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The W - Guest Columns - [CMLL] #64
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CMLL Line - 12/15/02 (#64)

Thanks to: Robert Ortega for the original format, Krisz for the results archive, and Joe Gagne for the place to talk about it.

# Rudo, Rudo, Rudo vs Tecnico, Tecnico, Tecnico (captain)
MM/DD/YY, Arena
F Type Time Finish Comment

The combined lucha block only ran 2:30 this week, so everything was a little more cut down.

1 Apolo Dantes, Taliban (Emilio (c), Scorpio, Bestia) vs Giant Silva (c), Villano IV, Rayo Jalisco Jr.
11/26/02, Arena Coliseo
1 4 vs 3 6:08 Silva top rope splash Scorpio/Bestia what you would expect from this mix, nothing much

Notes: No entrances. The new CMLL blue midget (probably Alushe) mascot is here, which I'll ignore from this part further, because I'm just sure I'll see him every time I see Rayo and he'll be just as annoying. This being one of those wonderful Silva/Rayo tags, I think I'll just almost ignore completely - we get all of 4 seconds before the beatdown on Villano takes place. Silva wants to get in but the ref won't let him - well one clip and he's in and stalking Apolo. I'll note that Rayo wasn't trying to help at all here. Apolo and Silva have the Wrestlemania faceoff (well not really) and Silva gets the better of the strikes, duh. Whip, big boot. Slaaaaam. I transcribe Silva moves not because he's really good, because I can almost type full sentences between moves. Elbow drop misses and all the rudos stomp him into the mat. Now Rayo's in, ignoring the tecnico referee to get in his slap on every rudo, beating them all by himself. Scorpio gets a Silva corner clothesline (set up by Rayo), Bestia gets a big boot (set up by Rayo), Apolo gets an elbow drop (set up by Rayo.) Emilio manages to ambush Rayo from behind to get a brief advantage, but then we're into Showtime at The Rayo. Oh wow, Rayo tricked him to throw himself through the ropes! The mascot is up on the apron, I guess I should point out, but I don't think he's actually in this match. I hope not, anyway. Scorpio gets the drop on Rayo just long enough so Rayo can comeback. Bestia's turn - what do you know, zany bad things happen to him too! Apolo is smart enough not to come in till Villano is tagged in. I wonder if Villano lost a bet to Niebla? Apolo and Villano do a, like, wrestling sequence and it's very odd. Ah, it's Villano's turn to go through the rudos - shot for Bestia, tilt-a-whirl for Emilio, Scorpio's dropkick sidestepped - he runs for the back rather than stand and take the tope Villano's setting up for. Somehow we get back to Apolo and Silva, and Apolo manages two dropkicks but the ropes are keeping Silva up. No don't whip him Apolo - easily reversed and Silva takes Apolo out of the ring with a big clothesline so he can get splashed by the midget. That's so horrible. Apolo must've been a really evil man in a previous life. Bodies are stacked so Silva can hit the top rope splash - and he does. (Scorpio/Bestia) - I guess either someone different was the captain for once or someone got counted out or it really doesn't matter. Who can say. Everyone points out how great the new midget mascot is, eh. Replays.

2 Zumbido, Pierroth (c), Violencia vs Mascara Ano 2K, Poder Mexica, Gran Markus (c)
11/29/02, Arena Mexico
1 trios 1:05 Pierroth repeated belt shots Markus Exactly would you would expect from this combination as well. Not a particularly good thing.
2 2:43
Mascara powerbomb Zumbido
Mexica top rope elbow Violencia
3 2:20 Markus splash Pierroth
T 6:25 Tecnicos (2-1)

Notes: Again, no intros - we start with the bell. I think this is more "Zumbido keeps teaming with other people while being in the Guapo's training - a man's gotta make the cash, you know?" but who can say? Probably someone who knows Spanish. Zumbido is earring a black bandana but I don't think it's the Familia de Tijuana one because that would be really odd based on Tijuana feuds. I can see Nitro leaving, so he was accompanying them this week, and Commando Girl 2 is at ringside, but I don't see Veneno. Rudos dominate while I try to figure out exact teams - Zumbido tries to get me to pay attention by using a Stunner on Mexica - we had this same match in the #1 contenders tournament, subbing out Mr. Mexico for Mascara. Zumbido and Violencia hold Markus for belt shots from Pierroth, which is still not a DQ apparently - and I guess Markus gives. (1:05) Pierroth celebrates by putting his belt back on. Replay.

Second fall starts with Zumbido punching Mascara - corner whip, corner clothesline. More slaps in the opposite corner - is he counting them? Mascara turns them around and mocks whatever Zumbido was doing. Corner whip, dropkick to the knee by Mascara. Corner whip, reversed, Zumbido charges in and takes the knee bump to the floor. Switch to Mexica/Violencia - Violencia misses a dropkick, then we get a slap exchange. Mexica getting the better of it, even before he starts ducking Violencia. Violencia with a shoulderblock, off the ropes and avoiding the dropkick. Now he's working the double chop - whip, reversed into a backdrop. Mexica with an elbow drop and back to chops and slaps. Corner whip, revered, Violencia charges in, Mexica moves out of the way (actually, he moves forward and too late, so Violencia has to somehow go around him to charge into the corner, which looks as awkward and dumb as it might sound) and Violencia bounces out into a powerslam. One two no. Dropkick pushes Violencia out, but he's down on the floor so Mexica just fakes a dive. Tag - Markus and Pierroth - Markus off the ropes, over and into a clothesline. Pierroth with chops - whip, clothesline misses, Markus' is caught and Pierroth hits a short clothesline. Pierroth holds Markus for Zumbido to dropkick but that works how you'd expect. Markus knocks Zumbido out of the ring and hits the apron dive plancha on Pierroth. Mexica in the ring as we see the CMLL mascot [name pending - Blue Gorilla of Annoyance is my early leader but it's kinda wordy] kicking Pierroth on the ground. Mexica won't go down to Zumbido's clotheslines, and Mascara sneaks into clothesline Zumbido - Mascara powerbomb one two three. (2:43) Mexica and Mascara work together for a clothesline, slam and a Mexica top rope elbow drop for the one two three. (3:00) Pierroth recovers on the floor as the tecnicos stomp up Violencia some.

Tecnicos controlling on the outside as the fall starts - Commando Girl II is knocked into the front roll of seats as things break down. Violencia gets posted - meanwhile, Markus and Mexica are working over Pierroth in a corner of the ring. Do you remember when Mexica was a Boricuas? It seems like such a long time ago. Tecnicos take turns holding Pierroth for the others to open hand slap. When it comes to his turn, Markus asks the crowd for a belt - and a fan throws him one, I think. Markus beats up Pierroth with the belt and kicks him out of the ring - Violencia and Mascara mix it up with Violencia missing a dropkick and eventually being backdropped to the floor - Mascara hits a pescado to top it off, but Zumbido quickly follows with a double jump plancha! Mexica's follow up tope isn't as fun. That leaves Pierroth and Markus again, but Pierroth doesn't want to do this ever and he's still hurting from the belt shots earlier. Big shoulderblock, whip, double leg takedown one two NO. That was supposed to be a spinebuster, maybe? Slam, big fat splash one two three (2:20) Replays. I'm assuming Markus says something about wanting hair or a one on one match or something but I'm fast forwarding at this point. I believe Pierroth agrees for a singles match next week. Markus and company hold up a nice banner supporting him that looks fan made.

Vigentte: Coming to CMLL soon - Super Crazy.

3 Mr. Power vs Ricky Marvin
11/26/02, Arena Coliseo
1 mano y mano 4:55 Marvin headscissors takedown into cross arm breaker Power looked better than expected, Marvin looked not as good as expected, but still the best of all tryouts some more. Like to see more of Power to see if he can keep up that level

Notes: No entrances again - we start just before the bell. Mr. Power looks so much like Shocker it's kinda scary. His tights say "Mr. Power" to avoid confusion. Unique that we'd get a Mexico match and then a Coliseo match - they promoed this match before the last two breaks and not the Mexico one, which makes me wonder if it was a last minute insertion to pad out things, except I've already noted that the shows are short today. Eh. Did Ricky cut his hair? It looks shorter and more completely blond this week.

Circle. Looks like Mr. Power is taking the heel role - lockup, no control. Lockup - Ricky with a slap. Power back with a slap. Power off the ropes, over, under, into an armdrag. Marvin charges him - monkey flip. He tries another but Power pushes him off, and leg sweeps him down. Power off the ropes, into a Marvin clothesline. Hmm, maybe Marvin's the heel, because he looked it a bit there. Open hand slap. Corner whip, reversed, Marvin double jumps to the top rope, almost loses his balance (I can't tell if he's selling his jumping here, as he's fine before suddenly losing it or if he's legit out of control - Power is forced to stand and gawk while Marvin settles down, which looks really dumb) and comes off with an armdrag. Power slides all the way out - Marvin with a slingshot twisting plancha! Power grabs his arm after impact - Marvin kinda breezed by him on the way down, and is probably happy they carpeted the ramp this week. Replay - if you pause or look close, you can see that it doesn't look as good as other Marvin planchas, Power actually caught him pretty well, but not how Power hurts his arm. At least I couldn't. Back live, Power and Marvin slap it out on the apron - Marvin knocks Power and charges, but Power monkey flips him into a turnbuckle smash, ow. Power takes off - slingshot somersault plancha! Power's dive is almost better than Marvin's, actually. Loco Max, El Terrible, Marshall, Genetico and Mascara Magica (I think) urge them to get back up and in the ring. Power is up quick, Marvin a little slower. Power meets him on the apron - Power with a right, it's blocked and Marvin hits forearms, turns Power around and hits a jumping kick to the back. Springboard dropkick is avoided. Power sets up for La Majistral but he's pushed off (I guess) but then comes back for a good clothesline. Taking his time to cover one two NO. Corner whip, rebound bulldog! Dropkick to the head. Hmm, I like Funaki too. One two NO. Power with another whip - clothesline is ducked, Marvin turns, clothesline is blocked and Power puts him right in the abdominal stretch. Power is showing a lot here. Power's even grabs the leg pick, then slides it down into the abdominal stretch cradle but the referee takes a while to get into position and Power can't hold it. Both up - Power goes for the superkick, Marvin catches it and spins him around STUNNER STONE COLD IS WWF CHAMPION! Wait, that's not Mike Tyson. Anyway, Marvin goes up - FROG SPLASH comes up empty. Power yells, than covers one two NO. Try it the other way next time. Power with a kick, off the ropes, into a flapjack one two NO. Marvin off the ropes, kick is caught by Power, Power spins him, right hand is caught by Marvin, he jumps out with a headscissors while holding on to arm, taking Power down into a cross armbreaker! Wonderful - Power has no choice to tap. () Guapos congratulate Marvin and check on Power, who's hurting a bit from that. Is there only six here this week? Replay of the finish - that was a great entry to it, though you can see Power doing some of the work in the takedown of the move.

4 Black Tiger, Tarzan Boy, Rey Bucanero (c) vs Vampiro (c), Shocker, Mr. Niebla
11/29/02, Arena Mexico
1 trios 3:08 triple second rope powerbomb on Vampiro not an outstanding match here, but good build to the one on one encounter. Would have liked more here though
2 6:44
Vampiro inverted cross arm breaker Rey 
DQ Vampiro (not breaking hold)
T 9:56 Rudos (2-0)

Notes: They hyped Spectacular Moments going into to the last break and we got this match so who knows. This is the first one with entrances. Tarzan does this weird crawling thing on the stage, and is wearing a weird mask and a hooded jacket - I don't even recognize it's him till he gets to the ring. Rey looks like Rey - and he takes a detour on the stage, going into the face entrance and yanking Vampiro out! Now that's a way to punk someone out before a match. It takes Shocker and Mr. Niebla a second to realize what's going on and try to help, but Rey's got Vampiro pretty good and the rudos go on to dominate early.

The other four brawl in and out of the ring - Tiger gets an apron dive elbow smash to the head of Niebla, while of course Rey and Vampiro are the central feud in the ring. Rey bites Vampiro's head at one point. Niebla gets a double team crotching - I think the same happened to Shocker but we miss it. Whip by Rey, dropkick as Vampiro was holding the ropes. Vampiro slides out but Rey goes out to beat him some more. Tarzan and Tiger work on Shocker in the ring, with Tarzan trying to choke out Shocker with a front facelock. Rey eventually comes back into help - well, more pose than help. Whip for Shocker, Tiger dropkick to the knee. Elbow drop by Tarzan, and he's picked up so Rey can slam him out of the ring. Niebla in - double team spin, double team chop, double team armbar, double team jumping spin kick by Rey and Tiger. Tarzan forearms Niebla to the corner so Tiger can hit a Bronco Buster (no riding, though). Rudos celebrate - Vampiro tries to attempt an assault but it's no good. Has Vamp grown his hair out a bit? Tarzan and Tiger set up Vampiro so Rey can beat him a bit - then, as Rey goes to sit on the turnbuckle, they help lift Vamp up - OFF THE SECOND ROPE TRIPLE POWERBOMB. Yea, that'll work - one two three. () Actually, I'd think that Vampiro would be doing the "off the blank rope" powerbombs to fit everything but I'm thinking about this too much. Replays shows that Rey was still pounding on Vamp as he was pinning him, but I guess that's legal.

Fall 2 starts with Tarzan Boy taunting either the crowd or someone outside the ring - ah, he was luring Shocker into a triple team punkout. Double whip, triple boot. Niebla in and Niebla gets a Tarzan boot quickly. Double GdI clothesline for Niebla to take him out of the ring. Rey's talking trash - the fans or Vampiro? Maybe Niebla. Vampiro tries to slide and is quickly stopped with stomping - Tarzan is nice enough to stomp on his head. Tarzan and Tiger work him over while Rey goes to the second rope again - but Vampiro double boots him off will be lifted up! Double bulldog! Comeback is on - big hard boot to Rey on the outside as the rest of the tecnicos take control inside. Tiger and Tarzan Boy are whipped into each other - Tarzan tries to see how dramatically he can sell it. Tarzan is brought out so he can take the double ring post crotching - it leaves him less than good. Tiger tries to run for his life, but Niebla and Shocker catch him as well. He tries to beg off from this but it's not gonna happen - double team ring post crotching for him as well. Meanwhile, Rey's employing strategy #1 against Vampiro (Backing up the ramp as quick as possible), but Vampiro is following him this week - they battle it up right in front of the big screen, with Vampiro hitting a couple of nice kicks. Rey tries to make it back to the ring while Vampiro catches his breath, and Rey does make it to the safety of his corner. Back in the ring, it's a normal match - Shocker and Tarzan, hmm. They taunt each other. Shocker off the ropes, over, under, hiptoss by Tarzan is blocked - he keeps trying for it but Shocker ain't going - and there's a nice Shocker clothesline. Corner whip, reversed, Tarzan mocks the crowd's chant for Shocker, off the ropes, charge and Shocker gives him Snake Eyes. Shocker off the ropes, two handed bulldog and pose - no Worm, tho'. Niebla and Tiger now - Niebla's already doing the dance so Tiger kicks him. Headlock, Tiger shot into the ropes, and back with a shoulderblock to knock Niebla out of the ring. Tiger goes for the running through the ropes swinging dropkick but Niebla isn't still on the ground, so there's no one to hit. Niebla is the first to recover, with a slap to Tiger and climbing up to the apron, but Tiger pulls him down. Tiger gets on to the apron, and Niebla returns the favor by tripping Tiger down. Niebla in, Tiger in, Niebla with a stunning shoulderblock, off the ropes, Tiger waves him by, handspring is sidestepped by Tiger but Niebla manages an armdrag anyway. Tiger tries an open hand slap but gets an armdrag. Tiger manages to land an open hand slap and actually stuns Niebla, so he runs - and Niebla ducks down as Tiger goes flying out of the ring. Rey is in to tackle his place but he's immediately back out when he sees Vampiro come in. Vamp gets pumped and so does the crowd - quick slap battle (as in the slaps were quick, not that it lasted a very short time), Rey with a kick, off the ropes, into an overhead belly to belly suplex! Vamp with a spin kick to take Rey out but Vamp isn't content with just that - he charges out after Rey, running into a spinebuster but kick-pushing Rey into an unsuspecting front row. Tecnico ref is out to prevent them from scaring any more front row fans, for at least now. Back in the ring, Niebla seems like he wanted to jump Tarzan but Tarzan caught him with something sneaky to drop him first. Corner whip, Tarzan charges, backdropped to the apron, Niebla's slap is blocked, Tarzan hits a forearm and points to his head because he avoided the Slap of Death. Unfortunately, he starts climbing the turnbuckle not realizing Shocker is not so far away from that corner - Shocker dropkicks him to the floor. NIEBLA TOPE! Shocker and Tiger in - Shocker's pumped, Tiger is not thrilled. Slap battle - Tiger goes to forearms but it doesn't look like Shocker's budging. Shocker rallying back with slaps, big shoulderblock. Tiger kips up, Shocker off the ropes, under, whipping Tiger now, Tiger does the fake out, Shocker simply kicks him out. Triple jump (kinda - he steadies himself after the last leap, making any point the leaps moot) pescado only catches Tiger's fist, ow. Rey and Vamp in the ring - Vampiro with a running shoulderblock, clothesline and then a jumping kick to take down Rey. Vamp celebrates too much and Rey hits a nice back suplex, but Vamp comes back with a forearm. Rey manages a double leg takedown and is punching Vamp like at end of fall one, but Vamp turns into a upside down cross arm breaker and locks it in on! Rey taps! () Unfortunately, before I can say "hey, what exactly is he hyper-extending by doing it that way? Me and my limited MMA knowledge", rudo referee Baby Richard is complaining about Vamp keeping the hold on to long. What does a long second fall mean, class? Straight fall victory - this time, by an excessive violence DQ. () Vamp is angry (I'm not to thrilled either, but they don't care) - he was smart enough to keep the hold in for even longer after the match was taken from him. Even after he lets go, he's still ticked. It was a rather quick five count. Vamp stomps Rey after it's all sorted out, in general frustration. Niebla tries to reason with the rudo referee but he's not listening. Vamp yells at Rey - he wants Rey's hair, right here in Arena Mexico. Rey is too busy grabbing his arm to respond, though Vamp helpfully throws the microphone at him. Rey does get the mic handed to his good arm - is he gonna respond? Yes. He doesn't seem to like this idea - he does that sad clown face - but he does seem to agree before charging Vamp to restart the brawl. Probably not a great idea to get in a fight with one good arm, because Vamp's got another submission in no time - now a fujiwara armbar on the injured arm! Everyone else brawls as Vamp looks for more damage - only the hold being broken helps him out. Rey scrambles to the floor but Vampiro is after him again - Niebla gives Tiger a good dropkick on the apron while this is going on. Only a break can stop this chaos.

Spectacular Moments - nice teaming by midgets. Here's Marvin using that same headscissors into a cross arm breaker we saw earlier, this time vs Volador in that Cibernetico we saw little of. Silva top rope plancha on Tarzan and Bestia, eh. Santo tope on Demon - that looked head to head, though it actually just missed. OH no not the porky apron dive - poor Villano.

5 Blue Demon Jr. (c), Dr. Wagner Jr., Satanico vs Santo (c), Negro Casas, Ultimo Guerrero
11/29/02, Arena Mexico
1 trios 2:00
Wagner Black Tiger Bomb Casas
rudos DQ (over the top rope)
On a show with less brawls, might have enjoyed this more, but was kinda numb to the general concept by hair - not a good time for a two fall beatdown with minimal moves. Still, the Demon/Santo feuding is really good and singles match has great possibilities. 
2 2:26
Satanico pins Casas
Wagner hammerlock/half crab Ultimo
3 3:08 Demon small package Santo
T 8:42 Rudos (2-1)

Notes: I believe the story we're going with is "Demon is ticked because, to him, the Blue Demon history and mask is just as important - if not even more important than the Santo history/mask - and yet how many 'Legend of the Blue Demon mask' tournaments have you seen lately?", but I may be misreading this. No entrances, also no vignettes for the second straight week. While this is billed as another "incredible" teaming, the sides are pretty well defined after last week.

As in every trio match tonight, the rudos are attacking before the bell, with the punk out happening more to Casas and Ultimo, as Santo manages even with Demon until his rudo partners help him. Demon works over Santo with kicks and punches and Wagner gets in his own blows. Santo is eventually stomped out of the ring. Ultimo is wearing his white/gold "bwahaha, now I'm ripping off Averno!" mask - he gets kicked as he comes in - double backdrop and Wagner's off both sets of ropes running dropkick to the head to take him out. Casas is still wearing the white tights and he's quickly taken apart. Double whip, double boot to the midsection. Satanico with a front suplex, wow you don't get that out of him much. Demon with kinda of a double underhook release slam - he lifts him up and drops him, basically. I guess Wagner gets to finish - Black Tiger Bomb one two three. () Demon and Satanico taunt Santo to come in - did we get a clip here? - and Santo is in. Double corner whip, Satanico with the corner running elbow, Wagner with a corner clothesline and Demon with a corner dropkick. Demon gets Satanico to give Santo that front suplex. Wagner with a normal powerbomb, which could be enough but I think Demon wants more. Is Santo trying to wave off the fall before Demon gets to him? Maybe he wasn't just telling them not to stop the fall because of the beating, because he's Santo and could still win this. Except now all three rudos are lifting him - triple press slam to the floor! Ultimo catches him and they both fall into the first row) - rudo referee is out to DQ the rudos fro excessive violence, I guess? Maybe it's an over the top rope thing? Replay of how Casas got eliminated and the impromptu DQ. Break.

Fall two straight with the tecnicos still on the floor - Santo is still out of it, so Ultimo goes in to take the bullet for his team. Satanico gets punches but Ultimo takes him down. It takes Demon and Wagner working over Ultimo's back with strikes to finally slow him down. As Satanico gets the edge back there with a big headbutt, Casas comes in - Wagner and Satanico take him down as Demon continues to work on Ultimo, kicking and choking him. Casas is quickly taken apart, as Demon disposes of Ultimo. Santo is in but Demon is just knocking him around - slaps, chops, double saps to the chest, and finally an elbow to the head. A very heelish yell to the crowd by Demon - snap mare, jumping knee to the head. Wagner sits him up for the soccer kick to the back and Satanico gets a shot in as he walks by. Wagner works over Santo with punches as Demon goes to the apron - then comes back in? Did he want to do something and Wagner wasn't paying attention. Felt that way. Wagner does hold up Santo's head so Demon can kick it to more. This is a good enough brawl but we've had quite a few of these sequences on the same show and I could go for some more move exchange wrestling rather than just strike work. Demon goes to work stomping while Wagner makes sure no one can make the save. Double whip on Santo into a forearm from Demon. Double chop by Satanico and Wagner - they run off the far ropes to charge Santo, but gets tripped by Casas and Ultimo - slingshot stomp/elbow respectively. Santo turns it around with a knee and a turnbuckle smash, and as the other four fight, Santo gets ready - CORNER RUNNING TOPE! In the process, he totally screwed up the other four guys, who were working an "opposing corner" whip spot and pulled back to let Santo run through at the last second - it looks like Satanico and Wagner took advantage to turn around and take down the tecnicos. (I have no idea if that was what was supposed to happen or not - it looked like something gone wrong but what followed didn't change things.) When we look back from the tope to the ring, Satanico is pinning Casas () and Wagner sets up a odd hammerlock (held down by the knee) and half crab combination to get the pinfal. () Santo is back in and, like me, he's wondering what happened. Casas tries to get back up and he's punched down. Demon mocks Santo from the safety of the ramp. Wagner knocks Ultimo out of the ring, but we go to break before anything is explained. I'll guess that Casas and Ultimo got pushed into each other and KOed from there.

We come back in time to see Wagner's hand raised again. Okay, here's the tope, which was very good. In the ring - well, maybe Satanico got a spinebuster on Casas? We don't really see much more than last time, so it's very hard to tell.

Back to live action, where the rudos are triple teaming Santo on the ramp. This has pretty much been a three fall beatdown so far - the rudos only lost a fall for going too far. No mask ripping so far, though Demon takes a tug at it here. Stomping on the ramp. All three take turns taunting the crowd. Santo tries to rally back when Demon picks him up, but the rudos work together to hold him down. He's thrown into the ring, where Casas and Ultimo are able to bring him to safety. Santo wants to stay in, though - why not him vs Demon right now. Demon likes this because Santo's obviously hurt - and Santo charges right into a drop toe hold. He's untying the mask! Satanico and Wagner instinctively charge the tecnicos, as Demon unties it completely but is unable to pull it off - instead, he keeps working the head with knees and stomps. It's not exactly high tech offense, but it's solid work on that head, if it comes back to matter. Whip, Santo comes back with a knee lift and the comeback is on. Santo goes after Demon's mask as Ultimo and Casas rush Wagner and Satanico. Santo's going for ripping the top of Demon's mask rather than untying it completely, and that fight spill out into the floor. Demon and Santo have one of those slap battles where they have to pause to make sure their mask stays on between strikes. Wagner and Casas square off in the ring, with Wagner hitting a big boot and a clothesline but Casas staying up. Clothesline, but Casas bends backwards enough to duck under it, dropkick to Wagner's knee, figure four? Nah, Wagner kicks him in the head with the free leg. Wagner charges Casas as he gets back up, but Casas sidesteps and Wagner flies to the floor - Casas apron dive Thesz Press! Ultimo and Satanico in - both hit clotheslines but stay up. Slaps, and Ultimo gets the best of Satanico with a dropkick, taking him out of the ring. Ultimo to the top rope, big plancha to the floor! Demon and Santo back in and they both appeal to the crowd before getting at it - Santo charges, Demon tosses him up and over his head then quickly turns, pulls Santo's mask (refs are busy checking on the people on the floor) and pulls Santo in a small package (Santo's busy covering his face - the move hides the mask pulling from the referee) one two three () Demon has won! Casas and Ultimo argue but all Baby Richard saw was the three count. Santo gets back his mask this week and argues, while Wagner and Satanico help Demon celebrate on the outside. There's a small (group) but noticeable Demon chant here. Wagner holds up Demon like he just won the Olympics, and maybe he did - he just pinned Santo, after all. Demon tells us that he's proved who's the best - Blue Demon. I believe he demands a one on one match next week, right here, to prove it one more time. Santo has absolutely no problem with that. Crowd likes it as well. Demon wanders over the announcers to yell some more - he is the better! Santo says he is SANTO - and he'd like "mascara contra mascara!" Santo starts the crowd chanting "mascara!" but even I don't think that's gonna happen - break.

Next week: Santo, Tarzan Boy, Pierroth, Blue Demon, Vampiro, Shocker, Atlantis, Blue Panther, Rey Bucanero, Markus, Porky

Rating: Bases on the quality of the finish, ring work, internal/external storyline, consistency and my whims. Also, various other (random) factors that I can't think of right now. 0-100 for matches.

Breakdowns: 5 Matches (36:06) about 40.2% of showtime (1:30);
Average Match Rating 65.4
Overall Match Rating: approximately 73
3 Trios, 1 Tag, 1 Singles
3 Tecnico over Rudo wins, 2 Rudo over Tecnico wins
Turns: Blue Demon Jr. - rudo
Presuming Ultimo is just a tecnico for these matches
Show Assessment: too much of the exact same thing numbs you to it. Given the abilities of the Boricuas and those in the Silva match, it's expected that you'll get this beatdown/comeback/lots of brawling formula, and it made sense in the main event, and probably even in the Rey/Vamp situation. It was just to much of the same style, though.  

Closing Notes:

1. I think I've got Mr. Power #3 right now of the people I've seen, behind Marvin and Zumbido
2. Demon and Santo will be okay->good if it's a brawl, but good->great if it's got more wrestling than the last two weeks, I believe.
3. I miss the vignettes.
4. Gee I'm gonna hate this midget
5. Next recap won't be for a while - see you then.


see ya in a week or so
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(right place? wrong place?) Hi! This is the first Tapatia awards, designed to honor the best in lucha libre over the past year. We encourage all fans to vote, and let their voice be heard on the previous twelve months of Mexican lucha libre.
- thecubsfan, 2004 Tapatia Awards (2004)
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