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The W - Pro Wrestling - Collected Strong Style Typings for IWS Body Count 2007
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Strong Style Typings
Body Count

These are the collection of my writings about the upcoming IWS show, Body Count 2007, our Eighth Anniversary.

The Last of Rock and Cock

At Scarred for Life 2007, Twiggy and Pornstar Juan received Japanese Ring Intros.

Pornstar Juan was announced as:
“From Deep in Her VAGINE... Weighing Lionel Knight’s Right Nut.”

Twiggy was announced as:
From the Church of Scientology... Weighing Lionel Knight’s Left Nut.”

So, not to be a shit-disturber or anything...

Who in the BLUE HELL am I kidding?

Someone tell Lionel Knight that unlike UWA Hardcore and its fans, the IWS and its fans don’t think that Lionel Knight has small balls. We just think that his right ball is significantly and slightly freakishly larger than his left...

Or something like that.


That Kevin Steen Promo

There is a reason that they talk about Quebec and the ROC (Rest of Canada). It is because when the ROC zigs, Quebec just naturally zags. Whether this is because Quebec is just different or whether Quebec feels that it has to be different is a matter for sociologists to debate. All that matters for me is that it is true.

Take Kevin Steen. Since February 2004, when Kevin Steen shocked Quebec at Violent Valentine 2004 by ambushing his mentor Pierre-Carl Ouellet, Kevin Steen has been the wrestler that Quebecois love to hate. Never more so than when he lured El Generico to the dark side and the two men began inciting fans to the point of rioting.

Just when the rest of the world caught up to Quebec, when Kevin Steen and El Generico have become amongst the most hated villains in the States for daring to touch the Briscoes, when they are about to be featured on PPV as ass-kicking villains, Quebec did a 180 and decided that Kevin Steen was awesome. Not hurting the effort was a series of blistering promos by Kevin Steen. I am told that Kevin cut a promo backstage after Scarred For Life 2007 with the blood still flowing down his face that must be seen.

While waiting for that to show up online, let me do an extended transcript of the promo that Kevin Steen gave earlier that night as he confronted his mentor PCO. I included a portion of Kevin Steen’s promo in my report on Scarred For Life 2007 which can be found here:

“Last time I saw you Peece, I didn’t see you. I turned around and you clothes-lined my fucking head off. You know in my humble, humble beginnings in Jacques Rougeau’s promotion, Jacques Rougeau came up to me and said, “I just talked to PCO and he told me, ‘That Kevin Steen kid, I don’t like him.’ But we became friends.”

Short interlude while Kevin Steen gets heckled and somehow anal sex comes up while Kevin is shutting the heckler up.

“Anal sex notwithstanding, let me get back to my story. In 2004, PCO, you won the IWS title and I saw that if I wanted to take my career to the next level, I would have to do something drastic. I attacked you. When I attacked you, I was a dumb-ass kid. I’m going somewhere with this...”

“You attacked me from behind. I think that’s because when you look at yourself in the mirror, you see that you are a little bit older, a little bit slower. I think that you are scared of me. Prove me wrong! Hit me while I am looking you right in the fucking eye!”

...Which is when Jake Matthews hit the ring to attack Steen from behind


That Hi-5 Promo

This is off my notes, so inaccuracies are bound to slip in.

After the match between the Hardcore Ninjaz, Scarred and Sexxxy and Hi-5 ended with the Ninjaz getting the vulture pin on Hi-5 after the Green Phantom and Sexxxy Eddy killed Beef Wellington and Kid Kamikaze dead Dead DEAD! ...

Kid Kamikaze took the mike...

Beef... enough is enough. This can't go on anymore. Don't get me wrong. You're still my BFF, my Best Friend Forever, but the problem with the team isn't you. it's me. I think that it's time that Hi-5 took a break.

Beef: Wait, Wait, Wait! Are you breaking up with me? No way, next month we are teaming together just like always.

Kid Kamikaze: What is it going to take to get it into your thick skull that I don't want to be your tag team partner anymore?

Beef: You don't want to be my tag team partner anymore? Fine. All you have to do is BEAT ME!

Kid Kamikaze: OKAY! You vs. Me. One on one at Body Count. If you win, we stay a team and we'll get those matching tattoos that you have been harping on about. If you LOSE, then Hi-5 breaks up forever!

Beef: What kind of match are we going to have?

Kid Kamikaze: Our match will take place in the confines of a THIRTY FOOT ELECTRIFIED STEEL CAGE!

Beef: We don't have any cage at all, let alone one that is thirty feet tall, and it wouldn't fit in Bogey's if we did have one.

Kid Kamikaze: You have a point. OKAY, Fine! We do it old school. The match will be a Bogey's World Street Fight. No Rules and we both get to wear Jeans!



From its very beginnings in the IWS Extreme Dream 2005 Tournament, the IWS Canadian Title has been a belt for fighting champions. It has been a belt for men who have built their reputation by their deeds and not just by their words.

Chris Bishop, the first champion did not utter one word on the mike in the IWS before becoming champion. Kid Kamikaze can talk, but wrestles better. Kenny the Bastard and Player Uno are both mute (as far as we know). Jagged used to let Shane Matthews do most of the talking.

Our most recent champion, Dan Paysan, is the best talker ever to hold the mike. He has also defended the title more and in more different places than any man to hold the belt to date.

There is a wonderful contrast between Dan Paysan and Maxime Boyer. Dan is flashy; Boyer is plain. Dan has a trim swimmer's body; Boyer has the compact frame of a classic wrestler. Dan can wrestle on the mat, but prefers to fly; Boyer can fly, but prefers to keep things grounded. Dan wrestles with joyful abandon; Boyer wrestles with utter seriousness. Last year Boyer beat Arik Cannon, a former IWA-MS champion; Boyer beat Petey Williams.

In fact check out their accomplishments for the past year. These are swiped from the PWI500 submissions for both men prepared by myself and Pat LaPrade:

First, the challenger, Maxime Boyer

Maxime Boyer (5'8, 170, Longueuil, Quebec, June 2nd, 1984, 7, 387)

First was match was October 13th, 2001. Lost to Bobby James.

CHIKARA Young Lions Cup Champion, Ranked #4 Wrestler in Quebec. Wrestled for IWS, CZW, CHIKARA, RWE, UWA, UWA Hardcore, XQW, ToW, CWR, MCW, ISW, MWF, and R2W. Wrestled in CHIKARA'a Young Lions Cup Tournament. Beat Tournament winner Arik Cannon for the Cup on October 28th. Won the IWS Extreme Dream Tournament. Saved tag team partner, then NWA World Heavyweight Champion Christian Cage, from being crushed by a Pierre-Carl Ouellet Cannonball yanking him off a table in the nick of time at the IWS Medley show in March. Was featured along with Pierre Carl Ouellet on VRAK-TV as wrestling trainers.

That's a pretty good year.

And the Champion, Dan Paysan:

Dan Paysan (5'10, 189, Combobasso, Italy, January 11th, 1985, 7, 472)

First Match: 2000 in NEW win against Headhunetr.

Also known as Don Paysan. IWS Canadian Champion, BSE Suicide 6 Champion, CWR Junior Heavyweight Champion. Ranked #9 Wrestler in Quebec, Wrestled in IWS, CHIKARA, UWA Hardcore, BSE, NCW, NSW, RWE and CWR. Held four titles simultaneously. First winner of the BSE Suicide 6 Belt beating (with a separated shoulder) Ash, James Champagne, Bobby Roode, Chris Sabin and Christopher Daniels. Won the IWS Canadian Title on December 2nd, beating Jagged. Won the NCW Inter-Cities Title Dec 16th, beating James Kraven. Lost it to Samson on March 17th in a 30 minute Iron Man match. First winner of the CWR Junior Heavyweight Title on January 27th. Wrestled in the UWA Hardcore Grand Prix Tournament. Master of the Gimmick match. Beat Arik Cannon and Petey Williams. Wrestled Puma and Alex Shelley. Wrestled in front of 16, 000 people during the Vans/Warped tour.

That's an even better year.

It seems almost destined that these two men should collide for the highest stakes in the IWS...

They have faced off before: at ToW (where Dan beat Boyer) and at UWA Hardcore (where Dan beat Boyer) and at CHIKARA (where Boyer beat Dan), but this match will mean that much more because this time, it will be for the IWS Canadian Title in front of the IWS Hardcore Soldiers.


EXesS Picks a Partner

I keep forgetting the most important factor about life in the IWS.


It is probably a daily wish on my part that someone get the better of Manny. Someone did that today. but not in the way that I would have liked.

EXesS came to the office today to announce his partner for his match against Stefany. EXesS asked if there were any restrictions to who he could bring in as partner, explaining that since Stefany was OBVIOUSLY going to choose Justin White as her partner that he was worried that it would appear unfair for him to bring in a heavyweight to partner with him against two midgets.

Manny said, "FUCK FAIR! Take anyone you like."

EXesS,"N'importe Qui? T'es Certain?"

Manny, "ANY BODY. I don't care."

EXesS, "B'en j'appelle Tomassino d'abord!"

Manny, "WHAT? I FIRED him!"

EXesS, "B'en tu viens juste de lui reengager!"

Manny, "FUCK!"

No surprise that EXesS would ask for Tomassino back. He is Tomassino's trainer and has always looked out for his career. The best match of Tomassino's life was against EXesS in Philadelphia on Freedom to Fight 2005.

So, yeah the good news is that Tomassino is back. The bad news is that Tomassino is back. Getting thrown by that monster is like falling out a second story window.


Tomassino IN - Justin White OUT

I have been informed that Justin White will be unable to partner with Stefany Sinclair at Body Count 2007 due to an injury.

Stefany has assured me (despite my panicky concern that she is going to be killed) that she will have a partner next Saturday able and willing to deal with the hulking Tomassino.


Evil is as Evil Does

The good that men do, so Shakespeare tells us, is oft interred with their bones. Good is fleeting, good gets buried. It is EVIL that lasts; EVIL that endures; EVIL that is covered in glory.

Or so the EVIL Ninja would have you believe.

First, we called him Hardcore Ninja Number Two or just "Two" as in, "Did you see the dive that "Two" made?"

We first met him coming to the aid of his brother, The Hardcore Ninja who was immediately re-christened Hardcore Ninja Number One. Their opponent? Naturally, the Green Phantom.

As time went on we started calling "Two" the Yellow Ninja, because of the yellow sash that he wore. We felt a need even then to individualize him from his brother, which was odd because the whole point of ninjaz is that they are many and any one can replace any other, but we sensed something different about THIS Ninja.

It was at Payback's A Bitch 2002 that we first understood his true character. He and his brother, Hardcore Ninja Number One were defending their tag team titles against Beef Wellington and Kid Kamikaze (Hi-5) in a Barbed Wire Ladder Match. Hardcore Ninja Number One was about to grab the belts when Kid Kamikaze kicked the ladder over. In the pile-up, Hardcore Ninja Number One became entangled in the barbed wire and was unable to prevent Hi-5 from climbing another ladder and claiming the titles.

"I had an epiphany," Two told me later through an interpreter, "I realized that the reason that we lost, besides the fact that my brother is a putz, is that we did not use enough barbed wire. Too much is barely enough."

We, the fans, also had an epiphany as we watched Two super-kick his brother to punish him for losing the belts, this Ninja was EVIL. Other ninjaz do what they do for money, because it is a profession, the Evil Ninja does what he does because he ENJOYS it. This is what makes him different; this is what makes him EVIL.

The EVIL Ninja enjoys inflicting pain and he is very good at it. This is probably why he keeps ending up in matches involving the Green Phantom. No one in the IWS can absorb as much pain as the Green Phantom.

This is what brought the Evil Ninja into conflict with the Green Phantom in the Fans Bring the Weapons match at Un F'N Sanctioned 2003 or in the IWS Old School Hardcore match at V or at Vans Warped in a Caribbean Barbed Wire Ropes match. They are old enemies. They know each other well, and the Green Phantom has been scarred for life more than once in their meetings.

Is Green Phantom the mad Captain Ahab chasing the EVIL Black whale that haunts his dreams? Or is it the Evil Ninja who chases the Green whale scarred by a lifetime of encounters?

What is certain is that it is the Evil Ninja who has manipulated things to this point. I am reliably told that the Ninjaz' translator begged on their behalf for the Green Phantom not to demand a No Ropes Barbed Wire Match. In its' history, the IWS has had two No Ropes Barbed Wire matches, the Evil Ninja has won both. Next Saturday, he goes for the three-peat.

At Freedom to Fight 2003, the Evil Ninja beat his own brother Hardcore Ninja Number One. At Scarred For Life 2005, the Evil Ninja beat his former tag team partner, the Arsenal.

No one wins a No Ropes Barbed Wire match without being totally committed to destroying their opponent's flesh and spirit.

To the extent that the twisted, violence-loving, sadistic sociopath the Evil Ninja can be said to harbour feelings for others, he likes his own brother, and he is friends with the Arsenal. If the Evil Ninja was prepared to unleash HELL on his own brother and the man who, for lack of any other candidate, could be described as his best friend...

You have to ask yourself...

What would he do to a man that he hates?

A man like the Green Phantom?


The Forgotten Man

I was at ALF last night. Once again, amongst the biggest pops were reserved for Sexxxy Eddy. After the show, he gently chided me for the article that I posted yesterday about the Evil Ninja and the No Ropes Barbed Wire match, because I mentioned the Evil Ninja a lot, Hardcore NInja Number One not so much and the Green Phantom just in passing... and Eddy NOT AT ALL!

Mea Culpa.

My Bad.

Sexxxy Eddy was not the first man to hold the IWS (then the WWS) title, but he was the first man to hold the DWF title which became the CIWX title which became the WWS title. Depending on how you count it, he has been the IWS champion three or four times. No one else has held the title more than once.

Sexxxy Eddy was not the first man to jump off the balcony at the Medley. On the other hand, every one else has fallen off the balcony in one way or another (albeit some more impressively than others.) Eddy LEAPT from the balcony in a frog splash at Born to Bleed 2001.

Sexxxy Eddy was not the first IWS wrestler to travel to the States, but he was the one who rivetted people’s attention to the IWS and to Quebec with his performance at CZW Tournament of Death 3 when, during a second round match where he beat the Arsenal, Eddy pumped his scarred bicep and squirted blood into his mouth.

Sexxxy Eddy was not the first IWS wrestler to travel to Europe, but when he did, he built connections that paved the way for El Generico and Kevin Steen to make regular trips to Europe.

Sometimes we take things for granted. Sometimes we overlook the dependable ones, the perennials, because they are dependable, because they are perennial. What we see every day, what is familiar, begins to become invisible.

Eddy has always been the flashiest wrestler in the IWS. The guy who has been there since before day one. The guy whose ambitions were so large and whose antics were so outrageous that the IWS had to be invented to contain him.

At Body Count, Sexxy Eddy will wrestle in a No Ropes Barbed Wire match. It is an unforgiving match, one that leaves men scarred and bloody.

Just like always, Eddy will be wearing boots. He will be wearing a red bow tie. He will be wearing a thong. AND THAT IS ALL!

In a match that many veterans would not wrestle in without wearing body armor, Eddy will wrestle it just like always - virtually naked.

How ever did we begin to overlook the naked man in our midst?


Who is Brick Crawford and Why Do I Hate Him?

So, just who is this Brick Crawford fellow and why do I hate him?

Well, let’s start by saying that Brick Crawford is one of the most talented heavyweights in the province. He has been Pierre-Carl Ouellet’s tag team partner in tours to South Africa and through Europe. He fits IWS Owner PCP Crazy F’N Manny’s mold of guys who look like they are wrestlers.

Next Saturday he will team with his old tag team partner, PCO and “Paranoid” Jake Matthews against “Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen, PWG Champion El Generico and IWS Champion Viking in what is certain to be a wild and crazy brawl.

He is also an old school fuck who makes Sunny War Cloud look like a bleeding liberal.

And there are more legends associated with Brick Crawford than practically any Quebec wrestler that I can think of. People love to tell me stories about Quebec wrestlers, some true, some distorted, some wildly exaggerated. For some reason, the craziest stories are almost always about Brick Crawford.

Here are three stories about Brick Crawford. One I saw with my own eyes. The other two I have been told repeatedly from various Quebec wrestling fans and I have no way of verifying if they are true, but it is interesting that they are great examples of the kinds of stories that float around the world of Quebec wrestling about Brick Crawford.

The one that I know personally took place at a spot show that Fred la Merveille was involved in somewhere in the boonies of Quebec. This was during the worst of my energy crash while my doctors and I were still struggling to work out my appropriate insulin dosage. Pornstar Juan and Twiggy basically (with my parent’s cooperation) kidnapped me and dragged me to the show. To give an idea of how out of it I was at the time, I did not have my stop watch on me and I did not even take any notes.

Juan and Twiggy dropped me off at the venue and then decided to get something to eat at the local Subway. Rather than eating it there, they came back with it and brought me back a small tuna sub. Before we started eating, Brick Crawford came up to us and asked Twiggy what sub he had. A puzzled Twiggy told him it was grilled chicken. Crawford thanked him and left with it.

I have heard it said that Brick Crawford once stole Twiggy’s lunch money. Untrue. I was there. He stole Twiggy’s LUNCH.

The second story that I have heard told about Brick Crawford concerns one of the many small federations that dot the Quebec countryside. Apparently this federation had a problem. Their champion was a complete idiot, but essentially unpinnable despite the promoter’s best efforts. Brick heard about the problem and told the promoter that he would take care of it - just book him in the title match and pay him ten dollars extra - in advance - in quarters. Brick gets to the venue and the promoter gives him a zip-lock bag with 40 quarters in it. Brick looks at him like he’s an idiot and growls, “En rouleau, asti d’espece d’idiot!”

So Brick goes out to the main event with a roll of quarters in his fanny pack and during the match he pulls out the roll and knocks out the champ legit with it and gets the pin.

At which point, the promoter realizes that now he has an even bigger problem because Brick Crawford is his champion.

(At least that’s the punch line everyone uses when they tell this story. I am not certain that it would be such a disaster having him as your champion.)

The final story, though by now means the last story that I have heard about Brick Crawford, just the best one, concerns a guy from outside of Montreal who kept getting touted to us as prime IWS material - a great hardcore wrestler. We were excited about him until we saw him for ourselves and realized that he was basically Undertaker’s midget retarded brother - immune to pain and impossible to hurt. Our interest dwindled rapidly as we realized that basically to get the guy to sell anything you had to stiff him repeatedly.

Some time after we lost interest in him, this clown was booked in a match against Brick Crawford. Everyone at the show went into paroxysms of joy over the match. From what I have heard, all that it was was Brick Crawford hitting this guy as hard as he could and getting repeatedly frustrated at the fact that the human punching bag that he was fighting showed no reactions to punches that should knock out a ox.

A rematch was scheduled. According to the legend, Brick Crawford had no interest in participating in any sequel, but was convinced. His opponent decide to mark the occasion by buying new ring gear, which cost him about $500. The day of the show, Brick was alone in the dressing room, so he took all of his opponent’s ring gear new and old and threw it into a nearby dumpster. When everyone was rabbitting around in a panic, Brick calmly suggested that they make the match a street fight - that way they could both wear jeans. A solution as quickly suggested as adopted.

Brick came to the ring in jeans and steel-toed Kodiak boots, not exactly the best gear for a long match, but that was sort of the point behind Brick’s plan. When the bell rang after a few moments of jockeying for position, Brick punted his opponent in the balls. Since he was not wearing a cup which, like the rest of his gear, was in the dumpster, Brick’s opponent collapsed into a ball and was quickly pinned.

(From here some versions of the story say simply that the poor kid had to go to the hospital, while others insist that Brick ruptured the kid’s left testicle. Those who include this final detail in the story are always very specific that it was the left testicle and not the right.)

All versions of the story agree that Brick did not throw away the new ring gear because it was new, but simply because it was his intention to face his opponent while the kid was not wearing a cup and that simply throwing away the cup might have raised suspicions before the match.

I have heard this story from more than a dozen wrestling fans from all over Quebec. I have even been told this story by a fan from Germany who wanted to know if it was true. On the other hand, no one has ever been able to tell me where or when this match took place.

On the gripping hand. even if this is an urban legend, even if Brick Crawford never did what he was supposed to have done, doesn’t it say something about the man that people are prepared, even eager to repeat these stories about him?


I Have 2.0 Words For You...

One of the astonishing things about the IWS over the last year has been the resilience of its tag team division despite how many teams wrecked over the past year. The Missionaries of Violence crashed when Lufisto was hurt, Green and Mean came apart when Dru Onyx went down, but out of the ashes emerged the team of the Green Phantom and Sexxxy Eddy: Scarred and Sexxy

The SLI 2007 emerged from the wreckage of SLI-USA. (No great surprise there. The SLI are like HYDRA - kill one member and two more spring up in their place.) Player Uno and Stupefied formed the surprisingly successful team the Super Smash Brothers almost by accident. Cheech and Cloudy visited to great acclaim and when Chris Bishop isn’t getting killed in Ontario, (CHRIS MOVE TO QUEBEC IT’S SAFER.) he and Lionel Knight form the very capable Team Checkmate. It pains me to say this, but Above Standards are showing dangerous signs of competence. And we should not forget the IWS tag team champions, the Hardcore Ninjaz.

Of course, we also saw the death of one of the most popular teams in Quebec, when Manny forced Twiggy and Pornstar Juan to face each other in a “Winner Keeps His Job” match. This effectively killed the Rock and the Cock Express. (*SNIFF* You will be missed Juan.)

But no team’s death was more lamented than that of 2.0. Inactive for most of the year as a result of Shane Matthews’ injury, the team came apart in acrimony and discord during ~”The Battle of 2.0” at the Medley during Un F’N Sanctioned 2007. In fact, Jagged has not been seen in the IWS since that night.

The odd thing is that outside of the IWS, 2.0 remain a very popular indy tag team, successful and even friendly towards each other. You might ask: How can this be? How can 2.0 hate each other in the IWS, but remain friends in other promotions?

The answer is simple: THEY CAN’T.

But, they have no choice. Other promotions insist that the two men tag with one another and their continued livelihoods depend on the success of these outside bookings.

I spoke recently to a 2.0 insider who asked to remain anonymous. For the purpose of this article, let’s call him “J”.

“It drives him crazy that he needs me. On the island of Montreal we fight like cats and dogs. It gets so bad that we have to arrange our bookings through a third party, but once we leave the city he has to be pleasant to me. And even though I hate him and I wish that he and Uncle Fucking Manny would die together in the flaming twisted wreckage of Vince McMahon’s limousine, those trips are kind of fun for me, because I know it twists his guts to be nice to me.

I know that his master plan is to have a nice long singles run, maybe scoop up the IWS Canadian Title and defend it against all comers, have a real Honky-Tonk run with the belt. Prove that he is a great singles star and that he does not need me. Once he does that, he can ditch me.

Now, I could make my own way in the indy world. Unlike Mr. Smug, I actually practice, work to improve my craft. I have the talent and desire to succeed as a singles wrestler anywhere in the world. I don’t just believe that - I know it. But frankly, tormenting the douche bag every week, forcing him to be nice to me so that we can perpetuate the illusion that 2.0 still exists - that is just way more satisfying to me.

So, I have concluded that the best way to keep 2.0 alive outside of the IWS is to make it my life’s work to ensure that he never becomes a success as a singles star. If I have to throw away my own IWS career to cripple his, that is what I will do. Because the more that I sabotage him in the IWS, the more he will hate me and the more that he will need me. He may have won The Battle of 2.0, but the War of 2.0. That’s just starting!”


Our next show, Body Count 2007 is our Eight Anniversary show. The first World Wrestling Syndicate show Blood, Sweat and Beers 1999 was held at Wally’s on June 17th, 1999.
Scheduled for Body Count 2007:

The NEW Hotness vs. Mr. Old and Busted and Maudit Roux!
Jimmy K. vs. Shayne Hawke

Eight Bit Flippy Fun for the Whole Family
Super Smash Brothers (Player Uno and Stupefied)
SLI 2007 (Fred la Merveille and Kenny the Bastard)

EXesS and Tomassino
ALF Champion Stefany Sinclair and a partner of her choice.

IWS Canadian Title Match
Two of the most successful indy wrestlers in Canada...
And this time there is GOLD on the line!

The Challenger Maxime Boyer
The Champion Dan Paysan

Bogey’s Street Fight:
Beef Wellington vs. Kid Kamikaze
If Beef wins, Hi-5 stays together and BFF Beef and Kid K have to get matching tattoos. If Kid Kamikaze wins, Hi-5 split up forever.

Six Man Tag:
Pierre-Carl Ouellet, IWS Number One Contender “Paranoid” Jake Matthews and Brick Crawford
“Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen and PWG Champion El Generico and IWS Champion Viking

IWS Tag Team Title Match - NO ROPES BARBED WIRE:
Scarred and Sexxxy (The Green Phantom and Sexxxy Eddy)
IWS Tag Team Champions The Hardcore Ninjaz

The dates that Kevin Steen has confirmed with the IWS:
June 16th, Body Count
July 14th, Summer Slaughter
August 18th, Hardcore Heat
September 29th, Blood, Sweat and Beers at the Medley
Plan Accordingly.

The IWS presents: Body Count 2007, Saturday, June 16th, 2007 at Bogey’s World Bar & Billiard, 3250 Cremazie Est (corner of Cremazie and St-Michel near the St-Michel metro), Montreal, Quebec, CANADA. Doors open at 7:00 pm, show starts at 8:00 pm, tickets are $20 for VIP, $15 for Regular. 18+, card and times subject to change. For more information go to or e-mail .

Our DVDs for each show are released through Our biggest recent release is Un F’N Sanctioned 2007 featuring then NWA World Heavyweight Champion Christian Cage - . Our best-selling DVD from last year is Un F’N Sanctioned 2006 featuring Sabu’s last match in the indies before his re-debut on Raw (two nights later) as well as the crazy hardcore Fans Bring the Weapons match -

(edited by Llakor on 14.6.07 1653)

"Don't Blame CANADA, Blame Yourselves!"
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I never see Confidential ever or even seen any bits of it not on recap shows. But your report NHS were always entertaining I miss them. They make me wish I saw shows. Your righting skills are good and it seem a grate WWE program.
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