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22.6.18 1552
The W - Pro Wrestling - Detailed Results for IWS Devil's Night
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Official Results for IWS Devil’s Night
Saturday, October 29th, Montreal, Le Break
Attendance: 412

The Devil in Kevin Steen

In other promotions; in Japan; in California, Kevin Steen is known as a shit-disturbing, smart-alec. In Montreal, Kevin Steen is so hated, so loathed that he can start riots. In Montreal, he has already had pitchers of beer thrown at his head, he has already had garbage cans emptied on top of him from a balcony and then dropped on him. Last night, IWS fans, some almost old enough to be collecting a pension, had to be restrained from taking a swing at Steen as “Mr. Wrestling” almost started a riot and did start a brawl that eventually took the entire IWS locker-room to pull apart.

Here is what you need to know about the International Wrestling Syndicate: we are the first (and only) Canadian promotion to run in Philadelphia’s Viking Hall, the famed ECW Arena; we are the promotion where “Sycho” Sid “Vicious” made his return to wrestling after snapping his leg like a dry twig in the dying days of WCW; we were the first Canadian promotion to have its own pay-per-view; but most of all, you need to know that we are a Montreal based wrestling promotion. In Montreal, we take our wrestling seriously; we hold grudges until they are buried and we can spit on the graves; we are passionate.

In the IWS, we wrestle without barriers, both physically - literally, we do not use ring barriers - and emotionally, wrestling for the emotions of our fans. To do this requires huge trust between us and our fans. We trust our fans not to abuse how close they get to our wrestlers. And our fans trust us. Kevin Steen abuses that trust. No. I’m sorry. Abuses? He does not abuse that trust... he anally rapes it... without lube.


Quick and Dirty Results for IWS Devil’s Night

Damian & Beef Wellington beat Jagger Miles & Black Devil in 5:03.

Fred la Merveille beat Player Uno in 11:04.

Hardcore Ninjaz (Hardcore Ninja Number One and the Evil Ninja) beat SLI-USA (Maxime Boyer and Shayne Hawke) in 10:07.

Viking beat Lionel Knight in 5:37.

2.0 (Jagged and Shane Matthews) defended their IWS tag team titles beating “The Rock and Clock Connection” (Twiggy & Pornstar Juan) in 9:14.

Green Phantom beat Tomassino in 7:32 earning five minutes in the ring alone with Joey Soprano.

Kid Kamikaze pinned Dan Paysan for the IWS Canadian title as defending champion Chris Bishop looked on in 12:09.

EXesS defended his IWS title beating Sexxxy Eddy in a First Blood match at 25:38.

El Generico & Kevin Steen beat the Flying Hurricanes (Takao and Kenny the Bastard) in 24:37.

From the Time Keeper’s Table
Detailed Results for IWS Devil’s Night

Before Devil’s Night began, IWS owner PCP Crazy F’N Manny came to the ring to “apologize” to the fans for his actions over the previous months, professing shock over the behaviour of Kevin Steen and El Generico at Blood, Sweat and Beers. Kevin Steen, summoned to the ring by Manny, turned the IWS owner back against the crowd in about five seconds flat and went on to convince Manny to change the booking for Devil’s Night. Dropping kayfabe to reveal that Beef Wellington is the booker for the IWS, Kevin Steen got Manny to put Beef and Damian in an impromptu dark match. (So that Steen and El Generico would not have to face them in the main event.)

Manny summoned Jagger Miles and the Black Devil from the back to wrestle against Damian and Beef Wellington. Did I say “wrestle”? I think I meant “summarily executed”. To the cheers of the blood-thirsty IWS fans, Damian kicked the Black Devil unconscious in less than a minute, leaving Jagger to face Beef and Damian alone. It is to his credit that Jagger lasted as long against those two as he did, but after 5:03 Beef lifted Jagger into the Package Pile Driver and Damian spiked it with a double foot stomp from the top.

Annoyed that Beef used his trademark finisher, Kevin Steen had Manny throw Beef and Damian out of the building. With his opponents for the night banished, Steen threw out an open challenge... answered by the Flying Hurricanes.

Devil’s Night proper began with Fred la Merveille coming to the ring accompanied by George W. Bush (or at least a cardboard cut-out of the U.S. President.) Much to the dismay of the crowd, Fred had himself announced as coming from Ste-Anne-des-Plaines, New York and insisted on singing the US National anthem in distinctive Fred la Merveille style. In the ensuing match against the beloved Player Uno, Fred la Merveille won with assistance from the SLI-USA (Maxime Boyer and Shayne Hawke) after 11:04, but not before Uno came within a heartbeat of beating Fred with an M. Bison double foot stomp from the top rope onto the back of Fred’s neck.

With the SLI-USA already in the ring, Fred summoned the Hardcore Ninjaz to the ring. Evening the odds against them with the help of their trademark kendo sticks, the Ninjaz won a hard fought battle after 10:07. The win came despite massive cheating on the part of SLI-USA and the best efforts of Maxime Boyer who is already good, but seems to get better every time that I see him. In fact, Maxime was poised to win the match by leaping off the top rope onto Hardcore Ninja Number One when the Evil Ninja crotched him on the top rope. And when I say “crotched on the top rope” I don’t mean that the Ninja lightly brushed the ropes and Maxime lost his balance and fell. I mean the Evil Ninja grabbed Maxime’s right leg, damn near pulled it out of it’s socket, Maxime landed on the ropes full speed and then ricocheted off them onto his head.

Pissed off at the loss of the SLI-USA, Fred la Merveille refused to leave the ring to allow the next match to start... a position that he flip-flopped on in a hurry when IWS ring announcer announced Viking was coming to the ring. Fred bailed, leaving Maxime and Shayne to get pounded by Viking. His opponent, Lionel Knight, took advantage to ambush Viking from behind. This initial advantage evaporated quickly as the always emotional Viking seems to have finally found a way to harness that volatility to ensure victory. Viking pinned Lionel Knight in 5:37 after his “Tueur des Policiers”.

(Excuse the digression, but I need to Speak On This. I have previously written about how a variety of IWS stars have elevated their game this year: Damian, Tomassino, Kid Kamikaze. Viking just joined that list and he did so in dramatic fashion. Coming to the ring in a new grittier, more urban outfit with a stapler dangling from his neck - the stapler being a trademark of Viking’s in his pre SLI days - Viking flashed the crowd a new hand signal: grabbing his right wrist with his left hand and spreading his fingers wide. I didn’t get it at first. In my notes I wrote, “Viking signals for the Claw?” Then, Viking set up Lionel Knight in the corner and CHARGED across the ring to slap his chest and I got it. Viking was calling for LE SLAP. And let me tell you, Viking’s running slaps on Lionel’s chest were so loud that there were customers in the Video 2000 downstairs from Le Break wincing.

Quebec has this weird tendency to focus on a wrestler’s “shape”. I have always argued that you should focus on a wrestler’s cardio... and his passion. Viking does not have the shape; he runs a little to the chubby side; he looks like a guy who enjoys the odd six-pack... or two. But passion? Intensity? Look, Lionel Knight is a talented wrestler. He can take care of himself in the ring. But last night Viking tore him apart and the crowd ERUPTED for it. The Viking bandwagon is leaving the station - get on board now.)

The Sultans of Smug, 2.0, Jagged and Shane Matthews wanted an easy title defence so they hand-picked their opponents calling out the two men that they named “The Rock and Clock Connection” Twiggy and Pornstar Juan. The tag team champions badly underestimated their opponents however. Perhaps taking inspiration from a crack that I made that the only way that Twiggy could be considered a high calibre opponent was if he was fired out of a cannon, Juan turned his own partner into a weapon using him in a series of innovative moves to batter down 2.0. In the end, “Uncle Manny” had to come to the ring to save 2.0’s belts and give them the win after 9:1. Truly 2.0 can say that they have been “Touched by an Uncle!”

How strong is Tomassino? Last night “Il Mostro” proved his strength in dramatic fashion, putting the Green Phantom through the top rope barely seconds into their match. When I say that, I don’t mean that he clothes-lined the Hardcore Hero over the top rope. I mean that he charged the Green Phantom and hit the top rope so hard that it snapped like a piece of stale licorice. While the ring crew scrambled to remove the broken steel cable from the ring, the two men pounded on each other, in and out of the ring. The stipulations for the match were that the Green Phantom got five minutes in the ring alone with Tomassino’s manager, Joey Soprano, if he won, but that if he lost the Hardcore Hero would have to sign onto Soprano’s stable.

Despite Tomassino’s size and strength, the Green Phantom emerged victorious after 7:32. While he had five minutes with Joey Soprano, it only took the Hardcore Hero a minute and a half to make an impression on Joey Soprano, wiping him out with a light tube skateboard.

Fortunately, we had already planned an intermission after the Green Phantom/Tomassino match as it gave our ring crew enough time to rearrange the ring ropes so that instead of having no top rope, we ended up with no bottom rope for the last three matches.

After the intermission, Chris Bishop defended his IWS Canadian title coming to the ring with the belt for the first time after stealing it back from Kid Kamikaze the night before at UWA Hardcore wrestling in Mississauga, Ontario. Bishop defended the title against Dan Paysan (accompanied by an underdressed D-Vyn) and against Kid Kamikaze who came to the ring with Vanessa Kraven dressed up as Storm from the X-Men in her old school classic billowing white and yellow outfit.

My notes tell me that Dan Paysan was an Italian whirlwind last night: suplexing Chris Bishop into Kid Kamikaze in the corner; pile driving Chris Bishop through two chairs; breaking up a Chris Bishop bridge pin on Kid Kamikaze with a top-rope double foot stomp; joining Bishop for an insane double dive to the outside. Ironically, Dan was poised for victory when Kid Kamikaze kicked a chair into Dan’s face for the pin at 12:09. In other words, Chris Bishop lost his Canadian title without getting pinned for it.

Making his return to the IWS, Sexxxy Eddy demanded a title shot against EXesS, the man who stole his IWS title and helped put Eddy on the shelf with a bloody mouth injury that eventually cost Eddy two teeth. On his arrival at Devil’s Night, Eddy demanded that a stipulation be added to the match: First Blood. This first ever IWS First Blood match also saw Eddy wrestling in a shirt for the first time that I can remember. This ended up costing Eddy the match in unusual fashion. Eddy discarded the shirt rather dramatically about fifteen minutes in. Eddy finally busted open EXesS after about twenty minutes, but Senior Official P-Nut was unconscious by that point and EXesS smartly kept kicking him to keep him down until he could retrieve Eddy’s shirt and wipe off the blood. When P-Nut finally regained consciousness at 25:38, it was Eddy who was bleeding. P-Nut immediately awarded the match to EXesS.

EXesS got on the mike to crow about his victory and to taunt the IWS locker room that there was no one in the back who could beat him. At this point, former IWS champion, Pierre Carl Ouellet hit the ring and introduced EXesS to his “blue ting” a giant blue cast that covers virtually his entire right arm. PCO’s clothesline damn near took off EXesS’ head.

Long-time IWS fans might remember that there is history between these two men. PCO beat EXesS in his very first IWS title defence during Violent Valentines, February 28th, 2004. Later that year, in May, during Tournament of the Icons, EXesS got his revenge by beating PCO by submission with a slight assist from then IWS Commissioner Joseph FitzMorris who pulled the ropes just out of PCO’s reach three times so that it appeared to the ref that PCO had actually tapped three times.

In the main event, Kevin Steen and El Generico beat the Flying Hurricanes after 24:37 despite some high-flying heroics from the former IWS tag team champions including a criss-cross double dive and a scaffold “Slither” splash by Kenny the Bastard. During the match, Kevin Steen tried (and failed) to execute Beef Wellington’s trademark ass punch to taunt his rival.

(For those of you were wondering how effective a heel El Generico could possibly be... Effective, hated, loathed, ass-hole traitor. In fact, he has inspired with such a hatred for all things Spanish that after I post this article I am going to take a two by four to the back of the head of my illegal immigrant Chilean gardener and then go to a cinema playing “The Legend of Zorro” and yell “FIRE!”)

After the match, Kevin Steen damn near started a riot, leading to a surreal moment as IWS security restrained a near senior citizen from taking a shot at Steen. Just as it seemed that the crowd was about to take matters into their hands, Damian and Beef Wellington charged back into Le Break. The ensuing brawl took the entire IWS locker room to clear and keep the four men apart. Beef issued a challenge to Kevin Steen and El Generico for the next IWS show, December 3rd, Season’s Beatings. In the chaos, it is unclear whether Steen and Generico accepted the challenge, although it is certainly clear that Steen further infuriated the crowd by hurling racial epithets at Beef Wellington related to his pairing with former “Angry Aryan” Damian.

When I asked Mike Burns how much of the riot he got, he told me “Everything!” despite the fact that filming inside the chaos must have been the wrestling equivalent of filming inside a hurricane.

Our next show is Season’s Beatings, Saturday, December 3rd, 2005 at Le Break, 20 Cremazie East (corner of St-Laurent near Metro Cremazie), Montreal, Quebec, CANADA. Doors open at 7:30 pm, show starts at 9:00 pm. 18+ Card and schedule subject to change. VIP tickets are $20, Regular tickets are $15. You can purchase VIP tickets at Le Break or online by paypal (

"Don't Blame CANADA, Blame Yourselves!"
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