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22.5.18 0327
The W - Pro Wrestling - Do over?
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Since: 31.10.02
From: seattle

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If you could reverse a booking decision from any time in wrestling history, what would it be? Why?

Excluding the obvious booking decisions that resulted in fatalities or career ending injuries...

an example: Not having Hulk Hogan go over Yokozuna at WM9.

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Since: 2.1.02
From: Madison, WI

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The Finger Poke Of Doom that returned the WCW Title to Hulk Hogan and really began the downfall of WCW.

Alternate: The Dusty Finish that saw Crow Sting stripped of the WCW title.


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Since: 16.2.02
From: Shaolin

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From the desk of Swordsman Yen
David Arquette winning the WCW title, marking the final nail in the WCW coffin.

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Since: 28.4.02
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Booker T VS Buff Bagwell.

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Since: 24.7.02

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Since a couple of good ones are used, Sgt. Slaughter over Dingbat Warrior. Instead of Hogan/Warrior drawing 100k, you get Hogan/Slaughter and the beginning of the down period for the fed.
For just a decision, giving Steph/Steph the booking crayon ranks up there on bad ideas as well.

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Since: 23.10.02
From: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

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I would like to see what would have happened if WCW didn't make the COMPLETELY DUMBASS decision to allow Kevin Nash to end Goldberg's streak by taking the WCW title from Goldberg. That move sealed the fate of WCW. That move led to the equally stupid move of having Kevin Nash GIVE the WCW title to Hulk Hogan with the "finger poke of doom" on a night that they had a huge crowd at the Georgia Dome for an advertised Goldberg vs. Nash rematch for the WCW title. So, not only did they cheapen the WCW World title by having the champion GIVE it to another wrestler but, they also didn't deliver the advertised main event which was the reason for the big crowd. To make it worse, Goldberg was gone during the whole show for a stupid angle in which Elizabeth claimed sexual harrasment and had Goldberg arrested (I always hate wrestling angles that involve the police or lawyers).

If not for this decision, maybe WCW could have turned it around sometime or at least had more value when it was finally sold. If WCW was around, the WWE would be more motivated and be better because of having some competition. If WCW had more value when it was sold, another group could have bought it and maybe have a better product than WCW was producing. At the least, Vince could have bought a WCW with enough value to get a TV deal and produce WCW as a completely different organization that would have produced a much better angle down the line than the watered down Invasion angle that we got.

Since: 19.5.02
From: Toronto

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1. The whole Triple H as the mastermind as the person who ran over Austin. Rikishi was fine as the driver and they could have taken that storyline to an interesting level. Mick Foley once said that the most interesting heel is the one who believes in his actions, and they should have had Rikishi truly believe in his heart that what he did was right. Rock, Too Cool, everyone could have treated him as a pariah and he could have been heartbroken by it. In his No Mercy match, Austin should have brutally beaten him up, to the point where the announcers and crowd could have become uncomfortable with it. It could have sown the seeds for a later Austin turn and really could have challenged the viewers with a storyline that isn't nessesarily black and white with different characters. Instead, we got FUBU wearing Rikishi coming out to "Bad Man" and HHH being the centre of attention, when the crowd was ready to be on his side with the whole Angle/Steph thing.

2. No nWo, No Scott Steiner, No kidding.

3. WCW did an Uncensored (I think) PPV, which kicked royal ass in 1998. It featured a 5 star match between Raven and Benoit, a 4 star match with Booker and Martel and a great Jericho/Mysterio match. At the end of the Benoit/Raven match, the flock came out to beat up Benoit and Malenko saved him. It was supposed to start a stable, with those two, Guerrero and Regal (I think). I would have stuck those 4, plus Booker and Page as the main faces and had the flock, and Jericho as the main heels and built around them, slowly fazing out the nWo.

By the way, Storm's gimmick includes 1.) telling the audience to shut up, and 2.) occasionally making everyone stand for the Canadian national anthem. You know they don't know what to do with a wrestler when he's making fans stand for a national anthem. It's like waving a white flag and saying, "This guy has no personality -- we give up."

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Since: 10.1.02

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#8 Posted on
Giving RVD the ECW world title

Since: 9.7.02
From: Sleep (That's where I'm a viking)

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I would have jobbed Bill Goldberg to Hugh Morrus. This match started Goldberg's uber-push and allowed WCW to rely heavily on one man. If Morrus had beaten Berg, WCW would have been forced to make creative decisions much longer than they did, and they may be in business today.

Why do I watch? Because every episode has the potential to be the best one ever, and I'll be DAMNED if I'm gonna miss that one after sitting through this shit.

Since: 18.5.02

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#10 Posted on
I'm a big ECW fan, and I don't see how RVD as World Champ would have changed ECW's fate. It would have been... fun?.. I suppose.

How about WWE re-signing their contract with USA Network, instead of TNN?

That would have had a bigger effect on the longevity of ECW than RVD as champ.
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Since: 2.1.02
From: Darkenwood

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I wouldn't have fired Mr. Perfect.

Alternate: The Evil Custodian would have won Tough Enough 1, in my perfect world.

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Since: 30.8.02

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The Blue Blazer descending from the ceiling.

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Since: 5.10.02
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The Austin turn at X-7. The WWE still hasn't recovered from it.

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Since: 2.1.02
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Would've put Rock on RAW and Austin on Smackdown(!)

Alternate: Would've held off the inVasion until late 2001, when they were talking with Flair and the nWo for contracts.

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Since: 18.6.02
From: New York, NY, USA

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#15 Posted on

    Originally posted by chill
    How about WWE re-signing their contract with USA Network, instead of TNN?

    That would have had a bigger effect on the longevity of ECW than RVD as champ.

It also would have had a bigger effect on the longevity of WWE.

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Since: 6.1.02
From: Pittsburgh, PA

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    Originally posted by chill
    I'm a big ECW fan, and I don't see how RVD as World Champ would have changed ECW's fate. It would have been... fun?.. I suppose.

    How about WWE re-signing their contract with USA Network, instead of TNN?

    That would have had a bigger effect on the longevity of ECW than RVD as champ.

Well he never said that it would've changed ECW's fate, although he could have meant that. The question wasn't what would you change that would result in the biggest change or anything. He could've just made that booking change because he likes RVD.

Which is what i'm choosing to do. I would've let Benoit keep the belt one of the times he won it and got the decision reversed.

Second behind that is I probably would've let Mic win the Hell in Cell retirement match against HHH, and atleast keep the belt until Wrestlemania.

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Since: 10.1.02

Since last post: 4246 days
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#17 Posted on
Right, nothing earth shattering, just would have been a helluva better way to go out than Aldo Montoya holding onto it for forever

Since: 26.6.02
From: York, England

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I would have pulled the trigger with HHH-Steph-Angle in October 2000. Steph turns, Angle becomes a huge heel and Trips becomes a sympathetic face. Apparently it didn't happen as Steph didn't want to 'jinx' the relationship in a Kevin Sullivan kind of way.

I would also change the booking of the Radicalz vs Rikishi/Too Cool (No Way Out 2000) or Radicalz vs Chyna/Too Cool (WMX6), which would have made them a credible force if they had won either of them.

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Since: 19.7.02
From: Trenton, NJ, USA

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-I wouldn't have put Big Show in the Triple Threat match vs. Rock and HHH, after Austin dropped out and then put the belt on him at Survivor Series 1999. His ensuing feud with Big Bossman, though amusing, wasn't flattering.

-I would have let Jericho keep the WWF title when he FIRST won it from HHH, in the match that 'never happened'.

-RVD dropping the IC belt to HHH because without it, RAW just has this HUGE gap. There was no reason to get rid of it and all those upper mid-carders seem bored. They need that belt back.

-Anything WCW did during their last year, although the screwjob on Hogan was pretty cool. (Watch someone ask me what I mean here )All that, is it a shoot or a work? crap was... well... it was crappy.

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Since: 2.1.02

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#20 Posted on
Arquette winning the WCW Title.

Vince Russo winning the WCW Title.

Katie Vick.

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