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The W - Ladies Only - "ding" -- Smackdown 5/29/03
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Cherries > Peaches

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Stephanie's "ding" to Vince was the funniest small thing that I've seen in ages. :-)

I thought Sable was supposed to be in the middle of the show, so I was assured a potty break opportunity? Although they may have moved it since she was uncharacteristically associated with a bit of wrestling. Nidia's coming along -- she's really going to have to move to Raw one of these days. Who says there are no perks to ref'ing women's matches? Funniest error of the night was probably when Torrie momentarily forgot which knee she was selling. That whole segment was weird, from Torrie's knee, to Tazz jumping Jamie, to the water fight.

Tajiri is wonderful with Eddie. "Oh man, he's learning so fast." And the in-ring stuff is working out well too. Lots of fun little things, & good fast moves. One of my favourite-ever "cheat to win" tactics. Happy-happy all around.

I thought the lie detector segment was fun. (Is it a coincidence that Confidential is rehashing "Vince, Hogan & the steroid trial", including courtroom drawings of Hogan on the witness stand? Hmmm.) Vince going from arrogantly smug to confused, & then pissed isn't exactly new, but he does it so well.


Sean & Benoit was pretty decent. I was happy to get Sean a win via Piper's interference, but did they really have to make Chris look quite so dumb? (I guess wolverines aren't always the brightest carnivores in the zoo.)

The Kurt Desire video is actually kind of sweet. You have to go "aww" at the kid's stuffed animal on Kurt's chest on his way into surgery.

We need to find a program for Spanky. He's totally wasted as utility infielder teamed with Rikishi. The style dichotomy between the 2 of them is kind of interesting, & he makes anything he's involved with fun, but he deserves some real interactions of his own.

Vince being towed off to the airport was pretty amusing. When Vince's evening goes downhill, it goes fast.

How's this for wierdly arcane: Was Zach's cane the same style that Freddie Blassie uses? Homage, coincidence, or emma's hallucinating again?

Would you look at that elbow on the Undertaker! It actually flexes again! And the boy's been doing some serious cardio. I enjoyed this match. Totally different style than Team Angle / Los Extended Guerreros naturally, but that's OK. Excellent interactions all around. Fun match.

I enjoyed the show, in spite of being a little light on the wrestling. Two really good matches, & two pretty decent ones. Vince's day going south on him. Lotsa fun little details. Sean & Charlie for eye candy. I'm good.
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Lap cheong

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I'm glad you enjoyed it Emma. I didn't like the way they used Spanky. He was on the verge, and all it would take is an EXTENDED angle with Cena. Extended, as in, more than three weeks. I don't know why I enjoyed Sable, but I have to say (like before), it's because well, most of what she says was right. She broke sales records, Torrie's a goober, I can agree with that. Don't know what's up with Tazz, though... What can I say about Nidia and Noble? I love them both, and get ready for this, Noble's one of the best damn kissers in WWE, next to Val Morley! Usually, I don't care if the show's light on wrestling, as long as it's not too dependent on stuff that ain't got nothing to do with it, if you know what I'm saying. So, thanks to my bro's tape, I watched it right up to the Kurt desire video, then called it a night. Simply because I want to end the show watching on a hopeful note. Seeing Kurt's little face got me tearing up, and I just couldn't watch the rest of the show. Didn't miss too much from the sound of what happened after that. I admit too, that Steph's "ding" was really cute. At first I thought it was Tazz who said that, lol. But enough lie detecting, folks. I guess that about wraps it up. Oh, and O' Haire looks good too, but it's hard to get into him when Piper does all the talking for him.

1000 bitches and counting....
Toast Jr

Since: 30.1.03
From: Stafford Springs, CT

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#3 Posted on
While the show was good overall, it was all the little things that went on that really made it for me.

Women's stuff - okay, I really really hate the women on Smackdown, even Nida is starting to lose her appeal to me. But then Torrie loses? Torrie loses? It's like I don't even know what show I'm watching anymore! And what's wrong with Tazz? Why won't he just put Sable through the announce table and get it over with?

Tajiri+Eddie=best thing ever! The only thing I think this team is lacking is Tajiri in a silly looking sombrero. And then Tajiri speaks English? And again, my world is falling apart! But it's okay, because the only thing funnier than Tajiri not speaking English is Tajiri speaking pigeon Spanglish. The match with Team Angle was awesome! I could watch the four of them battle forever.

I thought the lie detector segment was pretty cute. Went on a little long, but nothing horrible. For shame Vince! The detective told you that if you didn't let him ask the questions the way he wanted to the machine wouldn't be properly calibrated! So now Vince is angry at Steph and is going to make changes to her roll as GM? Please tell me this means Shane! I would die of happiness if Shane, dream-god-of-wonderfulness came back.

Sean O'Hare is dreamy too.

You know who else is dreamy? Spanky! But I wish he would go back to his old shorts, I'm not a big fan of the sparkly ones- the others showed off he cute little behind better. The match was okay, I spent most of it wishing Spanky and Cena would continue their feud.

Matt Hardy is the king of heels! Work the groin Matt!

I zoned out during most of the last match. It was okay, but nothing special. It helped make Big Show look like less of a sissy, so I guess that's okay.

On a final note, I got a little teary at the Kurt video too. When he was holding his little girl so tight, you knew how scared he must have been. I'm so glad he came out all right.

Next week brings me the possibilities of:
Kurt's return + eye-candy (Spanky and Sean) + Shane + Tajiri in a sombrero
If I get all that I will be the happiest girl in the universe

Since: 6.3.03
From: Jersey

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#4 Posted on
Why does Sable say her own name so much? Is that to remind her who she is? Did they replace a portion of her brain with plastic like the rest of her body? I f-ing hate her and Torrie. And Torrie - nice hair. Nice ring wear, too. *eye roll* Nidia = good. I hope the Barbie Twins don't rub off on her. I'd rather see Nidia tooling about aimlessly by Noble's side then have to dumb herself down to Sable and Torries level. I agree with you Emma, Nidia needs to move to Raw and get some Stratusfaction. Then Sable and Torrie can have all the bikini contests, distance water throwing contests, and everyone's favorite 'who has more plastic' contests.

I can't believe I dedicated that much space to Sable and Torrie. I also can't believe how many times I've made a plastic reference. I'm like the King and his 'puppies'.

Eddie may be a cheater but the man is smart. He sees opportunities and takes them! How great was losing tug-of-war to Haas, then laying down pretending to be knocked out?!?!? Best way ever to retain your belts!

But it's okay, because the only thing funnier than Tajiri not speaking English is Tajiri speaking pigeon Spanglish.
Pigeon Spanglish? Toast - funny shit!

If Tajiri shows up wearing a sombrero - we all need to do a shot of tequila in honor. Or we can just do a shot of tequila anyway...

Sean didn't do it for me last night. I'm not sure why. I think it might be the jacket. I thought I loved the jacket...

Vince. I love this man. I want to drink beers with this man. He says to Zach: "...neither will have a leg to stand on." I am so horrible of a person - I laughed my ass off.

Spanky, Spanky, Spanky - what the hell were you wearing? Less. Less is more my friend. But not in Rikishi's case. In his case more is more. HAHA - Double Stinkface for our viewing pleasure. I cringe every time - and I love it.

I did not watch the ending.

I, too, was very moved by Kurt's video. I can't believe he's coming back next week! I can't believe he's coming back from neck surgery next week! The Wrestling Gods are truly devine creatures to give him back so quickly.

You know, the show was acceptable, but not great, it didn't hold its usual luster with me as it usually does. I really think seeing Barbie right off the bat just ruined it for me. I hope they never do that again.

Price of Parking: Vince's acting
Price of admission: Eddie faking being hit with the belt by Haas

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Yeah, I think you've got it. There are guys who can get him to stay "in the moment" in a match -- I do remember Undertaker with RVD as being good throughout. That also explains why I occasionally do enjoy the hell out of him. Good call.
- emma, Why don't I love RVD? (2002)
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