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The W - Pro Wrestling - Does anyone think Y2J is worthy? (Page 2)
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Everyone seems to bitch when the *same* guys are holding the titles, but when someone new like Angle or Jericho have the belt they are deemed a failure right off the bat. You guys are getting worse than Vince.

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Hmmm...Jericho is a heel champion. A worthy heel champion must be despised by the fans. To do that, Jericho should cheat and win his matches ugly to get in-ring heat. He should also insult/irritate the faces and/or the crowd in all of his promos. Jericho has done all of those things in the past few weeks. Jericho is despised by the fans; thus, he is a worthy heel champion.

In my opinion, of course...

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Oh COME on. I'm not *mad* at him because he's a heel. I dont think hes on the same LEVAL as Austin, Rock or HHH. Does a match feel as important when hes in it, as it does when one of the ther are invololved? In my opinion, it really doesnt.

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Let me ask you this:

Did any match prior to the Royal Rumble 2000 featuring HHH feel as important as anything which followed? Was his first reign anywhere near as good as his third? Did you, 210, feel the gravity of a HHH title match in August/September 1999?

Hunter, like Rocky and Austin before him, only got to the point where he was one of the true flagship workers of the company by actually being allowed to show it. He was allowed (as a heel, I might add, so I'm not taking any of this "But a Good Heel has to be a cheater and inferior and blahblahblahblah"; yeah, technically the Top Face has always and should always be made out to be the dominant wrestler in the promotion, but recent events upset the order) to prove that he was a truly worthy champion, beating Foley and beating him decisively three times. Winning at Wrestlemania. Basically taking every challenge which came his way and winning, until the goofy Iron Man Finish, at least. The announcers basically verbally fellated him and how dominant he was. The main stories revolved around him.

Jericho hasn't had a truly memorable match since winning the damn thing; it's to a point where people are saying the Jericho/Rock match at Rumble has no build-up even though they spent the last quarter of 2001 working on Rock/Jericho. He hasn't been dominant over anyone, not Rikishi, not Van Dam, and certainly not anyone who matters. The main selling point has been "But He's the First Undisputed Champion!" which is both wrong in two different ways and altogether unimpressive, given the circumstances. The announcers don't really give him much play, other than Excessiveuse of the Word Ego, but even has to share this trait with Rocky, Van Dam, etc. He's in maybe the third most important storyline of the PPV cycle, and to not be AT LEAST second is inexcusable: Flair and McMahon taking up more screen time than Jericho and Rock is just silly. HHH and Austin and Rumble all you want, but make the belt at least somewhere in the top tier of your priorities.

Does a Chris Jericho title match feel important? No. Not really. He hasn't been presented as anything remotely important.

That said, I think he's something of a minor deity for stopping the What chants in his speech on RAW. Personally, he's the second best thing in the WWF right now, as Angle has got some sort of fire lit under his ass this month. But still, for a guy with a hell of a lot of Gold on his bad self, he's not the Number One guy. He's not the Number Two Guy. Depending on where Taker finds himself and whether Angle continues this streak of being Disturbingly Good again, Jericho is somewhere around fifth on the WWF Depth Chart, and they have made no effort to put him any higher.

Hunter, Rocky, Austin, and all who came before, are in that special level because they were given a chance to prove themselves. Jericho can only show himself to be a worthy champion if he is allowed to be a worthy champion. Otherwise he's just keeping the belts warm. If he goes out there on Sunday and maintains full dominance against the Rock, and makes it something special, and all they can talk about is the match Jericho had, and how dangerous he is, then they might be on the road to making Jericho Feel that Important. I could easily see him with the belts going into Wrestlemania, and Not even flinch, if Chris Jericho was portrayed as worthy of going to Wrestlemania to defend the World Titles. But he hasn't been. He's just another in the chain of Winter Transition reigns, like Angle and Show before him. And there's no real reason why that is.


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Originally posted by BigDaddyLoco

Everyone seems to bitch when the *same* guys are holding the titles, but when someone new like Angle or Jericho have the belt they are deemed a failure right off the bat. You guys are getting worse than Vince.

I second this observation.

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Chris, a very well written piece..
And I have to agree with you on alot of things.

One or two credible wins would change the way people look at Jericho. But who knows..maybe him beating Rock at the Rumble will do that?

He does get the right kind of heat though to be made into a big champion. For now he cheated and whined himself through it, but that could all change by that one big one (heh..again with that 'Winning the big one' thing)
If he were able to beat the Rock or whoever they throw at him (if he keeps the belts post RR) fair and square the perception of his reign would change. And I think he could become an even bigger heel by doing so.

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I truly think Jericho is ready. I think he's doing an outstanding job...the one thing that's really gonna help Jericho right now is a program with HHH. Have HHH win the rumble...DON'T have a #1 contender's match at NWO, just build the Jericho/HHH main right away.

That's a GREAT idea. I'm all for a HHH/Jericho WM main event...However, I'm going on the assumption that since Jericho hasn't quite reached "icon" status yet, that he'd drop the belt either at the Rumble or No Way Out to set up the Rock/Austin or Rock/HHH Money Match for WrestleMania.

Another victory for Jericho at the Rumble, and a solid program with The Game would really solidify Jericho's place among "the elite". Now that he's Larger Than Life, he needs to start showing his nasty side a little bit. He needs to DESTROY somebody - doesn't really matter who it is - but one squash in Jericho's favor could be all he needs to set up a way-cool HHH/Jericho feud.


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O.K I figured it out. Everyone seems to agree that Y2J has the potential to become a great champion but just doesn't have a good opposite that will put him over and be taken seriously. I can't lie, when I hear that countdown and 'Break the Wall', I'm ready to laugh. He's just not being taken seriously. I mean, every great champion had a foe to feud with and help him get over. Bret Hart had Shawn Michaels, Austin had Hart, Foley had the Rock, the Rock had Foley, Triple H had Foley and so on. Triple H was 'Mr. Suckit' until he got that sledge hammer. The Rock was just a smartass til the 257 chairshots thing. Y2J isn't being taken seriously and really he hasn't done anything lately to gain that respect, except break Chyna's thumb. He needs a credible opponent that will deem him worthy of his status. Maybe they should get Chyna back.

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Jericho's foe is TheRock I'd say.
TheRock is the one that pulled him to the 'main event level'. TheRock is the one that he has had 'The Big One' against and TheRock seems to be most likely to take his title..and thus if Jericho can beat TheRock he will be the guy that helps him over that final hump and makes him a bonafide larger than life legend!

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I agree, HHH first run with the title was completely panned by the internet community. He has been built over time by his championships world, tag, and IC to be worthy and a significant presense with the WWF. Jericho has been an internet darling forever until he gets the title. What will happen when everyone's favorite Benoit gets his run with the title which will eventually happen. My bet is that his first run will be panned by the net. That is too bad, I enjoy the net and what it has brought to my wrestling enjoyment, but luckily I have kept my fans enjoyment of everything. I love the entertainment that has come about but I also enjoy it when the WWF comes out with some old school wrestling like I was a fan of as a kid watching the von Erich's and Freebird battles in Dallas and Paul Bosch wrestling in Houston

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My Jericho thoughts, crossposted from ITVR.

When they started the whole Rock/Jericho fued, one of the reasons it was so interesting was that even though Jericho was not at Rock's level yet, people still thought that he could beat Rock. And at No Mercy he did (albeit tainted with the chair). People were interested in him. He was starting to get to the main event level. So Vengeance rolls around, and with it his heel turn. He jobs left and right to Austin and Rock. People start to percieve him as having no chance of winning(well, besides about me, Brew and Loosie ). And he shockingly wins. And he is doing everything he needs to as a heel champ. Cheating to win, arrogant attitude, general assholishness. People don't like him. They want to see him lose the title to Rock or Austin or whomever. The problem is that now whenever he is in the ring with them he is made to look like he has no chance of winning. Austin and Rock treat him @#%$ in the ring. I personally don't like this, but I understand it. That is what type of champ he is. The problem for me is that instead of booking him to be the main man (as the champ should) he is put in matches with the likes of Rikishi, for no real reason, and even they treat him like crap in the ring. F-ING heatless ass Rikishi. Jericho is not booked at the Main Event level. Everything is booked to overshadow him. Flair vs. Vince is getting more buildup than Jericho is right now, fer chrissakes! The champ should get more buildup than anything. The belt(s) are the most important thing in a wrestling company. Unfortunately, they aren't made out to be. They are treated as an afterthought. He can only work with what he is given. The point (I think ) I'm trying to make is that the reason he doesn't seem like a credible champ is that he isn't booked at the level a champ should be booked.
I have no problem with him being a cheating, wussy, can't beat the big faces champ. The problem is that he is treated as too much of an afterthought as champ.

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I'll say this, Jericho's heel turn for me was a damn success! Period. He's so good at being lsimy I'm rooting for him. And the Speedo promo was a classic. I'm not gonna' lie, I disagree with every single person on this baord who bithces about Jericho as unified champion. I think the problem lies in bad timing. And there's nothing anyone could do about it. Anyone who's champ was gonna' be the fall guy for the "Triple H should be champ" people. That and Austin's "What" phenomenon is running wild across the nation. And so HE'S mister popular all over the "WHAT" Nation. And to me, Angle has just gotten better with age. He's awesome and I'm rooting for Angle to win the Rumble, we all know he has a snowball's chance in hell. I think honestly the WWF is turning into WCW for a while, they have too many TOPE LEVE guys, the only difference is all the TOP LEVEL guys are just so damn GOOD. Booker, Austin, Angle, Taker (I know someone wants to hate), Triple H and Jericho. Hell it's either gonna' get really good or really bad after the Rumble. I mean one of these days too many top dogs is gonna' be a bad thing. And Jericho deserves some credit. I'd say that he and Rock's past shit is classic to say the least, I love thpose matches and look forward to their next.

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The whole situation kinda pisses me off. I've been a big fan of Jericho's for a while. When he appeared to have won the title from HHH in April 2000, I went nuts. Still, this whole thing with him holding the Undisputed World Championship just doesn't feel right. They are taking the most prestigous title in the business and making it a subplot in the grand scheme. It sucks.

I think Jericho needs that one match. You know the one. The one that gets a ton of hype and all the focus. The one where everybody has him pegged to lose to some megastar and then he comes out, gets the shit kicked out of him, survives and ends up winning- cleanly. After that, go back to cheating to win and being a dastardly heel. But it will be that one match that finally gets people to stand up and notice Jericho the Champion.

HHH had this match with Foley at Royal Rumble 2000. In fact, I think he had his 'one match' version 1.1 at WrestleMania 2000. Once again, it was a match where he was pegged to lose. Everybody said "Foley or Rock, can't be Triple H... he's the heel," and look who won. When H walked out of WM still holding the belt, he was fully established as the monster heel.

But I digress. Jericho had the perfect chance for his One Match this Sunday at the Rumble. Fighting The Rock, one of the top stars in the industry in a championship match. These two have have a long-running built-in feud. In fact, Jericho won at No Mercy and at Vengeance. Everybody would figure this is the PPV where Rock goes over and puts Jericho away. Having Jericho pull off a win on his own here would be HUGE.

But alas, I just don't think this match has the hype it needs. Rather than anxiously awaiting the big payoff and finally seeing the Rock win (just likely we wanted to finally see Foley kick H's ass in 2000), people are feeling like this feud is played-out. The build-up this month has sucked.

Who knows, maybe this will be that match for Jericho, but the match just doesn't have the right feel. He needs that big win to establish his championship run and unfortunately, this doesn't look like it.

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Originally posted by NEO
Yeah the guy is funny and charismatic and all that good stuff, but he's still a cruiserweight. Should he really be the "top dog" in wrestling right now, I think it was a bad gamble. He should be feuding with Edge over the IC title instead.

"Your crazy, I've got balls the size of grapefuits!!" Mcmahon/Austin segment.

He needs to develop his character a little more, and that can only come with time as champion (if they REALLY want to go there, which most of us are fearing they don't) and something worthwhile, to, you know, talk about. As much as it pains me to say it, it probably would have been for the better - for Jericho- had the Rock been on RAWWW to give the title match that much more storyline development. I think the first few interviews he did during his heel turn were great (esp. when he and Rock were accusing one another of being Alliance moles in the lockerroom in front of all the boys) and his deal this past Monday was good. But I foresee that it will all end too soon and Jericho will be left looking titleless and more pathetic than anything.

As a worker, though, he's fine. He blows some spots but usually never to where it looks completely unrealistic when he does so, which is good. He has good charisma in the ring and can build matches and all that. Taking him out of the top echelon would be a huge mistake, especially if they are going to do a 'split' and split said echelon in half.

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most definitely
nuff said

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I don't know. I've watched Jericho for years and despite most of the tainted victories he's had as unified champion, I think that maybe he CAN win this one. The Rock has won many a big one, and I think he doesn't need another belt for a while. I have this strong feeling that Jericho's holding something back, and then he can pull a clean win over the Rock on Sunday if he lets it fly. He did it in that Last Man Standing match with HHH. Besides, another Wrestlemania with the Rock in the main will actually bore me. I'm definitely up for HHH/Y2J.

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Originally posted by Ringmistress
I don't know. I've watched Jericho for years and despite most of the tainted victories he's had as unified champion, I think that maybe he CAN win this one. The Rock has won many a big one, and I think he doesn't need another belt for a while. I have this strong feeling that Jericho's holding something back, and then he can pull a clean win over the Rock on Sunday if he lets it fly. He did it in that Last Man Standing match with HHH. Besides, another Wrestlemania with the Rock in the main will actually bore me. I'm definitely up for HHH/Y2J.

The Ringmistress

We don't THINK so, we KNOW so.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but Didn't Hunter win the Last Man Standing match against Jericho? I know Y2J Beat Kane in that type of match, but I recall being annoyed because I was hoping Jericho would get over.

I do agree, they should job the Rock to him, more or less cleanly, to get Y2J over as a heel, but they me see that as out of character for the man who had to cheat against Mid-Cardkishi!

And never forget that winning the rumble means you win the shot at WM for the belt, BUT the Shot itself can be lost before then. I still say at WM we will see more than two men involved in the title match.

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I'd personally like to see the "Canadian Horseman" do some hue run-in and cost Rock the World title.

I think if they want to get Jericho more heel heat and have the image of him being an "undeserving, fluke champ" - get his three Canadian buddies to run interference.

Also, I think we'll be seeing Stephanie managing these guys anyway - so I'm for the WM main event to be HHH-Jericho also.

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