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20.4.18 0521
The W - Pro Wrestling - Does Shawn Michaels have any chance to win? (Page 2)
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    Originally posted by InVerse
    I'd like to see Flair choose now to turn on HHH and help out Booker T, just so we can hear a face Flair call himself the Sixteen, Sixteen, Sixteen, Sixteen, Sixteen, Sixteen, Sixteen, Sixteen, Sixteen, Sixteen, Sixteen, Sixteen, Sixteen, Sixteen, Sixteen, Sixteen Time World Champion just once.

Actually, if they pull a screwjob (which they will), and decide to follow continuity (in theory), Flair helping Booker beat Trip makes sense. If the final 3 at Survivor Series are HBK, Booker, and Trip, Michaels double crosses Booker, and then lays down for Trip to retain. By doing this, it continues, the HBK superkicking Booker out of the NWO angle, and it allows Vince to get his usual hard on about Montreal and the MSG incident with the clique in '96. The next night, Michaels and HHH destroy Flair, who then comes back at Armegeddon to help Booker, who he originally had placed in the NWO. It won't happen, because it would make sense, but there is always that hope that the continuity person hired stumbles across this angle.

I want you to know, I agree with everything I've just said.
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    Originally posted by Jim LotFP

      Originally posted by Simba
      Reading this thread makes me realize that we could actually see a dream match of mine take place:

      Ric Flair vs. Shawn Michaels

    They wrestled on WWF TV in 1991.

It was a good match that led to Michaels turning on Jannetty. It was one of the few times I remember a face bumping all over the place for Flair.

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    Originally posted by gugs
    I would then go on to say that HBK forfeits the title (he can't wrestle frequently enough) leading to a 32-man tournament culminating at the Royal Rumble. At the Royal Rumble, the 30 people who lost in the tournament make up the 30-man field, with the winner getting a shot at the title at WrestleMania. This of course assumes that the brands won't be mixed for the RR and maybe, just maybe, we'll have two next year. Or they split the PPV's with Raw getting RR. I don't care how they do it, this would be a good idea.

I get worried when people post good ideas, because then most likely they're guaranteed not to happen. If this was WWE's idea in the first place it definitely won't be now!
Lap cheong

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Actually, I kind of foresee HHH pinning and eliminating everyone to retain. Seems like the direction they are likely to go...

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Personally...I want Booker to win at Armageddon and see Flair bust out a spinnaroonie.

"Now can you dig that....


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RVD gets the surprise win and goes on to 'Maina for a unification match against Matt Hardy (version one). Next month, the winner will face a healthy Randy Orton, rejuvenated by the thousands of cards and letters (especially from the ladies).

In the undercard, HHH pedigrees Katie Vick after a sledgehammer shot and Kane rapes the body of Ric Flair.

Chris Benoit gets amnesia and forgets that he's not over. Kurt Angle reminds him.

"My brother saw the Undertaker walking through an airport." - Rex

"Was he no-selling?" - Me
Mike Phoenix

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I cringe at the thought of HBK turning heel, because the only place for him to really turn is toward an angle of helping HHH, which would make no sense... I mean, really, why did they have a match at SummerSlam? Because HBK wouldn't be HHH's bitch. Now HHH has a mannequin as a bitch, and it can sell more and not be worried about it's back anyhow.

Kidding. I'm sure Shawn's back condition is serious, and I'm sure that if he really wanted to, he could wrestle 3-4 times a year, but that's not enough to be able to hold a title, unless it's the women's title during Steph's reign when it was never defended, or something of that nature, but if he wins as a face, which would be the only way to win, he wouldn't be able to do that.

Booker T winning? Great, I can see that going places. Same goes for RVD. Anyone think Jericho and Christian will drop the belts before Survivor Series just to tease Jericho having a chance at winning? Then again, it was Jericho who won the first Undisputed title when no one expected it, but we all know how well that turned out.

Kane winning? I just don't see it happening. As much as Vince loves big guys, I think I've figured out part of why. He really does love the guy who looks slightly bigger than normal [aka Rock, Austin, HHH...], and big guys just serve to make these people all that more legitimate. If Undertaker and Kane sold everything from a cruiserweight, would the Rock seem as credible kicking their asses? Further, even if he did still seem credible, would he get anything out of it? Probably not. The way things seem to work in the WWE, big guys feed the slightly smaller guys.

I've ranted enough for now.. just wanted to throw in my penny or two.

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Booker T winning would be the absolute shiznitle

the thing is that Booker and Jericho are going to fight and rant and rave at each other causing them to take their eyes off the prize and miss their opportunity in the Chamber, leaving


Kane'll be next to lose because he hasn't got the required 3 letter chant to be the world champion, leaving...


Now here is the meat and two veg of it. HBK will go next after valiantly fighting off Triple H but not fighting off the sledghammer.

Triple H gets up to celebrate but is clocked by a freshly recovered RVD (He's been on the outside recovering after a Rolling Thunder through a table)and Van Dam heads upstairs to the top turnbuckle.

HHH gets up and crotches him on the rope but RVD stays up there. HHH joins him up there looking for a superplex, HBK smashes him with a sledgehammer to the back (While selling his own wounds way over the top)
-HHH falls to the mat,

after RVD jobb's the title to Katie "The Manniquin" Vick on the next RAW, Triple H comes in and beats her/him with the pedigree, signifying him as the greatest swerve-o-matic wrestler of all time.

(edited by miknight on 31.10.02 1047)

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Am I the only one that remembers the clique? The only person who stands a better chance of winning than HBK is HHH. Because according to the WWE creative forces, HBK is the only performer "over enough" to take the title away from HHH. Not RVD, Not Kane, Not Booker T, Not Y2J.

Logically, Booker T would be the next guy to feud (and of course job) to HHH. But who knows what direction theyre going in? My fear is that the main event for WM 19:

HHH vs. HBK vs. Kevin Nash

And you thought WWE is bad now.

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