down on top but can't break the bridge! Again but Fujinami
grabs him in mid-air with a bodyvice! Dynamite powers out and punches Fuji in
the head a few times and then a headbutt, trying to bust him open. More punches
and headbutts! FUJINAMI IS BUSTED WIDE OPEN! Fujinami fires back but DK cuts him
off with a kneelift. Hiptoss. Fujinami with a kick to the gut, gets up and BIG
DROPKICK! Full Nelson - looking for the Dragon Suplex but DK in the ropes for
the break. He sneaks in another headbutt. Fujinami to the floor and is
staggering around. Back in, forearm by Dynamite, then throws Fujinami out the
other side of the ring. DK goes out but Fuji slams his head into a table.
Fujinami back in as the crowd goes crazy. DK back in, headlock, and works the
cut with punches & headbutts & stomps & knees! Gutwrench suplex gets two. A pair
of fistdrops. Dynamite BITES THE CUT and hammers away. Into the ropes - SUNSET
FLIP by Fujinami! 2 1/2! Butterfly suplex by DK but TF gets his foot on the
ropes. Fujinami fires back with chops and hits a gutwrench suplex for two. DK
with headbutt and jumps off the second rope, driving his foot into Fujinami's
bloody head. OCTOPUS HOLD! Middle of the ring! Fuji hiptosses out! They fight it
out. Fujinami into the ropes, leapfrog, another, dropkick but Dynamite holds the
ropes. Brain buster for two. Scoop slam - DIVING HEADBUTT! Fujinami kicks out!
Dynamite is pissed and throws Fujinami to the floor. Knocks him off the apron.
Fujinami with a shoulder to the gut, SUNSET FLIP in, only two! DK pounds down
Fujinami and MISSES a DIVING HEADBUTT! Fujinami works the head and hits a
dropkick! Another sends DK to the floor. Running plancha but Dynamite moves!
Dynamite back in, picks up Fujinami from the apron and brings him in with an
over the shoulder backbreaker! Fuji fights out, DK hits a shoulderblock, tries
again but Fuji with a drop toehold. Fujinami hooks DK's arms with his legs and
turns him over into a pin, then cradles backwards for the win! (15:56) Dynamite
hammers Fujinami after the bell and the ring floods with people and a
dissapointed Dynamite leaves.

What an incredible match. I'd give it about **** 1/4. Dynamite showed respect
early but grew more vicious and brutal as he became unable to put Fujinami away.
He busted him hardway but that seemed to be the plan. This match totally holds
up over *24* years.

Match #3:

Dynamite Kid vs Tiger Mask

4/23/1981 in New Japan

A year later, Dynamite Kid's let his hair grow out a bit and was light blue
tights. He's a little bigger but not much. He gets a good response from the
crowd as he's introduced. Tiger Mask does too but not as much as Dynamite Kid.
Dynamite won't come out of his corner, insisting that the ref check Tiger Mask's
mask and boots first. Tiger throws a phantom roundhouse kick which scares the
shit out of Dynamite. DK goes for a boot but Tiger catches it and legsweeps him.
Mask charges with a kick, Kid catches but Mask hits a spinning mule kick.
Dynamite begs off! Lockup, DK to the wristlock, Tiger with two flips and
reverses the wristlock, Dynamite flips, switches arms, backdrops Tiger but Tiger
lands on his feet and hits a shoulderblock! (That was faster and crisper then
any of copied exchanges you see today). DK catches Tiger with an elbow off the
ropes for one. Again, DK backs off from the speed of Tiger Mask. Side headlock
by DK. Into the ropes, hiptoss, Mask lands on his feet and armdrags Kid! Mask
grabs the wristlock, Dynamite rolls through, flips over and counters into a
keylock but Tiger quickly counters to the wristlock. They exchange rolling
reversals until their standing with their arms interlocked. DK breaks, hammers
with strikes then snap mares Mask and grabs a chinlock. TM snapmares out and
elbows DK in the nose. DK gets pissed and goes for the mask! The ref almost
tackles him to break it. DK with headbutts and forearms and goes for the mask
again! Mask fires back with lightning fists and a spin kick! Double wristlock,
DK sits down and flips Mask into a pin for two. Leg drag by Dynamite and he sit
down with a single leg grapevine of sorts. Almost like a side figure four. He
goes for the mask again. Tiger escapes and is going to punch Dynamite but
Dynamite begs off and shakes Mask's hand. Back up, Tiger Mask wobbly on his
knee. DK offers another handshake and this time kicks Mask in the gut. Headbutts,
irish whip, goes for the backbreaker but Tiger Mask slides out. (Looks like he
missed with the armdrag but Dynamite didn't do any phantom selljob so it was
fine). Uppercut by Tiger and a running backflip kick in the corner! Jumping spin
kick! Dynamite nips up right into a backdrop! Dynamite stalls, saying his back
is messed up, and calls the ref over to check. He's just playing possum and
kicks Tiger Mask down and tosses him outside. Smashes him into the apron and
guardrail several times. Back inside, scoop slam, elbow drop, DIVING HEADBUTT!
Misses! Dropkick sends Dynamite outside! Now Tiger Mask sends DK into the
railing and unloads with kicks. Enzuigiri by Dynamite out of nowhere! Dynamite
suplexes Mask in but Mask flips over and HIGH ANGLE GERMAN SUPLEX! One! Two!
Three! (10:29) Dynamite kicks Tiger Mask after the bell but Tiger kicks him

Holy crap what a match. *****! There are spots and sequences in that match that
you see almost every week in today's wrestling. There was NO hesitation during
that match. It was all just perfectly executed and amazing to watch. It was also
interesting to see the change in Dynamite Kid's in-ring persona. He was totally
in awe of the speed of Tiger Mask. He turned up the heelness trying to rip off
the mask and suckering Mask in with the handshakes.

Match #4

British Commonwealth Mid-Heavyweight Title

Dynamite Kid (c) vs Davey Boy Smith

August 1982 in Stampede

We join this match in progress with Dynamite Kid in blue tights and a skinny
Davey Boy Smith in a red singlet with long tights. Dynamite has Davey in a
headscissors. One fall, one hour time limit, and we've just gone past the 15
minute mark says Ed Whalen. John Foley distracts the ref allowing Dynamite to
choke Davey. Forearm and chops by Kid. Irish whip, Davey stops himself, goes
between Kid's legs and gets a victory roll for two. Dynamite comes back with
stomps and a kneelift. Nervehold. Davey elbows out, ties Dynamite in the ropes
and hammers away. Davey into the ropes, DK gets free and runs him over with an
elbowsmash. Side headlock, Davey shoots DK off, leapfrog and Dynamite goes into
the referee. Davey checks and Dynamite tosses Davey over the top. The ref
recovers, Dynamite suplexes Davey in, Davey flips over and hits a big back
suplex for the three and the title!

There was only about three minutes shown of this. Davey looked like a different
person. He was thin and quick. Harry Smith should aspire to be that Davey Boy
Smith, not the the 90's one. It's interesting that in the Fujinami match, they
did the apron/flip over/suplex spot. In the Tiger Mask match it was the finish.
Now back in Stampede, Dynamite uses it to get beat. I guess he found something
he liked! How many more times will it appear by the end of this review?

Match #5

For the vacant WWF Junior Heavyweight Title

Dynamite Kid vs Tiger Mask

1/1/1982 in New Japan

Tatsumi Fujinami vacated the title in December when he moved to the heavyweight
division ( Dynamite has the shaved head here with a light blue and
white singlet and tights. Lockup and they fight over position into the ropes. A
knee by Dynamite and he hammers away but Tiger Mask catches him with a spin
kick. DK takes Tiger to the mat and grabs a cravate then uses a snap mare into a
chinlock. Tiger counters to a top wristlock. Dynamite rolls and flips around to
reverse. Tiger matches but adds a spin and a arm twist that sends DK to the mat.
DK flips up and pounds on Mask. Gutwrench suplex for 2. Kid kicks the knee,
drags it to the ropes and kicks it again. Kid hangs Mask on the middle rope by
his knee and stomps away on it. Back ot the mat and Dynamite works the knee,
pounding it and wrenching it. DK wraps it up in the ropes again and pounds away
at Mask's back and knee. Clip. Dynamite is on the mat, bending the knee
backwards. Mask kicks him off and starts kicking at Dynamite's legs! Suplex
attempt by Kid, Mask flips over, DK with a go behind and a backdrop suplex!
CRADLE TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER by Dynamite Kid! Dynamite to the top ... DIVING
HEADBUTT! One - two - he pulls Mask up! Another Cradle Tombstone! Back to the
top - DIVING HEADBUTT! Misses! Mask tries to get up, can't stand up, Figure Four
Leglock by Dynamite! Tiger fights and gets to the ropes eventually to break the
hold. Dynamite tries twice and gets kicked off twice! Irish whip, Mask flips
over, DK going for the knee but Tiger's two quick and INSIDE CRADLE for the
one-two-three! (9:31 shown) Dynamite jumps Tiger Mask and is PO'ed! Dynamite
leaves as Tiger Mask gets his trophies.

Another really good match. I'd give it **** for what was shown. The only problem
I really had with the match was that Tiger Mask kept falling down, not able to
put weight on his leg but then at the end, he managed to flip over Dynamite and
he didn't sell the knee. Still, a really good match with Dynamite keeping it on
the mat and showing his arrogance in pulling up Tiger Mask.

Match #6

WWF Junior Heavyweight Title

Tiger Mask (c) vs Dynamite Kid

1/28/1982 in New Japan

27 days later we have a rematch! Dynamite is still in the same tights as before.
Lockup, Dynamite backs Tiger into the ropes, Tiger blocks a forearm. Kick to the
knee, irish whip, and a running forearm by Dynamite. Irish whip, reversal, Mask
charges, Kid moves, Mask runs up the ropes, backflips then hits a spinning mule
kick on DK. Into the ropes, Tiger misses the crossbody. He blocks a kick and
hits a legsweep. TM stomps the leg, DK hops up and hits an enzuigiri! Hard
headbutt. Mask to the outside, whipped into the rail by DK. Back inside, snap
mare and a chinlock. Reversed into a wristlock, they trade flip and roll
reversals, DK hits a backdrop but Mask lands on his feet to a stalemate. Single
leg by DK into a side figure four. DK going for the mask! Off the ropes,
handspring by Tiger Mask, leapfrog and a monkey flip. Irish whip, and a monkey
flip out of the corner. Another irish whip sends Dynamite Kid flipping head
first into turnbuckle! Gutwrench suplex for two. Splash for two. Mask grabs a
keylock. Cross armbreaker! Dynamite rolls out and drops a knee to the head then
throws Mask to the floor. Back in, Dynamite hits a double arm suplex for two.
Chinlock. Switch to the headscissors. Mask rolls over onto his stomach then
rolls back so he's sitting on top of DK with a Texas Cloverleaf. Kid gets the
ropes. Mask with a modified Spinning Toe Hold into a Figure Four. DK gets the
ropes and Mask makes the ref break it. Dynamite feigns a bad knee injury to kick
Mask in the gut then hit a kneelift and a side suplex for two. European
uppercuts but Tiger fires back with a spin kick and a somersault senton for two!
Double arm suplex for two. Clip. Mask has Dynamite in a headscissors. Dynamite
pushes himself up to a handstand but Mask grabs him and drives his head down
like a piledriver. One more time it happens. Dynamite gets free and chokes away
at Tiger Mask. Vicious backbreaker for two. Off the ropes, Mask hits a
shoulderblock. Hits the ropes again, DK lifts him up into a jumping Tombstone
Piledriver for two! Irish whip, and backbreaker! Mask fights out. Dynamite to
the top, DIVING HEADBUTT misses! Hanging DDT by Tiger Mask! Mask to the top and
DIVING HEADBUTT of his own! Dynamite moves! Into the ropes, Mask hits an armdrag
and knocks Dynamite out of the ring! Plancha through the ropes! Mask back in,
tries to suplex Dynamite in but Dynamite flips over and goes for the german but
Mask with a go behind, Dynamite with a go behind, Mask with a go behind, HIGH
ANGLE GERMAN SUPLEX! It's over! (13:42 shown).

This was an interesting one. In the re-match, it was Tiger Mask trying to work
on the knee of Dynamite Kid. It wasn't quite as good as the other way around but
the psychology was deep in this one right down to the finish. Now that they've
wrestled a few times, they start breaking out each other's moves. Tiger Mask
using the Diving Headbutt and then the switch on the finish with Dynamite going
for the High Angle German Suplex. I give it *** 3/4.

Match #7:

Dynamite Kid vs Tiger Mask

7/23/1982 in New Japan

Dynamite Kid is looking more buff and bulked and has hair. He's wearing light
blue and white long tights. Oh and he has BRET HART in his corner. Mask gets a
side headlock to start, spins around into a drop toehold. Whoa. He works the toe
hold then steps out into an Indian Deathlock! Dynamite tries to power out but
can't so he goes to the ropes. Dynamite chases down Tiger before he can get up
and forearms the crap out of him. Snap mare and drives an elbow down. Chokes
Mask against the top rope then throws him back but Mask backflips! DK charges,
leapfrog and a spin kick! Kid charges, leg grab and sweep by Mask! Backdrop!
Seated dropkick! Dynamite begs off. Back to their feet, single leg into the
grapevine by DK. The crowd chants for Tiger Mask. DK grabs a double knuckle
lock, Mask with a head bridge, Kid jumps on top (ala Fujinami match), Kid tries
to break the bridge but can't. He pulls up Mask but Mask keeps going up and over
with a sunset flip for two! DK gets up but gets spun with a headscissors from
the laying Mask! Dynamite lands on his feet! Mask flips backward to his feet and
the two face off to a big ovation. Singe leg by Mask, works the leg and goes
into a spinning toe hold. Moves into some kind of odd standing figure four but
DK is in the ropes. Hard slam by Kid and a kneedrop. Double arm suplex for two.
Chops and forearms. Mask fights back with a spin kick, a somersault senton, and
a legdrop for two. To the chinlock goes Mask. Wristlock by Kid. Flips and rolls
by both, backdrop by Kid, Mask lands on his feet, monkey flip by DK, Mask lands
on his feet, kicks and dropkicks DK to the floor. Running plancha! Dynamite
moves but Tiger spins around in the ropes! Dynamite consults with Bret. Back in,
DK pounds away, snap mare, chinlock, headscissors. Mask onto his knees, jumps
from side to side and escapes. Kid with a hard backbreaker and another for two!
Headbutt and a big chop. Gutwrench suplex for two. Snap mare, legdrop, chinlock.
Mask fights out but Dynamite throws him out of the ring. Back in, Mask with
kicks and uppercuts, a scoop slam then springboards off the second rope with an
elbowdrop for two! Headscissors by Mask. Off the ropes and a crossbody by Tiger!
Brain buster! Tiger Mask to the top and flying elbow drop! Nobody home! German
suplex, go behind, go behind, block, side headlock by Mask, belly to back suplex
by Kid! Dynamite to the top and Bombs Away Kneedrop misses! Tiger kicks away at
the knee and Figure Four! Bret pulls Dynamite to the ropes and stomps on Mask's
legs to try and break the hold! Bret is pissed! Tiger Mask whips Dynamite into
Bret knocking him off the apron! Tiger dropkicks DK over the top rope! SPACE
FLYING TIGER DROP! (Runing handspring twisting plancha)! It hits BRET! Dynamite
scoops up Tiger Mask and TOMBSTONE ON THE FLOOR! We cut away at (14:53). I
believe it was probably a double countout or a DQ finish?

Nobody can fault them for not doing different matches. I give this one ***. It
wasn't as good as the other ones but not bad. It was a little slower without as
much of the intensity as the other ones. The finish was interesting with Bret
getting involved and the debut of the Space Flying Tiger Drop.

Match #8:

WWF Junior Heavyweight Title

Tiger Mask (c) vs Dynamite Kid

8/5/1982 in New Japan

The title back up for grabs! Bret is still in Dynamite's corner. Dynamite's
switched to some dark red tights. Dynamite is hesitant to shake hands to start
but he does and we're off! Kid grabs a wristlock and pulls Mask down by the back
of the mask. Tiger nips up and grazes DK's head with a jumping roundhouse kick.
DK off the ropes, rolls underneath a leapfrog, they both miss with crossbody's
and Mask hits a dropkick sending DK to the floor! DK back in quickly and Mask
hits a crossbody for one and Mask takes a breather. Back in, go behind by TM,
hammerlock by DK and is hiptossed off. DK with a wristlock, Mask spins and
reverses, Kid breaks with some strikes. Slams Mask's head into the turnbuckle,
knees him, into the ropes and a big knee to the gut. Snap mare, chinlock, Mask
reverses into a keylock. Dynamite gets the rope break and slugs away on Mask.
Into the ropes, Mask blocks the kneelift and hits a back heel trip. Elbowdrop
misses. Monkey flip by DK, Mask lands on his feet, Kid misses a dropkick, and
the fight over a german suplex into the ropes. Single leg into the grapevine by
DK. Mask turns it over and DK has to get the ropes. Kid dumps Mask and suplexes
him on the floor! Legdrop! Back in, headbutt and a gutwrench suplex for two.
Snap mare and an elbowdrop for two. Headscissors. Mask to his knees and flips
out and kicks DK. Sends him into the ropes, big spin kick! SUPLEXES DYNAMITE TO
THE FLOOR! Mask out and whips DK into the guardrail. Back in, big DDT for two.
Gutwrench suplex for two. Headscissors by Mask. Kid tries to handstand out but
gets driven down head first. DK gets the ropes. Elbowdrop and a Jumping
Piledriver by Mask! Gets two! Off the ropes, shoulderblock by Mask, hiptoss by
DK, charges and Mask flips him over the top with his feet! DK on the apron, Mask
tries a crossbody but DK moves and Mask flies into the ropes. Irish whip,
shoulder backbreaker but Mask slips out! DK drops a quick elbow for two then
gets the chinlock. Into the headscicssors. Clip. Mask has the Indian Deathlock!
Switches into a surfboard but can't hold on for long. Mask quickly with a half
nelson but Kid is in the ropes. Mask stomps the knee and Kid limps to his feet.
Mask kicks away at the knee, into the ropes but Dynamite holds on. Mask goes for
a single leg but Kid is in the ropes. Another single leg into a half crab by
Mask. Mask working the leg with a figure four variation! He's just tieing up
Dynamite's legs however he sees fit. Kid makes the ropes then hammers away on
Mask. A big headbutt and goes for the Tombstone but Mask backdrops him. Legdrop!
Somersault Senton! Clip. Mask has just kicked out of something. Kid slugs away,
charges, gets dumped! Mask with a running no hands plancha over the top! Back
in, Mask gutwrenches Kid from the apron, walks in with him and SHOULDERBREAKER!
Mask to the top - MOONSAULT! One! Two! Three! (16:35 shown). Mask retains the
title as Dynamite is dissapointed.

Stupid New Japan and their clipping. I assume they clipped out Dynamite getting
a couple near falls there near the end. I'll give *** 3/4 for what I saw.
Another damn good match. I've noticed that Tiger Mask is just making up a lot of
these leg holds as he goes along, just wrapping and twisting Dynamite's legs in
different ways.

Match #9:

WWF Junior Heavyweight Title

Tiger Mask (c) vs Dynamite Kid

4/21/1983 in New Japan

We fast forward a year later for yet another battle. They show the entrances for
this one. Dynamite has even longer hair and ring jacket with stars and a skull
on the back. He's got an ugly blue singlet and tights on and looks JACKED. Tiger
Mask enters to a HUGE pop from the crowd. Dynamite looks to be in a worse mood
then usual, we'll see if that carries over to the match. Dynamite offers a
handshake but turns away. Lockup and a wristlock by DK. Mask rolls and spins but
can't reverse. Some quicker flips and rolls and reverses but Dynamite lands on
his feet! The crowd erupts! Kid works the headlock. Knees and elbows. Snap mare
into the chinlock. Mask flips him over but DK holds on. Into the corner for a
break. Kid with knees and elbows. A snap mare and a kneedrop for one. Mask with
kicks, off the ropes, shoulderblock, off the ropes, DK tries a backdrop but Mask
lands on his feet! Spin kick sends DK to the floor! Running plancha through the
ropes! Back in, suplex by Mask. To the top but Kid tosses him off! Kid up top
and MISSILE DROPKICK then nips up! Snap mare, chinlock, headscissors. Clip.
Tiger Mask is on top, hits a flying axehandle! Surfboard! DK gets up but Mask
ties up his legs again. Kid breaks by ripping at the mask. Into the ropes, DK
dodges a crossbody, charges and gets backdropped to the floor! Mask rope fakes
the dive! Single leg by Dynamite, into the grapevine. Mask fights out. Off the
ropes, lariat by Mask! Somersualt senton and an elbowdrop for two. Mask with the
chinlock. Kid gets out and gets a camel clutch but goes for the mask again! Snap
suplex for two. Elbow and kneedrops for two. Gutwrench suplex for two. Back to
the chinlock and to the headscissors. Mask slides out into a Mexican stle
Surfboard! Dynamite up quickly and goes for a Tombstone but Tiger Mask blocks
it! Dropkick by Dynamite, charges but gets dumped! Mask off the apron with a
plancha taking himself and Dynamite into the first row! The bell sounds for a
countout! They're both helped back in, and plead to the ref, who restarts the
match. Dynamite attacks and hits a Tombstone Piledriver! Kid goes up top but
jumps down as Mask is too far away. Kid chokes him but and is DQ'ed by the ref!
Both don't like that and Dynamite gets on the mic saying something about wanting
more! Tiger Mask agrees and the start fighting! The ref breaks it up, checks
with both men and restarts the match! They circle and Kid with a kick and
Tombstone Piledriver! Quickly to the top and DIVING HEADBUTT to the back of the
head! "VICTORY!" screams Dynamite but he doesn't cover. Dynamite with a headlock
but gets back suplexed! Tombstone by Mask and covers but Dynamite is in the
ropes! DK rolls to the floor and is out! Plancha! Misses! Dynamite back in, goes
to suplex Mask in and Mask flips over! Dynamite grabs the ropes to block, go
behind, go behind, go behind, go behind, Kid runs towards the ropes and takes
himself and Mask to the floor. Kid whips Mask into the guardrail! Suplex on the
floor! Kid tries to ram Mask's head into the post but its blocked and Mask rams
Kid's head into the post! Again! Dynamite gets counted out! He flips and
headbutts a referee! He wants one more chance! He grabs a piece of metal at hits
the ringpost like a bell! He wants one more hance! He headbutts the ref again!
Kid lets go of his weapon for one more chance! And yes, here we go again.
They're sweeping debris from the ring as Dynamite jumps Mask and goes for the
Mask again! He's tearing it open! Snap suplex for two. Clip. Tombstone on the
floor by Tiger Mask! Tombstone on the floor by Dynamite! DOUBLE COUNTOUT! (23:38
for all that was shown)

This one was something else. Apparently, Tiger Mask retired from active
competition a few months later on August 12, 1983. Dynamite Kid couldn't beat
Tiger Mask in this match. He was perfect in his role as the desperate heel,
trying somehow to win but getting foiled by countouts and DQ's all along the
way. I give it **** 1/4 for the whole thing.

Match #10

Dynamite Kid vs Tiger Mask

11/27/1985 in All Japan

So over a year and a half later in a different promotion they meet again! Well
sorta. Mitsuharu Misawa is playing the role of Tiger Mask now instead of Satoryu
Sayama. Dynamite Kid is jacked to scary proportions here. Just way too big. He's
got the dark red tights on. There's the bell. Lockup, Kid shoves him off.
Dynamite grabs the wristlock, Mask reverses, Dynamite with a flip, a cartwheel
and backdrops Mask. Now it's Mask's turn with the reversal and thens ome elbows.
Dynamite fires back. Off the ropes, big shoulderblock by Dynamite. Snap mare to
the chinlock, Mask counters to the hammerlock and drives in some knees. Dynamite
backs Mask into the corner for a break then cheapshots with some shoulders. Some
forearms and smashes Mask's head into the corner. Snap suplex for two. Back to
the chinlock and to the headscissors and again to the chinlock. Mask sends Kid
into the ropes and hits a dropkick! Into the ropes again and crossbody gets two!
Mask dumps Dynamite and slams his head into a table. Back in, single leg by
Dynamite to the grapevine then to a Boston Crab. DK lets go and gets a Mexican
Surfboard! DK's shoulders are down so he lets go. Headbutts and forearms. A
snapmare and a falling headbutt. Mask fires back with kicks. Clip. Dynamite's
got Mask in an abdominal stretch! DK dumps Mask. Back in, lockup, headlock by
Kid, into the ropes, shoulderblock, criss cross, leapfrog, monkey flip by Mask
is blocked into a pin by Dynamite for two! Back suplex by Dynamite. Irish whip
and backbreaker attempt is countered with an armdrag. A spinning kick by Mask
backs Kid into the corner and Mask hits a monkey flip and a dropkick sending DK
to the floor! Plancha! Misses! Kid suplexes Mask back in for two. Into the ropes
and a lariat for two. Kid places Mask up top, Kid to the very top rope,
SUPERPLEX! Mask rolls out to the floor! Mask reverses a whip into the rail and
posts Dynamite. Kid suplexes Mask from the apron to the floor!! Kid smashes
Mask's head into the guardrail! Mask comes back with a back suplex! Double
countout! (10:00 shown).

This was a good match, about ***. It just didn't have the same magic as Sayama
and Billington, though. Dynamite being so gassed didn't slow him down too much
here. Misawa clearly wasn't as quick as Sayama.

Match #11:

NWA International Tag Team Titles

The Cuban Commandos (c) vs The British Bulldogs

1988 in Stampede

Davey is huge and so is Dynamite here. They've got their British Bulldogs tights
now. The Cuban Commandos are the Cuban Assassin and Gerry Morrow. The Commandos
jump the Bulldogs before the bell. Cubans whip Bulldogs into each other and Kid
spills to the floor. Double backdrop on Davey. Davey powers up but gets nailed
from behind. Spike Piledriver attempt is stopped by Dynamite. Clip. A Cuban
misses a splash from the top. Davey backdrops one into the other. The Cubans
walk out for the countout.

Really nothing here except to see the Bulldogs back in Stampede.

**There's also a British Bulldogs vs Kenta Kobashi & Tiger Mask II match and a
bonus match of Chris Benoit vs Great Sasuke from the Super J Cup Finals on the
DVD but my DVD player keeps skipping on them.

Conclusion: This is a MUST-HAVE collection for any wrestling fan. If you
want to witness the man who revolutionized the industry and was the inspiration
for the Chris Benoit's, Jushin Lyger's, and Owen Hart's of the business, then
you need this compilation. If you don't give a crap about that, then you need to
get this compilation because it's 2 1/2 hours of GREAT wrestling that holds up
2+ decades later.

Now if you read all through this, god bless you!

"Each race determines for itself what indecencies are. Nature knows no indecencies; man invents them." - Mark Twain
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